Business with China: advantages, opportunities and directions

More than half of light industry goods on the Russian market are imported from China. The relevance of business with China is due to the low cost of production with its fairly high quality, as well as high demand among Russians.

Advantages and disadvantages of doing business with China

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Advantages and disadvantages of doing business with China

Starting a business from scratch by reselling goods from China is profitable for certain reasons.

  • With the constant growth of the quality of Chinese products, prices for them are still affordable. This is due to the cost of labor in China - it is an order of magnitude lower than in other countries. This factor minimizes the cost of goods. And, if the product price is set low, then the markup, on the contrary, can be high.
  • A novice entrepreneur has the opportunity to view and purchase a variety of products, including exclusive ones. China is a manufacturer of almost all groups of goods. The PRC produces not only familiar things, but also unusual novelties, which the Russian consumer could not even think about. In addition to a wide range of goods, China offers direct work with manufacturing plants, bypassing intermediaries. This is beneficial if the business has gone beyond the initial stage of its development.
  • Chinese suppliers are responsive, you can and should bargain with them both regarding the cost of goods and with regards to delivery terms. The competition among sellers is great, so everyone wants to be the best, and strives to be in touch 24/7.
  • Buyers value their time and want to be selected for a quality product and a conscientious seller. In addition, most people want to buy something here and now, and not wait months for its delivery.

China is currently considered one of the world's largest manufacturers. Many companies and individuals are engaged in the resale of Chinese goods and make good money from it. In this publication, we will talk about how to start a business with China from scratch in our country.

How realistic is this?

More than 60-80% of light industry products on the domestic market are Chinese consumer goods. Recently, Chinese manufacturers have started to produce better quality products, so they look much better, and are distinguished by durability and functionality. Even if you have never come across such products, this is not a reason to give up the idea of ​​starting a resale business with China. In our time, only the lazy are not engaged in such a business. The scheme of work is reduced to the following points:

  • Find a cheap product;
  • Deliver it to our country;
  • Sell a product with a good markup.

Resale of goods as a business is one of the most attractive areas of activity for beginners. Opening a trading enterprise is much easier than organizing the production of some kind of product. All you have to do is purchase the product from the wholesalers and sell it at the retail price. If you have a goal and a desire to work, a business with China in 2021 can be organized in just a week.


Beginning entrepreneurs have the opportunity to choose a product on Russian-language sites. Here they can call the seller and discuss the terms of the deal with him.

Business organization with China scheme

Where to start?

Now let's talk about how to start a business with China and make good money. If you want your business to be successful, follow these simple rules:

  • Don't look for "template paths". Do not repeat ideas that have been repeatedly implemented by other entrepreneurs;
  • Try to find a partner in China that is approximately equal to you. This may be a manufacturer who has an illiquid product in stock or a newcomer interested in cooperation;
  • If you want to start a resale business with China without investment, you should not try to establish cooperation with large organizations that work with serious clients;
Business options

Business Options

What business to do with minimal investment in 2021? Importing goods from China is much more popular than exporting products to that country. A businessman buys a consignment of goods and sends it to Russia. This could be shoes, clothing, or targeted equipment. Chinese manufacturers strictly control the quality of products, so here you can buy high-tech equipment at quite affordable prices. If you decide to start importing, you need to find a reliable supplier and agree on cooperation with him. After that, you should decide on the payment instrument through which you will make the payment. To purchase a small batch, it is not necessary to travel to China. If you are ready to invest a large amount in a product, it is better to visit suppliers in person to make sure they are reliable.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs dream of starting a business without start-up investments. And this is quite logical. If you do not have experience in entrepreneurship and basic knowledge, the probability of failure of the first projects is high. Moreover, it is not worth taking money on credit, as this can turn into a debt pit. Some of the most profitable and promising business ideas that require minimal investment are those related to the resale of goods from China. The PRC is the world's largest manufacturer. The products made in this country are cheap, but at the same time quite high quality.

How to start a business with China from scratch?

Business with the PRC allows you to receive a stable income and have time for rest and travel. Already in the early stages, you can reach a profit of more than 50 thousand rubles a month. It is worth considering that to receive such income, you do not need to be a graduate of an economic university or have a large store of knowledge about doing business. Investments are minimal, they pay off very quickly.

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Business Diagram

The scheme for running such a business is as simple as possible and consists of 3 steps.

The start and further fate of the business depends on this step. The difficulty lies in the fact that you need to find a supplier with a unique product and at the lowest possible price. Find out more about how to find a supplier in China here.

The competition between intermediaries is constantly growing. Profitable ideas are quickly intercepted, and soon completely lose their relevance. It should be understood that consumers lose interest in any discussed product after a while. Sales are falling, profits from the project are rapidly declining. Business with China is unstable, it is necessary to look for something new and adapt to the wishes and needs of potential buyers.

  • Innovative.
  • Interesting.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Useful in everyday life.

Goji berries or slimming belts are no longer relevant options. Look for something more unique and new.

Today, China is one of the world's largest manufacturers and in recent years has acquired the status of one of the world's trade centers. Considering this, not only large companies, but also individuals want to do business with China directly - it is profitable, brings good profits and pays off in a short period of time.

A beginner businessman may have questions: how to do business with China, where can you find a supplier and how to establish contacts with him, what specific business activities you can do with China, etc. We will try to consider these questions in detail and give answers to our readers to them.

How to start a business with China from scratch?

In order to start any business, and especially with foreign companies, you must have start-up capital. This is the initial step that will further determine the volume of business, the number of suppliers and possible options for the supply of goods. This moment will not raise questions - the reader will independently determine his own capabilities. And we will tell you about the advantages of doing business with China and how you can find a supplier.

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What are the advantages of working with the Celestial Empire?

First, let's look at the most important advantages of running a business selling goods from China:

Minor benefits include:

  • Ability to search for analogs. This point is in addition to the previous third point: there are a number of branded goods, the cost of which is very high. In China, you can easily find high quality and reliable replicas that differ little from the originals.
  • Possible discounts, bonuses, etc. In the case of long-term cooperation with suppliers from China, a businessman can receive permanent discounts and other pleasant bonuses.

Looking for a supplier

Successfully starting a business with China largely depends on the counterparties. It may seem to beginners that finding suppliers several thousand kilometers away is a very difficult business. We will answer - not today, when everyone has access to the Internet.

Hello dear friends! Welcome to the author of the "KhiterBober" magazine, Alexander Berezhnov!

It's no secret that many people made their first million by reselling goods from China.

In this article I will reveal all the tricks about business with China from "A" to "Z", analyze expert advice and consider the most effective and profitable business models.

While this niche is relatively free: if you decide to start your own business and do not know what to choose - it's time to turn your attention towards the East.

Let's go in order, friends!

Business on goods from China - is it really possible to start a business from scratch

Chinese products make up a significant share of the entire world market. In Russia, about 60-80% of light industry goods are represented by Chinese consumer goods. Modern Chinese products are no longer as handicraft and low-quality as they were 20 years ago: the products have become more functional and durable, they look much better.

Even if you have never been involved in sales and are familiar with Chinese goods only from a consumer point of view, no one and nothing can stop you from starting a business in China and acquiring a new (and very profitable) source of income.

In this area, you can, without making super-efforts (and even without leaving home) earn 50,000 rubles every month and at the same time have time for life and rest.

Today, only a lazy one does not do business with the PRC. Business with China for resale without investment (well, or almost no investment) is relatively simple and accessible to everyone with basic knowledge and skills in entrepreneurial activity. You don't need to be a graduate of a trade school or business school to understand how things work in the market.

In fact, the scheme of work with China boils down to three points:

  • find the product in China as cheaply as possible;
  • deliver it to the Russian Federation;
  • sell at a premium.

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