Business ideas in Ukraine for beginners with low investment

Due to the difficult economic situation and a sharp drop in the national currency, many Ukrainians are forced to tighten their belts or look for sources of additional income. The easiest option is to start your own business, but this requires a certain start-up capital. If you are on a tight budget, you shouldn't give up on your dream. In this article, we will look at several business ideas for small businesses in Ukraine for beginners that can be implemented literally from scratch.


Looking for profitable business ideas for small businesses in Ukraine? If you have any special knowledge, you can take up tutoring. In order for such a business to bring a good income, you need to be a real expert in the chosen field. At first, you can work directly from home, so you do not have to spend money on renting premises or salaries for staff.

If this is not possible for you, try organizing online training. The most popular are courses on learning foreign languages ​​via Skype. One lesson with a good tutor is not cheap, so such a business has great development prospects. When the business starts to generate significant profits, you can rent an office and hire several qualified teachers. Tutoring is the most affordable small business idea from scratch in Ukraine, which does not require large financial investments to implement.


Any fakes made at home nowadays can be easily sold on the Internet. This can be designer jewelry, bouquets of sweets or soft toys, original clothes or polymer clay souvenirs. If you do not have any creative abilities, you can take special courses or try to master some skill using video lessons on the Internet. By offering customers quality, unique products, business will flourish. Homemade handicrafts are the easiest way to make money in the 2021 crisis.

Growing medicinal plants

This area of ​​activity is not widespread in our country, so there is practically no competition in this area. But this business idea from scratch in Ukraine in 2021 can bring good profit. Many pharmaceutical companies need such raw materials, so the demand for them does not fall even during the crisis.

The most popular medicinal herbs are chamomile, calendula, licorice, yarrow and others. They are grown in any climatic conditions. The finished crop can be sold in bulk directly at the root. Many cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies purchase such raw materials in large quantities. The only downside to this business is the low prices of the products, especially if you are selling them in bulk. To get a good income, you need to conclude a cooperation agreement with a herbal processing company. In this case, you can sell your product at a much higher price.

Travel Agency

Growing artificial crystals

Business ideas for small businesses in Ukraine for beginners

How to open your business in Ukraine for $

Where do the experts advise to invest if you have only 2021 dollars? You can open your own business in the service sector or in the production of confectionery products such as buns, sweet sticks, popcorn.

"Registration as a private entrepreneur, renting a small office space, buying a minimum of office furniture and office equipment, connecting a telephone line and the Internet, purchasing stationery and special tools (if necessary) - this is one of the possible scenarios." , - says Iness Fraas, senior specialist of the business planning sector of the Faber-Lex Group of Companies.

According to her, the range of activities will mainly cover the service sector - consulting, advertising agency, real estate agency, window dressing services, IT services, mobile car service, etc.

“At first, you will not have to work for a salary - to build up your client base, to gnaw your place in the market. To promote services, you can use brochures and advertisements in various directories. The advertising business is interesting. There are a huge number of advertising agencies throughout Russia, but the demand for advertising services still exceeds supply, the market volume is growing by 25-30% annually. With a competent organization of the RA, there is every chance in the very first months to gain a decent client base and pay off. The profitability in this business reaches 18%. Agencies can earn money from advertising in the media through discounts given to them by publishers and TV companies, ”says Iness Fraas.

“Showcase business is a new, not yet widespread type of activity that can bring real and big money. After all, every season the windows are updated, their appearance also changes for the holidays, respectively, there will always be work. The provision of services can be carried out on a prepayment basis, and the purchase of materials can be made as needed.

To organize an exit car service, you will need a car to transport equipment and consumables. Equipment - a jack, a pump, a small vacuum cleaner, a compressor, a bed on casters and hand tools. The demand for the services of an exit car service will probably be sufficient.

Another possible solution for starting a business is the production of fast food products, in particular popcorn. The easiest way to start making popcorn is to work from home. An equally popular area of ​​small businesses on the coast is the rental of sun loungers and beach accessories. It is highly competitive, seasonal and does not require large start-up investments that pay off in a season, ”says Iness Fraas.

According to Vladislav Varshavsky, a leading specialist in the investment consulting department of ACG "Vash Sovetnik", $ 2,000 is not too much for starting your own business. “Most of the demanded areas of small business require an initial investment starting at 3.5 thousand dollars (and this is an extremely low level of investment),” he says. - You need to invest in the area in which you really understand (or so you think).

It is also worth noting that the key area of ​​investment should be those types and formats of activities in which hired labor will be used to a minimum and the work of the initiator of the business to the maximum. These areas can be trade, provision of paid services, agriculture. The ideal option may be mediation in the service sector. For example, by opening a point of sale for air and railway tickets or even several salons called “air tickets Ukraine”, united into a common network, all that remains is to gain a clientele.

In addition, it is recommended to provide for the fullest possible use of their own property, for example, if the applicant opens a service station and he has his own garage, then there is no point in renting a space for a service station on the side, it is reasonable to use your own asset to reduce the investment burden of the project ".

Note: Thanks to the large number of LED lighting equipment, it began to gain more and more opportunities and show familiar things in an unusual light. The main of all this equipment can be called LED rulers - this is a flexible enough tool in order to brighten furniture, display windows, jewelry in a jewelry store, glass ceiling and much more.

How to start your own business. Seven Secret Steps

List of the best small business business ideas in Ukraine for aspiring entrepreneurs. How to start your business in Ukraine? The choice of the field of activity.

Business for 1000 dollars - how realistic is it in Ukraine? Now more and more people are looking for opportunities to realize their own business - in the village, in the city (at home on the Internet, in the garage, at school, etc.). But is it appropriate to call an activity limited by such a very small amount of start-up investments a business and how great are the chances of future commercial success in this case?

In the previous super popular article - Business for $ 2,000 - we have already identified the potential of the relevant capital opportunities, as well as the most popular and most profitable (which is not always the same) areas of activity. As it turned out, if you have $ 2021, there is a fairly wide range of options for starting your own business.

However, having 25 - 30 thousand rn. (which is approximately equivalent to $ 1,000), the choice is already limited only by earning opportunities, but not a full-fledged entrepreneurial business.

If we are talking about opening a small trade business (for example, a point of sale of children's clothes), then 1,000 US dollars is too little amount to purchase a stock.

If we are considering a business in the service sector (for example, cleaning services, where, it would seem, at first you can limit yourself to buying the cheapest household chemicals) - such funds will also not be enough to pull the provision of services.

When exploring the possibility of starting a manufacturing business at home (for example, making souvenirs), it becomes clear that even the most modest set of tools, equipment and consumables cannot be purchased for $ 1,000.

Besides all this, any business requires the obligatory coverage of many small expenses; these associated petty costs often exceed $ 1,000 in and of themselves.

Thus, talking about a full-fledged business in most cases is not possible. However, below we will nevertheless consider several exceptional investment options that have the potential to lead not only to a profitable business, but also to the possibility of its further scaling and growth.

It should be noted that with the budget we are considering, it is not possible to talk about the implementation of some original business ideas. The reason is that ambitious and outstanding projects (startups) in their lion's share require completely different amounts, in our article, the investment options under consideration fit into the framework of typical and formatted entrepreneurial activity.

• Online store on dropshipping

• Foreign language courses

• Study abroad

Small Town Small Business Ideas

Business ideas in Ukraine for beginners with small investments

Many citizens of our country began to engage in entrepreneurial activities. This allows them to make more money and improve their well-being. To open a successful business, it is not necessary to invest huge start-up capital in it. Using promising business ideas in Ukraine for beginners with small investments, collected in this article, you can start a profitable business literally from scratch.

Receiving scrap metal

This is one of the most profitable small business ideas in Ukraine in 2021, which is often paid attention to by aspiring entrepreneurs. Before doing such a business, you need to carefully analyze the market in your locality in order to assess the level of competition. This will help you understand whether it is worth starting such a business or maybe it is better to look for another idea.

Of course, in order to do such a thing, certain financial investments are required. But if you manage to properly organize the work of the reception center, they will pay off in the shortest possible time.

This business can become quite profitable if the work is properly organized. At the initial stage, you can cope on your own, in the future, you can hire assistants.

The scrap metal collection point can be set up in the garage or in another room.

Well drilling

It is worth noting that this is a seasonal business that brings good profits from April to July. Sometimes orders arrive before the very cold. This service is not cheap. If you execute 10 orders per month, you can return all initial investments in one season without any problems and reach a net income.

In order to do such a business, it is necessary to purchase special equipment and conduct a competent advertising campaign to attract customers.

Frameless furniture manufacturing

Growing roses from cuttings

This is a profitable and very beautiful small business idea from scratch in Ukraine. This field of activity is highly profitable. There are several secrets that allow you to grow roses in just 2 months. If you apply this method, you can bring this idea to life for a small business without investing on your balcony.

Its essence lies in the use of growth stimulants. Ready cuttings should be soaked for a day in a solution of heteroauxin. Two such pills will cost you $ 1. After 15 days, the cuttings take root, and after 50 days they release buds. Growing roses in this way is a great idea for a girl with minimal investment in a small town, which does not require large specialized investments or special knowledge.

You can do this and see the results. At the initial stage, it is not worth growing many flowers, try to do it for yourself. If you are lucky, you can develop this business idea.

Gabion production

One quality gabion of standard sizes (6x2x0.5) costs 850 hryvnia. Its cost is approximately 400 hryvnia. To manufacture such products, you will need a galvanized gabion mesh and a minimum set of tools. The finished gabion can be filled with rubble, gravel, sandstone or wood.

Before starting to implement this business idea with small investments in Ukraine in 2021, you need to develop a business plan and roughly calculate the costs. To promote your products, use online advertising. You can create your own website with which you will attract customers. You can also order outdoor advertising on billboards. It will cost you 2-4 thousand rubles.

Wall paneling production

Such building material is always in great demand. This is not a new business idea for Ukraine, but, despite this, such a business can bring good profits. The largest investment is the purchase of equipment.

A small home lining business is a great idea. The cost of raw materials for the production of this material is low, so you can offer consumers cheap products.

A small production line allows the production of 35 square meters in one day. meters of lining. If you sell all products at 40 hryvnia per square meter, you can earn up to 40 thousand hryvnia per month. As can be seen from practice, small businesses are quickly becoming self-sufficient and on a larger scale. If you can't decide which business you can open with minimal investment in 2021, try to implement this simple but promising idea of ​​earning money.


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