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Updated October 26, 2021

Decided to open your own business, but don't know what business idea to start with? Which occupation or craft is right for you?

If you are looking for interesting business ideas that will help you make your choice, then this article is just what you need. Here are 123 business ideas from a wide variety of areas: personalized services, retail, cleaning services, animal care, technology and more.

In this list, you will surely find the best business ideas that ideally meet your goals and requirements.

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Home business ideas

Home Makeup

If you know how to emphasize the dignity of a person's appearance and work wonders with eyeshadow and lipstick, then why not monetize your talent? For less than $ 250-500, you can start your own makeup business from scratch. With a skillful approach, such an undertaking can turn into a rather lucrative part-time job.


This, of course, is not the most profitable activity, but it is an excellent opportunity to live in different parts of the world (including exotic ones) without paying a penny for rent.

What if an unloved job turns into a dull money-making? Of course, you can do, as in the joke: "The mice cried, injected, but they continued to eat cacti." But, as a matter of fact, is it not for this reason that a person is given reason and free will, in order to choose? It is especially difficult to follow the "mouse method" for creative people, for whom routine is a heavenly punishment.

Why? A company without a brand is like a person without a passport. You can live, but the possibilities are limited.

Every brand has an emotional and functional side. More often than not, especially in the creative business, the emotional side provides much more value than the functional side:

  • the functional side is the need your brand satisfies;
  • the emotional side is what the customer thinks / feels when using your product.

When thinking about your future brand, look at it from all angles. The more thoughtful its functional component and the more emotions you can put into your product, the more profit you will receive.

So where to start building your brand? With a trademark? With a corporate identity? From the name? No, no and NO! You need to start by understanding three things: - Who are you? - What is your product / service? - Who is your client?

Identify your ideal customer

It is not enough to present the target audience in general terms. Only "tasty" and describing the client in detail, we can offer him something really worthwhile. Knowing our client "by sight", we represent his needs and opportunities, concerns, shortcomings.

Avoid the standard short definitions "rich", "middle class", "brides", "women", describe your target audience in as much detail as possible:

gender age religion marital status nationality profession, education annual income preferences / hobbies / hobbies how they spend their free time favorite brands (clothing, car, dishes, cellular communication, etc.) lifestyle

If you are just starting a business, the concept of the ideal customer may not yet be clear. Allow yourself to come up with a dream client, try to describe him and stick with this image for the first time.

According to statistical data, the modern Russian market is oversaturated with classic goods and services. Popular lines of business are highly competitive. The lack of established distribution channels, consumer audiences and reliable suppliers can be a significant obstacle for a budding entrepreneur. That is why novice businessmen tend to choose niches with a low level of competition. Some entrepreneurs manage to create a completely new direction and become the creator of a new market segment. In this article, we propose to consider creative business ideas with a low market entry threshold.

As a rule, unique ideas are on the surface

Most profitable businesses with minimal start-up

In order to compile a list of the most demanded types of entrepreneurial activity, it is necessary to carefully study the current state of the market. As a rule, high competition is established in the most profitable directions. It is important to understand that it is almost impossible to enter this market sector with a minimum capital. The only exception is the service industry. In this case, the entrepreneur does not need to spend the available money on renting storage facilities, purchasing products or creating a large staff of employees.

Many entrepreneurs start their business by selling goods purchased in foreign online stores. Other businessmen specialize in making commercial products at home. This area of ​​small business is relevant for provincial cities. In addition, one of the demanded types of business is working on the Internet.

Many entrepreneurs with certain skills do not spend even a ruble on starting a business, investing exclusively their knowledge in the business they are creating.

What services are in great demand

The service sector is a fairly large market segment. It includes several dozen different areas in which both large corporations and small firms operate. According to statistics, the most popular areas in this area are consulting and legal services. The second line of this list is occupied by audit and services of real estate agents.

Medical services are in high demand among the population. Lending is popular in some regions of Russia. As a rule, a high level of competition is established in all of the above areas. The average level of competition is inherent in cleaning, computer and construction services. The last line of this list is occupied by tutoring services and private trainings.

Unusual ideas for entrepreneurship

An entrepreneur wishing to start his own business must carefully analyze human needs. The main difficulty in implementing creative ideas is the difficulty of forecasting business performance. People working in such industries cannot predict how a consumer group will react to a particular project.

Home Business

According to experts, even the most banal and outdated ideas can be modernized using all your imagination. An example is the services of a makeup artist. A talented make-up artist can radically change a person's appearance with the help of cosmetics, hiding all the shortcomings and emphasizing the advantages. It is enough to have the right talent to create such a business. However, before you start getting started, you will definitely need to complete the appropriate courses. Otherwise, the number of clients wishing to sign up for makeup will decrease significantly.

Today, in almost all regions of Russia, traditional types of business are already "busy". It is quite difficult for a novice entrepreneur to get into the existing niches, since he will have several competitors with an already established audience, trade relations, working schemes, etc. Therefore, in this article we decided to describe unusual business ideas with minimal investment that are suitable for novice businessmen.


The main thing in business is the idea. The better and more original the idea, the more chances you will be able to become successful. A huge number of entrepreneurs took the lead, having only a good commercial idea: they became millionaires and even billionaires, while at the start they had nothing at all. At the same time, the idea should not be some kind of ingenious or unique: you can take an already working model or supplement it with something interesting and new. The main thing is that there are no major competitors in your village or district: it is stupid to open a grocery stall next to hypermarkets, because the vast majority of people will go to the market, and not to you.

Attention: due to the introduction of sanctions and retaliatory sanctions by the Russian government, the level of the population's ability to pay has fallen. Therefore, opening an individual entrepreneur or LLC is associated with certain risks: think about whether you can pull entrepreneurship and whether you have enough resources (physical and moral) for this.

According to many analysts, there are a number of very promising ideas for 2021-2021. These include:

  • Work via the Internet in various ways, from completing tasks to creating your own online store.
  • Providing consulting services, training people.
  • Intermediary services.
  • Making handmade crafts, toys.
  • Start your own small production.

In this article, we will not consider medium and large business, but we will analyze the options for micro and mini business, which will require investments of up to $ 1000. Everyone can find and earn that kind of money. Moreover, it is not necessary to devote 100% of your free time to business: sometimes you can combine it with your main job, which will be a reinsurance in case of failure.

Why is business dying?

According to statistics, almost 80% of small businesses and firms are closed within 5 years after opening. Why is this situation happening? The fact is that not every person can do business: this requires a certain amount of thinking, dedication, the ability to solve emerging problems and conflicts. Do not think that entrepreneurship is easy and simple, and money is poured on them just like that. This is a serious, daily, often irregular work: often entrepreneurs work 10-14 hours a day, do not go on vacation or sick leave, because business simply will not survive this.

It should also be noted that much depends on the correct organization of the production process. You don't just need to come up with an idea, you need to draw up a competent business plan, which will become a kind of result of your idea with a step-by-step implementation of the project. Most often, a business dies for the following reasons:

  • The company's services or products are not popular or are not needed by customers. You may feel that you are offering something unique and interesting, but customers may not share your opinion. Therefore, we recommend that you conduct research to understand whether your product will be in demand in the market.
  • Financial illiteracy. This is a serious problem for Russians: they do not know how to use financial instruments, effectively allocate resources and manage cash flows.
  • Not understanding the end goal. You must understand what you are striving for and where you are going. And the goal is not just to work, but to achieve a certain level of income, seize the market, become wealthy, etc.
  • Incorrect distribution of duties. This usually applies to entrepreneurs working with partners and opening LLCs. Someone should be in charge and be able to make decisions.
  • Fear of change and risk. Of course, unreasonable risks are not needed, since you will most likely lose, but the fear of making decisions and using new development options will lead to the closure of the enterprise.

Where did the name "Shusha" come from?

"Shusha" is Sasha. My daughter has been playing with our constructors since early childhood, they are practically the same age. At specialized exhibitions we buy the best samples, but Sasha still continues to play "Shusha", and she is really interested. The first toys that appeared were slightly different than they are now, nothing remained of them. Sasha and his acquaintances children were the main censors, if they didn't like some of our ideas, we refused them.

How long has your project existed?

About six years have passed since the first ideas. The project developed in several stages. At first there was a rather lengthy stage of thinking and sketches. Then we began to produce samples, for a year and a half we tried to establish our own workshop, but later we abandoned this venture. It has been about three years now that toys under the Shusha brand have been actively sold in the markets of Russia and abroad.

How did you enter the market?

When the first ideas and drawings appeared, we went to Nuremberg for the largest international toy fair - we wanted to understand the assortment on the market. We immediately set a high bar so that it would not be at the level of handicrafts, but a real international brand, otherwise we would not be interested.

We made the first batch in our own workshop in Moscow, bought a small machine. We returned to Nuremberg the following year as participants - our entire circulation was in our suitcase. On arrival, we immediately destroyed the coincidences of our sketches with other toys at the exhibition last year and went with completely new ideas that aroused interest.

At first we invested ourselves, then an investor appeared, one might say, by chance. The Garage Bookstore of the Museum of Contemporary Art has started selling our products. The museum managers showed the toys to the owner, and he decided to help financially. We regard this as a miracle, although much is woven from such accidents, which, of course, are the result of constant hard work.

Why don't you make toys in Russia?

Honestly, we are now sorry that we lost more than a year trying to establish production here. We have got such a business that you can only make money on quantity, we need large circulations of constant quality and sales without failures. And, oddly enough, it is impossible to make a toy out of wood at a Russian factory. Often, they are all sharpened for their simplest products: pyramids or cubes.

Manufacturers do not undertake author's design

Our constructors have a lot of colored parts of different shapes. If we compare with other toys on the market, then there are fifteen parts maximum, and we have thirty, forty in each set. Yet here, for some reason, not everywhere, they are made from beech and do not work with magnets at all. We have recently requested the cost of production from a Russian company. We were told that they did not know how much it might cost, then they looked at our retail price in the store and said that about two-thirds of it, i.e. That is, completely without understanding pricing. And the quality in circulation is significantly different. In China, we receive goods ready for shipment at customs, which can be immediately dispatched anywhere in the world.

How to set up production in China?

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