Entertainment business ideas

Organizing a children's business is a promising solution. Parents try to provide their children with exciting leisure time. The business pays off quickly and brings a stable income. There are 2 directions of creating a business in the field of entertainment for children: the production of game goods, the provision of entertainment services.

What in-game goods can be produced?

Setting up a business for the production of goods for children's games will require significant investments: purchase of equipment, rent of premises, staff salaries, purchase of raw materials, materials, utility bills. But the risks are also minimal.

Competition in the production of goods is not high. Products of all price categories find their customers. Products for games can be conventionally divided into groups:

  • soft toys, used for home games, gifts;
  • themed toys: vehicles, dolls, railways, construction sets;
  • tabletop games: with cardboard cards, dominoes, checkers, chess, bingo, puzzles;
  • accessories for sports games: balls, rackets, rollers, skates;
  • production of printed materials: magazines, books coloring pages.

The gaming goods business has a 15-20% profitability. Large manufacturing enterprises receive more income from economies of scale.

Areas of entrepreneurship in the field of leisure

In order for the company to quickly pay off and generate income, it is necessary to evaluate the following factors when choosing an idea:

  • Place of business. For small towns, the preferred types of services that children of any age can use: shooting galleries, skating rinks, attractions, trampolines, slot machines. In big cities, you can choose a narrowly focused gaming business: a children's beauty salon, organization of radio-controlled car races. Some ideas are not tied to a specific place, they turn out to be remotely: the organization of children's computer online competitions, writing letters to children from cartoon characters, Santa Claus.
  • The level of family income that the business will focus on: opening an inexpensive car rental or an elite children's riding club.
  • Competition. It is not worth creating a second circus or puppet theater, it is better to install a trampoline or attractions.

Here are the most popular business ideas in the field of entertainment.

Electric car rental

The average price of a car is 12-25 thousand rubles, for rental you will need 5-7 units. The cost of starting a business from 100 thousand rubles. To increase the profitability of entrepreneurship, you can purchase models of electric vehicles for different age categories, motorcycles, ATVs.

The payback period depends on weather conditions, the location of the rental, the cost of renting an electric car.

Business ideas in the field of entertainment are so vast and varied that if you set out to build your business on it, be sure - it will definitely work out (Fig. 1).

Figure 1. Variety of entertainment business ideas.

Beginning of Action

When starting your own entertainment business, remember the main thing - this is a business that will bring you not only money, but also the joy of what you do. For, making people happy, one cannot remain gloomy and gloomy oneself. So, get ready to have fun as you embark on your entertainment idea!

Advertising is the engine of progress! And so that as many potential customers as possible find out about an interesting vacation, you should not skimp on advertising. An advertising campaign can be inexpensive, but extensive and versatile:

  • For example, advertising in local newspapers and magazines is very inexpensive.
  • You can play a video on a local TV channel.
  • It is useful to distribute printed advertisements on paper in an area where potential visitors gather, if you are arranging a children's attraction, then near schools and cultural centers.
  • Ads can be sent via social networks. After all, everyone, probably, posted a photo about how he is having fun? Why not turn this into an advertisement for your business?

Raising capital

Yes, maybe revenues will fall during the crisis, but with the right marketing, you will not become bankrupt. People will never get bogged down in their problems so much that they forget about rest. And the harder it is, the more you want, at least for a while, to break away from the gray reality and just go with your family, for example, to a 3D cinema. So, if you have a business idea in the entertainment industry, feel free to get down to business.

Multiple Ideas

If, until now, entertainment ideas have rarely visited you, here are a few options that may spur your imagination. Perhaps you will not choose anything suitable from the proposed list, but an idea, your own idea should be born! After all, the main thing is to start. So, here is the little that is now popular with children and their parents:

  • or quest house - it doesn't matter. In this game, players have to find a way out of the premises in an hour, solving all sorts of problems. The game's inventors seem to have been inspired by the Saw movie, so the game is usually replete with scary zombies and creepy howls outside the walls. That is, the players are scared in every possible way.
  • You can open a flyboard rental, now fashionable fun on the water. Something like the already famous banana, but much more dynamic.
  • Crane machine. And again, the crane-machine, or "armless thief", as it was called thirty years ago, is in vogue. It is a simple mechanical grip, controlled by two buttons, which is used to lift the soft toy. These devices can be installed throughout the city: in shops, clinics, parks.
  • Archers club. The fascination with films and books about enchanted worlds inhabited by elves has revived interest in the sport of archery. Bows and crossbows are freely sold in stores, so you can rent them on the territory of your club almost all year round. Especially if there is a covered area.
  • Karaoke bar. Russian people have always loved to sing. So you don't have to hold them back! And we need to help them. And the evening with friends in the karaoke bar will be bright and unforgettable.
  • Mirror maze. The whole family can relax in the mirror maze. Fun and not expensive.
  • XD Motion. The highlight of the attraction is the almost complete effect of presence. The attraction operates in 5 and 6D format. It can be installed in parks.
  • Mobile 5D cinema. Mobile is good. Mobile - this means that it can be installed not only in parks, but also in places of folk festivities on holidays, or deploy it at a private party.
  • Strength boxer. Also a harmless machine gun. Installation and use does not violate any laws. Installing several such machines around the city will bring tangible income.
  • Laser tag. Fashionable children's entertainment. Fun running and shooting, not related to injuries from shell hits, such as in paintball.
  • Inflatable trampolines. Easy to store, quick to deploy. The equipment is relatively inexpensive and mobile.

Conclusion and conclusions

Almost every person who works hard for a whole week is looking for something interesting and useful to spend time on the weekend. Business in the field of entertainment is a specific direction that requires constant development from an entrepreneur and the implementation of new ideas in practice. What is meant? For example, if you have your own beer bar, then why not add the ability to sing karaoke in your establishment in the future, or offer original types of snacks. In this segment of the market related to customer entertainment services, many entrepreneurs compete for the customer, as people often choose the best or the cheapest.

The largest percentage of entertainment establishments and complexes is devoted to business for the entertainment of children, this can be an amusement park, game rooms, various contests and events that earn money from ticket sales. This is a large part of the market and, as you know, they do not save on children, the most profitable thing is to start from scratch in the children's entertainment sector. For adults, there is also a whole entertainment industry: various bars, concerts, outdoor activities, excursions and more. Each of these areas requires its own characteristics for development and promotion.

One of the main advantages of this area of ​​activity is the ability to work both in large cities and in the regions. For example, in a small town, this niche can be completely free, and you will be the first who can organize everything and make good money on it. Yes, it is more difficult to attract a client there, but there is no competition either, you can slowly develop your business, improving it every year. And if you take a metropolis, then there you need to run after modern trends, and people will choose where it is better, and you may not earn anything at all, budgets are needed there.

Here are the main categories of entertainment business ideas:

  • children's centers: attractions, parks, various events and contests with animators.
  • active leisure: paintball, fishing, cycling and ATVs and more.
  • winter sports: skiing, snowboarding, skating.
  • entertainment venues: cafes, bars, restaurants.
  • cultural program: galleries, museums and other places.
  • concerts and much more.

We have named the main directions of where you can make money on entertainment. In each of these categories there are narrow niches, from which you can start and strive in the future to a full-fledged large-scale business. During a crisis, the demand for these services falls a little, and people begin to save money, it is important to predict this and also optimize business processes and try to reduce monthly payments. In this category of the site, we have made a selection of working ideas in the niche of a small entertainment business and tried to describe everything in as much detail as possible, with calculations and an assessment of profitability. We hope you find this helpful. Read, comment and leave your feedback on this line of business.

Children and their parents are fertile ground for earning money. The former want entertainment, the latter are willing to pay for their children to have something to do. Children also need educational services, food, vehicles, etc. This is why services for children and business ideas related to children are highly profitable and often “burn out” if demand and supply are properly analyzed.

Business ideas and children's entertainment

What is good about the entertainment industry for a businessman is a wide selection of different options, both expensive at the launch stage and quite budgetary.

Let's list the classic business ideas for children in the entertainment sector:

  • Paid outdoor playground

Investments: from 100 thousand to 500 thousand rubles per 100 sq. meters. The minimum specified amount of money will be enough to equip the playground with not the most expensive slides, swings, sandboxes, plastic toys. In some places, you will have to make the flooring from soft rugs and artificial grass. Separately, it is worth calculating the lease of the territory (if you do not own a suitable piece of land located in a good place), the cost of fencing it, the cost of the work of the observer. We must not forget about the benches for adults who will look after the children. Payment can be charged for an hour, for half a day, for a whole day of stay on the site (with the right to free entry and exit on a paid day).

Business payback: if the site is located in a park or in a densely populated neighborhood of the city, then it will be able to receive an average of 30 children per day, and at least twice as many on weekends. The cost of the ticket will differ depending on the time spent on the site. On average, one child can get 150 rubles. In total, even with the most modest calculations, the costs of 100,000 rubles will pay off in the first month, larger investments - within six months. Business cannot be called 100% seasonal - if you pull tents, you can ride slides and swings, as well as play in the sandbox in the cold season. Although the influx of children will be several times smaller than in summer.

After monotonous working days, people want positive emotions. In his free time, be it a vacation or a weekend, or maybe an evening after a hard day, a person seeks to entertain himself, and here enterprising businessmen offer an extensive entertainment program. Why not become one of those entrepreneurs?

Entertainment business ideas are very diverse, which allows you to choose an option that suits both interests and finance. Give people joy and generate income - what could be more attractive?

About the entertainment business

Recreation and entertainment are an integral part of every person's life. By spending time interestingly at leisure, people satisfy their social needs.

The Russian entertainment industry accumulates millions of rubles annually and plays an important role in the economy of our country.

Even in times of crisis, the entertainment business idea will bear fruit, because people are always willing to pay for pleasure, almost as well as for food and medicine.

Entrepreneurship in the entertainment industry is right for you if you are an active, cheerful, positive person with extraordinary creative thinking, sense of humor and organizational skills.

It should also be noted that the entertainment business requires considerable start-up investments and constant development, renewal, and compliance with current fashion trends in society.

Having decided to start your own business in this area, it is advisable to immediately select the target audience to which the business idea will be targeted.

Business ideas for entertaining kids

Parents love their children and, accordingly, strive to make them happy, so the children's direction in entertainment is in sufficient demand. Let's consider some possible options.

Children's parties

Entertainment Business Ideas

Entertainment. Business ideas in the field of entertainment and recreation of the year.

What is entertainment for a modern person? This is one of the ways to get away from boring reality and give yourself new sensations, to become better than he is. Startups can make good money on the desire of people to experience new bright emotions.

For example, the hosts of blogs and YouTube channels, who “don't get a word in their pocket” and know how to make funny comments on a video or publication, earn more than their serious colleagues. The success story of blogger Max Golopolosov lies in the fact that he managed to shoot a 5-minute video review, in which he commented funny on several videos from the network. Now the businessman has about 7,000,000 subscribers. His very first video was filmed at home on a webcam.

Content for teenagers and schoolchildren is popular - they are looking for answers to their questions, they like parodies of stars and original performances of songs by teenagers like themselves.

Another profitable niche in the entertainment industry is the organization of children's entertainment. This segment is very heterogeneous, but the main purpose of such entertainment, no matter how cynical it may sound, is not only to give children the opportunity to play and / or learn, but also to free up some personal time for parents, especially if they are parents of 3 or more children.

As noted by successful businessmen who have built their own business in the entertainment industry, the “child has fun - parents have a rest” format has become incredibly popular in the mall.

Reasons for such a demand for services among the population:

  • The presence of an entertainment zone in shopping centers increases the time of visitors' stay, which has a positive effect on making a profit - parents can safely choose the product they are interested in, without being distracted by the fuss and discontent of a bored child.
  • In children's playrooms, parties are often held - birthdays and so on.

Experts who are engaged in the production and supply of equipment for children's rooms are confident that business ideas related to the field of entertainment are easy to implement and pay off quite quickly with a relatively small investment.

Business ideas in the field of entertainment are an opportunity to start working for yourself, doing what you love. The entertainment business niche is a chance to show all your best human and professional qualities. Such a field of activity is suitable for people of creative professions - designers, artists.

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