Creative ideas for business: the best solutions

As a rule, it is believed that people are engaged in business only with logical thinking, who have a penchant for the exact sciences, but creative people who love to draw, sing, play musical instruments, etc., so they should not engage in business. It is believed that creative people will get tired of the dryness of the business, that it is sickening to their nature.

We will try to find several options for creative ideas for a business focused on creative people. It should be noted right away that the best business option for creative people is a business that brings constant, albeit small, but income.


Vending belongs to the type of creative business ideas. In this business, you do not need to hire staff, communicate with sellers and buyers. The directions for vending can be different - this is the sale of coffee, juices, jewelry, children's toys, food, dairy products, contact lenses and much more.

If you focus on this business idea for creative people, then undoubtedly among all the existing directions of vending machines (and there are already about 90 varieties of them), you will find what you will like.

Self Laundry

This business, of course, is no longer the purchase and installation of vending machines. But in the meantime, it is also a fairly simple type of business to organize it, which can generate passive income.

The main task of this business is the purchase of high-quality equipment, the selection of a good passageway. There are rarely any innovations in this type of business, therefore, with a good approach, profit is ensured.

Watch Repair

If you like to dig and repair various antique clocks, then opening a watch workshop will help you earn money. A watch workshop is a calm and unhurried work, and very wealthy people can give you an antique watch to be repaired. Income in this type of business will depend on just such clients.

Tips for owners of commercial real estate: how to fill vacant office space in times of crisis and business shutdown. 17 business ideas for creative and exhibition spaces.

The crisis in the commercial real estate market is more than one year old. After waves of layoffs, bankruptcies, business winding up, a huge amount of office space was left empty. The hopes that this crisis is about to end and that crowds of hungry tenants will soon reappear in the form of successful bankers, successful entrepreneurs and other businessmen eager to rent empty square meters at a high price have long vanished.

The owners of these areas are trying to return the former high demand in various ways: they make repairs and try to lease ready-made offices equipped with furniture and office equipment, offer rental vacations and, of course, lower rental rates. Someone is even willing to take on all marketing costs, including advertising costs for their tenants. There are proposals to conclude a lease agreement for several years with the provision of a subsequent right to purchase the premises at a preferential price, or even more intricate transactions for the purchase of an office with an obligation to sell to the same owner (a classic repo transaction) in two or three years.

What marketing moves can you popularize or take place with? One of the options is to convert the premises into a creative zone and use it for exhibition sites, museums, holding various presentations or any thematic events.

What is creative space

Popularization of creative urban spaces can be called the trends of modern society. The creative space combines the dynamics of the real estate business, the potential of creative activity and the tasks of social projects.

What is a creative space?

In its broadest sense, creative urban spaces are places for activities based on creativity, skill or talent.

Creative spaces have the following functions:

Improvement of urban areas;

Creating an innovative environment;

Increasing the tourist attractiveness of the city;

Unique, creative business ideas

Growing new business ideas in times of crisis

All creative solutions are simple and are on the surface. The simpler the solution, the more creative it is and the easier it is to implement. Difficult problems can be solved by going beyond the obvious and trying non-standard ways. The field of innovation has developed so much that it can afford to go beyond the usual market. A creative solution is to establish a relationship between those elements between which no one has yet guessed to establish such a connection.

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A person likes an individual approach, he is pleased with pleasant surprises and surprises. So, a frequenter of one of the pastry shops received a nice souvenir as a gift, next time the client brought many of his friends to the establishment - thus showing loyalty to the owners of the pastry shop.

The search for a non-standard approach and a unique solution is based on the fact that the disparate elements of information, sometimes you just need to put them in a different order, you can do this: collect pieces of information on an issue of interest, discuss it in the evening or sketch out a draft, by the morning a qualitatively new approach to the topic may mature.

Motivation and and Personal Discipline

To bring creative ideas to life, you need to start with yourself. Good juicy ideas come to mind of the person who is happy and ready for bright discoveries, is constantly improving and learns something new - useful and interesting. The best decisions come to those people who are calm and confident.

People want to escape from the crisis and relax a little - cool prints on clothes and funny gifts will help them with this. The population still buys gifts for the holidays and for the birthdays of their loved ones. It's good if the joke gift is also useful. The field for creativity is truly enormous.

Creation of creativity, some coach consultants are sure, is similar to the process of moving fluid from communicating vessels.

Every business starts with an idea. They have to be unusual to make a solid income. Entrepreneurs all over the world, trying to force the consumer to purchase a variety of goods and services, are trying to find creative ideas for business. In this case, there is one indisputable advantage, which is the absence of competitors. This means that when there are buyers, the business will generate a high income.

Originally non-standard ideas are perceived as absurdity. They are ridiculed by society, and only when an entrepreneur makes a profit that is incomparable with the average wage, fame comes to him. So, what are the most unique business ideas known today. Here's a short list:

  • a company that goes to a crime scene to clean up;
  • a boarding house created for nudists;
  • organizing travel to famous places, where famous TV series were filmed;
  • opening of stores that offer to purchase samples.

Funky Ideas

To brighten up the gray everyday life, to become famous as an original, and also to make a decent profit, many businessmen turn to the funky style. What does this mean? It is the ability to combine different foods. This style is a "feature" of the modern world, it gives rise to unusual business ideas:

  • a small hotel-library where guests can spend time in seclusion while reading books;
  • a café-bookstore (another option is a café-game library) - to open such a business, investments are required, although there have been cases when magazines or books were offered in an already existing cafe;
  • a slide near a pond - this service will be relevant not only in summer, but also in winter.

If you think about it, creative business ideas are nothing special. The main thing is to show your imagination and think about what might interest society.

Unique ideas from scratch

Creative people who don't have the start-up capital to start and grow a business can consider ideas from scratch. These include making dolls, writing advertisements, articles, and more.

Recently, business ideas for the restoration of old things: photographs, books, paintings and others are gaining momentum.

It should be noted that in this case it is not necessary to invest funds. Tools, as well as materials that are required for work, can be purchased by the customer.

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No holiday can take place without gifts, surprises and surprises.

But it is not always possible to choose something memorable, original and unexpected.

Very often we are constrained either by the material side or by the lack of choice. Many creative gifts have become quite traditional for a long time.

But it is not always necessary to give something tangible. You can excel and present the most unexpected and unpredictable event or action.

You can always organize dinner in some non-standard place, or make an unplanned jump from an airplane.

You can also buy a ticket to a concert of your favorite artist. Such gifts depend only on how strongly your imagination is developed or what your financial capabilities are.

If you can easily continue this list, then you should think about creating your own unique business.

How to start opening a creative gifts agency

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