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Handmade goods have become increasingly popular in recent years. Many housewives have already managed to create a real creative business in this field. Let's see where to start, how to organize and progress in this matter.

If you have a favorite hobby - sewing, knitting, felting, scrapbooking, making dolls, flowers and bouquets from foamiran, figurines from polymer clay or ceramic floristry, then you have every chance to start your own business on this field.

Why are handmade products becoming more popular?

The general frustration that brands and average companies offer the same thing leads to a tendency to get more original things. It is for this reason that exclusive custom-made items are so popular.

The emergence and development of various types of creativity is associated with the development of the entire industry as a whole. New products, tools, materials, styles and directions in creativity appear, which leads a huge number of people to engage in new types of hobbies, which, for some masters, grow into a real business.

How to find a creative business idea?

The creators of hand-made goods are mostly girls and women. And the target audience that buys handicrafts is mostly women. Most often, a business starts with an ordinary hobby, and then, when a large number of orders arrive and the prices of products rise, the hobby develops into a business. Where to start, what do you need, what is the mechanics of a creative business?

Since the main audience of the creative business is women, it is important to understand that working only for the sake of money may not bring the good result that you expect, and this will affect the whole process as a whole. Because self-realization is important for women. If you start learning how to create handmade products without personal interest, but just for the sake of making money, then it may turn out that you will not earn money at all.

1. To find an idea for a creative business, first you need to decide on the direction in which you will develop: soap making, kinusayga, deco patch, beading, floristry, embroidery, quilling, felting, candle making, carving, patchwork, macrame, scrapbooking, ceramic floristry, bouquets from foamiran.

When choosing a direction for yourself, it is important to focus on your own preferences and experience. What do you do best? What do you know more about?

2. At the next step, it is important to decide what exactly you will sell - finished products, materials for making products or your training in this type of creativity and share your secrets and practical experience?

Decide for yourself what you will focus more time on and what type of earnings will suit you best?

It is well known that in the system of a market economy, hired personnel receive a minimum income. The owner of the enterprise takes the lion's share of the profit. Therefore, millions of people today are striving to open their own business.

Most start-up entrepreneurs face typical problems: high competition in profitable sectors, lack of start-up capital or influential support, corruption. The solution can be an original idea that reveals a niche in which no one has worked before. At the same time, it is absolutely not necessary to invest big money in the start. In the United States, Europe, Japan and even Russia, where entrepreneurial thinking is not yet so deeply rooted, you can find thousands of firms with billions of dollars in turnover that started with just a few dollars. Apple's story is a prime example.

The article presents several successful business cases that work exclusively due to the non-standard thinking of their creators. All of them do not require a lot of investment and they can and should be used.

Idea of ​​Sewing women's tops or original slippers

Thanks to celebrities flashing in tops on screens and fashionable photosets, this accessory has become incredibly popular among the beautiful half of humanity. Especially among young girls. Simply put, you have millions of potential customers given that you can sell finished products through social media.

To get started, you don't need to rent a huge room and office, buy a bunch of tools and hire staff. A sewing machine, supplies, a little imagination and skill - that's all you need. The profitability of the business can reach 1000%, since the prime cost of the top is relatively low, and it can be sold at several times more expensive. But, of course, you need to have a certain skill and experience here.

Slippers are a slightly different story. Everyone needs them. But now everyone wants original slippers. And here again creativity comes to your rescue. Develop an original idea for slippers and you will earn some pretty decent money. The cost of their production is no more than a women's top.

Idea Sewing or printing of individual cases for portable equipment

In the modern world it is more and more difficult to find a person who would not own a smartphone, laptop or tablet. At the same time, few people are satisfied with them, in general, the same type. Many would like to stand out from the gray mass. This can be done thanks to the original case, which would be specially sewn for the owner of the portable equipment.

For example, it can be embroidered with initials or some symbol, phrase or pattern that reflects a person's view of the world. In addition, the cover is a practical and convenient protection against various external influences. The potential audience is huge. It includes men and women of different ages, regardless of their social status and financial situation.

All you need is multicolored threads, fabric, a set of scissors and needles. The cost of one cover does not exceed 100 rubles. You can sell it for an amount of 300 rubles and more. The number of products produced depends solely on you. But for successful sales, it is very important to develop an original style for your covers.

Idea Making soft toys

If you know how to knit well, then, apart from the skill, you practically do not need anything. However, in this business, investments will be slightly higher than when sewing covers or women's tops, since consumables are more expensive.

TOP10 BUSINESS IDEAS 2021 FROM ZERO - successful with minimal investment

In addition, if you already have a point of sale for the sale of gifts (read about how to open a gift shop by the link) or an Internet Shop (here and here read in detail about how to open an Internet shop from scratch ), then phytodesign will allow you to expand your offer and satisfy more needs, converting this into profit. But let's talk about everything in order, and for a start, I propose to talk about what phytodesign is in general, because the essence of the idea itself, whatever one may say, is aimed at creating a small studio specializing in this. Business ideas for a small town || Business youth.

What is phytodesign?

Phytodesign is the use of plants in interior design, offices and any other premises, as well as the professional creation of interesting flower arrangements (the latter, by the way, is very suitable, for example, for a gift shop and may not only consist of flowers). This is not a banal flower business, which boils down to selling bouquets via the Internet (for example, on social networks) or in retail, but a full-fledged design company that professionally decorates rooms with flowers and other equally beautiful plants (+ creating elegant plant compositions). TOP 40 Business Ideas for 2021 - Part 1 | The best business ideas with minimal investment

In Russia, such a hobby is still widespread only among very rich people, however, following the example of the West and, in particular, Europe, after a while the middle class will begin to adopt this fashion. The fact is that phytodesign allows you not only to build a very beautiful decor technology, for example, a room, but is also an excellent indicator of atmospheric pollution in a room, as well as a means of air disinfection / purification. By the way, once I already described one European business, namely the production of pellets, which is also based on the environmental needs of society, so if you have time, you can also study this equally promising business idea.

You should also not think that only premises deserve to be decorated with phytodesign, because in the West it is used in a variety of cases, whether it is the design of television studios, exhibition halls, theaters, film and photo studios, shopping centers , winter gardens, hotels and inns, restaurants, country houses, swimming pools, terraces, balconies, verandas and many other seemingly everyday objects.

How to start a phytodesign business

Since the phytodesign idea is a creative business idea, it depends as much as possible on the human factor. That is why I recommend that you, if of course you seriously intend to create your own successful workshop, attend special courses, the cost of which, as a rule, is up to 20,000 rubles. In such courses, you will be told about the grouping of plants, their classification, the basic principles of floraram (plant placement), the means of creating a composition (scale, lines, layout, background, color, etc.), symmetry, methods of drawing up bouquets of dried flowers and dry natural material, as well as about the most important laws of the use of plants in a variety of interior styles, including you will be introduced to the concept of ikebana and even a winter garden.

Classes are usually accompanied by practical "laboratory" work, so that you can master the above technologies. The courses will also give you the opportunity to become a certified specialist, get the first clients and learn the intricacies of phytodesign, so that the florist whom you will hire in the future could not mislead you.

After completing the courses, it would not be superfluous to work as a freelancer or in any existing company, having collected a base of regular customers, a solid portfolio and other "goodies". This will allow you to start a business with minimal investment, since all you need to do is create your own website with a presentation of your own services, a page on social networks, and possibly advertise in newspapers (in the case of freelancing).

In the case of creating a workshop with a room, several florists and catalogs of proposed phytodesign options for clients, you must first find these same clients, having received an advance from them and investing it in materials, salary for florists, rent premises for a workshop, etc. In terms of registration of the type of activity, an Individual Entrepreneur is suitable if you will only work in the b2c segment, that is, your clients will be individuals (read more here), and LLC will be relevant if your clients are legal faces.

As for the business lines, in addition to the direct design of the premises, one can focus on the production of flower decorations for funeral services, holidays and simply as gifts. Now the market for such things is growing exponentially, due to the fact that people are already sick of banal gifts. Your humble servant, by the way, is also planning to enter this market with a very interesting and new product, some of which have already been produced and are being prepared for release, which means do not miss publications, subscribe to them in a special form located under the article and always stay up to date with the most interesting and most importantly practical moments from the world of business.

That's all for today, I hope the creative idea of ​​a phytodesign business impressed you and you decide to become one of those who will start to develop this business in our country not only in the format of the capital. Until next time and have a nice day, dear friends.

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