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Why rent a business space if you have your own garage? After all, a garage is an excellent place where you can organize almost any business with minimal losses. So let's take a look at what a garage business can be and the ideas you can take on board.

Many people start an entrepreneurial business from a garage or their own apartment for several reasons:

1. No need to pay rent

2. The area allows you to place all the necessary equipment

3. You get independence and free employment, you set up the work schedule yourself

4. Your salary depends only on your diligence

5. The pleasure of what you love is much greater when there is no bosses on top

This is how the already known giant companies Google and Apple started.

So you can start. For example, you can organize a warehouse for products or bulk goods. For the sale of products, a small point on the market or an online store opened in accordance with the legislative norms is quite enough.

Or start mini-production. There are a lot of ideas for opening such a business in a garage. As a rule, this is its own workshop. It doesn't matter what kind of activity it will be - even a car repair shop, even a tire fitting production, a computer repair shop or a studio.

The important thing is that such a business has one big advantage - the profit can reach 200%. For example, if you decide to buy some spare parts and collect them in your garage for further sale. This kind of production does not require large areas, since the machines are small in size.

If you are the proud owner of a garage, this is a great reason to start your own business. Own premises are perfect not only for storing cars, but also serve as a platform for making money.

Let's take a look at the options for a garage business and what are its features.

How to start a garage business

For budding entrepreneurs, sometimes the lack of their own premises or the high cost of renting them is a repelling factor for starting their own business. But if you are the owner of the garage, the problem with the room can be considered solved.

When looking for business ideas, pay special attention to location. If the object is located near a residential area, your possibilities expand significantly. It is rational to use the premises both for renovation work and transform it into a unique retail outlet.

Farther from residential areas, the placement of the object narrows your options. Here it will be appropriate to analyze the target audience and its needs and adjust your business in the garage to the needs of the market.

To competently build a business in a garage, analyze what advantages and disadvantages you may encounter in order to be prepared for any situation.

  • Saving space rent. In principle, this is the main criterion for starting your own business in your own garage. The cost of renting in the market today is so high that it often makes business unprofitable. In your case, you will be spared this cost item.
  • Variety of ideas. it is a unique opportunity to experiment and adapt to market demands, as well as do what you love, while making good money. Your imagination in finding unique business ideas is the main key to success.
  • Small budgets. By measuring your area, you do not have to invest in rent, which means that you will need less money to start a project, which makes such a business acceptable for small businesses with low capital investments.

The main disadvantage of the garage business is restrictions on the types of entrepreneurial activity. Unfortunately, for some types of business, a garage space is not suitable. This applies, for example, to a grocery outlet, a beauty salon or a medical office.

That is, those types of business, the occupation of which, implies a special room that meets all GOSTs, standards and requirements. However, beyond that there are many garage business ideas that can appeal to you and make you a successful entrepreneur.

Please note that in order for a business idea to work, you need to go through the following stages of its implementation:

  • business planning ;
  • business registration;
  • purchase of tools and equipment for equipping garage premises;
  • deciding on the need to hire employees. Their selection and training;
  • purchase of raw materials for work;
  • initial adjustment of equipment, development of production technology;
  • advertising campaign;
  • sales finished products or services.

Don't forget that big name brands like Apple and Harley Davidson also started out in garages. Therefore, everything is in your hands.

It doesn't take much to start your own business. Initially, it is enough just a passionate desire to earn money, diligence and dedication. If you have firmly decided that it is simply impossible to live the way you used to, and your business ideas, which have been accumulating in your head for years, simply must be implemented, then it’s time to start actively acting.

Nothing is impossible for those who have a desire to earn money. Have you heard of people starting their own business from a small stall or, for example, from a garage converted into a car workshop? In order to start earning, it is not necessary to have a huge start-up capital. You can start your own small business in the garage without purchasing expensive franchises and hiring employees. Initially, there will be a fairly small fraction of investments, scrap materials and an ordinary technical room, such as a basement or garage.

What business to open in a garage? Consider simple but effective options available to absolutely everyone.

Is the so-called "garage business" possible today?

If you are a professional auto mechanic and are simply tired of working for a penny, enriching someone else's uncle, then you probably often come up with ideas about starting your own business. You have your own garage, hands and head are also in place - try to start from scratch. Is it real? Quite!

By competently distributing your workspace, organizing a narrow-profile car repair, which will require almost no costs other than your skills and abilities, you can eventually create your own clientele and even pretend to be a successful entrepreneur. But that's all later. And first you need to solve the dilemma: "Business in the garage - is it a myth or a reality?"

Worried about the legality of your plans? If you want to initially just practice, without documenting your activities, so to speak, to take a closer look at the clientele, weigh the demand for this type of service, etc., then you can postpone the package of documents required for opening. In the future, this issue is resolved without any particular difficulties.

Garage business equipment is another matter and we'll come back to it later. The same applies to the payback period.

A garage business is a real way to make money in an hour when all other methods are simply not as effective.

How to use a garage for business?

There are tons of small business ideas in the garage, and none of them are new! Thinking carefully, you will understand that you can equip a mini-car service in the garage, convert it into a retail outlet, create a furniture production workshop in it, declare the season for storing tires, tires, bicycles, etc. It is also possible to rent out the garage for a decent monthly fee.

Still not convinced that a garage can be used very effectively for earning money? Let's give an example: an amazing art space has been operating in St. Petersburg for a long time - a modern art gallery, organized in an ordinary garage. Amazing, isn't it ?! Among dozens of gray, outrageously similar garages, someone has managed to place an art gallery. Based on the inexhaustible crowds of people storming the creative exhibition of contemporary artists, we can assume that this business is more than profitable! What are the costs involved? All that the owner of the wonderful garage did was decorate it with bright colors, clean the room thoroughly and make shelves for exhibition "exhibits". Everyone!

Garage business is a great way to make money with a minimum of investment. There are many options for what business to open in the garage, the main thing is to correctly determine the direction. By the way, billionaires Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak worked on their first Apple in the garage. So nothing is impossible, the main thing is an idea and a positive attitude.

Description of small business in the garage

How to start a garage business

Register your business?

Advantages and Disadvantages

Video "TOP Business Ideas You Can Start in a Garage"

Garage Small Business Description

Opening a mini-business in a garage from scratch is one of the most affordable and convenient ways to start your own business and become one of the start-up entrepreneurs.

Earning has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • Minimum costs. Lack of rental bills, warehouse and transport costs will help you save money at the start.
  • Work at a convenient time. A business in your own garage allows you to work without being tied to a specific schedule.
  • Without prejudice to the main work. You can try to promote your business in your free time.

If you have a garage, why not consider starting a business there? did not interfere with anyone, and it is quite possible that it will become the main one in the future. Many examples can be cited of people who started their business in this way and subsequently became successful entrepreneurs with several of their own firms and companies. In this article, we'll look at what makes the most reasonable business in a garage. Below will be offered thoughts and ideas that many people are already implementing and making good profits.


At the very beginning, you should decide how to register your future company: individual entrepreneur or LLC. It is quite possible that at the initial stage you can do without registration, most likely, the first clients will be friends, acquaintances, relatives, various other individuals who will not need to draw up any documents.

In addition, there are many accounting intermediary firms who will gladly take on all the paperwork. It is somewhat unreasonable to register a small business in a garage without receiving the first profit from their activities.

Given that the area of ​​the premises is limited, it is difficult to create a business that will bring a lot of profit, but it will be your first step in the formation of your own company. If you plan to work all year round, then the garage should be insulated, dry, ventilated and well lit. This is enough to start your own business.

Do not forget that it is prohibited to develop entrepreneurial activity in garage cooperatives. As a rule, this stopped few people, because you also need to catch your hand. But if they do get caught, the fine will still be very small. Perhaps the authorities will offer you to install a personal electricity meter, make you take care of the fire safety rules, and then safely leave you alone. Chat with those people who have already started their home business in your cooperative's garage. They will share their practice and perhaps provide some useful tips. And reasonable recommendations will always be useful and even help to avoid many mistakes in the future. There is such an eastern proverb: "A wise person learns from other people's mistakes, a prudent person learns from his own people, a fool does not try to learn anything and vegetates all his life, wrapped in

Business Ideas

Now let's directly discuss the question of what business ideas exist in the garage that are really feasible. Their number is constantly growing. It's no secret that the main thing in any activity is to find an opportunity to make more money where there is little competition. Providing services to the population, opening your own store - this has long been impossible to surprise anyone. In business, the more original the idea, the higher the income will be.

Many people today want to start a business. And often their problems lie in the lack of the necessary start-up capital, which is necessary precisely for renting premises. That's when the idea comes to mind - why not start a mini-business in the garage. While other people are busy calculating rental costs, you will be thinking about the calculations for the purchase of products and how to better sell your product. Another question is what kind of business in the garage to organize. A lot of ideas have already been invented in this regard: starting with the sale of vegetables, raising ducks, chickens and ending with the organization of car washes and even car services. To begin with, we will offer in detail one promising and original idea of ​​what kind of business to open in a garage.

What is

As you know, you can add pigment to any paint that glows by itself. After that it can be applied to almost any surface: metal, concrete, plastic, glass, wood and even fresh flowers. In the garage itself, the composition of the paint is being prepared. Next, you need to spend money on advertising and convey information to the population that we can paint absolutely anything that your heart desires. For example, car molding.

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