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Benefits of building frame houses

Stages of a business plan for the construction of frame houses

In order to start your own business on the construction of frame houses, you must first carefully research this topic (relevance in your city). Then take special training courses in the construction of frame houses. After completing the courses, you need to hire a team of builders, because, no matter how you want, you simply cannot cope in this business alone. And, of course, more than one business can not do without advertising, on which the success of your business directly depends. In conducting an advertising campaign, you should indicate all the advantages of frame houses. Well, then there is a search for clients and making money.

The process of building a frame house

If you have already 100% decided to engage in this very profitable business, then, first of all, you must have certain knowledge and skills about the technology of erecting frame houses. To begin the construction of such a house, as, in principle, other houses, by pouring the foundation of the house. And for this, you need to dig a trench under the foundation and, if necessary, fit all the necessary pipes and wires into the trench, which will later be needed to bring electricity, water, gas and other communications into the house. Then comes the formwork, laying the metal frame and pouring it all with concrete.

After pouring with concrete, it is necessary to make waterproofing and backfill, if necessary, dug trenches. Next comes the stage of building the first floor. First, its frame is made. Then go to the floor and insulate. Then there are the walls.

If you plan to build a one-story house, then the stage of building a roof comes, and if you plan to build a two-story house, then it's too early to think about a roof, you need to build a second floor according to the scheme: frame- half wall. To build a roof, you need to make a crate, moisture insulation, and only after that comes the roof. And finally, there is work with walls and windows and doors. Well, that's all, in principle, the frame house has been built. All that remains is the finishing and installation of plumbing, heating, connecting household appliances and purchasing and arranging furniture. And that's it, it will be possible to move in.

In order to organize a business in the construction of such houses, a wide variety of specialists are needed. You will also need expensive construction equipment. Despite the large number of builders and expensive equipment, frame houses are built very quickly and are durable and strong. Due to the very low cost price, the cost of a finished frame house is not very high, which is why most people who could not afford to build their own house had the opportunity to purchase a house at an attractive price.

Is it profitable to do this business? It is beneficial, since this business has a high profitability and high demand, frame houses have a low cost.

To open this business, a team of about five builders is needed and an amount of about 500,000 rubles for material and equipment. Wages to builders can be paid on a transaction basis.

The prospects for low-rise construction in Russia look bright on paper. In 2021, at that time, the Prime Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation V. Putin announced the need to increase the total share of low-rise housing in Russia. According to economists, the profitability of such buildings is higher due to lower costs for registration (there are much less requirements for houses up to 3 floors) and the construction itself. In recent years, frame construction has been widely advertised. How much its prospects correlate with general trends in a low-rise building, we will figure it out in this article.

General Industry Outlook

If you start with a large, that is, with a low-rise building in general, there are certain prospects here. Returning to state programs, we note that in 2021 a decree came into force on the start of a program to provide residents of Russia with affordable housing until 2021, which also mentions measures for the development of low-rise buildings.

In 2021 the program was updated. More details can be found here. But let us note one detail important for our question - not a word is said about frame houses in the program. Although this particular type of houses, like no other, corresponds to the tasks of promoting the introduction of new modern, energy-efficient and resource-saving technologies in housing construction and achieving one of the key goals - to increase the affordability of housing for the population.

Obviously, this situation should be understood as follows: the structure of a frame house conflicts with another most important provision of the law - improving the quality of housing provision for the population. And this is directly related to the shortcomings of frame houses:

  • Relative fragility. If the frame itself is relatively reliable with proper design, then modern heaters are not. Their service life is about 30 years.
  • Extreme fire hazard. The design of the house is such that the frame house burns like a match instantly. Most likely, the fire brigade will simply not have time to save the property of the owners.
  • Rotting. If the price is "optimized" by a low-quality timber, the frame is unlikely to last long.
  • Poor sound insulation compared to bricks, beams and even blocks.
  • Low environmental friendliness. Synthetic materials are used as insulation, which do not increase the popularity of this type of house.

And you need to be aware of this because these are the most common objections of your potential customers. And we have to fight with them.

Subtleties of opening

Before you open, you should decide on the direction of activity. And there are at least three of them:

  • Production of frame houses. You will need to open an LLC, rent a production facility and arrange it in accordance with the SNiP, PUE standards. It will also require the purchase of production equipment, the hiring of a significant number of personnel.
  • Construction of frame houses. This option is much easier to launch. The task of such an organization is to establish contacts with manufacturers of sets of frame houses, organize the receipt of orders for the construction of frame houses, draw up and coordinate construction documentation. And, ultimately, assemble the kit at the customer's site.
  • Full cycle organization. This form of doing business combines the first and second options in one.

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The volume of orders in the field of suburban construction is increasing annually.

More and more city dwellers are moving to ecologically clean areas for the summer, away from noisy megacities.

And given the fact that many inexpensive materials have appeared on the market, the business idea of ​​building private houses is becoming not only promising, but also quite profitable.

Construction of cottages can be a source of high profits.

Especially if you use innovative technologies in construction. One of them is the construction of frame-panel houses.

The walls of cottages built using this technology are distinguished by a high degree of thermal protection.

They reliably protect against drafts and dampness. Frame-panel houses are built from environmentally friendly materials.

Wood is often used as a base. Frame-panel buildings are earthquake-resistant and durable.

How to start a country house construction business

The business for the construction of objects for sale is the most profitable and most costly of all possible. But if you organize it correctly, it can give high and stable income.

First of all, you need to decide what you will build for sale - country houses, cottages, townhouses or apartment buildings. It is believed that one of the most profitable areas is the construction of cottages.

Company registration

In addition to this registration, you need to join a special self-regulatory organization (SRO). Only membership in such an organization allows building houses legally.

Building land

An excellent investment is to buy land for the construction of a cottage town. After it is landscaped, its price will increase several times. And you can sell cottages together with land, which will only increase your profits. But buying large areas is expensive. The idea of ​​buying land for an apartment building looks more budgetary. It is required much less and it will pay off much faster.

Also, less communications should be supplied to an apartment building, it is easier to measure the land and land it surveying. That is why construction firms like the idea of ​​building apartment buildings more.

A separate question is where exactly to look for land. Again, if we are talking about apartment buildings, it is better to start exploring the outskirts of the city. There competition is significantly lower and no one will bother a newcomer in this business to gain the first experience. But even on the outskirts, you need to choose a crowded place in a popular direction. Consider the local landscape - people care about the view from the window.

You can choose a suitable site if you pay for the services of a realtor. Usually, such a specialist is aware of what is on the market, at what prices, and will help you find a suitable option. You can also find a site through special auctions, but this solution requires additional financial costs.

Preparatory work

Before starting construction, you need to conduct a soil analysis in order to know exactly what kind of foundation you need to lay for the construction of houses. These services are provided by a geodetic service.

Construction of frame houses is a promising industry for business development. The technology is widespread in European countries and is gradually gaining momentum in Russia. Frame houses are popular due to their fast construction, low cost and the possibility of construction in various regions of the country. The market segment is not yet sufficiently covered and continues to develop. To organize production in this niche, it is necessary to study the supply and demand for frame houses, the intricacies of running and designing a business.

Production of frame house kits

There are two ways to start a frame house business:

Setting up an enterprise for self-production of frame houses includes the following steps:

  • Drawing up a business plan. To do this, you need to research this niche well in your region: evaluate competitors, their disadvantages and advantages, the demand for the construction of frame houses. Calculate the costs of organizing production and other initial costs.
  • Passage of special courses to study technologies for the construction of frame houses.
  • Lease of industrial premises with an area of ​​at least 500 sq. m.
  • Purchase of equipment, tools and materials.
  • Registration as a limited liability company. One or more people can be among the founders. Submit documents to the authorities of the Federal Tax Service Inspectorate at the location of the enterprise.
  • Joining a self-regulatory organization (SRO), which is aimed at monitoring the activities of enterprises for the construction of frame houses. To join, you must pay a fee of 50 thousand rubles.
  • Hiring a team of frame house builders, designer and architect.
  • Organization of advertising for business promotion.

Composition of the house kit

The complete set of the frame house will depend on the project and the technology that was used to produce the house set. It may include:

The main composition of the frame house kit:

  • Project documents.
  • Girder floors at all levels.
  • Bearing walls (view depending on production technology).
  • Roofing system.
  • A set of fasteners and hardware for assembling the structure.

The complete set includes:

  • Main house kit.
  • Insulation material for walls.
  • Floor and attic slabs.
  • Complete set of attic ceiling.
  • Cold gables.
  • Roof covering with waterproofing material.
  • Portals.
  • Support bar.
  • Connecting parts.
  • Construction of terraces, balconies in accordance with the project.
  • Plastic or wooden windows, window sills.
  • Internal and external doors.
  • Hemming ceilings.
  • Subfloor slabs.

Depending on the completed project, additional elements of the frame house can be produced.


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