Business in the countryside; where to start and what to do

What ideas for small businesses in rural areas might work? There is a small population, each of the residents mainly satisfies their needs at the expense of a personal plot, low incomes, etc. - all this is not conducive to starting your own business in the countryside. What kind of entrepreneurship can there be? But do not rush to draw conclusions. In addition to the negative aspects, there are certain positive aspects in rural areas that make business in the countryside not only possible, but also highly profitable.

Advantages You Can't Overlook

Before moving on to considering ideas for business in rural areas or in a small town, let us pay attention to a number of undeniable advantages that make starting your project in a village from scratch very promising.

Firstly, there is a lot of free land and premises, which makes the ideas of building their own agriculture promising in the village. Only you need to do it smartly. It is not difficult to rent or obtain ownership of a plot of land with a house (albeit a little lopsided). Moreover, in a number of regions this can be done absolutely free of charge. In the village, the local authorities will only be happy with the arrival of new residents, especially entrepreneurs who will provide new jobs. But in urban areas, such a number will not work: both the land and the premises will cost hard currency.

This question is even easier for local residents who have their own house with utility rooms and a piece of land. For them, this issue has already been resolved.

Third, the state is more willing to subsidize businesses that are located in sparsely populated areas and create jobs. To start your own business, you can get up to 100 thousand rubles. and more, for which you only have to account for and that's it. No need to pay interest, shares business income, etc.

It turns out that starting a business in a rural area, in a small town, is profitable for beginners, because it is:

  • cheap areas and land;
  • inexpensive labor;
  • it is likely to receive a subsidy from the state.

All this allows you to start your own project with minimal investment. But this is true if all these advantages are used for business in the village. For example, if you want to open a beer stall in the center of the village, then a subsidy for such a project is not required, and the first two benefits will not be used, because land and premises for a beer stall are not needed, and the entrepreneur himself may be the seller.

Taking advantage of the benefits

Based on this, it is worth paying attention to such business ideas as livestock and poultry. In this case, you can not be limited to any one species, but create a full-fledged farm. In the absence of initial capital, you can start to build up your small business in stages, gradually investing the resulting profit in its development.

What should you focus on, which ideas are suitable and which business to start? Your efforts should be directed to projects such as cultivation:

Profitable business ideas from scratch in rural areas are quite a real phenomenon. Although most people naively believe that building an agricultural business is difficult and unprofitable. Let's take a closer look at the most profitable business ideas from scratch and how to implement them.

How to start a business in a village from scratch and achieve quick profits?

There are many options for how to make money in the countryside. But, a lot of factors should be taken into account when planning the organization of earnings in the village. To begin with, it is worth deciding in which area you are ready to try your hand. Next, calculate the most profitable option for making a profit. To do this, you need to analyze the market for goods and services, the needs of consumers.

Pig breeding

For example, a fairly profitable business in agriculture from scratch is pig breeding. For villagers, this is the most profitable business with a quick payback. Mass raising pigs for sale will allow you to make quick profits in a short time. This job can be very profitable, because pork is in high demand in the market. Therefore, with the right implementation and desire, you can quickly build your farm.

Poultry farming

Every villager is certainly engaged in poultry farming. Many people raise ducks, geese and chickens for their own needs and only a few for sale.

It is quite possible to engage in this type of business and succeed in it. Everything is not as complicated as it seems at first glance. You can start your own agricultural business with practically no investment.

Equip poultry cages or housing, provide them with proper care and nutrition, and soon you will be able to sell meat and feathers on the market.

Fish farming

Growing fish, crayfish or shrimp farming as a business is a promising and not too financially expensive business. Practically every villager can do it. The main thing is to have experience in this area, so to speak, to be at least an amateur fishing. Special financial investments will not be required, the only thing is to come to terms with the long payback period of the project. In this article, you will find more information on how to start a fish business from scratch.

Rabbit breeding

Rabbits are not only tasty and healthy dietary meat, but also valuable fur. Therefore, I recommend that you do this profitable business in the countryside, it can bring a good income in a short time. Rabbits grow very quickly and with proper care, you can make your first profit from your rabbit farm in 6 months.

Recently, the agricultural industry has begun to develop at a rapid pace, so this line of business is quite promising and attractive for start-up entrepreneurs. Anyone can start a business in the village. The most important thing is to believe in your own strength and not succumb to difficulties. The popular business ideas collected in this article from scratch in rural areas of 2021 have proven their efficiency in practice, so you can safely put them into practice.

Production of bath brooms

Such products are in great demand in our country. The production of bath brooms is a great option for beginners who are looking for how to make money in the countryside without investments. You don't need any special knowledge to open such a business. This process requires only organizational skills from the entrepreneur.

All you need to do is to assemble a team of workers who will collect raw materials, equip a workshop for felting brooms and find reliable sales channels for finished products. According to the lowest estimates, the profitability of such an enterprise reaches 150%. Among the disadvantages of this idea for a business with minimal investment, I would like to highlight the laboriousness of the process and the high level of competition in this market segment.

Turkey breeding

In our country, few farms are engaged in such a business, since it is quite a troublesome business. But turkey meat is much more expensive on the market than chicken meat, so entrepreneurs who have chosen this line of business for themselves receive substantial profits.

Experts believe that raising turkeys at home as a business for beginners is a great opportunity to start your own profitable business from scratch. At first, you can buy 50 heads of young animals at 100–150 rubles per 1 individual. An adult bird costs 1.5–2 thousand rubles. You will need 15-25 thousand rubles for feed for 50 animals. In principle, you can prepare them yourself. In this case, you can save a decent amount.

Turkey meat can be sold at 200-300 rubles per 1 kg. Butcher shops, supermarkets, restaurants and other catering establishments buy it with pleasure. If you have not yet decided what kind of business you can open in the countryside, be sure to take a closer look at this lucrative idea.

Vine Weaving

Looking for profitable business ideas with minimal investment in rural areas? Try to master such an ancient craft as weaving from a vine. Nowadays, products made from natural materials are in great demand, so you can easily sell your products at a good price. master classes and lessons of basket weaving can be found on the Internet at specialized sites.

If in your area there are no problems with harvesting vines, the business will bring a solid profit. Wicker furniture, baskets, flower stands and furnishings can be sold on the market or online. If you manage to reach foreign buyers, they will purchase goods at very attractive prices. Another option is to donate products in bulk to gift shops. Weaving from a vine is a great idea how to start a business from scratch with no money. For the production of products from the vine, you do not need any special equipment, and the raw materials can be prepared independently, absolutely free of charge.

Breeding peacocks

Considering new ideas for business with minimal investment in the village, I would like to draw your attention to such an exotic direction of activity as peacock breeding. This is a great option for beginners who have not yet found a way to start their business from scratch in the countryside. This idea is suitable for people who admire the beauty of these birds and love to care for them.

Despite the total urbanization, there are still quite a lot of able-bodied people in the village, especially young people. And many want to start a business in the countryside. Basically, the areas differ depending on the skill of the entrepreneur and the availability of the resource. The least costly niche remains farming, earning money on animals or growing products in a greenhouse. In this article, the main types of earnings will be considered, as well as what kind of business you can do.

Where to start looking for an idea?

Business ideas for a village need to be formed based on the needs of the population or the availability of resources. There are even more options for what business can be opened if a highway passes by the village. In this case, even more horizons open up in the implementation of business ideas.

Also in rural areas there are quite often abandoned manufacturing enterprises. In this case, we can consider the option of their re-equipment for further production. Based on the analysis of rural employment in Russia and Ukraine, a list of major activities can be provided.

What kind of business to do, the main profitable niches:

  • animal husbandry ;
  • growing crops;
  • making eurofences, tiles and paving stones;
  • wood products, baths and furniture;
  • production of gates;
  • production of granite products;
  • grocery store;
  • building materials store;
  • internet salon;
  • auto repair shop;
  • cafeteria;
  • beekeeping;
  • breeding worms;
  • production compound feed;
  • oil production.

The two largest niches in the agricultural business


You can also breed animals. It can be a business from scratch, especially in the countryside. Such a small farm can produce several types of products; it can be sold both in the regional center and in the village. Many livestock breeders sell meat near the highway, where there is a large flow of passing cars. In this case, you can just sit near the highway and sell your products.

What products can be made from different animals:

  • meat ;
  • milk;
  • eggs;
  • skin;
  • fat ...

What animals can be raised:

  • duck ;
  • geese;
  • chinchillas;
  • ostriches;
  • pigs ;
  • sheep;
  • quails;
  • rabbits.

Small business in the countryside is a fairly promising area of ​​activity that helps to revive small settlements. In order to be successful, you don't have to start your business in a large metropolis. We bring to your attention several worthy options for business ideas of 2021 with minimal investment in rural areas, which can be implemented in any, even the most distant settlement.


The most common business idea in rural areas is farming, and in particular, animal husbandry. The market is constantly in need of regular supplies of fresh meat, milk and eggs. Such goods are purchased by small and large wholesale trading networks, wholesale depots and processing enterprises. The prospects here are quite attractive, but many business ideas with minimal investment are unlikely to be implemented. To breed cattle, ostriches or geese, you will need a large start-up capital, at least 500 thousand rubles. Therefore, if you are looking for 2021 business ideas with minimal investment in rural areas, it is better to start your business with an apiary.

This is a budget and, at the same time, a promising project. To start beekeeping, you will need about 100 thousand rubles. Such activity brings about 500 thousand rubles of net profit per season. Finished products are bought in bulk by confectionery enterprises, companies that produce cosmetics and resellers. To get as much profit as possible, look for new sales markets and gradually develop your business.

Breeding crayfish

Crayfish can be grown both in a natural reservoir and in a pool or aquarium. The most important thing is to create conditions at the bottom of the reservoir that are as close as possible to natural ones. You also need to install a water purification system, since small crustaceans can die during manual cleaning. The retail price of crayfish ranges from 700-1500 rubles per kilogram. As you can see, this is a fairly promising business idea in 2021 with minimal investment in the village, but you will not receive profit in the first year. Cancer farm will turn into a profitable enterprise only in the third year of operation.

Growing potatoes

Looking for lucrative business ideas with minimal investment in the countryside? Try growing potatoes. Many citizens of our country believe that it should be present in the diet every day, since it is the second bread. This product is very popular, so we can safely say that growing potatoes is one of the best business ideas of 2021 with minimal investment in a small village. It takes only 4 months from the moment of planting to the full ripening of the crop, so you can quickly return all your investments and get the first profit from the sale of the crop. If you plan to grow potatoes on your own land, you do not need to officially register your activity.

For a larger-scale business, you will need a solid start-up capital for the purchase of a walk-behind tractor, a tiller, a plow and a trailer for transporting finished products. You will spend about 50-100 thousand rubles for all this. One hundred square meters can give a yield of about 250 kg. During the season, potatoes can be sold for 20 rubles per 1 kg. From a vegetable garden of 20 acres, you will collect 5-7 tons of products and get about 150 thousand rubles for it. If you subtract expenses, there is a good amount left.

But for a business to really bring a good profit, you need to plant potatoes on a large scale (hectares). To do this, you will already have to register a farm, purchase equipment and hire people. And also, most importantly, to find money to start and organize the work competently.

But, as practice shows, everything is possible and justified. Start small, gradually develop your business and in the end, you will achieve good results.

Organization of leisure

Many city dwellers seek to relax away from the hustle and bustle, so a business idea of ​​2021 with minimal investment in a small village for organizing nature tours can be an excellent option for aspiring entrepreneurs. Initially, this type of tourism was perceived as an eccentricity, but over time, farmers began to make good money on this and this market segment began to develop rapidly.

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