How to make a billion rubles and become a billionaire from scratch in Russia: business ideas and advice from the rich

Hello dear readers of dohodinet. u. The overwhelming majority of Russian citizens are familiar with financial problems. Small salaries, credit burden, frantic inflation ... Many people dream of getting rid of poverty and getting solid capital. Is it realistic to become a billionaire in our country? What qualities do you need to possess to make a billion? Let's reflect on these topics in the article.

Profitable business ideas or let's go all out

The smart way to make billions is to come up with and implement something non-trivial, unexpected. Traditionally profitable niches: trade, provision of everyday services, have long been occupied.

Super profits can be obtained by proposing something new and unique. In addition, business ideas should not be too out of touch with life.

Business Innovation

A successful entrepreneur promotes a product of mass demand: it is easier to get super profit by targeting a wide audience. What projects are profitable to implement?

  • Innovative software, antivirus software, smartphone apps, social media and search engine projects. Internet entrepreneurship is beneficial for authors (programmers, marketers) and for those who acquire copyrights for promising novelties. It is important for investors to get involved in the project at an early stage: then they can actually earn millions of dollars without investing significant amounts.
  • Technical ideas related to energy conservation, renewable resources will bring considerable income to their authors.
  • Medical innovations are traditionally considered super-profitable. New drugs, methods of treatment, diagnostic devices are in demand at all times.

By offering high-tech developments, you can earn on your knowledge and scientific potential. In addition to technical calculations, the author must also have a plan for the implementation of the project, a justification for the profitability of the idea. Therefore, not only invent, but also learn to present yourself in a favorable light.

Monetizing our reputation

If you are successful, no matter in what area, you can make good money on fame.

Most celebrities receive income not only from their stage activities. Famous athletes advertise sports equipment, famous artists broadcast TV shows, pop stars sell intimate photos to the media.

The Badoo megaproject was created in the West by one of the most mysterious entrepreneurs in all of Russia. In 2021, Michael Gere, manager of the well-known advertising agency Young & Rubicam, met an interesting thirty-year-old Andrei Andreev, who was just looking for a CEO for a new startup.

Content of the article:

A bit of history

An internet entrepreneur showed Geer the Mamba dating service he launched a year ago. The number of registered users was over a million, and was increasing by 7000 people daily. Andreev said that he decided to start promoting Mamba to the West. To do this, he needs a team of expats to translate the project into English and other foreign languages.

Despite the good forecasts, the idea was never realized. In 2021, when the number of users on Mamba exceeded 4.5 million, the Finam investment holding bought the most popular Russian dating site, paying Andreev $ 20 million. / P>

Despite the fact that the globalization of "Mamba" did not take place, Andreev still managed to enter the global online dating market. In 2021, he launched the Badoo website. om and opened a firm of the same name with headquarters in London, of which Gere was appointed CEO. Today, Badoo's audience exceeds 80 million. The portal competes with Plentyoffish, the leader of free online dating services in Europe (135 million users).

In 2021, Finam buys 10% of Badoo shares from Andreev (the entire company was valued at $ 300 million). The guy's acquaintances claim that he is preparing the company to enter the stock exchange. An IPO is quite possible, as long as the founder is happy with the price.

If you want to make money on the Internet, consider conducting online consultations, as this niche is not overloaded yet.

First draft

Andreev's first known project is SpyLog, which frightened off all Internet users in the West. In 2021, Americans opened the history of their browsers and realized that their computers were accessed from the Spylog website. et. This domain is registered in Spain in Valencia. It was later confirmed that SpyLog was "big and respected business" and would not cause any harm to American computers.

Sergei Babayants, the former CEO of the company, claims that the history of SpyLog began in 1999 in a small basement. SpyLog studied user behavior on the web, sold analytical reports to web resource owners, marketers and advertising agencies.

According to Paul Graham, investor and founder of Y Combinator, the best way to get a winning business idea is to think of none. Instead, you should check what problems you can solve.

"The best startup ideas tend to show three things in common: they are something the founders want, what they can build themselves, and what is worth doing in a way that others understand," said Graham in his November blog post.

"Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, Google and Facebook all started out this way."

Now that the business year is in full swing, there are many dissatisfied employees who are racking their brains to come up with a single business concept that will enrich them.

Here are the stories of five great ideas that actually turned into very successful companies:

Innocent Drinks

Friends Adam Balon, John Wright and Richard Reid seemed to be pretty well prepared after graduating from Cambridge University.

Two became management consultants. The third took up advertising. They all made good money and enjoyed a comfortable life in London.

But there was a general persistent feeling that there was something more in life. On vacation in 1998, during which they were snowboarding, the three did something different than just tossing ideas for new business.

They realized that there was a shortage in the market for a new type of product - smoothies, one that is made from natural ingredients and is openly based on ethical values.

After spending six months mixing different fruit combinations at home, the three set up a stall at a music festival to test the idea.

The decision of whether or not they should continue is left entirely in the hands of consumers. The sign above the counter read "Should we give up our jobs to make these smoothies?" One basket said yes and the other said no. Customers had to make their decision by throwing empty bottles into either of the two waste bins.

Fortunately, yes won. Balon, Wright, and Reed went on to write and rewrite their business plan eleven times, which were denied funding by a number of potential investors and banks.

Many people are interested in how to make a billion. Almost every person is interested in this question. After all, as you know, there is never a lot of money. Especially when you consider the satisfaction of all your needs. Therefore, citizens are looking for a variety of methods and ways to earn money. Let it be not a billion, but a lot of money. What advice and recommendations are given in this regard? There are many options, you can choose one or another approach yourself.

Is it possible

People are wondering if they can make billions. In fact yes. But not overnight. And not even two. Perhaps for a long period of time. So don't think that it is very easy. After all, then everyone would be rich. So a "billion" will simply mean a large amount of money. Only then can all the proposed methods be considered real and relevant.

In principle, you can make a billion a day. But not quite real. It's about virtual money. More precisely, about the game. In almost any game, you will have this opportunity. But with real finances, everything is much more complicated. So get ready: the solution of the task at hand will require from you not only time, but also energy. Of course, you cannot do without endurance and patience.

Sources of profit

Where to make $ 1 billion? In order to get high profits, you just need to work. It is advisable to have several sources of income. This will help you get as much money as possible. What places of earnings can you single out? Where exactly do they earn? This:

  • Internet ;
  • official work;
  • profit from property;
  • own business.

There are probably no other real profit-making places. If you combine them, you can earn really good money. Especially many are interested in online earnings. There are many opportunities here, everything is limited only by your skills and abilities!


How to make a billion from scratch? To do this, you will have to use all possible sources of profit. It has already been said that income can be obtained from your own property. But how exactly?

We are talking about renting out real estate. Usually these are apartments. A very good source of passive income. With a large amount of real estate, you can completely forget about the real official work. Unless you really decided to make billions.

This method is not implemented by everyone. After all, not everyone inherits property, not everyone is able to buy several apartments. Therefore, just keep in mind that renting out real estate will simply help you answer where to make a billion and how to do it.

You can earn a billion rubles very quickly, but before you really start earning, you need to gain experience and knowledge that will help you earn the desired capital in a short time.

The richest know that money is their labor, which in the future should bring passive income to increase capital.

Let's get acquainted with the most amazing stories of the formation of billionaires, consider how to earn the first billion rubles or dollars, ideas for business and what qualities a business person should have.

Key concepts

All wealthy people live according to the principle of "earn and multiply." This means that the money earned once must be spent on increasing capital - investing in education, investing, or putting on a deposit in a bank. For the rich and successful, money is a means to an end - to make more money.

There are two diametrically opposed concepts of capital accumulation:

  • First - “money loves money” - according to this rule, you can increase your capital only if you spend money. In fact, expensive watches, cars, houses, new types of businesses are means of attracting the attention of investments, because the more prosperous a person and a business looks, the more attractive and reliable it is.
  • The second is a theory from the book by Robert Kiyosaki "Rich Dad, Poor Dad!" - money needs to be protected and constantly invested. The theory is simple and says that every businessman should not spend on his comfort and desires all the profit received from doing business, but only a small part - when you do not have to work, but receive passive income, then you can spend money, i.e. ... fixed capital has already been accumulated, and its increase is automated.

Billionaire Stories

Jack Ma

The billionaire, the richest man in China, the founder of Alibaba - Jack Ma, whose fortune is estimated from 11 to 36 billion dollars, has come a long way of becoming, for which he realized that no matter what you do in life, experience is important , which will help you to found and organize your business empire.

Mr. Ma had a difficult life, he did not study well, failed school exams, and for 30 times in a row he heard the most terrible phrase: "you are not suitable for us", passing job interviews.

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