Fresh, interesting and creative business ideas

Most aspiring entrepreneurs are obsessed with finding fresh, original, creative business ideas. And many people working "for an uncle" sometimes dream of their own business, but do nothing just because they do not consider themselves capable of coming up with a worthwhile plan to create their own company.

I judge by myself and my friends. Most people far from entrepreneurship firmly believe that an honest profitable business can only be built on a cool idea that no one else has thought of. In fact, of course, this is not the case.

Why a creative idea for business is not the main thing

It's very simple. Here are just a few arguments:

  • Every day, quite mediocre, but profitable enterprises are created in the world. People set up ad agencies, open stores and gas stations, making well-earned profits just as well as out-and-out startups.
  • The new always makes its way with great difficulty. It is much easier to take out a loan or attract investments for a traditional company at the initial stages than for a project created by a special creative.
  • Investors, that is, people with big tight wallets, almost never give money for a plan or presentation. They give them primarily to specific people - energetic, competent, burning enthusiasm to implement their project.
  • Very often, it is not the first start-up (founded by the authors of the concept) that "shoots", but the second (founded by professionals who saw a healthy grain in a failed business).

Personally, my conviction about the relatively low value of ideas developed after one simple business game. It was a very valuable experience.

At first, those present at the meeting jotted down a few dozen words (completely random) on a flipchart. Then, splitting into teams, they again randomly chose a couple of words. After that, the presenter suggested coming up with a concept for a new project, which is based on these two words. Come up in five minutes.

So what? During these five minutes, each team really came up with some good, truly original ideas. That's it - quickly and without any difficulty, in the game mode.

Ways to find ideas

By the way, the above "two-word startup" method can be used to find real ideas. Especially if you slightly modernize it - take in one of the words the name of a trend that is starting now or an object that is important to your target audience or to you personally. Second, you can take anything.

Many other out-of-the-mind methods can be used. For example:

  • 1 Don't be afraid to experiment with your business
  • 2 Where and how to find an idea for creating a business?
  • 3 Income from your business
  • 4 New to business

Don't be afraid to experiment with business

Today the market situation is such that not all of the proven business ideas will give the desired results and stable income.

All this is due to the competition among the most popular ideas. Therefore, the market is increasingly demanding new, more original ideas.

The more originality you put into your business, the more income and development your business is guaranteed. On the Internet, you can find many ideas and find a worthwhile option for yourself.

After all, not only ideas are indicated there, but how much money is needed to create a new business and how profitable it will be.

The creativity of the ideas is amazing, because entrepreneurs sell everything, even air, and developers create new gadgets such as shaving helmets. At first glance, it seems that these kinds of ideas are frivolous and cannot even be called a business. But, they all work and bring a decent income to their owners.

For example, today the business of issuing loans for various events is very popular. There are many clients here, therefore the business is in demand.

An example of such a creative business is American Ken Aroni. He created the production of some kind of plastic bones, thanks to which two can solve a dispute. On such a relaxed idea, the man was able to make good money and even became a millionaire. Don't be afraid to go ahead and your business idea will certainly be successful.

Where and how to find an idea for starting a business?

unusual business models for a successful start

According to opinion polls and research, from 23% to 39% of Russians want to start their own business, but less than 3% of respondents are going to do it in the next 3 years. The search engine "Yandex" monthly records more than 200 thousand. / P>

requests for "business ideas" from their users who are looking not for simple well-known options, but ideas for non-standard projects. It is about them that we will talk.

Many people dream of starting their own business, but before the idea "shoots", you have to try a bunch of options, some of which sometimes turn out to be not profitable, but unprofitable due to high competition, incorrectly calculated business plan, seasonality , slow payback and other factors.

If with standard types of business, although in demand, such as grocery stores, shoe stores, car services of various formats, as a rule, you have to survive in conditions of fierce competition, then unusual business ideas can ensure doing business in conditions of minimal or completely out of competition.

The Moneymaker Factory has prepared an overview of 7 unusual business ideas with a brief description from idea to implementation.

Pet Hotel

With the spread of tourism, the pet care business is gaining popularity. Pet hotels are commonplace abroad. If it is necessary to go on vacation or on a business trip, the owners of four-legged friends do not even think of asking relatives to look after the pet. He is simply placed in the appropriate institution.

According to the publishing house "Expert North-West", every third family in Russia has a cat, and by the number of domestic dogs (there are more than 10 million), our country is in first place in Europe, and in fifth in the world ... The first four belong to the USA, Brazil, China and Japan, respectively.

A luxury cat hotel was opened in Lymington, UK in 2021. The tailed guests are given king prawns for breakfast, they live in luxurious rooms, there are even personal drivers, and conferences are organized via Skype with the hosts. A week of keeping a four-legged friend in this hotel costs the owners £ 250.

Andrey Pushkin, the investment manager of Rosatom, who had long dreamed of changing his occupation, the idea of ​​opening a hotel for cats came after he could not find a suitable establishment to accommodate his cat Fani for the period of his planned departure for the New Year holidays ...

How to find a business idea • Women & Startup

The easiest way to find out how to find an idea for your business is to ask others. We set out to find out how entrepreneurs found an idea for their business, how they evaluate which projects will be successful, and what to look for when choosing a business idea. Read on for a selection of tips for beginners.

General Director, AKSIMA: Consulting, Research, Trainings

My business is organizational development consulting. The day was born when I worked in a government structure. We conducted consultations, seminars and trainings for unemployed women on starting their own business and realized that we were quite capable of opening a consulting business, which we did.

A business idea will be a failure, if the future does not “ignite” the business, you don’t want to drop everything and try what will happen, there is no inspiration, then there will be no sense.

Tip. At the start, you need to analyze the three components "I can", "I want" and "Must". Answer yourself three main questions:

  • What can I do and what resources do I have for this?
  • What do I want to do?
  • And does the market need my offer, who will agree to buy my product?

If you manage to find a business idea that satisfies all the components - then eureka, the idea 100% "shoots".

Tip. Before embarking on the implementation of a business idea, calculate everything in detail and write down a full-fledged business plan, otherwise you risk wasting money. Often after the business plan is drawn up, it is clear that at first glance, a great idea is not so profitable.

Tip. Be flexible - a business does not always develop the way we originally planned, but this does not mean that it does not have a development path. If in the process of work you understand that the business will bring more profit, if you change positioning or add new services, then it is better to start working in this direction, and not continue to bend your line. Thus, Plyushkin-Ville was originally opened as a garage sales store (rent a shelf and sell whatever you want - even new, used, or anything). Soon we realized that this direction was poorly perceived by buyers and reoriented to work exclusively with hand-made craftsmen.

Today Plyushkin-Ville is a full-fledged offline service for private craftsmen, sellers and online stores with delivery, self-pickup and a full-fledged online trading platform, and we are constantly in search of new directions for store development.

Business ideas How to find Come up with a business idea

A beginner entrepreneur always has many questions not understanding such issues as: the role of state laws in business, how taxes are collected and what form of ownership is better to choose for their activities. Each person starting his own business must have special qualities, since none of the experts can say in advance whether the business will be successful, this is influenced by many factors, these are: internal influence on the entrepreneur, external influence. For these reasons, a person with such character traits as: the ability to make decisions, take reasonable risks, can lead to success in an entrepreneurial business.

How to find a business idea - where to start

Before starting his own production or company, a novice entrepreneur is faced with the question of how to find an idea for a business so that, taking into account all the risks, it becomes successful.

Experts provide a proven formula for this search:

having an interest in organizing entrepreneurial activity;

possessing sufficient experience and professionalism for your business;

the ability to understand the needs of society.

In addition, it should be noted that in the course of his activities, an entrepreneur performs daily routine work, and must always be ready for advanced training and additional training.

In search of an idea for a business, a potential entrepreneur intends to release a product that society needs or provide services for a target group of people. What are the ways to develop your own entrepreneurship, according to experts:

You can buy a working business if you have money, but you need to understand that a businessman is selling a ready-made “business” due to some circumstances or reasons. It is necessary not to indulge in the illusion that you are taking a ready-made business, it must be considered carefully, the reasons for the sale and your possibilities of influencing the business for its hasty continuation must be understood. An entrepreneur who is ready to buy a working business acquires:

the idea behind the business;

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