Creative and profitable business ideas

Friends, I am delighted to see the audience of my creative business blog grow. My recent provocations succeeded and brought interesting people here. Thanks for your comments and feedback! I am sincerely glad that colleagues began to visit me with whom you can exchange experience.

But since you've come here, let's figure out what exactly is the secret of the creative business? What separates an agency that makes contracts worth millions from an average studio that can barely make ends meet? It seems that the same people work everywhere - managers, designers, copywriters, programmers.

To answer this question, I propose to first define the differences between a creative business and a classic business. Many creative people do their business in the same way as a regular business, and therefore do not gain any competitive advantage. If a creative business was no different from a regular business, then why would I create this blog?

The secret of big money in classic business is very simple. You just have to do more and sell what you do to more people. As businessmen like to say, if you want to be rich, work for the poor. This principle can be applied in the creative business, but then we will get a free-lance site. u where customers come to find contractors at the lowest price. Here, creative people compete with each other and as a result receive, to put it mildly, orders that are not the most profitable. You can earn with this approach only by quantity. I believe that any intelligent creative person should avoid this.

The secret to big bucks in the creative business is that there is no ceiling on the price of creative work. We can develop and implement an idea that will bring millions in one night. And for this we do not need to build factories or trade networks, extract oil or make investments. We can sell a standard product only at the market price and make money only on the volume of sales. But we can sell our idea or our creative work at any price, which is limited only by our own ambitions. Of course, one idea is not enough for this. Success depends entirely on her advancement.

Many people think that the price of work is determined by the quality of what we do. This is true, but only partially. Good work is a necessary but not sufficient condition for a high price. Yes, we need to do the best we can. But customers may not know about it. No one will know how great we do our job while we are in the unknown. For some reason, this obvious idea often escapes the attention of creative people. When we see how a work has already been promoted and sold dearly, we subconsciously assign value and quality to it. But we often fail to see that this value is created through promotion.

So, the main secret of big money in the creative business is the application of your creative efforts to your own promotion. It is in this accent that a successful agency differs from a small but proud studio. In a small studio, all creative efforts are focused on the current tasks set by the client. There is no time left for yourself.

In a large agency, the main efforts of leaders are aimed at their own promotion, building new connections and building a strong team. This shift in focus allows the agency not only to make more money, but also to achieve better results. After all, an agency can set its own rules, choose the best customers and afford great specialists.

Okay, you say. How to promote yourself or your studio?

I will answer. You need to promote what you really have. And you have only three things: your work, your clients and you personally (with your team).

  • Promote your work. It is most important. Today the Internet provides tremendous opportunities to promote your work. If your work is only on your site, then this is not enough. The more popular your work, the more popular your studio and yourself.
  • Promote your customers. Your clients are valuable not only for their big names, but also for the fact that they came to you with real tasks, and you have successfully solved these tasks. Tell others about it. People love to listen to stories. And customers love to watch case studies, that is, stories about how you solved a similar problem for another client.
  • Promote yourself personally. To promote yourself personally, you need to become a revolutionary, a fighter for an idea against existing stereotypes and perceptions. Take an example from Lebedev's themes. Just remember to make sure that your revolutionary ideas resonate with not only your fellow combatants, but your customers. Otherwise, your fight can turn into a fight with windmills. Let me give you an example. One of our services is 3D visualization of residential complexes. And in this niche it is customary to fight for high detail images. An interesting point is that customers need these images for something completely different. Therefore, I personally struggle with such ideas about visualization. In our visualizations, we strive not for detail, but for emotion. Vivid emotion sells better than the most detailed model. Do you want to see our work already? Please see))

Yes, I know that most creative people perceive their own promotion as boring, and even shameful for some. But this is only because we see examples of boring and formal sales around us. But we simply don't notice cases of cool and informal sales. We buy and don't think about it. So make your promotion as creative as your work. A creative person should be creative in everything!


Friends, according to my observations, the term “creative entrepreneurship” will soon come to Russia after America and Europe. And along with it, "creative entrepreneurs" will appear. Now the “creative class” is spoken of only with irony, but only because few people understand what it is about. Formally, my business is a typical creative venture. And my blog is made for creative entrepreneurs. Let's see what is behind these concepts.

Creative entrepreneurship is working for yourself or starting a business in any creative field. The creative entrepreneur differs from the typical entrepreneur in that it creates or exploits creative or intellectual capital. Essentially, creative entrepreneurs invest in the development of talent, their own or others'.

As you know, everything is learned by comparison. Therefore, in order to better understand the power of a creative entrepreneur, I propose to compare him with other business participants. I, in my favorite manner, will sort everything out on the shelves with an increase in the degree of creativity.

Investor is the least creative role in business. An investor invests in a business that is created by others and is managed by others. Therefore, the investor can only count on a low profit in relation to the invested funds. The investor is interested in reliability, profitability and return on investment. The business itself is of little interest to him. He has another job. It's not bad. It doesn't hurt all of us to be investors in reliable businesses other than ours. Due to this, you can well diversify your financial risks.

The businessman is a more creative role. The task of a businessman is to develop an existing business or create a new business, following clear and well-established rules. A real businessman is not one who came up with a brilliant idea, but one who was able to build a strong company on this idea and capture the market. Businesspeople often enter growing niches, implement effective schemes, and squeeze out small competitors. The income of businessmen is much higher than that of investors. By the way, when we are told about the condition of a businessman, they do not mean his money in a bank account, but the assessment of his business from the point of view of investors.

An entrepreneur is a real creator. He comes up with new products, opens up new niches, knows how to make money where others pass by. Entrepreneurship cannot be learned in management schools, and even more so in economic universities. This is the same talent as the talent of an artist or musician. And like any talent, it can and should be developed. Entrepreneurs often gush with ideas on how to make money. But without the participation of businessmen or investors, their enterprises often stop developing. They know how to work with high profitability, but only on small amounts. When it comes to the routine and methodical work that is necessary for development, the entrepreneur loses interest in it. In theory, the profitability of entrepreneurship tends to infinity, since entrepreneurs often create a business with no start-up capital or with minimal investment. This is understandable: investors give money only to businessmen, since they guarantee work according to a scheme with a predictable result. Entrepreneurs are only invested by venture capitalists.

A creative entrepreneur is someone who is obsessed with their creative ideas. His uniqueness is that he combines talent and money in his business. It creates products or niches that keep investors and business people awake at night. He makes capital dance to the tune of talent (as two Swedish musicians Kjell Nordström and Jonas Ridderstrale, authors of Funky Business, aptly put it). Creative entrepreneurs, contrary to the laws of economics, do not seek to maximize profits. As true artists, they strive for independence. The core values ​​of creative entrepreneurs are freedom and time. Due to these main assets, they compensate for the unpredictability of the real economy and are ready to open a new business at any time. From the point of view of an outside observer, the income of creative entrepreneurs appears out of thin air. When ordinary people hear about twenty-year-old millionaires or schoolchildren who earn more than their parents, it is easier just not to believe than to figure out what the matter is.

I will not be fooled by the fact that I am a creative entrepreneur. I am a businessman by nature. But I am a businessman who is infected with the creative entrepreneurship virus. For this reason, I usually call my business more modestly - the creative business.

Investments from 300,000 rubles.

Photo art is a great option for aspiring entrepreneurs. You can start with a capital of 30 thousand rubles, and as a result, develop a business with a monthly profit of 160 thousand rubles.

It is possible to create a business in the production of handmade soap. To start, you need a minimum of skills and an investment of 10 thousand rubles. This is ideal for those who want to make money from creativity.

Investments from 1,500,000 rubles.

Sovetskaya Pharmacy is a “near home” format pharmacies in a low price segment with an area of ​​40 sq. ., attracting a convenient location and a wide range of drugs from 30,000 names.

As you know, it is almost impossible to find an "unbroken" niche in business today. Only a person who is looking for non-standard ways and creative ideas for business can become a pioneer in a particular field.

A lot has been said and written about how they find the very idea that will allow an entrepreneur to become the owner of a non-traditional business. Small business creative ideas are an accidental way out of the plane, an unexpected departure from traditional views on life, this is the ability to look at your feet and understand that you can make money even from sand. Any, at first glance, crazy idea can get material design and enrich its owner.

It would seem that all unusual types of business are already open, and it is very difficult to come up with something new. However, in 2021, the number of millionaires who took on completely wild and seemingly unpromising concepts arrived. Let's see what unusual business ideas were born last year.

First, let's talk about profitable types of business, the opening of which required special skills and education from entrepreneurs.

Examples of using creative business ideas

  • For example, such as a trainer of wild animals. Teaching elephants to stand on their hind legs and blow their trunks is difficult, but you won't surprise anyone with such a trick. A trainer from the American Wildlife Safari Reserve went further and taught elephants to wash cars. For only $ 20, three hefty elephants polish the car with sponges and pour water from the trunk. It is difficult to say how well the cars are washed, but it is known that visitors to the reserve line up to subject their swallows to an exotic procedure. The trainer managed to make a millionth fortune in just 1 year.
  • The ability to make coffins - this skill was required by craftsmen from Africa, who now also happily count the zeros in their bank account. An unusual business project is to supply real coffins from Africa to the USA and Europe. The highlight of the project was the fact that, at the request of the customer (or his relatives), the coffin can have the most unusual shape and copy any image - from iPhone to Ferrari.
  • And another wild animal trainer got richer and probably happier last year. A creative business idea for a Japanese entrepreneur was to open a restaurant in his home country. It would seem nothing unusual. Two monkeys who work there as waiters have become a feature of the institution. True, they still cannot fully serve the table: one brings visitors only alcohol, and the other only warm hand towels.

As for unusual ideas for business, which do not require special skills to implement the concept into reality, one can only be surprised at the unrestrained flight of people's imagination. Could you do that?

Inspired by examples from overseas businessmen, try to create your own business concept. After all, you remember that 7 billion people live on the planet today, and each of them sleeps and sees how to give you their money.

How to make money on photos?

Making money from photographs is a very profitable business, so the idea of ​​starting your own business thanks to photos can interest many. In this article, we will tell you about the most profitable way to engage in this type of activity in order to get a stable income.

How to make money on the exchange rate?

You can make money on the difference in exchange rates in different ways.

According to statistical data, the modern Russian market is oversaturated with classic goods and services. Popular lines of business are highly competitive. The lack of established distribution channels, consumer audiences and reliable suppliers can be a significant obstacle for a budding entrepreneur. That is why novice businessmen tend to choose niches with a low level of competition. Some entrepreneurs manage to create a completely new direction and become the creator of a new market segment. In this article, we propose to consider creative business ideas with a low market entry threshold.

Most profitable businesses with minimal start-up

In order to compile a list of the most demanded types of entrepreneurial activity, it is necessary to carefully study the current state of the market. As a rule, high competition is established in the most profitable directions. It is important to understand that it is almost impossible to enter this market sector with a minimum capital. The only exception is the service industry. In this case, the entrepreneur does not need to spend the available money on renting storage facilities, purchasing products or creating a large staff of employees.

Many entrepreneurs start their business by selling goods purchased in foreign online stores. Other businessmen specialize in making commercial products at home. This area of ​​small business is relevant for provincial cities. In addition, one of the demanded types of business is working on the Internet.

Many entrepreneurs with certain skills do not spend even a ruble on starting a business, investing exclusively their knowledge in the business they are creating.

What services are in great demand

The service sector is a fairly large market segment. It includes several dozen different areas in which both large corporations and small firms operate. According to statistics, the most popular areas in this area are consulting and legal services. The second line of this list is occupied by audit and services of real estate agents.

Medical services are in high demand among the population. Lending is popular in some regions of Russia. As a rule, a high level of competition is established in all of the above areas. The average level of competition is inherent in cleaning, computer and construction services. The last line of this list is occupied by tutoring services and private trainings.

Unusual ideas for entrepreneurship

An entrepreneur wishing to start his own business must carefully analyze human needs. The main difficulty in implementing creative ideas is the difficulty of forecasting business performance. People working in such industries cannot predict how a consumer group will react to a particular project.

Home Business

According to experts, even the most banal and outdated ideas can be modernized using all your imagination. An example is the services of a makeup artist. A talented make-up artist can radically change a person's appearance with the help of cosmetics, hiding all the shortcomings and emphasizing the advantages. It is enough to have the right talent to create such a business. However, before you start getting started, you will definitely need to complete the appropriate courses. Otherwise, the number of clients wishing to sign up for makeup will decrease significantly.

Eyes. Lisa. Eyelashes. Problems. Diagnostics. First aid kit

They have nothing to do with real life. They say that all these inventions and unusual steps cannot bring good profits and are just toys. Let's try to prove the opposite and tell you about ten ideas that also seemed interesting to many only on paper. And in the end, people have brought it all to life and make money.

Of course, some of the ideas presented, in principle, cannot bring a lot of money, but at least they will serve a good service for people, somewhere they will amuse them, somewhere they will make life a little more interesting.

"Damn heel!" - how often do we hear these words from girls who, in the heat of anger, express their emotions and curse their shoes. You know, heels are not very comfortable to walk, and running in them is just real torture. But what not to do in order to look beautiful.

Toronto-based entrepreneur Haley Coleman realized that most girls wear heels just for the initial effect. Then they get rid of them by any means. Haley launched shoes without a damn heel on the market and hit his target audience very well. The savvy businessman was able to appear on one of the Canadian TV shows and promote his product, thanks to which he raised an investment of $ 30 thousand.

Shoes are foldable, easily fit almost in pockets and elegantly fit under a pink or black handbag. These shoes are especially relevant for Mademoiselles who return home after a night out in a club. Successful business idea, successful development of events for a businessman.

In early 2021, the organization introduced a small "newborn warmer" that costs only $ 25. The heater is like a small sleeping bag, which is like a mini incubator that does not need electricity. There is a heating element inside that can be removed and recharged in boiling water.

This product has attracted the attention of non-profit organizations around the world and Embrace Global expects to raise $ 1.5 million in the sale and distribution of this invention.

The only pity is that the price is rather biting and amounts to $ 2021. For this price, you can buy a simple motorcycle that will run on regular gasoline.

Where can I get money to start my own business? This is the problem that 95% of aspiring entrepreneurs face! In the article, we have revealed the most relevant ways to get start-up capital for an entrepreneur. We also recommend that you carefully study the results of our experiment in exchange earnings:

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