Business worth a million creative ideas

Experienced businessmen assure that the most difficult task is to earn your first million. After this achievement, money seems to "fly" into your hands. So how do you do this? This article will focus on the most standard and creative ideas for a million.

Own company

A loser can be the person who works for his uncle. He has to get up early in the morning, adjust his life to the work schedule, constantly listen to the claims of his superiors and be afraid to take the wrong step. He seems to sell himself into slavery for money just above the minimum subsistence level. And all this is for what? In order to raise a business and help a person achieve success, in whose head an idea for a million was once born.

The conclusion suggests itself. In order to get rich, you don't need to work hard, you need to create your own company that will generate income. You should carefully study the entrepreneurial market in your city and think about what will be in great demand there. Perhaps this is a flower tent, a gift shop, a beauty salon. At first, the profit will be small, but over time, you can open a whole network of such organizations.

Natural production

Currently, they are promoting a healthy lifestyle. The immunity of people has decreased markedly, while the number of diseases is growing rapidly. This is due to not the best living conditions: a low level of ecology and unhealthy food stuffed with chemicals and dyes. A great million dollar idea to start your own home production.

What is required for this? Land plot, necessary equipment and free time. You can raise livestock or grow fruits in heated greenhouses. People who are tired of eating junk food and buying expired or frozen foods will undoubtedly be interested in fresh natural products that will only benefit the body.

This begs the question: how to make millions on ideas of this nature? You need to constantly work and expand. Soon, not only individual consumers, but also large shopping centers and entertainment complexes will start buying useful goods.

Great business without leaving your home

Many of the ideas that have brought millions are directly related to the needs of children. Can parents deny their child's whims? No, all adequate moms and dads want their children to be healthy, wear quality clothes and play with good toys. The development of these very crumbs is also important.

Do you have a spacious apartment in a prestigious area? Great, you can organize a private kindergarten or a circle in it. The obvious plus is a lot of income. The group can be attended by 8 to 10 people. The approximate cost of a monthly subscription to stay in such an organization is 15 thousand rubles. Accordingly, the organizer can receive from 120 to 150 thousand rubles per month. More than 1 million rubles per year! Another positive side is communication with children, which always cheers up. There are also disadvantages. Firstly, in order to open such an institution, a number of licenses are required. Secondly, this is a very responsible and quivering work that requires endless patience and love for the kids: you will always have to please parents and take care of other people's children, and this is not easy.

Business from scratch

How to come up with a million dollar idea

Tips for those who want to build a successful business from scratch.

Looking for a million dollar idea? Perhaps the search for a 100% option will take more than one year.

Many founders of unicorn companies have been successful precisely because they did not wait for a divine insight. They started to work on what is, tried different ideas, and in the end they went far from the original idea. While aspiring entrepreneurs all tried to find the "very" idea and eventually burned out.

All you have to do is look inside yourself, consult with others and find what is still missing in the world. Then you just need to find the best solution to this problem. Sounds easy and simple, but the devil is in the details. Here are some tips for those who start looking for their idea.

Look inside yourself

Great ideas are born when you yourself have a keen need for something. Although this is not always possible to notice in the daily rush. Sit back, relax and ask yourself a question:

What talents do you value most in yourself? What skills do you want to improve?

Consciously or subconsciously, Mark Zuckerberg wanted to be more social, and Facebook was born. Jack Dorsey wanted to know more about what was happening in the city, and so Twitter was born.

Now on to more specific questions:

  • What is the hardest part of your day? What are you trying to avoid?
  • When do you have to go back to unpleasant experiences or awkward tools to complete a task?
  • What tasks during the day give you the greatest difficulties - at work and outside of it?

The simplest ideas that made millions

It is believed that big business loves courageous, talented and capable people who think outside the box. In order to get rich, you need to study a lot, master a variety of knowledge and develop a strong character, and it is also difficult to argue with this statement. Making a million dollars is not easy. There are many who want to, the competition is great, and the business world is cruel and does not forgive mistakes.

And you also need start-up capital. It is difficult to find it. And it is even more difficult to properly invest it in a business so as not to burn out.

All these provisions could be recognized as indisputable truths, if not for individual cases that completely refute them.

What does the right business need?

There are people on the planet who have become rich with practically no start-up capital or with minimal financial investment. And they did not perform special feats associated with the risk to life or health. And these millionaires cannot always boast of education. And most importantly, they operated in areas where there were no competitors at all. They had only one asset - an idea, and even that at first seemed completely stupid.

Role of the idea

At the heart of every business plan is it, the idea, and it consists in the fact that the market should offer a product in demand. By this word you can mean anything: a car, a new candy, fashionable pants or a computer service that someone needs, but the main thing is that someone wants to buy it. In the case of the Internet, it is enough to achieve a certain level of page traffic, that is, popularity and interest. The cost of the product can also vary, but the factor of availability is important. Everything else is secondary. If deep knowledge is needed to implement a commercial project, then an entrepreneur who possesses it receives additional benefits. But again, remember that the idea is what matters most. Below are a few unique examples of good ideas with fairly mediocre initial conditions. Shame on the pessimists!

How to sell a pixel for a dollar?

To understand the simplicity and genius of Alex Tew's idea, it is enough to imagine any picture on a monitor screen measuring a thousand by a thousand pixels. Or 2500 by 400. In general, the usual high-quality image, for example, in JPG format. So, the entire site, created by a 21-year-old young man, not the most qualified user, consisted of an even empty field of this size. It only contained space for a million pixels, and it cost one dollar to fill each one, according to the accompanying quote. Of course, no useful information can be placed on one point, but when purchasing at least three hundred of them, the opportunity to display a simple logo appeared. The matter did not go straight away, but after the publication of information about the unusual site in newspapers, on television and other resources, it got off the ground. In general, the whole field was sold out. It took several months, and the revenue is easy to calculate.

The business ideas presented in the course create word of mouth within a few days after the introduction of the shares. You will understand how to make money not only on the product or service that you sell, but also on the resource that you have. Every entrepreneur who is ready to experiment, introduce new tools and create a wow effect should have this course.

Some of the ideas outlined here may sound a little too daring for you. But this is the only way in the existing realities you can stand out among many competitors and take a significant market share in your niche.


Today I will give you a piece of advice that will save you time and increase sales several times over. Let's look at my example and you will understand everything.

When I was developing an energy company, I went to separate stores and tried to negotiate the maintenance of the store with the chief power engineer. After a month of negotiations, only 2 deals were concluded, and then it dawned on me! I thought that I needed to go to the main office of a chain of stores and agree to service the entire chain at once.

So I did, I prepared a plan to meet the chief network engineer in 2 weeks, and it took me 2 more weeks to get to know him. And already with personal trusting relationships, offer your company as an alternative to the one with which you worked at that time. To be honest, I did not immediately receive consent, but I heard a problem that the chief engineer could not solve.

So I decided to help him, take responsibility and find those people who will help the chief engineer, and at the same time me. It took me a little over a month to solve this problem, but by this time the relationship between me and the engineer had become friendly. And a week later he presented his company, received recommendations from the chief engineer, whom he helped. The service contract for the entire chain of stores was in my pocket.

It turns out that you just have to turn on your head, start appreciating your time and solve the problem of a person who has weight in decision-making, and then you will succeed!


Several years ago I was told a great story about a famous supermarket with low prices and colossal traffic.

On billboards throughout the city, there was an offer to buy sugar in a store for 26 rubles per kilogram. But my friend supplied him with sugar at a cost of 28 rubles. per kilogram. Do they really work in the negative? At first I thought it was! Thus, the supermarket attracts people, and makes money on another product.

But everything turned out to be much more cunning! Customers do not come to this store for 1 stick of sausage or a kilogram of potatoes, they go there to buy immediately in bags and most buyers buy from 5 kg of sugar. It turned out that 5 kg of sugar costs about 160 rubles (as expected), and 26 rubles. you could only buy 1 bag of sugar in one hand.

The easiest option for newbies is to go the proven path: open a grocery store or pizzeria. But in the end, a crazy competition is formed in the segment and a novice entrepreneur has to spin to make money in this area at least somehow.

Another way is to create your own unique service or product. This path is associated with great risks, but if the business works out, then the businessman will be a resounding success and huge opportunities for further development. We will consider the top of the most non-trivial weird and non-standard startups today: ideas that brought their creators multimillion-dollar income from scratch.

Get inspired and come up with your million dollar idea. Or, adapt one of the following to your current situation and develop it by creating your own product.

Mermaid Courses

How to start a swimming class business? Moreover, such that it compares favorably with most others and brings good profit. Open up courses in mermaids, as the resourceful American businessmen did.

Ideas like this may seem new. For example, I have not heard of this before, but they say that the courses are already about 20 years old. And even in Russia, you can get training and get a positive charge (contacts can be easily found on the net).

Those attending such lessons of the "little mermaid" learn to gracefully dive and perform various acrobatic stunts. The price of one lesson starts at $ 60, the average price tag is about 150. The most budgetary lessons will be obtained by those who come with their own tail, there are already stores in the network selling exclusively these exotic goods.

Linden Walbert from America lives in Los Angeles and positions herself as a "business mermaid", in her words the work of a mermaid is "magical" and "amazing", if you do not take into account the physical complexity. Linden has been in the wet business for 12 years and has managed to earn tens of thousands of dollars over the years. She has taken part in performances by Hollywood stars such as Justin Timberlake and Jessica Alba. The price for one performance of the girl starts at $ 1000, and her YouTube channel brings in four-figure amounts every month.

Breeding jellyfish

Continuing the water theme, I can't help but share with you a business concept from Jellyfish Art. Its founder, biologist Alex Endon, graduated from the Department of Marine Biology and has always dreamed of creating a special aquarium for jellyfish. In the process of realizing his dream, he realized that you can quickly make good money on this, because the widespread passion for non-standard pets is only growing.

On Alex's website, you can purchase a tank, food and other accessories and devices for keeping creatures. Jellyfish prices start at US $ 22. Online sales in the first year totaled over USD 250,000. The profit from the business at the moment has already passed the figure with six zeros. Orders come from all over the world.

The biologist's success is based on the potential consumer interest in outlandish pets. He influenced the needs of customers and turned it into a fashionable hobby. This exotic destination will always be in demand, especially in families with small children who observe these unusual creatures with sincere admiration and curiosity.

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