Business ideas from scratch in Belarus: overview, features and recommendations

One of the most effective ways to tangibly improve the level of prosperity in Belarus is to implement a good small business idea. What kind of business to do in the Republic of Belarus is a question that does not have an unambiguous answer. The choice largely depends on the preferences, location and start-up capital of a particular person. But the good news is that there are enough ideas to start a business for people with different levels of resources.

Prospective directions

The catalog of ideas for business in the Republic of Belarus includes many profitable areas. If we analyze them, we can identify several promising segments. These are the following business categories:

  • Repair and construction works. New shopping centers, clubs and residential buildings are constantly being built in Belarus. Interior furnishing services also do not lose their relevance. For this reason, you can make good money by starting a construction company. The main thing in this area is to establish oneself as a reliable professional. If the work is completed on time, the buildings are erected without constant delays and the quality is at the level, then there will be no problems with clients. The advantage of such a business is that it is also suitable for small towns.
  • Light industry enterprises. By producing clothes, essential goods and food, you can reach a decent financial level. These product groups will always be in demand. With good quality against the background of a reasonable price, you can get a stable flow of orders. It is worth remembering that by producing goods in Belarus, it can be successfully sold to neighboring states.
  • Wholesale and retail trade. Chain stores, wholesalers and individual outlets can provide a steady income even in difficult times. For business development, it is important to correctly analyze demand, make test purchases and then invest in the most popular products. You can start with a small specialized store - a retail outlet, in which, for example, only tea and coffee is presented, but in a large assortment. Other areas can also attract the attention of buyers: cheese, fish, meat, etc.

Before starting a business, it is important to write a business plan, which should record all costs, sources of profit and the planned level of the latter. That is, you need to translate possible risks, drawdowns and investments into specific numbers.

If you do not take into account force majeure and draw up a strategy solely from the position of success, you can lose money and get out of business with debt. Therefore, when planning a profit, you must always consider both the basic costs and unexpected costs.

In addition to the main directions, it is worth considering specific ideas for a business from scratch in Belarus.

Clean water

This product will always be needed by people, because now more and more citizens care about their health and the condition of their children. This fact means that people agree to spend money on good quality water.

There are several ways to use this facet of demand for making money:

  • Points for the sale of drinking water. They can be placed on the streets, in special stalls, or used square meters of shops, concluding a lease agreement. Such an idea for a business from scratch in Belarus is a good start, if only for the reason that bottled water is significantly cheaper than bottled water. Moreover, the quality is sometimes even higher.
  • Install filters. The sale of water treatment equipment with subsequent installation is a promising business, especially in those cities or areas where old pipes are used. Not all people want to go or go somewhere to get clean water. For this reason, they often opt for filters. With a good service, fast, high-quality service, as well as an online store with a clear interface, such a business can bring a stable and high income.

“If only a businessman with a good grip is and business will go” - this can be heard often, especially at training seminars for newcomers who have just joined the ranks of the business or are about to start their own business from scratch. But it’s just a good businessman who understands that grip is by no means enough to get things going. What are the most important steps of a novice entrepreneur, where to start - about this in our article.

Starting with an idea

Oh, yes. And here you will most likely have to choose between what you like and what is really profitable, and this does not always coincide. Start from how you would answer the question "why do I need this?" (for example, to achieve financial independence, simply from having nothing to do, or maybe in order to try something new, etc.), and everything will immediately become easier.

Of course, it's best to choose a business for yourself.

For example, if you are a good seamstress, then you can consider the option of your own atelier, if a housewife and at the same time an excellent cook, then you should think about your cafe or something smaller, if your life and passion are computer games, then quite a business will be your own internet club. There are many options, depending on what you like.

Ideally, what you love to do in everyday life can be turned into a profitable business. But do not get a fever, do not decide everything in a day or two. If you live, say, in Minsk, walk around the city, shop, look around, analyze. Ask yourself a question: what is lacking in the capital, what could be in demand?

If possible, drop by local authorities, talk to officials or their entourage. They know exactly what goods or services are in abundance in the city, and which ones are in short supply.

True, such an option is not excluded, when you will be told directly that your business is undesirable. For example, officials may have their own views on something, or just someone else should do the same thing as you want.

So if you can test the waters, go ahead.

Start your own business by identifying the needs of the community.

Forming an idea into a business plan

Such a business has many advantages, which are explained by the availability of its organization.

How to start a business in Belarus from scratch: first steps, taxes, requirements

Some of the main ones should be mentioned:

  • no need to rent or buy a large space. For example, 1 sq. square meter can contain up to broilers. And when keeping birds in cages, they can be placed in several tiers one above the other;

Remote trading

What business is profitable to do in Belarus?

The structure of the Belarusian economy is quite complex, so every entrepreneur who is engaged in private business has to face a lot of difficulties. The fact is that most of the industries are owned by the state, so it is almost impossible for a private entrepreneur to break into these areas of activity.

What is the most promising business in Belarus?

However, a promising business in Belarus can be established if you choose the right and appropriate direction of activity. To do this, you should either engage in trade or provide customers with various services.

What business is profitable to do in Belarus in a small town?

Recently, I have received personal messages with questions about what types of business can still be opened in Belarus, based on the European experience.

Or, to put it simply, they often ask "What other French business can be adopted and adapted for Belarus, so that you can make money?"

There are actually a lot of ideas - there would be a desire to implement them!

In today's post I will outline some of those that were born to me in literally an hour of reflection (fortunately, I notice many things).

So, I will not torment the reader, I will move on to the list of unoccupied niches for business in Belarus!

Unoccupied niches in Belarus

Express photo booth

Booths of a banal express photo, which are in every French supermarket, as well as in other public places (at train stations, in shopping centers, and so on).

The principle is simple, as in working with other vending machines: he came up, threw a coin, sat in a booth, according to the instructions, placed his face in a special frame and voila - get a photo for documents. Five minutes of business and zero employees. Self service, convenience. Put it in a busy place - and earn.

Photo printing machines

Previously, all over France (as now in Belarus) there were points, shops and stalls for printing photographs and providing other photographic services to the population. Nowadays, they are actively stagnating and closing down due to the massive appearance of devices for printing photographs. These devices, like the booths from the previous paragraph, are installed in crowded places.

The principle of using them is simple: I came up, inserted my media into a special hole (and this could be a disk, and a flash drive and a memory card), chose a photo for printing, format, color, brightness, frame and other bells and whistles , and having paid in cash or by card, sent to print.

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Ideas for business from scratch in Belarus". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

Business ideas from scratch in Belarus

Many entrepreneurs who are thinking about starting a business in Belarus are wondering what are the advantages of doing business here compared to neighbors in the European Union and Russia. Belarus is a relatively small country located practically in the center of Europe. The market capacity in Belarus is not as large as, for example, in Russia, but the country's location in the Customs Union allows using the advantages of this association to promote goods and services to the markets of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan. At the same time, the availability of colossal raw material opportunities for the CU partners, as well as the relative cheapness of labor, makes it possible to produce high-quality and inexpensive goods for the EU countries.

Business ideas for small businesses in Belarus, as well as for any other post-Soviet country, are in the field of trade, services and production. Let's try, taking into account the peculiarities of the country, to answer the question of which business is the most profitable in Belarus.

Trade can hardly be regarded as an idea for a small business in Belarus with minimal investment. This is primarily due to the need to have significant working capital for the purchase of goods. But the start-up costs of $ 5,000– $ 10,000 cannot be considered excessive.

Despite the constant development and expansion of the supermarket chain, there remains a fairly wide niche in Belarus for small stores inside residential areas and in rural areas.

Of course, the problem of renting premises for opening a store is quite acute in big cities. If the location of the “retail outlet” is not chosen correctly, the lease can eat up all the potential profit. However, there is still a shortage of specialized outlets for the sale of exclusive goods in the country. The proximity of the EU, in the presence of established relations with suppliers of goods from Europe, allows quite successfully to trade in very expensive products "for an amateur".

Gourmet cheeses, elite varieties of tea and coffee, as well as some meat products and fish will always be in demand among wealthy residents of Belarus. Online shopping and dropshipping remain promising areas of commerce, despite rather fierce competition.

How to start your business in Belarus from scratch. Let's make a reservation "from scratch" does not mean that there are no costs for registering a business. You will not be able to work for a long time "on black" in Belarus. Paying taxes is an unpleasant but necessary obligation. The fiscal authorities are working properly.

Providing services is the most effective answer to the question of how to open your business from scratch in Belarus. But to provide services, you need to have certain knowledge and skills. Here are just a few ideas for a business from scratch in Belarus:

If you have the opportunity to invest a little money in organizing your own business, then your choice of which business is profitable to do in Belarus is significantly expanding. First of all, this concerns the opening of roadside catering outlets. Their saturation of the road network of Belarus is still insufficient, and the peculiarities of the transit country make such a business very promising.

The opening of hotels for pets on the outskirts of large cities allows you to have a stable income throughout the year. The same applies to veterinary pharmacies. The complex registration system for such pharmacies pays off very quickly.

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