How and how to start your business from scratch in a small town: what ideas can you do in the countryside? Rural business: a profitable niche for newbies

Own business is an idea that is based either on a very creative project, or on unwillingness to work “for an uncle”. While it is easy to find your niche and customer audience in large metropolitan areas, which makes entrepreneurship attractive, for small cities things are a little more complicated.

There are many advantages as well as disadvantages of working with small cities, and only after analyzing them, you can decide whether to start.

Small Town Business Options

Key Features



Limited sales market. The point here is not even so much that the city has a small population, but rather limited opportunities. If you are engaged in the production of any "long-lasting" goods, then without sales in other cities, the business will soon become unprofitable, since everyone will buy your goods. It is the same with the provision of services - high profits can only be achieved if you are the only representative of this type of activity. However, there is an option of lower prices - this will take customers away from the competitor, but will reduce income.

Absence of any barriers to starting a business and a minimum of competitors. Small towns are suitable for aspiring entrepreneurs because they require minimum costs:

  • The rent for the premises is not high.
  • Employee salaries are also quite low.
  • There are practically no advertising costs.

Underdeveloped market demand and low purchasing power of the population. It was pointed out that one of the advantages is low wages. This also creates some problems:

The agricultural business is based on the cultivation of vegetables, fruits, herbs, farm animals and poultry. It is difficult to say which is the most profitable business in agriculture. It's all about food production. Therefore, whether it is a dairy farm or a greenhouse for growing greenery, there is always a buyer. Profitability varies depending on the type of business.

A promising business for the village

Recently, there has been a tendency for urban dwellers to move to rural areas. This is due to the fact that in big cities it is difficult to find a decent job due to strong competition, the cost of housing or its rent is very high, and large investments are required to open their own business.

In rural areas, all these issues are solved much easier and faster. Do not think that it is impossible to establish your own business in a village or village. The countryside provides an opportunity to implement a large number of successful business ideas. At the same time, a stable income is provided even at a significant distance from large cities and towns.

Let's get acquainted with a small but interesting list of profitable enterprises for rural areas:

  • Breeding carp in a pond;
  • Growing greenery in a greenhouse;
  • Breeding poultry for meat and eggs;
  • Breeding pigs, cows, sheep, rabbits and other animals;
  • Growing organic crops;
  • Growing seedlings, seedlings, flowers and more;
  • Sawmill and woodworking;
  • Preparation of berries, mushrooms, medicinal plants;
  • Production of canned cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants and other vegetables.

The list is endless. Rural areas involve focusing on a specific field of activity - growing and producing food. But no one will forbid an entrepreneur to organize rural tourism or start producing elite wines.

The most stable business in agriculture

Some enterprising businessmen manage to make money even out of thin air. But in agriculture, this method will not work. This will require not only long-term investment, but also a lot of experience, knowledge, strong nerves and serious labor costs. Only resellers can get easy money on agricultural products. A person who decides to grow animals or vegetables will have to "sweat" very much before the first profit appears.

The most stable activities include:

  • Processing and storage of agricultural products;
  • Cultivation of elite seeds;
  • Fertilizer production;
  • Trade in agricultural products ...

The most risky business in agriculture

  • 1 Local decorations
  • 2 Calendars and postcards with customer photos
  • 3 Food
  • 4 “Unusual »Products - berries, mushrooms
  • 5 Personal professional skills
  • 6 Following the competition
  • 7 Entering the same business as everyone else
  • 8 Let's Serve the Crowd
  • 9 Selling Used Cars
  • 10 Sales Office
  • 11 Step-by-step plan for starting your own business
  • 12 How much you can earn on activities
  • 13 How much money is needed to start
  • 14 How to choose equipment for a business
  • 15 Which OKVED to indicate during registration
  • 16 What documents are needed for a business
  • 17 What taxation system to choose for a business
  • 18 Do I need an activity permit
  • 19 Technology for starting a business <
  • 20 New to small town business

In a small town, it is sometimes incredibly difficult to find an idea for a business, but it should be at least universal.

Even the ideas that we will now try to give you will not work in every city. At the same time, after reading this article, you will not be left without an index, the ideas that are presented here will be able to push you to new thoughts and creative ideas.

Using the knowledge gained from us, you can start your business in a small town. Remember that most of all, the profit is brought just by new ideas, not worn-out and old ones.

Local decorations

If you create and sell jewelry that will be closely related to the history of your city, then you can start with special shaped pendants, earrings that will remind the owner of your city, or will be made of stone that is produced only by you ...

In addition, you can produce keychains for keys, which are very often popular. In general, here you need to show wit and a little imagination.

But if you do not have start-up capital, you can try to buy out the selected goods from the manufacturers in your city and fully focus on selling the goods.

Calendars and postcards with client's photo

To add even more creativity, you can take the first idea and offer your clients completely personalized calendars and postcards, where they will show off against the background of the most famous sights of the city.

All you need is a camera, printer and computer. With the help of all this equipment, in the first 15 minutes you will be able to give the client his set of postcards or a calendar.


Consider 10 simple (low-budget) options for how to make money not only in a small town, but also in a small village.

Section one - making money on services

Every city has a middle-class or local business elite. In small towns it is no more than 15-20%. But even this number of potential customers is enough to make money.

The main condition for such earnings is that representatives of the middle class or the local elite are very busy people, which is why there is a natural need for someone else to do some of the household chores. Not everyone can keep a staff of butlers, maids, gardeners, etc. in the house.

But, for example, you need to clean the apartment, look after the pets, and even cook dinner for guests and then wash the dishes after them.

What services will be the first in the rating?


This is cleaning the house, apartment. The average profit format for a 2-3 room apartment is at least 3000-3500 rubles. Washing windows - for each at least 300 rubles. plus washing of carpets, cleaning of furniture is additionally paid.

If you work with regular clients (about 5-7 wealthy clients), then you can get an average income of at least 20-30 thousand rubles a month.

Expenses in this business are mainly spent on the purchase of detergents, rags, work clothes. The budget should take into account the costs of distributing ads (you can also use free ads, posting them in places where the local elite live compactly).


Freelance designer. I became interested in finance because of the need to conduct my own individual entrepreneur, to sort out situations with employees, from salaries to the labor code and personal data.

Today I propose to analyze how to increase your income in a small town. You may not like all the ideas, or you will come up with something new as you read. Any your opinion is very interesting to me, so I look forward to your comments.

Small town business ideas What business to start in a small town?

According to the reports of a number of banks issuing loans for opening small businesses, the most popular area of ​​activity among entrepreneurs is associated with cafes and restaurants.

As a less troublesome and less profitable alternative - vending (trade through special machines). Minimum participation, the ability to enter the business with a minimum amount. Read more about vending machines.

Food is something that will always be in demand. So the idea is to open a grocery store.

Given that the birth rate is growing in the country, it will be relevant to open a store of goods for children. Here, by the way, there is a very fast payback and there are ready-made solutions, for example, the HEGEMOTIC franchise.

Some simple options:

Profitable business in a small town

Less down to earth ideas can be considered:

It should be remembered that in a city with a small population, the ability to pay is lower. But a huge plus is the fact that the rental of premises is much lower than in big cities.

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