Creative business ideas in a small town

  • 1 Local decorations
  • 2 Calendars and postcards with client's photos
  • 3 Food
  • 4 Unusual foods - berries , mushrooms
  • 5 Personal professional skills
  • 6 Following the competition
  • 7 Entering the same business as everyone else
  • 8 Let's serve the crowd
  • 9 Selling used cars
  • 10 Sales office
  • 11 Step-by-step plan for starting your own business
  • 12 How much can you earn on activities
  • 13 How much money is needed to start
  • 14 How to choose equipment for business
  • 15 Which OKVED to indicate during registration
  • 16 What documents are needed for a business
  • 17 What taxation system to choose for a business
  • 18 Do I need an activity permit
  • 19 Technology for starting a business
  • 20 Newbie in small town business

In a small town, it is sometimes incredibly difficult to find an idea for a business, but it should be at least universal.

Even the ideas that we will now try to give you will not work in every city. At the same time, after reading this article, you will not be left without an index, the ideas that are presented here will be able to push you to new thoughts and creative ideas.

Using the knowledge gained from us, you can start your business in a small town. Remember that most of all, the profit is brought just by new ideas, not worn-out and old ones.

Local decorations

If you create and sell jewelry that will be closely related to the history of your city, then you can start with special shaped pendants, earrings that will remind the owner of your city, or will be made of stone that is produced only by you ...

In addition, you can produce keychains for keys, which are very often popular. In general, here you need to show wit and a little imagination.

But if you do not have start-up capital, you can try to buy out the selected goods from the manufacturers in your city and fully focus on selling the goods.

Calendars and postcards with client's photo

To add even more creativity, you can take the first idea and offer your clients completely personalized calendars and postcards, where they will show off against the background of the most famous sights of the city.

All you need is a camera, printer and computer. With the help of all this equipment, in the first 15 minutes you will be able to give the client his set of postcards or a calendar.


"Regular" products are environmentally friendly.

In a small town and small business opportunities - this is a misconception of many entrepreneurs. Underestimating small settlements is dangerous: there are much more opportunities here than in megacities. But first, about which city is considered small. The population in such a settlement should be from 50 to 100 thousand. And a successful business in such cities is distinguished by its special features.

The provinces have low incomes. There is a small labor market, and the size of wages is strikingly different from those in the capital. This must be taken into account when opening a business. What kind of business can you do in a small town? A boutique selling expensive collectibles is a losing idea, and instead of an impressive profit, there is a risk of getting no less impressive losses.

Usually basic goods in small towns are not enough. And the results of the analysis give a great idea for starting a business: is there a pharmacy, clothing store, supermarket in a certain area, or do you have to travel to the other end of the town? Perhaps there is not a single cinema? Studying the existing market before opening your own business is a must.

Small town business expansion is limited. Initially, the number of consumers increases. But those who want to receive services or buy goods will end sooner or later. For further development, it is worth considering the plan in advance. It is quite possible that residents of nearby towns and villages will become clients.

The pluses include the small size of the start-up capital. The cost of rent, advertising campaign, labor costs are much lower than in a large or medium-sized city. But it is also necessary to open a business such that it is in demand among the population. For small towns, popular goods and services are good, but not exclusive.

Getting government support is easier. Small business is more readily encouraged here, support programs are working. If it is possible to take advantage of certain privileges, then why give up? And some business niches are not occupied by anyone at all. So the situation with competition is favorable.

Word of mouth is a great ad, and it's free. This is very beneficial. Everyone will know about the opening of a new business. But there is also a drawback: everyone will immediately know about the slightest mistake of an entrepreneur, and it is very difficult to fix a shaken reputation in a small town.

Foundations in a small town have already taken shape. Therefore, residents may begin to resist the new. So, before starting a business, it is worth brainstorming. What services will make your life easier? If you already have one, there is no need to despair. You just need to do your job better than your competitors. All options are written out, their "pros" and "cons" are worked out, and the ideal option is chosen.

Realistic Small Town Business Ideas

Business Service Ideas

If you manage to open a store that meets all the expected standards, without sky-high prices, then such an investment will pay off quickly. He will be able to exist at the expense of the constantly arriving clientele happily ever after.

A good option is a private kindergarten. If you place it in an area where there are many young mothers, then there will certainly be demand.

Small town business ideas

How to choose an idea for a small town?

The word "business" often gives rise to a certain image in my head: a respectable man in a business suit leaves the office of an international corporation. At the same time, the office is certainly located somewhere in a skyscraper in the very center of the metropolis.

However, we all know that businessmen can look whatever they want, and business has a place not only in millionaires, but also in small towns. And you can run your business in the regional center no less successfully than in Moscow.

It is only necessary to take into account some peculiarities of small towns. If you are just about to open your own business in one of these settlements and are looking for a business idea for it, this article is for you.

When opening a business in a small town, it is important to take into account its peculiarities. As a rule, they are about the same regardless of whether it is a resort town in the south or a small northern settlement.

There is no consensus about which city is considered small. As a rule, small towns include those where the population does not exceed 50 thousand people. But businessmen often call cities with a population of 500 thousand people small.

The main thing that makes it possible to classify cities as small is the state and peculiarities of the economy. What are they?

The first thing worth paying attention to is the welfare of the residents. In small towns, as a rule, there is little work; often a large proportion of residents work in one city-forming enterprise. This allows business owners to set small wages. Therefore, the incomes of the population in such towns are often low. Although, of course, there are exceptions to this rule.

The second important factor is the mentality of city residents.

President of the Interregional Public Organization for the Protection and Support of Small and Medium Business "Business People"

What you can open in a small town: weighing the pros and cons + 3 tips for choosing your own business + 40 business options in a small town.

Do you live in a small village or town and have a commercial streak?

At the same time wondering what you can open in a small town?

Then the article is written for you.

Of course, there will be fewer potential buyers, but the costs of opening the project will also decrease (compared to the megalopolis).

Competition in small towns and villages is usually low.

A small town is a settlement with a population of 50,000-100,000 people.

There are more than 80% of such settlements, towns and villages in Russia.

Experts believe that starting a business in such towns is more profitable than in megacities.

What to discover in a small town: taking into account the pros and cons

Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of starting a business in a small town:

ProsMinusesLess investment than in a metropolis: lower rental costs, advertising costs. low purchasing power, this reduces profits. or the salary of employees. selection of qualified specialists is difficult. Broadcast radio will reduce advertising costs. Bad radio can quickly destroy a reputation if it gets punctured. Also, personal negative reputation can affect the business. Cheap local raw materials. Orogo imported raw materials. like competition: it is easier to discover something that is not yet in the settlement. more competition for the main, traditional groups of goods. With low competition, the demand for goods and services is higher. Fewer buyers - less profit. Starting a business has fewer hurdles than in a metropolis. There are preferential programs. Narrower choice of business ideas due to conservative tastes. It is better to refuse exotic ideas.

Emir Kusturica showed a mobile casino in the cult film Time of the Gypsies. Such a gypsy van drives itself through the off-road and slovenliness of the impoverished Serbian village of Tito's era, and inside there is smoke from Havana cigars, gold, gold, gold and well-dressed men, half of whom are already fingering with dirty bare feet, hiding them under the table.

Most of the ideas for a small town that we have collected here are precisely mobile ("on wheels") establishments. After all, most often a small town is precisely “dirt and off-road”, which practically does not have a traditional center with an asphalted square, beautiful glass showcases and lanterns. And if there is such an area, then you are unlikely to be allowed to place your establishment on it.

In such small towns, not people should go to business (wearing rubber boots and picking up a staff), but business should go to people, literally knocking on the doors of every house.

First idea for a small town

One call - and a professional coach drives up to your private house, which is buried in the mud of bad roads and conducts a glamorous personal training session in specially equipped company buses. It has everything a good fitness club should have. You don't even need to spend money on gas to go to fitness on your own.

Second Small Town Business Idea

“Repair, solder, tinker” Previously, wandering artisans walked along the roads, who, together with organ grinders and junkers, made up the flavor of a bygone era .. However, the Finnish company Pikku Juttu returned the old tradition, reviving it in a new way.

Finns offer services for minor repairs and help with household problems (what is called “husband for an hour”).

The third idea for a small town belongs to domestic minds and is called

As the inventors of this business say, a bathhouse on call is an ideal option for geologists, field camps, and other places where people gather people who miss hygiene, far from civilization.

a mobile bath was built from a GAZ-66 car by the Barnaul businessman Igor Chupin.

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