Creative business in Europe

Today, walking down the street, you can see a huge number of all kinds of shops, car washes, tire changers, etc. These are ordinary types of business that will not surprise anyone. To start a business, you need to invest a lot of money on equipment and advertising. Businessmen who use standard fields of activity are fighting for every buyer, and many of them simply cannot withstand the competition and are closed.

In the modern world, people simply do not think about other types of business, few people can come up with original ideas. It seems that everything has been invented for a long time and it is simply impossible to discover something new, unusual. Of course, this is a misconception, and if you think through your business idea well, you can make a big profit with a minimum investment.

Ideas for starting a business from scratch

As we have already found out, despite the great competition and crisis, you can make money quite simply, the main thing is thinking outside the box. They began to introduce original ideas relatively recently, so the competition is minimal.

Of course, if you are reading this article, then you cannot come up with something interesting yourself. It is for such people that we have prepared several interesting and profitable areas of activity:

  • Psychological taxi. A new and unique business idea was invented in Sweden. The bottom line is this: a taxi drives around the city, if a call is received, then a driver and a psychologist come to the person. Throughout the trip, you can talk to him and discuss your problem. You pay only for travel, you do not need to pay for a consultation with a psychologist. This is great for people who have problems but can't go to the doctor because they don't have enough money for it. Within a few months, this taxi became very popular. They got a lot of customers who booked a car long distance to have as much discussion as possible. Such a business can be organized in any city in our country. In Russia, and especially in Moscow, it will also gain a lot of popularity. The profit will be quite large. But first you have to invest: buy or rent a car, hire a driver and a psychologist.
  • Fitness trainer at home. More recently, this new business has begun to develop in America. In this country, a huge number of people have problems with being overweight due to fast food. As a rule, such people want to lose weight, but they are too lazy to get off the couch and go to the gym. How was this idea implemented? Several people equipped the van for a gym. A person who wants to play sports orders a van. After a while, when he drives up, the person simply goes down to the street and enters the car. There he can work out with a coach for a couple of hours and go home. To realize this idea, you need to invest, since the van and all the equipment will be quite expensive. The profit will depend on the number of people interested.
  • Bad news service. It is quite difficult to tell your family about the unfortunate news of another person. The news of death, serious illness, or divorce is usually difficult to receive. And so a new business appeared - "Service of unpleasant news". Such news is reported by qualified psychologists who can immediately take control of a person and help him cope with emotions. This business is only gaining momentum. It began to spread throughout the world and will soon reach Russia. The costs will be minimal: doctors' salaries and advertising. The profit will not keep itself waiting long, as soon as people find out about you, a large number of customers will be drawn to you.
  • Shoes with a navigator. For travelers who often go to unfamiliar places, they came up with special shoes. A navigator was installed in it, it helps a person to reach their destination. How it works? If you go the wrong way, the left or right boot will vibrate, telling you to turn. These shoes are gaining popularity, but there are very few of them. If you are interested in this business, then you need to open a small factory where shoes will be created or modernized. Of course, the costs will be quite large, but there are many people who are ready to pay a rather large sum for such original shoes. Quite quickly, it will turn out to close all debts and go into a plus.

You can learn a few more interesting options from the following video:

Ideas with minimal investment

For such people, we have collected the most interesting and new ideas. They do not require any special material investments, but you need to think about how to implement them:

  • Aquarium Cleaner. Nowadays, many rich and successful people or large business centers set up aquariums. They can be of different sizes - from small ones of several liters to huge ones of several thousand liters. To keep your fish comfortable, the aquarium needs to be cleaned from time to time. Who will do this? Few people want to collect water there, pump out old and clean glass. Therefore, many people will start ordering such services from you. The costs are minimal. The income will depend only on you, how many clients you find - so much money you will receive. You may have to fork out a little on advertising, but this cannot be compared to the profit.
  • Creative grandmothers. If you are old and bored at home, then this business idea is perfect for you. You can get additional income in addition to your pension. The idea sounds like this - "grandmother for an hour." This is similar to normal nannies, but in this case, you will only babysit the child for a few hours. Moreover, people trust grandmothers who raised children and, possibly, grandchildren more than young girls. Today everyone is trying to build a career and in these conditions there is little time left for a child or household. Many people will start using your services. What can you offer them:
    • If the owners are busy, have gone on a business trip or vacation, "grandmother for an hour" can come home to them several times a week and water the flowers or feed the pets.
    • It so happens that the mother needs to leave, but the child cannot be left unattended. In this case, she can contact you.
    • You can also knit different things. They are generally very popular. In any case, you will not need any financial investments, except for advertising, which you can do yourself. Of course, the salary will not be very high, but as an increase in the pension, this is very good.
  • Friend for hire. Today, in the world of computer technology, it is quite difficult to find time for your personal life. Everyone is on the Internet, there is no one to even walk around the city with, go to a cafe, a movie, or just enjoy the day. Because of this situation, an interesting idea appeared - "Friend for Hire". This is perfect for a communicative, kind and outgoing person. The essence of the project is simple and straightforward. Investments will be minimal, since in order to attract customers, you need to place an ad in a newspaper, on the Internet, or post ads around the city. It may seem to you that this is not serious and no one will pay for such money, but this is a delusion. In highly developed countries, this area is gaining more and more popularity. Of course, this cannot be called a full-time job, but as an additional income, it’s very good.
  • Anti-evacuator. It is quite difficult to find a suitable parking place in a metropolis. Many drivers simply take and leave their car in the wrong place in the hope that it will not be taken by a tow truck. But this is not always the case, a tow truck can pick up your car at the most inopportune moment. When you find this, you will have to look for him in the car park, and then pay a fairly large amount to pick him up. So people got an interesting idea. They have developed an electronic system through which the driver will receive a warning if his car is being evacuated. This business will be very popular, and you can make good money on it. Of course, only experienced programmers can develop such a system. Such people can accomplish the task at a minimum cost.

Small town ideas

This is wrong. With a competent approach and thinking outside the box, you can make good money even in a small town. Let's see how you can do this:

  • Greening the city. This business is perfect for small towns with many private houses. Many people seek to decorate their site and therefore use landscaping services. You can provide services such as removing weeds, planting new plants, or simply making the site look attractive. These services will be in demand. The costs of such a business will be minimal, but earnings will directly depend on the number of clients. You can also cooperate with the local administration. This will allow you to quickly find new clients and work with state or municipal institutions.
  • Legal services of a bugbear. Imagine, you forgot to take the keys, and the door slammed shut, what to do? In large cities or metropolitan areas, there are special services that can help in such a situation. In small towns, the situation is slightly different. There are no such services, and the Ministry of Emergency Situations may simply not come, referring to the fact that this is not their responsibility. You can help such people, of course, if you are able to open a slammed door. There are special legal master keys for this, but you need to learn how to use them. The costs of this business will be small, the only thing that is needed is knowledge and skills. The income will depend on the number of clients.
  • Selling optimism. A few years ago, two brothers came up with an interesting idea - to sell optimism. They created positive T-shirts that read “Life is good”. In half an hour, they sold 50 T-shirts. At first, they drove around the city and sold T-shirts from a van, later they opened their own network. As it turned out, people are eager to get optimism, and therefore this business has become very profitable. You can take advantage of this idea, you don't have to make T-shirts. Come up with your own unusual and unique product, and then success will await you! Of course, at the initial stage you need to invest. If this is the production of something, then you need to buy equipment and rent a room. As a rule, people like new and original very much, so you can quickly make money and come out on top.

Now it is a developed network of cafes, although back in 2021, the activity began with a small van for the sale of ice cream and shakes. The essence of the idea is very simple, but effective. BGIC offers original and delicious combinations of ice cream additives: lime curd, vanilla cookie crumbs, pumpkin jam. Another secret of popularity is the original and catchy names of sweets.

This is an unusual coffee shop. Its creators and visitors are Queen fans. There are photographs of Freddie Mercury and other musicians of the group hanging in the hall. From time to time one of the band's compositions sounds in the coffee shop. At this moment, the first customer in line receives the ordered drink for free. The slogan of this promotion is: "When Queen plays, Freddie pays!"

The owners of this restaurant in Louisiana have traveled the world for a long time and studied the peculiarities of national cuisines. They have chosen, learned how to cook and serve their visitors the most popular, classic food from street vans around the world. But this is not enough for restless businessmen. The restaurant's highlight is a hidden art gallery located in the restroom.

In the middle of this huge bar is a real working carousel. This is an old carousel. They don't ride it. The carousel contains huge photographs of the most interesting and popular places of the historic Royal Street. Visitors sit around the carousel and watch a breathtaking sight of successive pictures of local attractions. Also, the bar offers a huge number of original cocktails.

The name of the grocery van chain means "Egg Slut". The choice of the brand name turned out to be very successful, it is funny and is remembered instantly. But the main feature of the business is that all dishes are prepared using eggs. There are also delicious signature recipes. It turned out that many people are willing to pay for it. The network is very popular and continues to expand, opening new points.

This restaurant is located on the water in San Francisco Harbor. In addition to the magnificent and rare views that open from the windows and the terrace of the restaurant on the water, visitors are offered delicious dishes. There are banquet rooms and special menus for various celebrations. The restaurant is a huge success and is often booked for special occasions.

This is a social network for travelers. When traveling on vacation, users have the opportunity to receive useful advice from experienced travelers who know the most interesting places along the chosen route. On the network you can find out which modes of transport are best to get, about the best hotels and other features of the route.

This is a mobile application. It gives additional motivation to people who decide to start playing sports. If you visit the gym regularly, pleasant bonuses in cash are credited to your account, and truants are fined. It turns out that those who skip workouts pay people who managed to force themselves to work out.

This is a vintage hotel inspired by an inn from the beginning of the last century. The style is perfect, and this attracts a lot of guests. An additional marketing trick is the hotel's regular cooking classes from local chefs.

This is a famous Chicago diner chain that is famous for its original hot dogs. For example, the menu includes rattlesnake sausages. Specialty recipes for sauces and snacks also attract customers.

This is one of the best and most famous burger places in Boston. Customers love this place because of the delicious food, but the main reason for its huge popularity is the themed menus that change every week.

This is a Los Angeles bar that serves unique drinks to its customers. Spirits are added to traditional Thai tea made from tapioca balls. Signature alcoholic bean cocktails are very popular, and the institution does not experience a shortage of clients.

This is a restaurant in New York. The specialty of the establishment is constantly changing chefs. Restaurant visitors have the opportunity to taste dishes from the stars of the culinary arts. Also, here they give an opportunity to prove themselves to no one known to beginners. After a week at LTO, many new stars have appeared.

When looking for working business ideas, aspiring entrepreneurs often turn to other people's experience. One of the most popular ways to find a business idea is to see what's going on abroad.

Just keep in mind that the markets of different countries are still very different from each other. It is one thing for advanced economies like the United States and Singapore, which are head and shoulders above other countries in terms of development, and quite another for Iran and Bangladesh, which are developing at a rapid pace, but only follow global trends, not set them.

Already today on the Russian market you can find a lot of ideas spied abroad. They differ only in the degree of borrowing. You can just copy someone else's idea and expect that it will "shoot" due to the absence of competitors. “Success abroad does not always mean success in Russia. So unlucky couponers and some sharing services "- says the founder of the service for managing courier delivery Bringo Mark Kapchits.

This proves once again that even the most fashionable and creative foreign idea may not be in demand in Russia. And the thing is that it is simply not interesting to the local population. In addition, you need to understand that a Western startup and a Russian startup are two different things, and take into account the specifics of your country: a different level of bureaucracy, state support, legislation and even the mentality of the population.

You shouldn't blindly copy a foreign idea. But it still makes sense to be inspired by examples from other countries, and then adapt them to the Russian market. We invite you to familiarize yourself with business ideas from abroad, which promise to become especially popular in 2021.

Booking Platforms

We are all somehow familiar with the Airbnb service, which allows you to rent an apartment in another city or country while sitting at your computer at home. However, when it first appeared in 2021, the service itself was new. Now this market is actively developing, and analogues of Airbnb are appearing in other industries.

Services like Airbnb, aimed at vacationers and travelers, are already successfully entering the market, but services aimed at business owners and allowing them to rent short-term space to work are just beginning to emerge.

In this case, the workspace is understood not only the usual offices and conference rooms, but, for example, places for yoga classes.

At the same time, there are many other areas in which online booking platforms could be created. Currently, the most attractive and unoccupied niche in terms of profit is the platform for booking venues for events (birthdays, corporate events, weddings). Such a service can bring good income if you manage to attract a sufficiently large number of site owners and potential customers to cooperation.

This is proved by the example of the Russian service for booking venues for holding parties BASH! Today, which in just 7 months of work carried out transactions worth more than 11 million rubles.

It should be noted right away that the service was not copied from abroad.

Absurd business ideas, crazy for a year How to make money on absurdity and is it even possible?

Absurd business ideas. How to make money off the absurd and is it even possible in a year?

Business ideas that seem ridiculous, funny or scary at first glance, in fact, bring in a very good income for their creators. Variants of an absurd, but profitable and working business, we want to offer you.

A startup is a responsible procedure. However, there were those who managed to approach the problem of easy legal earnings creatively and with humor. Moreover, such people have earned millions without much effort. Even children are among these craftsmen! The girl came up with a pain-free plaster cast removal lotion and secured her future.

A selection of creative absurd ideas will help you tune in to the creative wave and have some fun. But in such ideas, the main thing is their correct embodiment and correctly set priorities.

Not even the product itself is important, but its non-standard packaging, attracting the attention of the consumer and competent marketing, even in the most delusional business, brought to the point of absurdity.

Enterprising Americans have literally made money out of the air - they sell oxygen in sealed cans. But this is a special air - collected in ecologically clean areas. It is also proposed to buy a ghost in a bottle, and the creator of such "home ghosts" will never go to work - he has ensured himself a completely comfortable existence.

As you know, the main generators of "crazy business ideas" are young people who live in the West. Residents of Russia are used to thinking soberly, and the very idea of ​​earning money on something funny or absurd scares us.

However, it is worth taking a closer look at such ideas. So, translating from a canine into a human language or growing fangs brought real profits to the prospectors. Many adolescents, and even mature informal people, will not refuse to change their appearance - to grow fangs and scare others with them, or to purchase an unusual decoration from banknotes. Stores selling zombie bullets or making clothes or vinyl from the ashes of a dead relative are odd but lucrative.

Dog sunglasses and jewel-encrusted designer collars are all the rage for pets. Although at first glance, the idea is more than strange.

Creative ideas for business

It is well known that in the system of a market economy, hired personnel receive a minimum income. The owner of the enterprise takes the lion's share of the profit. Therefore, millions of people today are striving to open their own business.

Creative ideas for business

Most start-up entrepreneurs face typical problems: high competition in profitable sectors, lack of start-up capital or influential support, corruption. The solution can be an original idea that reveals a niche in which no one has worked before.

At the same time, it is absolutely not necessary to invest a lot of money in the start. In the United States, Europe, Japan and even Russia, where entrepreneurial thinking is not yet so deeply rooted, you can find thousands of firms with billions of dollars in turnover that started with just a few dollars. Apple's story is a prime example.

The article presents several successful business cases that work exclusively due to the non-standard thinking of their creators. All of them do not require a lot of investment and they can and should be used.

Idea of ​​Sewing women's tops or original slippers

Thanks to celebrities flashing in tops on screens and fashionable photosets, this accessory has become incredibly popular among the beautiful half of humanity. Especially among young girls. Simply put, you have millions of potential customers given that you can sell finished products through social media.

To get started, you don't need to rent a huge room and office, buy a bunch of tools and hire staff.

A sewing machine, supplies, a little imagination and skill - that's all you need.

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