Creative techniques for creating a restaurant brand (on the example of Moscow restaurant business enterprises)

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Restaurants belong to the category of premium catering establishments. The restaurant opening business is profitable (

25-50%), but at the same time investment-intensive. In Russia there are 40 restaurants (and mid-level cafes) per 1000 people, in European countries there are about 150. For example, there are more than 22,000 restaurants in Paris, while in Moscow

4,000. The growth rate of the domestic restaurant market is

15% annually, the Moscow market is developing especially dynamically. In this article, we will consider a restaurant business plan from scratch, how to open it and not go bankrupt.

Advantages and disadvantages of opening a restaurant

The domestic restaurant segment has prospects for active growth, which is explained by the high purchasing power of the population and the need for middle and premium class restaurants. The Moscow market is developing as dynamically as possible, where a new establishment opens weekly. The annual growth rate is

According to Rosinter Restaurants Holding

Restaurant types: classification

Stages of opening a restaurant business

Consider the main stages of opening a restaurant:

  • Business registration: choosing a form of ownership, choosing a taxation system, registering an organization, finding a place;
  • Creating a restaurant business model: marketing analysis, developing a pricing policy, drawing up a concept of an establishment, development of a work plan;
  • Design: creation of a technological project, assessment of inventory and equipment, development of engineering communications, design of an establishment, creation of signboards and indoor advertising;
  • Equipment of the premises: furniture , bar counters, creating a uniform for staff, video surveillance cameras;
  • The final stage: creating a personnel training system, creating a menu, installing equipment and engineering systems, notifying Rospotrebnadzor about the opening.

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Ideas for restaurant business". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

Fresh Business Ideas - Real Small Business Ideas

Business ideas for cafes and restaurants are now worth their weight in gold. There are many different cafes, restaurants and fast food outlets. All of them are not much different from each other and therefore they are fighting a fierce struggle for the client. In this category, you can find ideas that somehow managed to distinguish the owners of establishments from the general gray mass. Standing out - got a client - PROFIT!

A couple of years ago, the prefix "anti" in the word cafe caused slight bewilderment and amazement, but a couple of years passed and that's it.

A couple of years ago, the joke "There was no fight at the wedding - there was Wi-Fi in the cafe" seemed ridiculous, but now it was funny to break free.

The original idea of ​​a lucrative summer business came to a Chinese cafe owner from Chongqing. This idea can be implemented in.

Do you know how much good manners and politeness cost? Of course, these social habits are invaluable, but here is the ability and desire to apply them in that.

If the owner country does not need aircraft carriers, then what the post-Soviet countries are doing is selling the aircraft carrier for scrap, but the zealous Chinese.

While we are suffering from the cold outside the window, the lucky ones from the Southern Hemisphere, who now have a hot winter time.

You don't like the constant attention of society, the need to spend all your free time in the company of some people, because the ideas of loneliness and.

We have already written about a printer that can print on coffee foam. Many people think that this is a simple toy that goes nowhere.

Who in childhood did not collect stamps, ninja turtles, cars and other rubbish? Almost everyone took part in this. A.

Have you ever wanted to dine in total darkness? Or maybe you would like to enjoy a wonderful dinner with lions or giraffes? Maybe dine in a place where you can drink wine from a baby bottle? We present to your attention the most unusual restaurants from all over the world, which can surprise even the most discerning and sophisticated visitors.

Perfect Northern Lights View from Northern Lights Bar In Ion Hotel, Iceland

Amazing restaurant "Aiguille Du Midi" at m height, Chamonix, France

Lunch at a depth of meters at Alif Dhaal Atoll, Maldives

Impressive steampunk design at Truth Coffee Restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa

Lunch in the middle of snow and ice at Kemi Snow Castle, Finland

Ali Barbour's Cave, located in an ancient cave in Kenya, fully lit by candles

Green Dragon Pub in Hobbiton, New Zealand Ideal for Lord of the Rings fans

Dinner in the middle of a waterfall at Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, Philippines

Awesome restaurant in the water on Bora Bora

Culinary dilettante portal

Cafes are places that most of us visit periodically. Indeed, opening your own cafe is a fairly profitable business today. However, you need not only delicious food, cozy atmosphere and quality service, but also an original concept. Entrepreneurs who have managed to bring to life the unusual idea of ​​a cafe will certainly not be left without visitors to their establishment.

The institutions that will be discussed later are worth visiting at least once in your life. What emotions they will evoke - positive or negative - is a separate question, but you will definitely not remain indifferent to them. We have put together twelve cafes with original concepts for you.

Alkatraz (Japan)

This place is intended for lovers of "prison romance" and just for seekers of new sensations. At the entrance, visitors are fingerprinted, the rules of conduct are announced, and the same prison uniform is issued. The waiters will still strive to put handcuffs on you and give you a “soothing” injection. The tables in the cafe are separated by bars, so that customers really feel like in a prison.

The names of the dishes are also striking. Want to try the Brain Burner cocktail or the Dead Bird, Human Intestine and Penis Sausage dishes? Then go ahead for impressions in Tokyo Alkatraz.

Dinner in the Sky (Belgium)

There is a cafe in the capital of Belgium, where you can tickle your nerves. Here you have the opportunity to dine literally soaring above the ground. The establishment is a construction of a crane, a large table and chairs with reliable seat belts. At the same time, the table can accommodate 22 visitors, not counting the waiters. When customers are seated at their seats and fastened their seat belts, the crane lifts them, along with the table and waiters, to a height of 50 meters from the ground.

Some combination of a cafe and an attraction has recently appeared in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev.

Metro St James (Australia)

The owners of the Metro St. James in Sydney came up with an unusual way to pay for their services. To get a morning cup of aromatic coffee, a visitor needs to kiss any person except the staff of the establishment. These can be both beloved ones who came with their halves, and random passers-by.

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