Business in a small town

How to do this, how to choose a direction of activity, we will analyze all the pitfalls and other nuances in this article.

Pros and cons of doing business in a small town

Living in a small village gives great prospects for starting your own small business. If you don't want to work for someone for the minimum wage, then our article is for you. So, let's weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of starting a business in settlements where no more than 50,000 people live.


As for competition, it is in a small settlement that there are not so many people who are ready to take risks, quit their jobs and do their own thing, so there are still a lot of niches that are absolutely not involved. You should think carefully about which services or goods in your city are lacking, and which are absent altogether. If you love and know your business well, then it will not be difficult to win clients.

Disadvantages of Small Business


To calculate the effectiveness of a particular business idea, one should be guided by the real situation in the market for services and goods of a particular place, because even in different areas of a small city, people's needs will differ. That is why a big stake should be placed on the field of activity.

How much the fixed payment of individual entrepreneurs will be in 2021 - read here.

How to choose a field of activity?

The essence of marketing is to find a need and successfully satisfy it. Think about which offers are few in your city, and which are not at all. Consider the needs of all categories of the population and find unmet. This is a very effective tool. You will receive real information that you can effectively use to your advantage.

What business is profitable to open in a small town from scratch

Opening your own profitable business means breaking away from everyday life and managing your own destiny with your own hands.

Your business is an opportunity to become an absolutely independent person who has achieved everything you can dream of.

When thinking about starting your own business, you need to solve the most important question: what will the business be devoted to?

Of course, determining the direction of the project will depend on how profitable the activity will be.

In this article, you will see some tips and tricks for starting a business in a small town. But first, I recommend that you watch a very interesting video from Vladimir Dovgan:

Vladimir in this video talks about how you can start your own business of complete ZERO. In addition, Dovgan tells a very "motivating" story, if I may say so. In general, watch, ask questions and learn.

Advantages and disadvantages of doing business in a small town

What are the features of a business in a small town?

How to choose a business activity in a small settlement?

What is the most profitable business in a small town? When opening a business in a small town, you must remember that you will have to work not in a metropolis, but in a small town.

Greetings to all visitors to my site! Today I want to write an article about how to open a business in a small town. What kind of business to open and the prospects for its development.

Quite a lot of start-up entrepreneurs live in small towns, where there are few specialists, and even there is practically no one to find out the answer to this question.

Since I myself live in a small town with a population of only 50,000 people, I think I can conduct a qualitative analysis of this topic.

I managed to develop my business into a successful one and now I can share some features with you.

How to start a business in a small town

Let's start from the beginning, namely, to go through official state registration as an individual entrepreneur or register your LLC, which form of ownership for the business to choose, you already decide for yourself.

Business registration itself is the same for all cities of Russia and it doesn't matter if you live in a small or a big city.

The choice of a taxation system will entirely depend on what kind of business you will open.

How to open a business in a small town

I've read quite a few tips on how to open a business in a small town. Most of them are simply absurd: raising geese, making crafts with your own hands, etc.

The main disadvantage of a small town is the limited sales market, that is, you simply have few potential buyers and clients.

In this regard, the choice of business has its own specific features.

No matter how trite it may sound, “working for an uncle” does not stimulate at all to feats, does not bring satisfaction and is paid very modestly. The conclusion suggests itself: it is much more pleasant to have your own business. One can object by reasonably stating that the "uncle" pays little, which means that it is impossible to save money for your own business. Yes it's true. There is nothing free in our life, but there are ways to organize a profitable business with minimal investment!

How much do you sow and reap as much?

That's right, millions of dollars in investments are needed for incomes of millions. But that doesn't mean you can't make decent money without large upfront costs. Some people manage to start a very profitable business without any investment, and this is not a myth!

Are you an accountant or HR officer? Take over several businesses. Many small firms outsource these functions, since it is unprofitable to hire an employee. Of the costs, only time is required from you.

Are the arms growing out of the right place? Become a husband for an hour. Something constantly breaks in the house, requires replacement or installation. The service will be in demand not only by single women, but also by married couples who simply have no time to do this. Costs: purchase of tools and registration of individual entrepreneurs.

By the same principle, web workshops, decor studios (or landscape design), holiday agencies, online stores, hairdressing salons, car washes, ateliers, carpet dryers, furniture and pillow restoration companies (growing delicacies, hand soap production), home meal delivery service, etc. All these are relatively simple options to organize a profitable business with little investment. There would be a desire!

But I live in a small town!

“Open your own business in my town of three streets and two houses? You are joking? All by pull, you can't get into business, you can't get money for promotion! And there is no one to sell here. " Yes, that's all true. But:

  • The choice of goods and services is limited and the residents are not spoiled. They will willingly buy if a thing (or service) is needed, but rare in this city.
  • Most industries are poorly developed, there are many vacant niches, and there is less competition.
  • Advertising, whatever one may say, will cost less. And not only because there are few competitors, but also because of the completely free word of mouth.

You will need business ideas for a small town. In other words, the chances of creating your own profitable business with minimal investment in a small town are even higher than in a metropolis. However, one should not forget that “small town” is a loose concept. Therefore, be realistic, weigh your ideas against the market size and the "progressiveness" of local residents, but do not underestimate your capabilities.

Many people living in cities with a small population are interested in what business ideas are for a small town, because everyone wants to become an owner of their own business and receive a stable, independent income. It is even easier to start your own business in a small settlement than in a big city, where a bunch of enterprises are already operating and there is a lot of competition in almost all areas.

To make your business profitable in a small town, you just need to open a business that will be unique and original in your area in order to attract independent clients. If there are no competitors nearby, then the business will begin to flourish, bringing in considerable income.

What kind of business can you open in a small town with minimal investment?

When organizing his business from scratch, each individual entrepreneur thinks about how to invest less and get more income. There are some important tips to be given about this question:

  • When deciding what to do, start from what you are interested in, what you know and what you can do.
  • If you want to invest less money, then first decide what resources you need to get started and whether you can find them at a low cost and in a short time.
  • Choose the area with the lowest competition, then with the minimum investment you can get the maximum profit.
  • If you have real estate where you can organize a business, then it is worth choosing a business for which it is suitable, then you can save on rent.
  • If there is no place for business, then you can choose a business where rent is not needed, for example, something from the service sector or handicraft.

Without attachments and with their minimum value, you can do:

  • Repair and construction works;
  • Custom-made installation of fences, windows, doors;
  • Joint purchases with prepayment;
  • Services of a nanny, nurse, masseur, hairdresser, beautician at home and on departure;
  • Other similar jobs and a few more with more or less significant investments, which we will discuss in more detail below.

Promising and profitable small business ideas for a small town in a year

Before starting your own business, it is very important to understand that any business always goes hand in hand with risk. The most difficult year of the existence of any business is the first. During these 12 months, more than 90% of all newly opened cases are closed or burned out. If, in comparison, we take the chance of dismissal from the job, then it will be lower even with low qualifications of the employee.

But if your business does not burn out and will be profitable, then it will be money that cannot be compared with the average wage in your region, for sure. Business is work for you and your pocket, not your work for your boss and someone else. Therefore, your task before starting a business is to choose the right direction and think over all the details in order to reduce the risk to a minimum.

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