Business ideas for a small town; TOP-25 profitable ideas with minimal investment

In the era of the Internet, creating your own small business is easy. This requires only courage, hard work and patience. And the main rule is to give up self-pity. It is then that any small business will go uphill.

Culinary business

The main thing in this business is the ability to find customers plus recipes. It is also important to learn how to advertise yourself and your services, it is thanks to this that customers appear, and then the demand for services and, accordingly, profit. To begin with, you should choose a narrow specialization and develop and earn a name along with it.

Cake baking

In order to establish yourself in the cake market, you need to choose the most delicious and unusual fillings and cakes. In order for the buyer to choose, there should be at least three types of fillings, then - to expand the range. Cakes with mastic are in demand, in the form of figurines for weddings, cartoon characters for birthdays, etc.

First of all, you should register a company or register as an individual entrepreneur. And you should also follow all the documentation so as not to break the law. Find suppliers of fresh baked goods and so that raw materials are not purchased at exorbitant prices.

To begin with, it is worth developing in small steps, let friends and relatives become tasters and start growing in ascending order. Create yourself a social group. networks and showcase your achievements. With an honest attitude towards the client and a conscientious attitude towards baking, customers will appear quite quickly, and a business from scratch will quickly go uphill.

Macaroon Making

It is possible to learn how to cook macarons the second time around. The main thing, in the confectioner's language, is that a skirt appears, there is a lot of "meat" inside, that is, pulp, and they do not fall apart. Over time, you will be able to find your own special recipe.

As a rule, there are a lot of customers for this type of cookie. In order for buyers to line up, you need to learn how to decorate macarons beautifully and ensure delivery to the client's door. And it is also worth concluding contracts with flower shops and ensuring delivery there. Macarons are placed in a box with flowers.

In a small city, you can organize a profitable business no worse than in a large one. Many people think that it cannot be profitable in a small town. Anyone who thinks so, immediately set themselves up for failure and do not consider the positive aspects of this issue.

Differences between small and large cities

There are many advantages of living in small towns. Here is some of them.

  • There life flows slowly and measuredly. The population is more conscious about the choice of goods and services.
  • People here are more conservative and less influenced by fashion. They prefer to spend more time looking for the right product at affordable prices.
  • Everything is nearby, objects are close to each other.
  • Much better ecology.
  • Residents of tiny towns are less prone to stressful situations.
  • The population does not spend money on public transport, and this significantly saves money.
  • Small towns have almost everything the big ones do. If there is a need to travel to a large city, you can go there by private car or by public transport.
  • A big difference between mentality and lifestyle.
  • The population of small towns has its own established system of values, which determines their way of life.
  • In small towns, the risk of crisis and globalization is reduced.
  • The degree of protection against the risk of ruin due to reduced demand is slightly higher than in a large city.

Small-town business ideas

Residents of such settlements should not rush to choose the specifics of their future business. It is necessary to carefully weigh the pros and cons and only then make the only correct decision. Only in this case the work will bring you good profit. The ceiling for sales in small towns may be limited by population size and purchasing power.

From the very beginning, you must “soberly” assess the market of your locality. Find out what services or goods residents want, what they need and what they expect. Clarify the number of your future competitors, their strengths and weaknesses.

It would be great to start your own franchise business. have hundreds, if not thousands of items. In this case, the entrepreneur can count on a loan and comprehensive assistance from the franchisee. This can help get things going well. It is much easier to work under a well-known brand.

For the little ones, organize a Leisure and Development Center, where they will learn and explore the world.

A demanded business in a small town - private with a set of the following services: haircut, hair dyeing, hairstyles for the holiday, manicure, pedicure. This type of business will never burn out. Women always strive to be beautiful and attractive.

Cargo transportation and taxi services. In small towns, people also sometimes prefer taxis to public transport. Recruit a few drivers with private vehicles on the staff, and things will follow a knurled pattern. Due to this direction, business in a small town in winter will gain even more popularity.

Massage at the client's home. Many retirees or people with disabilities cannot afford to get to the clinic and sit there in long lines. Several experienced masseuses - and your business will flourish.

Having a small room at your disposal, you can open a tailor shop for sewing clothes, bed linen or repairing leather goods, umbrellas or making keys.

You live in a small town and want to start your own business, but don't know where to start? In fact, everything is not as scary as many used to think. It is important to know some of the features of provincial cities, to take them into account when choosing your business.

In small towns, there is often a shortage of basic goods and services. For example, an inexpensive cafe with delicious food will be popular with locals. But the turnover in an unusual boutique with handmade designer clothes is unlikely to become high. Therefore, we advise you to initially focus on the needs of future buyers.

???? Features of small towns for starting a small business

⚖ Advantages of starting a business in a small town

There are many positive aspects to business development in the provinces that may not exist in a large city.

  • An opportunity to occupy a free niche. You can become the first in your industry, or identify the weaknesses of your competitors and profit from them.
  • Savings on basic costs. In small towns, the rent of premises or land is much lower than in a metropolis. Staff salaries can also be calculated according to local rate scales.
  • Support for private businesses. Small towns often have various loyalty programs for new businesses, grants and concessional subsidies.
  • Easy understanding of customer needs. When all customers are literally in sight, it is not too difficult to understand their requests

???? The best business in a small town: ideas that work

You don't have to come up with a mega-unique idea that no one else has implemented before. But detach yourself from competitors in the service. For example, free shipping or a cumulative bonus system.

We need to focus on the needs of the majority of the city's population. In this case, you will not work at a loss.

It might be worth looking into the complementary business. For example, the area has a great butcher's shop, but lacks farm dairy products. In this case, you can easily occupy your niche.

And we offer you a large catalog of business ideas for small towns! More than 150 options for the development of your business. Explore, apply and discover what you like!

How to choose an idea for a small town?

Entrepreneurs who want to start their own business in a small town face serious difficulties. First of all, it is a low purchasing power, since in small settlements the income of the population leaves much to be desired. There are other obstacles - a high level of competition and a lack of start-up capital. Business ideas 2021 with minimal investment in a small town, selected in this article, will help you to develop your own business literally from scratch and achieve great success in your chosen field of activity.

Smoking cabins

The government of our country cares about the health of citizens, therefore it is constantly fighting against smoking in public places. This is a good and necessary thing, but what about people who cannot quickly get rid of this addiction? Nobody wants to pay the fines, so smoking cabins have been installed in restaurants, business centers and other public institutions. In them, smokers can safely smoke without fear of being fined. Installing smoking booths is a great 2021 business idea with little investment.

Anyone who does not have start-up capital can organize such a business. Smoking booth manufacturers often offer cooperation to sales representatives and dealers. You must find a restaurant or business center that wants to purchase smoking cabins and enter into an agreement with them for the supply of such products. After installing smoking cabins, you can earn money from their maintenance, sale of spare parts, and more. If you manage to find several buyers in your city, you can secure yourself a decent monthly income from servicing such equipment. This business idea is not yet widespread, so hurry before someone else takes your place in the market.

Online store

Having your own online store is a great business idea in 2021 for a small city. You can engage in such activities in your free time, for example, take orders in the morning and deliver goods in the evening. When the business starts to grow, hire several couriers and an administrator who will take orders and answer customer questions. If you can't find what kind of business to start with minimal investment, try this simple and profitable enough idea.

Colored crushed stone

Building materials are always very popular in the market, so their production brings good profits to the owners. Recently, people began to pay special attention to the landscape design of their backyard territory, so the demand for colored rubble began to grow. If you are looking for simple business ideas from scratch with minimal investment, start a small production of this building material at home. One ton of ordinary rubble costs about 3 thousand rubles. After painting it with special dyes, the cost of the material increases by 30%, and this is a fairly high profit. According to experts, the production of colored rubble is the easiest way to quickly start a small business from scratch.


Recently, many private entrepreneurs have been making good money by providing utilities. Despite the fact that this is a new idea for a business with minimal investment, it has already managed to prove its efficiency in practice.

Lately, elite cottages have begun to appear in large metropolitan areas and small provincial towns. Wealthy people who build them need quality utilities.

Most people tried to start their own business, and in the end it all ended in failure. In particular, start-up entrepreneurs from small towns and villages faced such a problem. All because business ideas for a small town were incorrectly considered and selected. Entrepreneurship often ends in complete bankruptcy. To prevent this from happening, you need to follow some rules. It is about them that will be discussed below.

What kind of business can you open in a small town?

It must be remembered that business in a small town is a delicate matter. Before starting a business, everything is assessed, the economy, the number of the population, the availability of specialists and the needs of the city. Do not forget that a distinctive feature of cities with a small population, everyone knows this. This factor can be used correctly for your own purposes. If, for example, you open a store and do not take care of the quality of service, anti-advertising may appear at the level of rumors in the future.

You can also achieve widespread acceptance by applying service tricks by offering quality services and products. Customers will tell their friends and acquaintances about the store, thereby making free advertising to the entrepreneur.

You can start from scratch by opening a clothing store or grocery store. The main thing is to assess its necessity. The location of the store must be taken into account. The main thing is to have good cross-country ability. The more people pay attention to the store, the higher the chances that they will go into it and purchase something.

Having opened a store, you can create your own startup. For those who do not understand what it is about, we explain. A startup is the creation of an enterprise with the organization of online sales and delivery of goods to customers using couriers or a quadcopter.

How to choose the right field of activity for beginners?

Most often, you need to choose the area in which the future entrepreneur understands. Although this statement is not a rule. The main thing is to occupy free niches in business, that is, those places where there is still no great competition.

The main point in the success of the business is the desire to make money and perseverance. You can open your own business in which you do not understand anything. If a business is being built in an urban-type settlement, it is necessary to monitor whether there is such an enterprise there. Otherwise, there will be competition. It is also necessary to consider successful examples of doing business in big cities. This will make it possible to create your own, but on a smaller scale. The main thing is that the business is profitable.

When setting up your business in a resort town, you need to take into account the factor of tourists visiting it. It should be borne in mind that this is the creation of a business where everything is already there, so the approach must be carefully considered. In this case, you only need to open what is in great demand and there are queues. Thus, you can lure customers to yourself.

Where can I find funding (start-up capital)?

There are many ways to implement small town business ideas without start-up capital. But whatever the idea, in any case, you need money to run your business. This will include telephone charges, utility bills and others. Therefore, without money, it will be difficult to promote your business.

You can start looking for investors or partners. The bad thing about these options is that when the business starts making a profit, it will have to be shared. If this moment does not scare you, then you can safely open your enterprise together with someone who can help with start-up capital.

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