Business ideas from Europe; a selection of the best, creative projects

Business ideas from Europe: top ideas for March

Another unusual vending trade. sets of rolls! Japanese cuisine is very popular, but you can order rolls in Russia only in cafes and sushi bars.

But in Europe there are already special machines for the sale of rolls.

Best Business Ideas from USA and Western Europe-

We take the jeans we like to the cashier, and if they don't fit, we throw them into a special hole.

Eyewitnesses (see video below) say that walking around such a store is a pleasure, demand is high, and several competing companies have already become interested in Shurabur's know-how.

To try on the model you like, you can download the mobile application from Hointer, scan the QR code, specify the desired size.

Very quickly, the smartphone will receive information about which of the booths already contains the item you have chosen for fitting!

We take the jeans we like to the cashier, and if they don't fit, we throw them into a special hole. Eyewitnesses (see video below) claim that walking through such a store is a pleasure, demand is high, and several competing companies have already become interested in Shurabur's know-how.

Disadvantage - it can only work during the summer.

If you want to get more profit from it, then organize it at some popular resort. But the activity of the closed park will be carried out all year round. You need to understand that artificial conditions can quickly bore visitors.

Therefore, it needs to be periodically upgraded and supplemented with new products.

The idea will be able to pay off in about two years.

European-style business: the most promising business ideas

It is possible, of course, that there are already hygge things in the house, but it is important to find them in time, and also to use them correctly.

Best Business Ideas from USA and Western Europe-

“I want to convey to people a simple thing: nothing is free in this life”

This venture has one more plus - from the point of view of PR, Georgina's idea is simply priceless.

The most promising business ideas from America

Consider the most popular ideas from the United States. American business ideas are mainly aimed at factors:

  • positive growth dynamics of economic sectors.
  • providing the population with work, that is, employment;
  • replenishing the state budget treasury;
  • developing the social sphere;
Despite the fact that America has a growing national debt and remains a prosperous country.

And this is mainly due to the good development of the country's business structure. Everyone has mobile phones - both children and adults.

And there are practically no mobile applications designed for children.

Fresh Business Ideas - Real Small Business Ideas

Don't forget about the classic ones. In Russia, it is becoming more and more difficult to surprise anyone with a car rental.

Companies for the rental of such cars are found in cities with. A small group of wealthy people from Holland decided to make the world a little better by creating a project that helps build houses from garbage.

It's not necessary to use startups. You can just take business ideas from Europe that have been tested by foreign consumers, but have not yet been used in our country, slightly adapt them to Russian reality, and - here's a ready-made, excellent, and, most importantly, new business idea.

By the way, it is business ideas from Europe that are especially popular among our compatriots. The United States, Canada are a little further away, the mentality there is not somewhat different than ours, as in European countries, but at times differs from the Russian one. But even in spite of this, business ideas from America also find their application in Russia.

By the way, new small businesses in Europe allow citizens of those countries to achieve some real result in entrepreneurship. While in our country it is mainly the wealthy people who are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, and the layer between these two classes, the "efforts" of our government, will apparently disappear altogether. However, it's time to move from words to deeds so that you move to a higher "league" as soon as possible. This overview of business ideas from Europe is composed of creative (in my opinion) projects that (again, in my opinion) should be relevant in our country. back to contents ↑

Vegetable and fruit processing

Those readers who closely follow the publications in the blog "Own Business" probably remember the article about the production of natural jam. Those who have not read it can familiarize themselves with it by clicking on the link. As a source of raw materials for jam, most manufacturers use fresh raw materials, purchasing it from farmers and individuals. But there is a way to significantly reduce your costs by using fruits that have lost their presentation, but are quite suitable for human consumption.

How long have you been to the supermarket? Surely not so much time has passed that you had time to forget how customers choose fruits and vegetables in the store, meticulously examining each item of goods. At the end of the working day, the most unsightly goods are often left, which they probably will not take the next day. They have only one way - to the trash can. But few people know that in order to somehow cover their costs associated with the loss of consumer properties of fruits and vegetables, retail chains sell this product to “their” people at half the price, or even lower.

Jam, jam, jam, canned vegetables in Russia are sometimes made from frankly rotten raw materials, while completely fresh fruits and vegetables are sent to the trash heap.

In Europe, this business is considered to be prosperous - entrepreneurs engaged in the processing of fruits and vegetables earn millions. Moreover, there are a lot of these products in Europe due to the ban on their import into our country (the Russian response to the economic sanctions of 2021). back to contents ↑

Ecological tourism

Forbidden to rest in Turkey, Egypt - the most popular resorts available to most Russians. The Crimean direction, I am sure, is no worse, but Crimea cannot accommodate everyone. In addition, unscrupulous businessmen are actively starting to use this, inflating prices "to heaven."

Therefore, tourists are now beginning to gradually change the direction of their holidays, going instead of south to east, west, or even north. I have already talked about ethno-tourism, which has become quite popular in the country. Knowing your "origins", of course, is good, but in Europe they began to pay more attention to outdoor recreation - the so-called ecotourism.

Ecotourism gives a person the opportunity to experience active rest, instead of pretty boring "felting" on the beaches, to test oneself "strength", to get a lot of new sensations. All that is needed is a developed route, of course, through interesting and simply beautiful places, of which there are more than enough in Russia, tourist equipment, and an experienced guide. Well, and, of course, advertising.

In this regard, our compatriots are even better than the Europeans, the territory of their countries cannot be compared with ours. For many Europeans, a trip outside the city for several kilometers is already considered a "colossal" tourist trip.

There are entrepreneurs among Europeans whose grandiose ideas are of interest to Russian businessmen. They need to be worked on, but the end justifies the means. Further interesting business ideas from Europe that can be tailored to Russia.

Women's Repair Team

This idea came from England. The main idea is that female builders are neat, tidy and punctual, unlike male colleagues.

Such a repair team inspires confidence among women customers. The minus of the enterprise is that in Russia there is a small percentage of girls who know how to perform carpentry, plastering, painting, and other finishing work.

Snow Ads

The British have managed to use winter precipitation for financial purposes. After one of the heavy snowfalls, part of the land was full of impressions advertised by the television channel Extreme. Russia is famous for its snowy winters, you can use this recipe for a business idea.

Unlimited Taxi Rides

The Germans and Swiss have jointly created Taxmobil, which provides unlimited travel for 48 euros per month. This relatively small amount of money will help the client of the company to forget about the hassle associated with moving by car and save on paying for gasoline, car wash and fines for violation of traffic rules. The disadvantages of this service are that it works within the city and on a prepaid basis.

Philips lights up

The company has launched wall panels with built-in LEDs. This innovative idea allows the room to "sparkle" with colorful patterns coming from the walls. A beautiful view is not the only advantage of the panels, it is also additional sound insulation, the choice of the lighting mode, the simulation of the image on the walls.

Cup Pizza

Especially for those who have to or prefer take-away, we thought about a convenient pizza with an unusual shape. This is an edible glass with a variety of fillings that can be prepared in minutes and is very convenient for a snack.

You will find out if business ideas popular in Europe can take root with us and how successful they will be. What areas for small businesses from the Old World can be promoted in Russia?

The fashion for small business is growing in Russia. Most business ideas are being introduced from abroad - from Europe and the USA.

How to choose the right idea, implement it, will it work in the Russian Federation and in the near abroad at all, and what mistakes beginner entrepreneurs make - read our article.

Why are some overseas business ideas different from domestic ones

The principles of organizing and conducting business differ from country to country. This is due to different economic development models, cultural differences and mental characteristics of the population.

These factors determine whether this or that product or service will be popular - how much it will be in demand among the local population.

For example, fast food is the most in demand in the United States. This is due to a number of reasons. First of all - the pace of life and culture of the population. Americans are a nation of entrepreneurs.

They constantly go about their business - business, study, sports, etc. Therefore, they do not always have time to cook at home or wait until they prepare an order in a restaurant. Everything is much faster in fast food, hence such a high popularity.

Western Europe has a high percentage of the population who eat only in cafes and restaurants. For example, in Holland it is cheaper to go to a restaurant than to buy groceries and cook food at home, so the restaurant business is well developed in this country.

Russia also has its own peculiarities that must be taken into account. The entrepreneur must adapt his business idea to the needs of the local population.

Can they take root here

Most of the business ideas in Russia and other post-Soviet republics came from abroad and began to be actively implemented in the 1990s - after the collapse of the USSR.

For a quarter of a century, fast foods, coffee shops, supermarkets, shopping centers, credit organizations, delivery services, etc. have appeared in the Russian Federation. All this came from Europe and the United States, transforming to meet the needs of the local market.

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