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Hello friends, you've probably heard what a festival of colors is

Ready business project from LIGA ROBOTS factory

The main tool is the Transformers and superhero costumes.

Investments from 120,000 rubles

Business plan, ready-made scripts

Business idea Each of us, at least once in our life, dreamed of riding a real motorcycle, but not everyone can realize this dream!

Think in writing A goal that doesn't exist on paper doesn't exist

Two weeks ago, a free educational program "Express Startup School" was launched, which brought together a huge number of experts from various business areas. All of them in a short time shared their personal experience and knowledge with novice and existing entrepreneurs. On May 28, in one of the institutions of Ulan-Ude, a meeting of the students of the program with experts from completely different business sectors took place. After a little snack and a rest after a hard day's work, the participants literally showered their mentors with questions.

It is worth noting that this is the second stream of the "Express Startup School". Considering that the first issue attracted a lot of attention and helped the participants find themselves, the second one became equally popular. For two hours six days a week, in a crazy rhythm, the participants absorbed like a sponge of knowledge in a new stream.

- I worked as an administrator in an online store. And only in April she quit and decided to develop something of her own. For a long time I didn’t know where to start, and now I got to the startup school. Now I can imagine what a business is, here I finally got an answer to the main question "Where to start?" Before that, I already had an idea, but, let's say, ephemeral. Now I already clearly know how much money I need, conducted analytics, found out what the coverage of the market is. I already have thoughts on how to scale my business, ”said Svetlana Tushinova, a participant in the educational program of the My Business Center.

And she's not the only one.

- We are engaged in flexible stone pressing. This is a new product on the Buryat market. With it, you can decorate private houses. It is certainly more expensive, but the product is natural, and most importantly exclusive. It is technically impossible to make a second such house. Also, it does not fade, does not fade. During the training, I learned a lot of useful things for my business, - said Maxim Polonnikov, an individual entrepreneur.

The informal environment encouraged networking.

- Many could share ideas, perhaps find business partners and also get an assessment from experts, - said Dmitry Smirnov, head of the sales department of PJSC Promsvyazbank.

Also, many well-known businessmen shared their experience, and a franchise expert Sergey Brykov told the participants about the advantages of a franchise.

- In Russia, 90% of business is closed, unfortunately, in the first three years. If we take franchising, then according to statistics, such firms are closed in 50% of cases. But you need to take into account that there are different franchises and different conditions for them, - said Sergey.

It is worth noting that the My Business Entrepreneurship Center conducts various educational programs.

How to start your business from scratch if you don't have the money and experience? Where can I find a working business idea for starting a project? What business to do to get the first profit tomorrow?

Hello dear friends! In touch, Alexander Berezhnov, an entrepreneur and one of the founders of the HeterBober business magazine. u.

Today we will talk about how to start your business from scratch. Is it realistic to do it at all? I answer unequivocally - YES!

Here I will describe a step-by-step technology for starting a business, and give examples from my own business practice, as well as tell about the experience of my entrepreneur friends who started their own business without money and other material values ​​in the form of premises , equipment or goods.

You just have to study this material and apply the knowledge gained in life!

Why is it better for beginners to start a business from ZERO?

Dear readers, this section of the article is very important! I sincerely advise you to study it carefully. I guarantee you won't regret it.

Here will be explained the key points for starting a business for beginners from the point of view of the psychology of entrepreneurship.

Before starting a new project, be sure to think about what caused your desire.

Understand yourself and your motivation to start a business, and my little test, composed in the form of two blocks of different beliefs, will help you with this.

For example, a great way to start a business for a beginner would be selling popular, in-demand products from China.

Belief Block

With what thoughts you should NOT open your business:

Business on the Internet: how to start an Internet business from scratch + business ideas without investment

Hello, dear readers of the business magazine “Richpro. u "! In this article, we will talk about business on the Internet, various areas of online business, as well as how to start from scratch correctly and what promotion methods are advisable to use to develop your own business via the Internet.

The topic of Internet business is very relevant for the majority of the world's population. Leading economists argue that those enterprises that will not be present in the global network in 5-10 years will disappear from business altogether.

Since the market is a platform for interaction between buyers and sellers, and the Internet is exactly the same as a convenient platform for business, without geographical and communication restrictions.

  • What factors should be considered before starting your own online business;
  • List of schemes that can be used at the initial stage of activity;
  • The most popular and relevant areas of business on the Internet without initial investment;
  • Methods of effective business promotion on the Internet.

After reading the information presented in the article, every novice entrepreneur will have the opportunity to choose the most suitable direction of activity for himself, and an experienced businessman, having read to the end, will provide himself with knowledge that will optimize efforts to increase income.

Where to start and what to look for when creating a business on the Internet + 12 online business ideas

How to start an Internet business from scratch (no investment)

Starting your own career in business implies a set of completely different qualities and attitudes of a person compared to being hired.

In the minds of most people, the principles of work and the provision of money are laid down only on the basis of fulfilling the instructions of the authorities and constant, stable earnings.

Money-Job website. u is a frequently updated information resource that focuses on a certain class of people whose goal is to improve or start their own business.

If you are asking such questions:

• How to make money? • How to start a business from scratch? • What kind of business to open? • Where to find new business ideas? • How to become successful in business and in life?

You have come to the address, these and other questions, you can find answers on the pages of this site.

The site regularly publishes material about where and how you can make money, how to start your business from scratch, publish various business ideas and much more.

Various analytical articles are published here that tell about world business in general.

Of course, we will touch on such topics as business on the Internet and in real life.

We sincerely hope that the material we publish will be useful and interesting to you. And you, for example, will find for yourself an original idea or an interesting way to make money, or even learn how to start your business from scratch and bring it to a high level. Or maybe on the other hand, some article will save you from something.

We will be very glad if you turn any thought or business idea found on our website into hard currency, for us it will be a great joy and a valuable reward for the work done.

P. ... The main content of the site is articles (reports, business ideas, business plans), both our own (author's) and articles of third-party authors, readers and visitors of the Money-Job site. u, those who have expressed a desire to place their article or business idea on the pages of our site.

Where and how can you make a lot of money?

Answer to the question: "Where and how can you earn a lot?" I was helped to get a training by Mark Victor Hansen, which I once attended. Mark Victor Hansen is an American millionaire, business coach, and author of the popular book A Millionaire in a Minute. At his training, he gave recommendations on how to select and create a highly profitable get-rich-quick model.

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