Business ideas, small business ideas in 2021

Today there are many ways to start your own business. Small business ideas are so diverse that everyone can find a profitable job to their liking. First you need to decide what skills you have and what you enjoy. There are several main areas of business - trade, manufacturing and services.


Colored crushed stone

Colored particles of marble or granite are actively used to decorate landscapes. You can purchase ordinary crushed stone, treat it with acrylic dye, pack it in bags of 20-25 kg and deliver it to points of sale.

To run your own business for the production of crushed stone, you need to register a company, find a room and equip it. This is a profitable idea for business, since a ton of basic raw materials costs about two thousand rubles, and a small bag of finished goods costs 300 rubles.

Clean drinking water

The need for clean drinking water is constantly felt by many families, catering establishments and various public institutions. To meet their needs, it is possible to open a liquid cleaning and filling workshop.

It is necessary to purchase equipment, draw up a package of sanitary documents and conclude a supply agreement with customers. It is recommended to locate the workshop near wells or water pipes. For a successful business, you need to monitor the quality of products and actively advertise your brand.


You can make good money on the release of spice kits, as people love to discover new flavors of familiar dishes. Potential clients are catering establishments and ordinary people.

What is the best way to start your small business from scratch?

But not everything is so simple, because before starting your own business, you need to familiarize yourself with all its subtleties, of which there are many.


This term has several basic meanings:

  • First of all, it is a tool that allows you to achieve the best result, while spending the minimum amount of time and energy.
  • Competent time allocation aimed at achieving the best result.

The goal of self-organization is to master the methodology and sequence of organizing the life process, improve skills through self-learning, self-control, and so on.

This concept consists of the following elements: susceptibility to analysis and control of one's actions, purposefulness, the ability to independently make decisions, susceptibility to criticism, the skill to predict, etc.

It is self-organization that plays the final role in the event that you decide to start your own business. For example, for a future entrepreneur who has studied all the "dark corners" of his business, everything should be cloudless, but if he does not know how to correctly calculate his time, resources, and negotiate, his business may collapse.

That's why, first of all, you need to be able to organize yourself and set yourself up for work if you want to be successful.

Profitable ideas for your own business

The most important thing in business is to start, that is, to come up with an idea that will really bring profit and pleasure from its development. Let's say you have an idea, but then the question arises of how to make sure that your idea really has a right to exist.

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Many creative people dream of starting their own business, because, most likely, they have already had time to become disillusioned with regular employment.

One part likes to have complete independence and a free schedule, and the second - the ability to create unique products, they will also make big money in the future.

All big things started with small ones. On the realybiz portal. u can learn all the popular and practical small business ideas from scratch.

Small Business Idea - Pizza Delivery

This type of service is gaining more and more popularity among Russians.

Here you will need to invest in the purchase of a high-quality oven, rent of small tech. premises and run an advertising campaign.

Each new order will bring you a couple of hundred rubles. The scope of services can be expanded in the future to office lunch delivery.

Very often such enterprises turn into big restaurants over time. Imagine that you are the owner of an Italian pizzeria!

Small Business Idea - Opening Advertising Edition

This is where you need great persuasion skills and a good knowledge of the display advertising business.

To get big money, you will need to prove to your customers that it is from you and not from nasty competitors that you benefit from printing ads.

To get started, you will need an office space, a couple of agents and computer equipment, and you will also need a professional layout designer.

The section of the site is dedicated to describing various business ideas that can be implemented, or are already being used by someone in the market conditions. The presented business ideas can be used both in Russia and the rest of the world. The section is a structured catalog in which each visitor to our website can choose a working business idea for himself in the area of ​​interest, read all its features and nuances, and, if necessary, order the development of a business plan from our specialists.

Business Areas

The population is haunted by the fear of contracting the coronavirus, feeling its consequences, which are constantly discussed by various experts. People try to protect themselves outside the home with masks, gloves and handwashing. But few people know that there are a lot of bacteria in our homes

The summer season is open. Summer residents went out of town and the availability of water on the site is the main requirement. It is possible to order a well, but strata with clean water lie deep and many summer residents cannot afford such a service. There is only one salvation - the well

Wild plants are plants that grow wild, they grow on their own. Nobody planted, watered or weeded them

Every adult has a child, so the passion for many games does not go away over the years. LEGO is one of those games

The world does not stand still. Quarantine after COVID-19 will end sometime and therefore you should think in advance about new areas of business offline

Homemade noodles are not some instant noodles. Homemade noodles are delicious. Plus, you can earn money by making such noodles, even while sitting at home.

Who doesn't know Doshirak instant noodles? It is with the brand of this noodle that many people associate with any other instant noodles. No matter how much they say about healthy eating, instant food will always be in demand. Therefore, it is quite profitable to open a mini production of instant noodles.

A crisis is always stress. In a situation of uncertainty, it is extremely difficult to make productive decisions.

The person is consumed with panic. There is a feeling of losing something familiar and important. And if at the same time he is the owner of a business, a person is even more anxious, because incomes are falling, emotions are seething, and the level of personal responsibility for the state of the business is off scale.

The weak half of humanity has always strived to be fashionable and attractive. And every woman of the fair sex understands that any image will be complete only if jewelry is added

Skewered scorpions and locusts are a common and creative meal for a tourist in Asian countries

The question of where to start a business, albeit small at first, arises for almost everyone who does not want to spend his whole life on fulfilling the dream of another person. But this is true. Life is short, and it is foolish to put all your plans and dreams on the back burner, deceiving yourself with the phrase that everything is still ahead, that everything can be done.

How to start a small business from scratch?

You should not start your business from the moment of drawing up a business plan, searching for partners, etc. Its start occurs exactly when there is a desire, a desire to start it, to work only for oneself. It is important to note that the first stages of its development require daily work, which will undoubtedly return in the form of a successful course of affairs.

So, there is a desire and attitude to create a small business and all that remains is to find an idea for it.

Starting a Small Business: Ideas

An idea should be not just interesting, but promising, so that its relevance does not fade away for another ten years. Where to get them? Talk to your friends, clearly, in a conversation with them, the idea of ​​creating something like this may come up.

In order to push you towards the birth of a brilliant idea, here are a number of equally popular ideas:

  • Growing flowers. For flower growers, this is not just the beginning of their business, but also the transformation of their own hobby into something profitable. All that is needed is knowledge of the characteristics of growing each plant, the necessary tools (shovels for the earth, pots, fertilizers, phytolamps, etc.).
  • Greenhouse greenery. A similar theme with the previous point is the production of all kinds of greens (first of all, it is parsley, salads, dill) in a greenhouse. Such a product will always be in demand, and even more so in winter, when the body needs vitamins so much.
  • Notepad industry. For a novice entrepreneur, the idea of ​​creating notebooks with the logos of customer companies or just a creative cover for creative people is perfect. True, this business requires start-up capital for the purchase of equipment. The plus is that this business is always in demand, the minus is that the coveted payback will have to wait for more than one month.
  • Sewing clothes. If we consider in more detail which small business is better to start, then we should start from our own capabilities and market demand. So, people always want to wear nice clothes. They are especially pleased when, for example, only they have a suit of a certain style. You can help them with this by taking orders for tailoring at home.
  • Mugs and thermal printing. Who doesn't want an original gift? And in this case, the creation of extraordinary cups will come to the rescue. So, on an ordinary white mug by means of a heat press, sublimated paper, film and an inkjet printer, the desired inscription or photo is applied.
  • Fish breeding. This refers to the aquarium. All that is needed: the presence of 1-2 aquariums, the volume of which reaches at least 40 liters, aquariums for breeding (20 l), a spawning box (5 l) and about 10 fish.
  • Dried vegetables and fruits. Not only is there no need for special equipment to store such a product, but there is always a demand for it. All that is needed is to purchase fruit and vegetable dryers.
  • Home dry cleaning. To start such a business, you should allocate a separate room and buy cleaning products that are sold in any utility department of supermarkets. The highlight of this entrepreneurship will be that it is not the client who comes to you, but you to him, take everything you need, clean it and take it back.

How to start a small business: nuances

First of all, you should remember that you need to register yourself as a legal entity, draw up a business plan. At the same time, the faster the dream, the idea come true, the more chances that it will be profitable and its payback period will be at a high level.

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