Creative business ideas 2021

Promising ideas of the year, options for small businesses

The new financial year promises to be difficult for the entire economy, business in particular. It is hard to deny that in 2021 business will face a whole host of new and previously unknown challenges. Now it is difficult to predict how the situation will develop, experts and specialists talk about very bad and simply bad options. If six months ago only independent economists and financiers (with the exception of the head of Sberbank) spoke about the negative trend, today they are echoed by the state. But no matter how it was, life in any case continues and current needs and desires do not go anywhere. From my point of view, on the contrary, it is now more than ever worth thinking about creating your own business, although external factors have significantly narrowed the directions for creating your own business.

Why is it worth thinking about starting your own business in 2021?

The answer is quite simple, there are no other options, stable, high incomes for the population have sunk into oblivion, even officials admit this fact. That very drop in the dollar exchange rate has just begun to spread to the price tags in stores, and most importantly, this is not the limit. You can talk a lot about whether you need a dollar or not, but imports make up a huge part of consumer goods, so inflation cannot be avoided. The second factor that has not yet reached the price tags is the fall in oil and gas prices. Prices for them fell, but the country's foreign exchange earnings are not yet available, and if the earnings fall, there may again be exchange rate fluctuations. Thus, the government's ability to index revenues to the level of real inflation (real consumer basket) is very small, as a conclusion, to ensure at least the previous standard of living, it is necessary to look for new sources of income, which can become your own small business.

High technologies and actual business for a year

If you think that I will start talking about the Internet business, then you are deeply mistaken, alas, the relevance of such a business in 2021 has sharply decreased. Runet works according to the laws of the Russian economy, and if the latter is not very good, then the Russian part of the Internet space will be tight. I strongly discourage starting such projects, you should pay attention to other ideas for a startup - mobile applications.

Today there are a number of constructors that allow you to develop and implement a variety of mobile applications, and you no longer need special knowledge from the developer. At one time, so simple "dummies" began to create sites (like yours truly). Actually, all that is needed is an interesting idea, and there are many ways to monetize development.

Actual business ideas - land and money in a year

The next promising area is small-scale farming, or rather, personal subsidiary plots. Why is it beneficial?

  • - the fall of the ruble. A huge amount of food was imported, in fact, Russians are used to eating apples, garlic from Poland, tomatoes, cucumbers from Israel, cheeses from Holland, and so on. Of course, you can recall the sanctions, but by and large they only raised prices, but did not cause a real deficit (remember the Belarusian shrimp). Another thing is the drop in the exchange rate, in fact, all imported goods have become twice as expensive in times. Such devaluation plays into the hands of small business, because it is it that actualizes the implementation and launch of those very small farming projects. The most interesting thing is that it makes practically all types of cultivation profitable, from growing pheasants and the greenhouse business, to garlic breeding chinchillas (just imagine how much a fur coat made of such fur will cost).
  • - Ukrainian question. No matter how politicized the issues of relations with Ukraine, it has always been a big channel for the supply of agricultural products, alas, today the situation is changing. It is impossible to talk about a complete stop of such supplies, but an even deeper devaluation of the hryvnia makes Ukrainian products attractive to foreign markets (Asia, EU). Plus, do not forget the issue of Crimea, which de facto has turned from an agricultural region into a consumer of products (and this is almost 2.5 million people).

This is not a shortage, but an increase in profitability, prospects in this segment can be safely stated.

Yearly production

We already have material for next year, so read the new article on what business to start in 2021.

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How to come up with your business ideas correctly

Without a clear understanding of how small business ideas are generated, it’s impossible to take the next step. Namely, to "give birth" in your head something that will help you earn money for a comfortable old age.

Many people think that it is imperative to get some ingenious or unique idea that no one has ever voiced. This is how you make your first million. We can upset you. Chances are, you will never do this. And, to be more precise, 99.9% of the country's population will not be able to write their name in the annals of history.

But we don't need fame. We need money and we will go the other way.

Let's sketch out a rough plan of how you need to act (this is just one of the working options tested in practice) to create your own business that will not die in a couple of months.

a) define our target audience (CA);

b) put forward a working hypothesis on how to improve what the target audience does;

Every business starts with an idea. They have to be unusual to make a solid income. Entrepreneurs all over the world, trying to force the consumer to purchase a variety of goods and services, are trying to find creative ones. In this case, there is one indisputable advantage, which is the absence of competitors. This means that when there are buyers, the business will generate a high income.

Originally non-standard ideas are perceived as absurdity. They are ridiculed by society, and only when an entrepreneur makes a profit that is incomparable with the average wage, fame comes to him. So, what are the most unique business ideas known today. Here's a short list:

  • a company that goes to a crime scene to clean up;
  • a boarding house created for nudists;
  • organizing travel to famous places, where famous TV series were filmed;
  • opening of stores that offer to purchase samples.

Funky Ideas

To brighten up the gray everyday life, to become famous as an original, and also to make a decent profit, many businessmen turn to the funky style. What does this mean? It is the ability to combine different foods. This style is a "feature" of the modern world, it gives rise to unusual business ideas:

  • a small hotel-library where guests can spend time in seclusion while reading books;
  • a café-bookstore (another option is a café-game library) - to open such a business, investments are required, although there have been cases when magazines or books were offered in an already existing cafe;
  • a slide near a pond - this service will be relevant not only in summer, but also in winter.

Unique ideas from scratch

Creative people who don't have the start-up capital to start and grow a business can consider ideas from scratch. These include making dolls, writing advertisements, articles, and more.

Recently, business ideas for the restoration of old things: photographs, books, paintings and others are gaining momentum.

It should be noted that in this case it is not necessary to invest funds. Tools, as well as materials that are required for work, can be purchased by the customer.

Unusual furniture

Original business ideas are the creation of furniture from a material filled with expanded polystyrene balls inside. In this case, you can connect imagination, make sofas and ottomans of different shapes. In addition, it is possible to choose upholstery fabrics in different shades and textures. Such work is capable of giving pleasure to many. And given the fact that it allows you to get income, the business seems interesting and profitable.

Coin Business

In this article you will read

  • How business ideas are created
  • Where to find unusual and creative business ideas
  • What business ideas with minimal investment can be implemented in crisis
  • What business ideas can be implemented without experience and special education

First you need to understand what business ideas can be. Let's consider the main options:

  • Own hobby.
  • Own need.
  • Someone else's need.
  • Improving someone else's business. Sometimes it is useful to inherit someone's idea, adapting and improving it to fit your vision.
  • New is well forgotten old. Many businessmen were able to make money by using a product or service that was created many years ago, but were unfairly forgotten.

"Do what you like and figure out how it can bring you money" is the motto that is confirmed by the activities of thousands of successful businessmen. If you are seriously interested in something, you can develop your hobby into a full-fledged business. It is worth considering how personal hobbies can be useful to others. Perhaps your personal hobby is subject to some adjustments, but in this case, the direction will be close to you, you can perfectly understand it.

A great business idea can come up when you analyze what you are missing in your life. For example, one of the students in 1989, before the French exam, thought that it would be ideal if it did not have to suffer with paper translators. As a result, he developed the well-known electronic dictionary ABBYY Lingvo.

Among the examples of how a hobby grew into a profitable business, we can recall the story of a fisherman. He set up a hut in the forest by the lake, so as not to spend the night in a tent while fishing, and put a bathhouse nearby. I built it quite modestly, strictly for myself. After some time, he was found by residents of megacities, who learned about the edge on the shore of the lake - to escape from the annoying routine. The fisherman allowed them to spend the night for a fee. Word of mouth went off, which bore fruit.

Evgeny Rogozhin, General Director and owner of DezPharm, Dubna (Moscow region)

One of my projects appeared quite by accident. I was selling non-freezing liquid through vending machines. The equipment required systematic maintenance, and this required a whole staff of employees. But there was also an alternative - the installation of controllers that could transmit data via the Internet - how much money is in the bill acceptor, is the device in good condition, whether the boxes are full. No one offers such controllers on the domestic market - they just buy Chinese counterparts that need to be reflashed. I decided to start developing such a product from scratch. Moreover, the niche was free, without competition.

Someone else's business can be an excellent basis for your ideas. For example, we visited a friend from another city, having noticed a well-decorated nursery in the supermarket. Why not organize such an option at home, adding variety and expanding the target audience of your supermarket?

This article will be dedicated to those who are still thinking how to start their own business and do not really know what to try and how to start moving in this direction. In this article, I will share my experience with you, tell stories from my life and the lives of my friends and acquaintances who have good business experience. I will share my secrets and experience, give advice on a quick start and analyze different directions for each of you.

These business beginner ideas will help you move forward in both business and personal growth.

Therefore, if you are at a crossroads, you do not know what to do, which direction to move in, read our article to the end, and I am sure you will make the right decision. This is a pretty serious choice in life, and business ideas for beginners will help a lot with this. I don't think you are very happy about the prospect of working in a stuffy office for the rest of your life. If not, let's go!

How to start your business from scratch

Personally, in my practice, among friends and acquaintances, a successful independent business is mainly led by people who had a difficult and disadvantaged childhood. Apparently when you live from hand to mouth, a person has more motivation to do something, how to change his life. Of course, not everyone succeeds, but still. The question - how to start my business from scratch, I was born at the age of 16, when I worked on children's attractions and at the same time thought to stir up something like this, so that it would bring both money and pleasure. I was carrying this idea in my head for a long time, and only by the age of 20 I decided to do something. Any “novice businessman” knows that at first you live in such a state, when you think things over, read books, watch various interviews, write out business plans, and so on.

Then you find yourself in a dead end with your thoughts, questions start to pour in:

  • How to communicate with the client;
  • How to deliver the goods;
  • How to transfer money;
  • How to do website.

And so on, ad infinitum. And here, at this stage, a good half of the people who wanted to start their business from scratch are eliminated. Because it is easier for them to just go to work every day and follow the orders of their boss. A small part goes on, and still decides on all those actions that caused him fear. He just decided to take it and do it, and then come what may.

This is the whole secret! You can't learn to swim by reading a book all the time! You need to try, experiment, take risks. Only then can you achieve something.

Business ideas without investment

Business without investments is real, it has long been no secret to anyone. There would be a desire. You should always start small. Then develop, more and more. If you have a zeal for self-development, discipline and entrepreneurial acumen, then it is not important a business with and without investments, you can develop any.

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