Flower business ideas

The flower business is actively attracting many aspiring entrepreneurs. This is an interesting and profitable activity that allows you to make good profits. Economic studies of the modern Russian flower market indicate that active growth in flower sales is observed in large cities and regions of Russia with a high standard of living. But this is not a written truth. After all, the so-called buying mentality also plays a special role in such a controversial issue. Some customers make a present in the form of a flower arrangement for special solemn occasions. Others buy flowers quite rarely, not counting such a gift as something special. When planning your own flower business, be sure to consider the degree of targeting of potential customers.

Experts note the fact that the flower business is actively leading among the world's major businesses. Bouquets are presented for weddings, birthdays, engagements, anniversaries. Floral arrangements are used to decorate the interiors of cafes, restaurants and theaters. People actively buy not only cut flowers, but also potted plants in order to decorate their home as well. And this is understandable, because flowers bring a genuine feeling of joy and happiness.

On the way to a dream: buy a ready-made business or open a new business?

Beginners and inexperienced businessmen are at a loss as to how to eventually develop their own business. They are faced with a real flow of various information that must be able to analyze in the correct way. You can buy a franchise, since there are plenty of flower shops. But some entrepreneurs prefer to take risks and start their own business virtually from scratch. Pay attention to the World Wide Web. Believe me, on the Internet you will find a lot of useful and interesting advice on this matter. And you may even acquire new knowledge that will definitely help you in the future.

Advertisements for the sale of a flower shop or flower business are not uncommon these days. If you want, you can easily find the information you need. But don't forget about the scammers. After all, instead of a franchise for running your own business, you can get just a dummy.

Flower Sales Business Formats

Let's talk about such a phenomenon as flower business formats. What is it and what are they for? The business format is a line of business. It should be said that the choice of the format helps to determine the style of the future flower shop, its level, and the main target audience. Modern flower retail has four main business formats for the sale of flowers. Let's look at them in more detail:

  • Small flower tents. Fast, inexpensive and convenient for the buyer. They must be exhibited in a place where there are many people. For example, at a metro station or registry office. Fresh cut flowers can be traded in the pavilions. The assortment is small, about fifteen, maximum twenty positions available to a potential buyer. Quite a rewarding business if properly organized.
  • Small shops in large shopping centers. The store looks more solid than the pavilion. And it is much larger in size. The assortment of goods in the store is much wider and more varied. There can be sold not only flower arrangements, but also gifts, balls, soft toys, souvenirs, plants in pots. The store will reach a wider consumer audience than a standard pavilion. But the store will require qualified personnel. The profitability of the shop is slightly less than the profitability of the flower pavilion.
  • Expensive and stylish. You can open a florist or boutique selling flowers. A considerable amount of money and effort will have to be invested here. After all, the category of the main buyers is somewhat different. They are wealthy people who count on first-class service from you. In particular, the secret of the flower boutique's success lies in the right staff, stylish room design and creative suggestions. Business as a whole is profitable, as your boutique can eventually reach profitable corporate clients who are ready to pay good sums.

Another modern trend in the flower business can be a flower shop on the Internet. We live in the age of global urbanization and informatization. And many people will prefer to order home delivery of flowers to a regular trip to a flower shop. This service is in great demand among different segments of the population. Opening costs are minimal. The main costs are in creating an attractive website, selling flowers, recruiting competent personnel (operators, couriers, florists). If we talk about the minuses, then they consist in the fact that this idea has long been inhabited by the most enterprising businessmen. After all, what brings real profit is not ignored. But if you still get the idea of ​​creating your own online flower store, then be sure to predict the potential profit, main expenses and income. Study offers from your potential competitors. As a rule, an online store opens in the event that an entrepreneur already has his own business selling flowers, and he knows all the nuances of running such a business.

Choosing a name for the store

The surest way to make a lot of money during the holidays is to trade in a product that buyers will always take, regardless of the economic situation in the country. The name of such a product is flowers.

Buyers take flowers all the time, both on special days (March 8, Valentine's Day) and on ordinary ones. This indicates that opening a flower shop is a great business idea.

Flower shop opening

First you need to find a suitable location for your flower shop. Many people rush to rent a room right away, which is quite expensive and unnecessary. A profitable flower business can be started from a stall or tent in the market. The main thing is to choose a good place for trade, to put the stall close to residential buildings or office buildings.

Flower business organization

When organizing a business, one should not forget about competition, so the place for selling flowers must be selected very carefully. If there is a working flower shop near your stall, then the flower business will not be particularly profitable. In the competitive struggle, the prices for flowers will have to be reduced.

Don't rush and buy a large batch of flowers. They quickly lose their visual appeal and have a short lifespan. Naturally, before some holidays, it is not that a large batch of flowers should be ordered, but a huge one. It should be borne in mind that it is worth purchasing additional wrapping paper for such a large number of flowers.


Naturally, almost every person wants his business to develop actively and sales grow, and for this it is necessary to increase the flow of customers.

You can increase the number of clients in the following ways:

Selling products that match colors

Postcards are also sold well and the more their assortment, the better.

If you have a large store area, you can start selling potted flowers. Plus to this, related products to them: pots, soil for seedlings, fertilizers.

Currently, the flower industry is deservedly considered one of the most promising and versatile areas for creating a business. With a good organization, for example, a flower shop brings the owner a net profit in the amount of 20,000 rubles to 200,000 rubles per month.

Today, an original business idea in the field of selling flowers can practically fit into both a start-up business and an experienced company. It is possible to profitably sell flower products through the following publicly available formats of the Russian market:

  • floromat ;
  • shop on wheels;
  • flower shop;
  • salon-boutique.

If you are ready to develop, then this area of ​​business is for you. Read about the secrets and ideas of the flower world in our material.

Floromat, or how to make money on practical creativity

  • abolish the headquarters of employees;
  • reduce the cost of renting retail space;
  • work without breaks and days off;
  • attract the attention of the public and potential customers;
  • reduce the prices of products sold; <
  • automate the sales process.

The above points are fundamental to the viability of a low-budget enterprise, as they bribe potential customers with an advantageous price-performance ratio.

The flower machine should be placed on the territory of a mass gathering of people. It can be either a shopping center or a 24-hour grocery store, airport or train station.

The minimum investment in the implementation of a commercial project starts from 150,000 rubles. The maximum investment in the purchase of equipment reaches 1,000,000 rubles.

A flower shop on wheels, or how to make money with an original business idea

The flower business is considered one of the most profitable and promising, especially in Russia, where men give flowers to their women for any small reason. Successful businessmen say that they do not care what to trade, and the sale of any product can bring good profit if you know your business, but in this area it is not so simple.

Flower Business Pros and Cons

Those who are interested in what nuances the flower business has, is it profitable to trade such a whimsical product, you should pay attention to its following advantages:

  • Easy start. Large capital is not required to start. Enough 8-10 thousand dollars to open a point at the metro or at a bus stop.
  • Easy exit. When the case is closed, all that remains is to sell the equipment and solve all the bureaucratic delays.
  • Big markup. The business selling flowers is notable for a large mark-up, which can be compared to the mark-up on weapons and medicines. Having bought a rose in Holland for $ 1, it can be sold for $ 2, 3 or even $ 5.

Of the minuses, you can note:

How to start a flower business?

Register as an individual entrepreneur and choose a suitable taxation system. When choosing a room, you need to take into account that the sale of flowers can be carried out in a tonar, a pavilion, in a separate room, a shopping center, etc. The rent will depend on this. A flower business will require large expenditures on advertising and equipment - a refrigerator, a split system, flowerpots and containers, shelves and stands, as well as a cash register.

But you still need to negotiate with suppliers, to purchase the flowers and packaging material themselves. It is desirable that the hired seller has the qualification of a florist, and he must also have a health book. At first, he can also take on the functions of a cleaner, and the owner himself - an accountant. In addition to the flowers themselves, it makes sense to offer customers seeds, houseplants in pots, soil for planting, etc.

Growing flowers in a greenhouse as a business

Gardeners who love their business and know how to get a good harvest can make money out of it. Growing flowers as a business attracts many beginners and not only entrepreneurs, because you can put a greenhouse on your personal garden plot and offer goods to businessmen who sell it in their pavilions. To do this, you do not even need to draw up any papers, but if there is a desire to sell on your own, then to open your own outlet you will have to issue an individual entrepreneur.

You can grow roses, crocuses, lilies, tulips, daffodils and others in a thermos greenhouse by organizing a solar collector or other heating method in it. Planting material can be purchased ready-made, or you can grow it yourself, saving on this cost item. The greatest costs will be required for the construction of a greenhouse, the purchase of equipment and seedlings of several types of plants.

Growing indoor flowers like a business

Flower business is an idea that brings aesthetic pleasure and joy to people, which can distract from household problems. This is a great opportunity to turn your hobby into income.

However, before starting a flower business, you need to gain theoretical and practical knowledge of floristry at least at a basic level.

There are several ways to generate income from flowers.

Training Courses

If you have significant knowledge in the field of floristry, you can create your own training courses. They can include videos, practical tips, homework, and all sorts of other points.

You can create a video course on YouTube and receive money from the affiliate program of the video hosting itself and advertisers. For a video course to generate income, you need a minimum number of subscribers for this - at least 500.

Of the financial investments, you only need material: flowers, ribbons, wrapping paper, scissors, and so on. If you are seriously interested in floristry, you already have these things.

The faster you get subscribers, the faster you will start making profits. For this it is important to have:

1) interesting content. Try to make it as varied as possible, add humor, share original ideas;

2) advertising. You can do without advertising, but it will significantly reduce the waiting time for the first salary;

3) uniqueness. Use only your own thoughts and techniques. You cannot use other people's videos, otherwise the YouTube account will be blocked.

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