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The Americans turned out to be not so "stupid" as the famous satirist called them, when it turned out that it was in the USA that the ideas of a profitable business were born, and a large number of people successfully use them. The "old woman" Europe is not lagging behind the country of the New World, where golden minds of business implement their best ideas for making money.

By the way, practically everything that businessmen of Runet have today is all the work of Western minds, therefore both online and offline the palm in generating profitable types of business and the best ideas for their implementation is still held Foreigners.

Who knows, maybe in Russia the "Kulibins" and "Cherepanovs" of business will turn the tide of history, and entrepreneurs from America and Europe will enthusiastically follow the novelties of "making money in Russian", but for now let's talk about what the "bourgeois" have thought of, which already works successfully in many countries and does not require large investments.

New business in America, which is not in Russia

Surely many people thought about starting their own business, but when faced with a question about the start-up capital and what exactly to do to make it profitable, they immediately rejected this idea. There is a quite reasonable justification for this - a lot of competition in a certain type of activity and the fear of losing the invested funds.

Abroad - both in Europe and America - for many residents, small business is not only the main source of daily income, but also their way of life. The only way out of lack of money is to come up with new ideas and look for creative ways to implement them, this is especially true in settlements located far from the capital's life.

May be the craziest at first glance, but this is the secret of the success of many Americans and Europeans, who managed to amass good capital, doing something that no one else has thought of.

Of course, in a small business sooner or later there will still be competitors who "shamelessly" borrow the brainchild of the developer, and the business will cease to bring sufficient profit. Consider the popular new products that have just come from abroad and have already begun to give good results in Russia.

A restaurant that won't let you get fat. It is known that in America, and in many European countries, fast foods and fast food restaurants make up a huge part of the country's economy and, of course, competition among the owners of establishments. For people who follow their figure or simply want to lose weight, it is extremely important to know how many calories a particular dish contains. The idea of ​​making a profit is that the calorie content of each dish is indicated in the menu of portable cafes and restaurants. This American novelty has become popular in Russia as well, because it is no longer a secret for anyone that many people are seriously keen on a healthy lifestyle and going to gyms, and there is not enough time for cooking. Abroad, you can get an incentive prize in the form of a glass of beer or "cola" for eating the most fatty and high-calorie dish.

Caramel is an inexhaustible source of income. There are not so many things that a person will be happy with all his life, and one of them is caramel. Sweets will always be in vogue, and making gourmet caramel requires delicious fruit syrup, purified water and granulated sugar. Of course, each master has his own secret of cooking, but nevertheless this type of activity will never lose its popularity. An innovation in this direction is that the buyer sees the whole process of making the kind of sweets he likes, on the cut of which the master can make a "cartoon", the buyer's initials or a beautiful picture. This idea allows you to open your own, which will generate income for many years.

Bulky groceries - a blow to the crisis. Think about how you can interest a person in a crisis? Of course, low prices for food products and their high quality. A new direction in the grocery trade is the release of products without packaging. It is known that almost a third of the cost of many brands is the price that the buyer overpays for a beautiful wrapper. The American idea of ​​making a profit is to sell bulk products in a store, which are in transparent containers. The buyer always sees what kind of tea, coffee, pasta, cereals and other products he buys, while the price tags set not only the value of the goods, but also the difference between packaged and bulk products.

In the conditions of the active development of the modern world economy, many people strive to organize their own business. The inhabitants of our country are no exception. Choosing a field of activity, many novice entrepreneurs study foreign experience and adopt interesting ones from abroad, which can be used in Russian realities.

Features of foreign business

Considering business abroad, which is not in Russia, you need to understand that not every idea can be implemented on the territory of our state. This is due to both the political and economic situation in Russia, but to a greater extent by the mentality of the country's population.

Business ideas from abroad: European experience

Having decided to take advantage of foreign ideas and open a business that does not yet exist in Russia, it is worthwhile to study in detail the examples of European businessmen. In Europe today, some of the most popular ideas are business options related to environmental improvement and recycling. The following directions are most in demand:

  • production of rubber paving slabs;
  • growing vegetables and fruits in ecologically clean areas without the use of chemicals;
  • developing unique flavors for business;
  • unlimited taxi.

The most promising business idea among the above is the production of paving slabs. Rubber tiles are durable, their service life reaches 20 years.

It is produced from crumb rubber obtained by recycling old car tires. There are practically no competitors in this segment, and the profitability of this business is very high - up to 150%. To start production you will need:

  • volcanic press;
  • drying chamber;
  • tile molds;
  • mixer;
  • dyes for the possibility of producing colored tiles.

Investment costs are about 2,000,000 rubles, while they are paid off in less than a year.

Another interesting idea is to supply the organization with their own scents. Such a business carries many prospects and is already being implemented in Belgium, Germany, and France. Thanks to the unique aroma, the company's clients remember the company better, connecting the sense of smell to their visual memory.

A lot of research carried out by scientists in different parts of the world proves that processes in the economy have clearly defined relationships. In the context of globalization, such relationships spread not only within the economy of a particular country, but also link different economies by cause-and-effect processes. In fact, we are talking about the effect of running circles on the water. The reader will ask the question, what is the meaning of such a preface?

The last decade has shown the existence of a very clear hierarchical structure between small businesses in different countries. Despite a number of significant political issues (we are talking about sanctions against Russia from the West) and, of course, the mental characteristics of different countries, there is a clear relationship between the emergence of new and profitable small business areas in different countries. So most of the new trends are born in the United States, gradually "moving" to Europe and then spreading in waves around the world. Perhaps such a statement is not entirely patriotic, but at the same time clearly characterizes the situation and gives great advantages to small businesses in Russia. In fact, comparing the new popular business ideas of 2021 in the USA with the same rating of new and popular ideas in Europe in 2021, we can say with a 95% guarantee which ideas will be in demand in 2021-2021 in Russia. After all, it is worth remembering clearly that in the West new startups keep pace with the growing demand from consumers, and the citizens of our country do not differ in their needs from Europeans and Americans. As one classic said, "You can't forbid living beautifully."

It is worth noting that the proposed rating of the "hottest" areas for creating your own business contains a wide variety of areas and areas, ranging from the now popular Internet to the creation of quite traditional mini workshops. The only thing that really unites all these new ideas for business is the huge demand from American and now European buyers, which actually guarantees a quick and most importantly successful start

Over the next week, we will analyze 14 new popular business ideas in Europe with you, do not forget to subscribe and receive article announcements to your mail, there will be no spam, I guarantee it.

# 14 - The latest among the best and newest small business ideas in Europe are mini-breweries. Of course, it is difficult to call it new, but mini-breweries received a "second wind" in the US in 2021 and are already conquering "old" Europe anew. More details on why this happened,.

# 12 The development of technologies has generated a boom in freelancing all over the world, but the direction has received an interesting enough continuation. As a new type of freelance services, vitrual assistants have appeared. The consumers liked the direction so much that today we can talk about the boom of this business idea -.

# 11 where in our time without the Internet and e-commerce! European business is no exception, which began to look for new niches, sort of like in the old idea of ​​online services for comparing products,

# 9 IT security is one of the most competitive areas of the industry, however, the introduction of a new policy of using private gadgets (the so-called BYOD) creates a completely new niche in which creation.

# 8 The emergence of new computers characterized as a super economy option, in fact a computer. costs about 25-30 dollars not only opens up new opportunities for consumers, but also serves as a new direction for business and so on accessories for Raspberry Pi

People who want to find new business ideas that do not require large financial investments to create their own profitable enterprise in 2021 do not need to come up with something innovative.

It is enough to study the existing directions in entrepreneurship, choose a business to your liking and you can proceed to organizational issues.

Business ideas from Europe and America

Veteran businessmen argue that current business ideas are on the surface. Many well-known entrepreneurs became the owners of a profitable and promising business (including), solving problems of a private nature.

Today in Russia more and more individual entrepreneurs are interested, especially those who were "born" in developed European countries. To a greater extent, the increased interest was provoked by purely Russian curiosity and the European desire to save money everywhere and in everything. Using the European experience of successful entrepreneurship and their economic management model, one can build without problems in Russia. At the same time, it will not be superfluous to look into popular brands with a worldwide reputation, or try to implement a kind of know-how in 2021, that is, start making money on what has not yet been offered to the Russian consumer.

The most significant areas of small business

The laws of economics state that in parallel with the growth of demand from consumers, supply from sellers begins to grow. The Russian economy is effectively influenced by various new business ideas from Europe. They stabilize the economy and make it more flexible and practical. For a better orientation in all the variety of offers, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the highest priority ones. In Europe, the following are considered the most promising small business areas:

  • Medical equipment sales. This area of ​​trade is considered one of the most noteworthy. Currently, more and more people are beginning to pay close attention to their health, which has a positive impact on the demand for this type of product. With the use of modern equipment, the quality and speed of examination and treatment can significantly increase.
  • Creation of an online store. With the advancement of internet technology, many consumers have found it much more convenient to shop from the comfort of their homes. Despite the fact that brands have already appeared in this niche, with some ingenuity, you can take a worthy place in the virtual market.
  • The booming real estate market has led to the rapid construction of residential and office buildings. This indicates an increased demand for building materials. Therefore, one of the ideas is to enter the construction market or trade in building materials.
  • Computer technologies and means of communication. Currently, high technology has taken a firm place in all areas of modern life. Almost no action is complete without them, and they are present in every home of every family. Therefore, selling a variety of gadgets and applications to them is a great idea to start your own business.

Green business as an option for entrepreneurship

This area of ​​business is as unknown in Russia as it is popular in Europe. One of the areas of this business idea is the manufacture of sustainable jewelry.

Mining for precious metals is a huge environmental damage. Therefore, many manufacturers have invested in growing artificial diamonds. These stones are practically in no way inferior to their natural counterparts, and even surpass them in some characteristics. Their price in the jewelry market is significantly lower, which ensures their faster implementation and, accordingly, quick profit.

Tip: Before starting this business, you need to carefully study the market and target potential customers so as not to get stuck in the implementation phase.


Great idea for 2021 to start a business, especially when you consider that few people know what it is. And the essence of this business is the delivery of food from restaurants (not to be confused with fast foods) to its customers. That is, simply mediation between the restaurant and the client. If the business starts to develop, then you can already hire your own chefs, so as not to depend on others, and then expand the number of couriers.

If you decide to start your business abroad, it is best to try your hand at doing business in Europe. Is it possible to implement business ideas there that are not available in Russia? We'll take a closer look at this issue.

The first rule to remember when starting your own business in Europe is an individual approach to business in each individual country. If we compare two absolutely identical startups in the CIS countries and Europe or the USA, we will see that the result will be completely different. The differences are cultural. Therefore, you should not blindly follow the example of overseas businessmen and copy their development model. Although, studying the experience of small business development in European countries, you can get interesting ideas for opening your own.

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New business ideas in Europe

Let's look at some interesting ideas that you can start your own business with.

The invention of the pizza cup

It would seem that you can think of something new in fast food? There are already hundreds of dishes that allow everyone to have a quick and inexpensive snack for everyone, from schoolchildren to businessmen. But this idea became a real sensation. The seller prepares a pizza in a matter of minutes, adding many toppings there. You can eat this pizza on the go without being afraid to crumple. It's much more convenient than a flatbread. This dish can be sold as a semi-finished product. In this case, it is necessary to establish production and negotiate with suppliers and sellers (supermarkets). Alternatively, you can sell such pizza if you have your own kiosk or small cafe.

Medical inventions for self-diagnosis

Firms selling these inventions are now making huge profits. Now you don't have to waste time not only on measuring body temperature and blood pressure. A special device can even measure the presence of bad breath. Self-diagnosis devices will serve faithfully at home, in the office, on the road and on a business trip.

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