Business ideas for Moscow with minimal investment; TOP 15 ideas

Moscow is a huge city that continues to constantly upset and expand. With an increase in the population, there is an increase in the need for more goods and services. Therefore, there is a huge field of opportunities for doing business in Moscow. The only thing left to do is to come up with and implement an original idea that competitors have not yet thought of. Let's try to find such business ideas in Moscow that will bring maximum income. Consider for example:

  • Opening of a cafeteria for children.
  • Floating services.
  • Home delivery of household chemicals.
  • Canning to order.

Cafeteria for children

We propose to organize such an institution that will be aimed exclusively at the children's target audience and covering the entire range of services for children, that is, the presence of a play area with trampolines, labyrinths and dry pools, and the organization of children's events with a large assortment of children's kitchen.

Finding a room

It is necessary to treat the selection of premises for a children's cafe in an adult way, that is, think over everything to the last detail, given that the location of the institution will greatly affect the attendance, especially at first. The most interesting places will be areas near parks, children's institutions, schools. In addition, it is very important that the exit from the cafe is not on a street with busy traffic, but into a courtyard or a pedestrian square. Such precautions are needed to create the safety of children and serve as additional motivation for parents.

You should also not pay attention to business centers, where such establishments will definitely not be able to take root, the sleeping area will become an ideal place for a children's cafe.

The area of ​​the premises is also important. It should be noted that the institution should not be crowded. Main areas such as:

  • Wardrobe ;
  • area for quiet rest and eating;
  • bar;
  • playground; <
  • kitchen;
  • utility rooms.

According to sanitary standards, the area for one child should not be less than 1 sq. m., therefore, for an institution with 20-30 seats, the total area of ​​the institution will be about 70-80 sq. m and more, depending on how much space is required to organize the core.

Rent price for 1 sq. m. area in Moscow, depending on the area can vary from 1 to 5 thousand rubles.

Repair and purchase of necessary equipment

There are some peculiarities of introducing small business ideas for beginners in Moscow, represented by the following aspects:

  • Incredibly strong competition;
  • Rapid change of interests and needs of buyers (provided that we are talking about products, non-essential goods);
  • A good start is provided only for projects representing a new trend or creativity of thought;
  • The large territory of the capital is conditionally divided into districts that show their own characteristics and private needs, which are also worth focusing on.

An entrepreneur who decides to start a business in Moscow can get the following prospects:

  • Rapid payback of the enterprise;
  • Continuous increase in the active client base;
  • Exit to super profit and expansion of production.

What types of business can bring profit in Moscow

A profitable business in Moscow can be represented by a variety of ideas, but those that use the novelty and relevance of the offer are the most successful, since the city's market is already overflowing with everyday goods and services.

Workshop on artistic architectural painting

A large number of city residents want to make such repairs, which would not only remain in the top tendencies for a long time, but also be remembered by the guests of the house. In this aspect, the idea for a business in Moscow is very relevant, offering customers a service for interior, exterior painting or interior decoration.

This option is great for entrepreneurs:

  • With creativity;
  • With the ability to draw;
  • Stucco;
  • With the education or skills of a designer ...

It is believed that it is difficult to become a successful entrepreneur in the capital. The reasons are trivial: a high level of competition, expensive rental of premises, high development costs. But the possibilities of a big city are so great that all the shortcomings against their background are rapidly fading.

When you know what is the most profitable business in Moscow, it is easier to choose a win-win business idea in Moscow with minimal investment. We do not waste time and get to know them.

Organization of walking tours

The main city of Russia is annually visited by crowds of curious tourists. Usually, they are limited in length of stay. Therefore, they want to make it as interesting and active as possible.

There is a lucrative idea: for a fee to acquaint them with the history of the streets and sights while walking. We will assume that this project is practically a ready-made business in Moscow. At first, it does not require the cost of office and equipment, it does not require hiring staff. Of course, if you have a diploma in history / culture / philology. Not having one, you should not be upset, since you liked this business idea for beginners with minimal investment in 2021. There is always a way out.

How do I get started?

Official registration will provide an opportunity to publicly advertise activities, thereby attracting customers.

In the absence of proper education, it is necessary to go through remote info courses, and then get a license. This training will take about two months. Upon completion, a license is issued, after which the state is allowed to start work.

As an alternative to the point mentioned above, you can apply for a guide with the appropriate education as an employee. The work of such specialists is not included in the list of the highest paid professions in Moscow. But they quickly fill vacancies, and the owner of the sole proprietor is only at hand.

To advertise the company. In order for tourists to learn about the services of the company, it must be systematically advertised. Choose the most appropriate from the options below. However, it is more effective when everyone is involved.

  • Publications in social networks, blogs;
  • Posting ads in public places;
  • Billboards;
  • Distribution of flyers and leaflets;
  • Advertising on local radio;
  • Own website.

A person living in the capital has a lot of prospects in terms of starting as an entrepreneur. There is enough ambition and professionalism to bring to life the most daring business ideas for Moscow. The City of Great Opportunities is a huge consumer market with a paying audience. There is tough competition in the metropolis, so it is unlikely that it will be possible to break through right away, but determination and diligence will certainly lead to excellent results.



Using a proven business model and a big name in a big city is the right choice for those who want to quickly make a profit, but do not want to spend time building their own brand.

All you have to do is choose a suitable franchise offer and start making money under the brand of a large network.

Various formats can be used for Moscow - restaurant business, grocery trade, transport delivery and much more. For a million-plus city, any franchise is available if there is an initial capital to pay a lump sum. But, linking your activity with the franchisor, it is worth remembering that you will need to transfer monthly royalties for the opportunity to make a profit.

Selling goods from China

One of the business ideas for beginners in Moscow is to start reselling products from Chinese manufacturers with 30,000 rubles in your pocket. With the right approach, investments can be recouped after the first order is completed. The fact is that the margin on Chinese products is up to 500%.

To get started, you need to follow the following algorithm:

  • register on the trading platform - AliExpress, Taobao and others;
  • find a product of interest;
  • select a seller or manufacturer (if you need a large batch);
  • place an order and wait for delivery.

You can sell goods through the website, a personal account on a social network, a thematic public, as well as offline - to friends, in parks, shops, in the markets.

The capital of Russia is probably the most difficult place to start and run a business. However, there are many venues and promising ideas here.

The population of Moscow is more than 14 million people, plus arriving foreigners and residents of other Russian cities are added to this. A large number of the working population determines the demand for jobs.

I must think

The first stage in creating a profitable and promising enterprise is the formation of an idea. A thorough approach to this will lead to excellent results. There can be many ideas - from the most banal to the most insane. But to create a profitable business in Moscow, you need one - a working one. It is advisable to monitor the market for services and goods provided, compile statistics on the interests and needs of citizens, and determine the direction of demand development.

It is practically impossible to do such a deep analysis on our own. Against this background, consulting agencies that provide services to identify promising niches in the Moscow economy are successful.


Even an ordinary trip abroad is carefully planned in advance. The plan indicates everything, from the cost of tickets and terms of rest and ending with purchased souvenirs and the number of excursions.

Correct drawing up of a business plan will allow you to form start-up capital, choose a place for an enterprise, decide on personnel and outline development prospects. True, at the time of developing a business plan, thoughts may arise to abandon all this, just because the entrepreneur does not like some points.

A business plan is not just a list of wants and opportunities. In order to draw up an organizational, financial and marketing component, you need to have knowledge that is not limited to the ability to add 2 and 2. Highly qualified specialists providing paid services draw up a business plan for a small enterprise for a period of 3 to 5 years.

Due to the fact that the Russian legislation does not establish the form of business planning and there are no structural documents regulating it, there is an excellent opportunity to use the experience of foreign entrepreneurs. The European Economic Communities provide ready-made templates that allow for modular business plans. In the Russian Federation, UNIDO and TACIS standards are most in demand.

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