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What if an unloved job turns into a dull money making? Of course, you can do, as in the joke: "The mice cried, injected, but they continued to eat cacti." But, as a matter of fact, is it not for this reason that a person is given reason and free will, in order to choose? It is especially difficult to follow the "mouse method" for creative people, for whom routine is a heavenly punishment.

Why? A company without a brand is like a person without a passport. You can live, but the possibilities are limited.

Every brand has an emotional and functional side. More often than not, especially in the creative business, the emotional side provides much more value than the functional side:

  • the functional side is the need your brand satisfies;
  • the emotional side is what the customer thinks / feels when using your product.

When thinking about your future brand, look at it from all angles. The more thoughtful its functional component and the more emotions you can put into your product, the more profit you will receive.

So where to start building your brand? With a trademark? With a corporate identity? From the name? No, no and NO! You need to start by understanding three things: - Who are you? - What is your product / service? - Who is your client?

Identify your ideal customer

It is not enough to present the target audience in general terms. Only "tasty" and describing the client in detail, we can offer him something really worthwhile. Knowing our client "by sight", we represent his needs and opportunities, concerns, shortcomings.

Avoid the standard short definitions "rich", "middle class", "brides", "women", describe your target audience in as much detail as possible:

gender age religion marital status nationality profession, education annual income preferences / hobbies / hobbies how they spend their free time favorite brands (clothing, car, dishes, cellular communication, etc.) lifestyle

If you are just starting a business, the concept of the ideal customer may not yet be clear. Allow yourself to come up with a dream client, try to describe him and stick with this image for the first time.

A new and promising business for Russia is the organization of weddings. Young people believe that their marriage should be memorable and unique. Therefore, whenever possible, they seek help in organizing a wedding celebration. In this article, we will consider the creation of a wedding agency that organizes a holiday. All the main points (expenses, income, target audience, business marketing) will be displayed in the business plan. In this article, we will consider a business plan for a wedding agency with calculations.

Advantages and disadvantages of starting a wedding agency

The wedding business is gaining momentum, since most of it requires little costs to open it (in fact, you need an event manager, sales marketer), and the margins (profitability) of the business is huge, since wedding budgets, as a rule , not small.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the business. The main target audience of a wedding agency is people with an active lifestyle who want to live brightly and beautifully.

We are opening a wedding salon: registration in the tax office

For legal registration of a business, you must register with the tax office at your place of residence. In our opinion, the most optimal form would be the registration of an individual entrepreneur, since it implies a minimum form of reporting to the tax authorities. Consider the advantages of registering an individual entrepreneur and LLC in the table below.

By law, the authorized capital of an LLC cannot be less than 10,000 rubles!

In the tax reporting of a wedding agency, you can use BSO (strict reporting form) instead of KKM (cash register) / article 2, paragraph 2 of Federal Law No. 54-FZ dated 22. 5. 003

SSR can be used when we provide services to the public (as in our example). BSO is not used when selling goods.

OKVED codes when registering a wedding agency: 92. - Other entertainment and entertainment activities. 92. - Other activities for the organization of recreation and entertainment. 74. 1 - Activities in the field of photography (including wedding photography). 74. 4 - Provision of other services. 93.5 - Provision of other personal services.

How to create a successful wedding agency (the case of Sasha Dergousova)

In the video lesson, Sasha Dergousova talks about how to open a wedding agency from scratch without connections, capital, how to attract partners, the structure of the agency, the role of the team and the leader.

Good business requires good creative business ideas. Although the main thing, of course, is that the business idea is profitable :-). In general, any creative business idea is the result of creativity.

But creativity is not always and not at the proper level for everyone. Or, at the moment of creativity, good ideas come, which are then forgotten (which often happens).

Often the problem is that a lot of time passes from the moment the idea is received to the start of implementation.

How to generate creative business ideas?

How to stimulate creativity and generate creative business ideas?

There are a number of specific ways to maximize creativity for finding creative business ideas. The following tips will help you in this process:

Always take your notebook with you

You never know where your brain is going to generate a creative business idea. It can happen wherever and whenever it is convenient: when you watch TV, listen to the radio, drive a car or ride a bike. If you don’t write it down, it may well be that you don’t remember when you have a pen at hand. Jot down ideas in a notebook on paper or on your mobile phone. It's so simple, but important - don't neglect it.

Change the routines in your life

Whenever we do what we do every day, we do it automatically. What we know we do without thinking. But will it be the same if you do it in some other way? If we change the routine in our daily life, we will immediately face a problem that needs to be solved here and now, and which requires a special approach on our part. We will be able to see the old things in very different ways, and this will help us generate creative business ideas.

Observe and Inspect

Look more analytically at everything around you: watch how the situation unfolds when buying in a store, when you walk in the park, when you eat in a restaurant, when you are in a beer pub with friends. Start wondering what you are seeing and why you are seeing it. All of this will awaken creativity in you. The answer to the question "why?" always leads to increased knowledge and, of course, to creative ideas.


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