Business ideas from scratch in Ukraine in 2021

Every successful businessman has started a small business from scratch. Ideas for entrepreneurship in Ukraine never end, because the country is only at the beginning of the path to develop the sphere of selling goods and providing services. Therefore, in front of purposeful people there is an unpaved field for the implementation of original business projects.

Extremely limited budget for organizing a business is not a reason to abandon the development of profitable business ideas. Of course, in addition to the availability of start-up capital, entrepreneurship in the field of small business requires a considerable amount of effort and time. But, as practice shows, it is quite possible to open a business in Ukraine without initial capital. How to organize your own business without significant financial costs and what are the most promising business ideas in Ukraine from scratch, you will learn in this article.

Training and tutoring

At first, it is not necessary to spend money on renting premises and attracting specialists. Usually, it is enough to have extraordinary ability in one of the above areas, building a client base by posting relevant ads in the media.

Organization of holidays

Turnkey Holidays are quite a profitable business in Ukraine. The idea will be of interest primarily to open, positive, creative and communicative individuals.

Courier and delivery services

Organizing a courier service and delivering private orders are great ideas. There is not so much business in Ukraine from scratch in this area. Moreover, organizing a profitable business in this case is only possible with a mobile phone with a city map. When fulfilling orders, you can move around both by your own car and by public transport.

Such services are valued primarily for their high speed. Therefore, you will have to study the city in advance, thinking over the best routes. In general, it is the knowledge of the area that is the main requirement in this business.

Business ideas in the village

First, a person has a desire to start his own business, all other actions are arbitrary from this desire. The reasons can be different - unemployment, low wages, unwillingness to work for someone. After making a decision, the next step is to choose an idea.

Small business in Ukraine has many directions, among the variety of which a beginner can get lost. How to make money during the crisis from scratch? Experts recommend choosing profitable niches in which a potential businessman is well versed or wants to develop seriously. Also an important stage is the relevance of the idea for a specific region and the study of consumer demand.

What business is relevant in Ukraine in the year?

In order to find out which business is relevant and profitable in 2021, just walk the streets or study the catalog of franchises in Ukraine. In any city, you will find lucrative stalls, mobile stalls, grocery stores, mini coffee shops, fast food outlets, pharmacies, gas stations and car services. These are the most extensive niches in the Ukrainian market in 2021. The crises that the country's economy is periodically exposed to come and go, but people still want to eat, get sick and go to pharmacies, repair and refuel cars, and look for a variety of entertainment.

An advantage for beginners who have not previously been registered as entrepreneurs is the operation of employment centers, which provide initial capital for the development of their own business (the size depends on the length of service) and provide benefits when opening an individual entrepreneur.

It is also worth considering the current problems faced by both beginners and experienced businessmen:

Small investment business ideas in Ukraine

If you dream of working for yourself, but do not have the technical skills to conduct business processes, it is recommended to start with an idea that does not require large investments. This way you can insure yourself against financial losses. Having gained experience and having studied the chosen niche, it will be possible to think about larger-scale projects and ideas. We bring to your attention several new profitable business ideas with minimal investment that do not require special education.

Food delivery

In Western countries, the delivery sphere in 2021 is overflowing with competitors, unlike Ukraine. Some organizations operate in large cities, but it cannot be called a filled sphere, so this is a promising direction for beginners. At the same time, you can occupy one segment (delivery of pizza, sushi, Ukrainian national dishes) or touch on a wider range of offers.

This business idea does not require large investments and is based on the delivery of food from restaurants and cafes or on the sale of meals to offices. The disadvantage of this direction is consumer preferences - most Ukrainians go to the store on their own in the old fashioned way for food. But smart marketing can change these biases.

Business in Ukraine is going through a period of active development today. It is not easy to join this niche because of the great competition. But if a person is tired of the constant dependence on the employer, the fear of giving up without a job and a stable income, then you need to start your own business immediately.

A good incentive would be that, according to statistics, most successful businessmen started their business from scratch. If you read the stories of successful people, then at the beginning they had nothing for their souls except an idea and a desire to work. Examples include Cock Chanel, Stephen Jobs, Mary Kay Ash, Daniel Swarovski, Henry Ford. Today there are various business ideas from scratch in Ukraine and they cover all spheres of human life and activities. Let's consider the most interesting options.

Business ideas without investment

There is an opinion that colossal investments of money are required to start a business. And yet, this is not entirely true. And you need to start not with financial injections, but with the search for an attractive and profitable business idea from scratch in Ukraine. There are a lot of such ideas, and all you need to invest is time, a great desire to work and your skills. Here creative people find themselves, who often find themselves in a difficult material situation.

If you have talent and know how to do something interesting, you can use the following ideas:

  • copywriting. It is suitable for those who know how to express thoughts beautifully and write them down correctly. To work, in addition to skill, you need a computer with Internet access, perseverance and free time;
  • photo and video shooting. An event rarely does without a professional photographer, so if you have the ability to capture an interesting shot, have the necessary equipment, you can safely offer such services. The search for potential customers can be carried out via the Internet, ads, word of mouth;
  • animator. This is the most suitable activity for you if you love and know how to organize holidays, invent and conduct creative activities and just love to amuse people;
  • website development and computer services. Here you cannot do without special knowledge, skills and abilities, but if you have them, you can make good money on this;
  • tutoring can bring good profits, especially if you specialize in popular subjects (foreign language, mathematics );
  • repair. This can be the repair of anything - home, appliances, plumbing, furniture, clothing. Good craftsmen are always worth their weight in gold;
  • “husband for an hour” is a popular service nowadays, because not every house has a man about whom one can say that he is a jack of all trades.

There are many business ideas that do not require an initial investment. They are based on what a person can do best. It is clear that one cannot do without financial investments at all, but they are so minimal that they can be ignored.

Be ready to work without rest, you will have to give up TV, social networks and even forget about bad habits. Do not stand still - constantly develop, learn something new, improve yourself. Get carried away with psychology, because a successful businessman cannot do without it. And, most importantly, set a specific goal for yourself.

Business ideas with minimal investment

Business ideas from scratch in Ukraine with minimal investment is another way to self-actualize for those who do not want to work "for an uncle." Financial investments bring profit faster, the money turnover is slightly higher than in the first case. A small business is more convenient than a large one, if only because in any case it is possible to “roll up the fishing rods” quickly and with less losses.

There are many interesting ideas that office workers, students, retirees, mothers on maternity leave and businessmen can implement. Here are some interesting ideas:

  • the cultivation of exotic plants in Ukraine is quite a promising occupation due to climatic conditions. The cost of one plant varies between $ 30 and $ 80. ... To make a profit, you need to plan costs, find sales channels (at first, sales can be done via the Internet) Over time, it will be possible to grow large numbers of plants in the greenhouse;
  • provision of cleaning services. You can provide cleaning services for your home, office, or organize a whole company. For work, it will be necessary to purchase equipment and professional chemistry. The payback of such a business is 11-1.5 years;
  • resale of goods. Online shopping is becoming more popular, people appreciate the benefits of such shopping, and it becomes a habit. You can sell anything from food to cars. One of the conditions for effective sales is the cost of the product - it should be cheaper than in offline stores or on the market;
  • a car repair shop is a great idea for those who deal with car repairs. The competition, however, is tough, but if you provide quality services and slightly lower prices, then there will be no end of customers.

It is necessary to invest in business wisely, and it does not matter what amount we are talking about. You need to choose the business that you like. The chosen niche must be carefully studied, all costs must be calculated, all risks and the level of payback must be examined. It's not worth starting your own business without a competent business plan.

Many people who want to do business refuse such an undertaking because they do not have start-up capital. But after all, some successful businessmen promoted their business from small and achieved great success. In this article, we will look at the most popular business ideas from scratch in Ukraine that can be implemented without large financial investments.

Online Learning

If you are looking for profitable business ideas from scratch in Ukraine in 2021, try organizing training courses via Skype. This service is very popular among modern network users, so this business has great prospects.

When you have a lot of clients, you can expand your business. To do this, you should rent an office and hire several assistants. The most important thing is that they are specialists in your chosen direction and can provide quality services.


Unique items made in a single copy are always in great demand. For example, lovers of exclusiveness are ready to pay several thousand dollars for hand-woven carpets.

Various interior items, souvenirs, soft toys or knitwear can be sold on the Internet on specialized sites and get good money for it. Such a business does not require large investments, since usually various original things are made from scrap materials. This idea is perfect for those who want to start a business from scratch in Ukraine. If you do not have any skills, you can attend several master classes on home handicrafts or take training in special courses.

Tour Operator

Ethnic and ecological tourism has recently become very popular. People are ready to pay good money to enjoy communion with nature and experience all the delights of rural life. If you love to travel and know all the best places to stay, you can safely go into this business.

Beauty salon at home

Clients who do not have the opportunity or time to visit beauty salons often order such a service at home. If you are interested in how to start a business from scratch in Ukraine, organize a mobile team of hairdressers, nail designers, makeup artists and masseurs.

Growing mushrooms

If you buy ready-made mushroom blocks, the profitability of the business will be at the level of 70-80%. Self-cultivation of mycelium increases this indicator to 100-150%. One kilogram of mushrooms costs 30–35 hryvnia. Oyster mushroom is sold at 15-30 hryvnia per 1 kilogram. One oyster mushroom block gives 4.5 kg of harvest. If you buy 50 mushroom blocks and sell mushrooms at 25 hryvnia per 1 kg, you can earn 5-6 thousand hryvnia per month. This idea of ​​a small business from scratch in Ukraine allows you to make good profits without investing large funds.


Do you want to open a new business in Ukraine that brings good profit? If you have some kind of professional knowledge, you can take up training. Small tutorials have become very popular lately, so you can make good profits quickly.

Before starting, you need to carefully study consumer demand in order to correctly form the training concept. For example, you can give a lecture for aspiring entrepreneurs about new ideas for business in Ukraine in 2021. After you have prepared all the necessary materials and draw up a training plan, you can start looking for trainees. In addition, you need to rent a suitable space, which can comfortably accommodate everyone. The money for renting the hall can be taken from the prepayment that registered participants make before the training.

Online store

In the list of business ideas from scratch in Ukraine in 2021, you can find many projects working according to the "buy in bulk - sell at retail" scheme. In order to open a regular retail outlet, you will need large start-up capital, so many entrepreneurs are moving their business to the Internet.

It is most profitable to sell shoes, clothes and household appliances on the Internet. To quickly reach a net profit, you need to constantly replenish the assortment of goods and regularly expand it. At first, almost all of the profit will be spent on promoting the store and attracting customers. If you do not have money to buy goods, at first you can start working according to the dropshipping scheme. To do this, it is enough to find a supplier of inexpensive goods, agree on cooperation and start reselling them at higher prices. A business without investment in a small town is quite real. If you are looking to make money, there are sure to be ways how you can do it.

Insulation services for residential buildings

Due to the increase in heating tariffs, many Ukrainians have begun to pay more attention to energy saving. In this regard, among the new ideas for business in Ukraine, another area of ​​activity has appeared - the provision of services for the insulation of residential buildings. In order to implement such a project, you will need a thermal imager and several craftsmen who specialize in facade insulation.

Offer customers thermal imaging services for buildings. If shortcomings are identified, recommend them a team of specialists who can fix them. For this, you will receive your percentage of the total cost of the work. Given the high demand for such a service, you can safely rely on the fact that you will quickly collect start-up capital and find other business ideas in Ukraine in 2021 that will allow you to significantly increase your income.


To attract your first customers, set low prices for all services. Over time, as people find out about your business, you can gradually change the pricing policy. Do not forget that the cost of services must fully correspond to their quality. For the purchase of furniture, equipment and cosmetics you will need about 90 thousand hryvnia. A successful startup will pay off in just 3-4 months. If you serve 20 people daily with an average check of 250 hryvnia, you can earn up to 150 thousand hryvnia per month. Of these, 45 thousand hryvnia is a net income. Before starting such a business, consult with experienced entrepreneurs who will tell you how to start a hairdressing salon from scratch step by step with minimal investment.

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