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Hello everyone! Something we have lately with you only about China and talking about online stores and do not think about those who are interested in the service sector. But my first small business projects were tied exactly to services and they were all profitable.

Business in the service sector has a number of advantages over other business projects, it can be started quickly, and we’ll talk about this in this article. And also I will tell you what services I was engaged in.

Everyone has some kind of knowledge and skills that other people may need. Someone knows English, and someone understands plumbing work, someone knows how to make websites, and someone knows how to repair phones, and so on. We all know how to help others and you can earn money on this. You may not be able to do any of the above, but you can organize activities and find clients, which means find people with the skills you need and work with them for a percentage! There is always a way out!

Benefits of a Service Business

Quick start. You do not need to purchase goods and rent space for warehouses, you just need a computer with Internet access and an office if you need one. We'll talk about how to start quickly below.

Less investment. Again, you do not need to spend money on goods and much more. If you provide services yourself, then you only spend your time and a little money on advertising your services. Accordingly, the niche test is cheaper.

Big run-up in price. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. You can set any price for your services, but basically you will set the average market price.

It's easier to keep the client. If in the business of selling goods, a client can go to a competitor only because of a low price, then in services you can focus on quality. If you do better, then the client is unlikely to leave you.

What services to provide?

As I said, what you can do. This can be equipment repair, courier services, law, accounting, website and application development, design, photo and video services, event organization, consulting, sales and promotion, household services (electrician, plumber, dry cleaning, etc.). .), search for information, search for loans and other offers, auto repair, language learning and much more!

I, for example, was engaged in website development (not myself, but as an activity organizer), setting up contextual advertising, helping to sell something, finding clients for design and video services, administering sites, organizing entertainment events, search for goods and suppliers. That's all I remember so far, maybe something else)

How to start a service business quickly

I hope that you have already decided on the service and now you need to advertise it. Now I will not suggest any non-standard approaches like viral videos and so on, we will follow a simple path in order to check "if it flies, it won't fly."

Business ideas in the service sector

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What are some lucrative service business ideas? Nobody can answer the question about the profitability of a particular business idea. You yourself must try and understand whether this business is profitable or a low-profit venture. What are the advantages of a service business? Firstly, this type of business does not require large financial investments. This is an essential factor for budding entrepreneurs on a budget. The second plus is that a person who decides to organize a business in the service sector does not need to spend time on training. Surely each of you already knows something, you just need to competently sell your services to other people for money. A properly organized service business has every chance of becoming successful. I wish you a quick profit!

Every year there are more and more government programs aimed at supporting small businesses, so it becomes easier to start your own business. Now almost everyone has such an opportunity, all that remains is to come up with what you want to make money on and implement your plans.

If you are looking for business ideas that do not require investment, then perhaps a job as an event organizer is suitable for you.

Clients will appear, you will rent premises, hire presenters, decorate rooms, plan menus and an entertainment program. For such work, you need the Internet, a telephone, a notebook with a pen and a desire to make money.

Such personal qualities as punctuality and responsibility will not harm. Over time, you will have useful connections, and it will become much easier to work, and your business in the service sector without investment will begin to flourish.

Along with this earnings, it will be possible to negotiate with some restaurants and hosts about a percentage for recommending their services to their customers. Income per month will be on average - 500-700 dollars.

Event Management

To start an event management business, it is desirable to have vocal skills, communication skills and presentable appearance. With all this, you will be able to lead weddings and celebrations, just know how to entertain guests.

If you have a talent for communicating with children, then you can conduct children's birthday parties, here, too, it's all about knowing the techniques for relieving guests from boredom.

Subtleties: often the presenter works in tandem with a DJ who has microphones and appropriate equipment to adjust the sound and turn on the music. If you find a DJ with collaboration equipment, the number of clients will increase significantly. Income per month - 350-500 dollars.


This business without investments from scratch directly depends on your specific skills and knowledge. Starting your own business selling your own knowledge can be successful and expensive.

Consulting in fashion, finance, law, health, and any other area you are familiar with can generate substantial income.

Real Estate Agent

Every aspiring entrepreneur should know that you can always start a business from scratch with no money. That is, a newbie in business does not need huge sums to start a business, only a few start-up investments will be enough, and sometimes you can do without them altogether. At the same time, it is important to understand that about 90% of start-up businessmen fail in the first year, but starting a business over and over again, an entrepreneur will gain the necessary experience, and sooner or later he will achieve the desired success.

[note] Of course, those who start their own business without large investments have minimal financial risks. At the same time, starting a business does not require compulsory education, as is necessary in most professions. Thus, you can achieve financial success without spending many years on training and without even having a huge amount of money. [/ note]

Starting a business from scratch with no money: where to start?

It is important for novice businessmen to understand that you should never invest absolutely all your money in an started business project. It always takes a certain amount to endure a period of possible failure. Therefore, if we talk about funds for starting a business and living during this period, they can be obtained in several ways:

How to start a business without money: practical tips for newbies

[tip] In order to substantiate your own business, it is worth finding out which niche in business is popular now and can bring good dividends, as well as where a potential entrepreneur can be most successful. [/ tip] For example, if a person has the skills to play the guitar, he can start by teaching, and posting his lessons in the form of video courses, you can sell them on the Internet, spending a minimum of effort. It is also important to determine the availability of the necessary resources to start your business. For example, if a person sets himself the goal of repairing computers and installing software, he should make sure that he has the appropriate equipment, free space, as well as acquaintances who can apply for such services.

In any case, experienced businessmen advise every beginner to draw up a thorough business plan before entering the business arena, which will include a description of the services provided, how they are advertised, the amount of possible costs and the desired profitability in the foreseeable future. Knowing how to open a business without money, you can first advertise yourself through word of mouth, as a result of which the first clients will most likely be relatives, friends and acquaintances. At the same time, it is important to understand: if the quality of the work performed or the services provided is at a high level, and the approach to work will cover not only commercial benefits, but also the desire to win the trust of customers, the business has great chances of success.

In addition, it is worth asking if any of your acquaintances or friends have anyone who has already succeeded in business. If so, and this person is ready to become a partner or just coordinate you at the beginning of his development in business, things will go faster and more successfully. In general, a partnership with the right distribution of functions is a good chance to achieve success in the intended area.

Start a business from scratch with no money The most successful business ideas without money

[important] This list of ideas for starting a business is literally out of nothing at all. The most important thing that is needed here is initiative, entrepreneurship, creativity, as well as possession of some skill that can be useful to others. [/ important] So a small business of your own can eventually turn into something bigger. It is worth remembering that many successful people of this world started from scratch, often without a lot of money or proper experience. But their success stories show that everyone can succeed in business, regardless of the amount of starting capital and start a business from scratch without money.

  • 1 Home Services
  • 2 Intermediary Services
  • 3 YouTube Channel
  • 4 Working as a photographer
  • 5 Freelance
  • 6 Consulting
  • 7 Online Tutoring
  • 8 Newbie from scratch

There are quite a few business ideas that you can start from scratch with little or no investment:

Home Services

Home Services. Learning to provide quality services is not as difficult as it seems. This can be done using various Internet resources.

Having learned how to provide the selected service, you can ask someone you know to tell us what you can do and how much it costs.

They will start to contact you for the service, and you will receive a net profit. You will not spend a dime on training and advertising, but you will have your own business, albeit a very small one.

Intermediary Services

Intermediary services. In some cities, there are organizations that select the tutors they need for school students.

The broker gets paid for helping to find a tutor, but he himself did not pay anyone anything. He made a net profit.

Online stores are also intermediaries. They are a trading platform for sellers and buyers to meet, and they themselves receive a percentage of the sale of goods.

YouTube Channel

YouTube channel. Today this business is very popular.

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