Business ideas for beginners in Kazakhstan

Peculiarities of doing business in Kazakhstan

Almost any country can become an effective platform for doing business, becoming a place of production and provision of services or a sales market. The post-Soviet space is still interesting to businessmen, both local and foreign.

Kazakhstan is a fairly developed and successful country today, so the prospect of working here seems to be rosy to many. If you decide to open your business in Kazakhstan, first of all, you need to familiarize yourself with the peculiarities of this country.

If you have already had experience in running a business, you understand that it is important to start it:

  • relevance
  • support
  • favorable tax and legal conditions

The people of this country honor their traditions, both family and cultural, so it is very important not to go against public opinion and choose what is encouraged by the population. First of all, this concerns the business related to clothing, footwear, the entertainment industry, and the tourism sector.

Business is impossible without a competent legal framework, because any oversights here will result in fines. The conditions for starting a business will be different for citizens of the country and foreigners.

You can start working by registering as an individual entrepreneur (individual entrepreneur) or as a legal entity (branch of a company, LLC, CJSC, etc.). IP registration is made for citizens of the country at the place of registration or for foreigners who have received a residence permit or permanent registration in Kazakhstan.

Registration is carried out in the tax committee, required documents:

  • copy of registration
  • photo
  • copy of identity card, SIC, RNN
  • application
  • < / ul>

    It will be more profitable for a foreigner to open an LLP, for this it is not necessary to be a citizen of the country, and the tax interest is more profitable.

    As a result, you become a legal entity, open a current account, receive registration certificates and a taxpayer card. From this moment on, you can move on to action.

    Three main rules of successful business in Kazakhstan

    Business ideas in Kazakhstan from scratch

    Ideas for small businesses are readable topics on the Internet, because today it is very important to have your own business, which will bring great profit. But why are many people interested in small businesses? Firstly, it is much easier to implement it, and secondly, you do not need too much money for it. In our article we will talk about business ideas in Kazakhstan. Our ideas that we will present will not only be new and unique, but also easy to implement.

    No matter how you want it, business in Kazakhstan, Russia or Ukraine will always be beneficial if it is useful and necessary for society. After all, opening a small business in Kazakhstan is quite simple, the main thing is to choose a suitable idea and have a desire.

    Business plan of ideas

    1. Backlit apk is not a bad business idea for beginners. To begin with, you will need to develop an original and elegant packaging that would attract attention from people. Then turn on your imagination and write interesting stories about their invention. The task of entrepreneurs is to convey to the buyer how much this is necessary for life. Make the item and packaging so that it looks good in case of a gift. As everyone knows, the success of the buyer himself depends only on the correct or incorrect presentation of the goods. This is where you need resourcefulness and wit. The main thing is self-confidence and self-confidence.

    Do not forget that a similar thing has already been created recently (sneakers for children with lighting). But at home, for both an adult and a small child, shoes should be comfortable. Therefore, make sure that it is soft and comfortable, and also with a funny backlight. Do not be afraid that your business may subside, because slippers have always been used, and even today they are in great demand. So your business will only grow and flourish. Someone might be wondering why this highlight is needed at all?

    But in fact - it's beautiful, original and funny. I have, but the neighbor does not. The gift is wonderful and unusual. If you take nesting dolls, then there is no benefit from them either, although foreigners buy them. Having made a good business plan in Kazakhstan, you can make big money on such a business.

    There are, of course, other business ideas in Kazakhstan, for example, painting on glass or “a taxi for a child”.

    Taxi for a child is a unique idea for business!

    If your child is already seven years old, he goes to school and to various other circles and courses, and they are far from home and you cannot take him there, then Tax Nanny is for you! At present, it is simply expensive to hire a nanny who will sit with your child all the time, walk, carry him. And then what is left to do? Just call "Taxi for a child", which will help you with this. This is an ordinary car that will take your baby to clubs, school or sections.

    With the help of this service, parents do not have to worry about their children on the road at all, and constantly ask for time off from work in order to take the child on business. The good thing about this kind of business is that it doesn't require a lot of money. It is already possible to transport children from seven years old without special seats, besides, the driver will not need to know special training and skills for raising a child. In order to engage in such a business, you do not need to buy or rent your own office. You can also do this business at home. As for the equipment, you only need a computer and a telephone with which you will take orders.

    Small town business ideas - video

    The highlight of this business is that parents call the taxi driver and order a car with a specific description of places. With this, you can not only save your time, but also quickly deliver your child to all the necessary circles and sections. In general, parents will be calm that their child will not be able to linger anywhere, and no one will be able to stick to him, and the child will feel convenience and comfort. Any person who has his own car and drives well can be a taxi driver. If there are no such people with your acquaintances, then you can conclude an agreement with a stranger, and you yourself will sit at home and take orders. The main thing is good communication with children and correct writing down of addresses.

    Today, many are thinking about how to start a business from scratch in Kazakhstan. There are many reasons for this, but without understanding the basic processes in this matter, it is difficult to achieve success.

    The policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan is aimed at supporting starting and operating businesses through the system of organizations.

    In Kazakhstan, these are:

    • government and government-backed
    • non-government
    • commercial.

    In accordance with the type of activity, the infrastructure institutions provide the following support:

    • government assistance since its inception and at subsequent stages of business operation and development
    • financial support
    • information support
    • support in the field of training and professional development of employees
    • technical support.

    Opportunities and expectations Are you attentive to yourself?


    Before starting a business, listen to yourself. Are you ready to take risks? Regular small income (in the form of a salary) on the one hand - and the opportunity to get much more without any guarantees - on the other. Will your relatives and friends understand you? Sometimes their support is very necessary. What prompts you to be independent? There can be many reasons:

    • personal responsibility
    • facing unemployment
    • financial independence
    • an opportunity to start a company
    • striving for a higher social status.

    Business Idea

    There are no universal guidelines for finding business ideas. Someone dawned on an original and bold idea. Someone is looking for answers on specialized Internet sites - there are a lot of them now. This is a perfectly valid option.

    Of course, most of what is described there is not worth paying attention to, however, if you try hard enough, you can find something of value.

    Business ideas for beginners in Kazakhstan of the year

    The aspiring entrepreneur may find that small businesses are the same in every country. Tire fitting in Astana is no different from that in Moscow, and grocery stores in Minsk and Yerevan can only be distinguished by the labels on the goods. However, some business ideas for beginners in Kazakhstan in 2021 should be adjusted to reflect local specifics and government policies.

    For example, in the Republic of Kazakhstan, franchises of all kinds of directions are very developed - from children's goods to atmospheric water generators. It is easier for an entrepreneur to get a detailed guide on how to start a small business in Kazakhstan than to step into the new and unknown.

    Of course, working under a popular brand is much easier. You will receive advice on working with suppliers, pricing policy and retail outlet design. But your own business is one of those that can be opened for business in Kazakhstan, so it is interesting that you conquer the market on your own, gain invaluable experience and maintain independence.

    Cozy coffee shop

    The popularity of coffee has grown tenfold in recent years and has not yet reached its limit. Along with it, the culture of drinking this drink is also growing, making the opening of a small coffee house looks like a promising small business idea for beginners in Kazakhstan.

    Opening an establishment for 15–20 seats is quite within the power of a beginner thinking about how to open a coffee shop from scratch. A suitable room for this must meet several requirements:

    • Proximity to traffic, recreation or shopping malls;
    • Ground floor with separate entrance;
    • Large windows or shop windows; <
    • Availability of parking and outdoor area;
    • Suitability for use as a catering establishment, about which you need to obtain an appropriate expert opinion from the SES.

    It is possible that the hall of the future coffee house needs renovation - however, do not rush to order template options from the builders. Visitors are attracted not only by coffee and renovation: half of the success of this business idea in Kazakhstan 2021 consists of a cozy atmosphere, a musical background, a special mood in the interior - this can also be achieved with the help of relatively low costs.

    Standard furniture will also not add zest to the establishment, because the owners often attract designers and find use for their own artistic talents. To open a business, you need to purchase and decorate in the chosen style several tables, a bar counter, a coffee showcase, two or three bar stools.

    Small Business Ideas in Kazakhstan

    Private entrepreneurship is the whale that supports the economy of a successful state. Small business in Kazakhstan is a promising opportunity for a person to realize their abilities and skills. Plus, it's easy to discover and develop. The main thing is to choose the right form of activity and develop a strategy. More on this.

    Small business is a real opportunity for any person to do a business that he likes, and at the same time make a living independently.

    However, no matter how many people talk about the fact that doing private business, you become independent, you regulate your work schedule, there are many pitfalls in this matter. They stop those who want to try their hand at starting their own business.

    If you are considering this kind of employment, then first of all look for ideas for business. They should be simple and relevant.

    To do this, you should take into account the possibilities and prospects of consumption of your goods and services, so as not to burn out in the first month and not be disappointed.

    Small business ideas may be different, but the most promising are those related to services, trade and small forms of production of various goods. These areas are relevant for any settlements and regions.

    Business ideas in this area are varied. It all depends on what you can do and what there is a special demand for.

    Take on these small business ideas:

    This is the most popular and relevant option for city dwellers.

    If you have the skills of a seamstress, a sewing machine, then you can easily organize a sewing and repair mini-business. It is not difficult to do this: now you will sew a zipper into your jacket or shorten your trousers not for “thanks” from neighbors and acquaintances, but for money.

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