Catching an Idea: Creative Techniques and Design Techniques in the Service of Business

Do-it-yourself New Year gifts always cause delight and a special, reverent attitude. 2021 under the auspices of the Fire Rooster is favorable for family and business, but the proud bird patronizes only hardworking people who are not afraid to follow their own ideas. Making New Year's gifts for friends and family on your own is not difficult at all. Even a holiday wrap made of hand-painted paper or a homemade card for mom will bring warmth on a cold winter day.

Candy Art

The easiest way to make an original and unusual gift is to use regular commercial candy. Edible chocolate gifts are an eternal classic, suitable for congratulating colleagues, chef, girlfriends, relatives and close friends.

The original idea consists in a non-standard packaging of an edible gift. More precisely, it is worth adding a good bottle of champagne to a sweet gift and you can make “Candy Pineapple”. To make a pineapple gift for the New Year 2021 you will need:

  • 1 bottle of champagne
  • Sweets in golden foil, depending on the size of sweets, at least 60 pcs.
  • Brown twine
  • A piece of golden, yellow or brown floral crepe
  • Green soft colored paper or special floristic aspidastra tape
  • Double-sided tape or adhesive gun

The bottle should be cleaned of dust and wiped dry. Wrap the champagne in floral crepe and secure well with hot glue or tape. Crepe is a corrugated paper widely used to decorate flower bouquets. You can buy it at a flower shop.

If the selected candies are tightly wrapped in foil, you can proceed to the next step. If the sweets have an ordinary candy package with two tails, then these tails should first be folded back and glued.

Working with double-sided tape is much safer, it won't burn your fingers, even by accident.

But the glue gun sticks the label together more reliably.

Each candy must be glued to the bottle on double-sided tape or with the help of the best hand-maker's assistant - a glue gun. It is better to use the highest quality scotch tape, otherwise the candy will begin to fall off in the midst of the celebration.

Pineapple leaves should be cut out of colored paper or green floral tape, similar in shape to real ones. The leaves are glued in a circle of foil, closing the neck of the bottle. New Year's pineapple 2021 is ready. By the same principle, but without a bottle of champagne as a base, you can make an edible Christmas tree from colorful candies or a golden apple.

Handmade soap

A very fashionable and useful gift. The practical approach is highly regarded in 2021. New Year's gifts for loved ones in the form of small curly bars of soap with an enchanting aroma, the best idea. Making soap is much easier than it seems at first glance.

An entrepreneur constantly has to come up with new ideas, be it an advertising campaign, a strategy for entering a new market or a new motivation system. The annoying method of brainstorming can be replaced with more interesting and non-standard methods. Many creative people believe that you can come up with a worthwhile idea only if you got up on that foot, the horoscope favors and the muse's light hand lay on your shoulder. But professional creators can easily list several methods by which everyone can find new ideas even without a special position of the planets. To learn how to stop being afraid and start thinking, Design Mate tested four creative techniques, and asked Solomon Schlosman, co-founder of the MOST Creative Camp, for expert advice on ideas.

For the experiment, we have chosen several popular techniques: reverse brainstorming, tabular synthesis, focal objects and random words. In order not to waste time in vain, we tried with the help of each of them to find new themes for publications on design-mate. We talk about what we did, what Solomon thinks about all this, and how else to help the brain generate more interesting ideas.

Reverse Brainstorming

You've probably heard too many times about brainstorming, so we decided to start with a pumped-up version of it. Reverse brainstorming works more interesting and fun. Participants need to express all the worst ideas that can only be, all the worst that can be thought of to solve the problem. After a short assault, all bad ideas are discussed and modified into possible good solutions.

By the statement of the problem, we need to come up with topics for articles for the journal. We ask ourselves the question "What can readers like, scatter thousands of likes and shares on Facebook feeds?" And before the start we turn it topsy-turvy: “What will our readers dislike most of all, so much so that they will stop communicating with friends who read us?”.

The first ideas that came across: seriously discuss the design of the furniture of the station diners or learn the secrets of the craftsmanship of the designers who make the most unaesthetic of all city advertising.

Now let's try to make something interesting out of this. For example, consider the theme of diner furniture: what if you write about the man who invented the shape of those plastic chairs? Or city advertising. Will it be needed in the online era? Maybe call urbanism and advertising experts to have a discussion on this topic?

Brainstorming is a method of searching for ideas, in which group members name absolutely every solution that comes to their mind. Nobody criticizes anyone, and everything sounded is outlined. At the end of the brainstorming session, a pile of trash is sifted through and, as a rule, grains of gold are found.

Synthesis Tables

One of the biggest problems with inventing is the brain's fixation on the surrounding reality. Cars travel on the ground. People wear clothes. Cats eat mice. To come up with something new, you need to change reality. Synthesis tables help a lot with this.

For example, the editorial board needs to come up with a plot and a character for a new master class in the Method section. To do this, you need to collect answers to the questions: Where? Who! What is he doing? What subject? What for? Then everything is simple - we select absolutely banal plots and write them down in the table.

Where? In the studio In the workshop On the street In the office In the cafe

The Russian economy is developing according to its incomprehensible laws, and, as usual, there are several scenarios for this process. We will consider two main ones and try to forecast business development for 2021.

Economic outlook and its impact on business in the year

Option one, pro-government, optimistic. The economy is on the rise even before the New Year, and in 2021 it significantly improves its performance. GDP tends to 3-3.5%. In this case, the business can develop in any direction without any restrictions. Loans for business development can be obtained relatively easily, and the interest should not be extortionate.

Option two, expert, pessimistic. A long recession is predicted here, which will be long and rather depressing. GDP is not more than 0.3%. The ruble is falling. Banks inflate interest rates on loans, people stop making expensive purchases. Here it is advisable to develop a small business with cheap goods and services that are needed - sometimes vital - by the majority of the population. It is worth thinking about how to open your own business with minimal investment; according to the forecast, 2021 will provide opportunities for just this.

What business is in demand now and will be in demand in -th

The trends of the end of 2021 will remain relevant for 2021. Here is a list of the areas in demand in business for the coming year:

1) High technologies.

There are many areas for development in this industry. You should not focus on the production of highly specialized IT products. For example, the development of programs responsible for security is no longer so urgent, there is no high demand for paid entertainment and the most complex mechanisms. Now everything is simpler, and mobile applications seem to be a relevant and fresh idea for a startup. Thanks to special design programs, applications can be developed without special developer skills. Even “dummies”, having figured it out, can declare their “creation” in serious app stores.

2) Manufacturing.

Imports are becoming more expensive, prices are skyrocketing like space rockets, which means it's time to pay attention to production. More precisely, to create mini-workshops. They can be: foundry, blacksmith, sewing, for working with plastic and wood. For a sewing workshop, even for extras, a couple of machines and skilled workers are enough. In this business, there are also options: the production of belts, bags, leather goods. And the rest of the "workshops" are easily organized in the garage. There may also be a carpentry workshop for the production of cheap small-sized furniture.

The trade outlook for 2021 is not particularly bright. On retail - negative. In addition to the shops of the same price - 50, 100, 200 rubles each. The main secret of success is direct deliveries from China. So far, this country is the unsurpassed leader in the production of penny goods. Buying clothes in Europe is no longer profitable and not cost-effective due to exchange rates.

4) Agriculture.

The sanctions continue, the list of unfriendly countries is growing, the need for import substitution is also growing. Personal subsidiary farming will be a good help. Business options - rabbit breeding, breeding geese, quail, planting greenery in greenhouses, growing, collecting herbs for teas.

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