Business idea: providing services of original and creative congratulations

We all love congratulations, and when they are exciting and unexpected, it brings even more pleasure from them. That is why organizing a business related to the provision of services for original and creative greetings seems like a very good idea.

This type of business will not include the organization of congratulations for corporate events or other public events. Since a creative congratulation is only for one person, namely for the person being congratulated. So what is needed to start such a business?

The essence of this business lies precisely in the creativity of congratulations.

You should congratulate the person, in this way and in the current place where he will never be ready for this. For congratulations, you can use everything that is at hand.

So, for example, in winter, you have a lot of room for creativity.

With the help of snow, under a person's window, you can make various kinds of congratulations.

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You can sculpt various shapes out of snow or write an original congratulation on the snow, and then decorate it all with colored paints.

This kind of congratulation will always bring a smile, and it is much better than a lot of template cards. With the same type of text.

Business idea: providing services of original and creative congratulations

A service business is an opportunity for a start-up with little capital or from scratch. And an unpaved field for creative projects. Any idea that will make people's lives more comfortable, save money and time has a right to exist.

The service sector is a generalized concept for the production of goods, both material (for example, tailoring) and non-material (consulting).

Of these, several general areas can be distinguished:

  • consumer services;
  • housing and communal services;
  • security;
  • transport;
  • informational:
  • catering services:
  • shopping;
  • hotel service;
  • entertainment, etc.

Almost everyone can try their hand at this business. Moreover, for this it is not necessary to have a lot of money: you can get by with minimal investments. It is much more important to know the specifics and nuances of the area in which you plan to succeed. Responsibility, discipline and willingness to learn are the three pillars of your success.

Which is better: the classic version that guarantees a small but stable income? Or a completely new direction, where there will be no competitors? Usually, newbies are advised to choose a time-tested niche. So, regardless of the season, economic disasters and fashion, people need food, shelter, clothing and hygiene products. Providing their needs and requirements, it is possible to rise from scratch to a professional in the service sector in a short time. When thinking about what is more profitable to do, consider the prospects for growth and development.

Most Popular Service Businesses

The main conditions for success are your ability and sincere interest in the business. There are many examples when a small business in the service sector grew into a manufacturing or a large retail network.

Apartment renovation as a business

This is a relevant, profitable and promising direction. Decide on a concept: home renovation, office or retail space? Your target audience? An attempt to “embrace the immensity” is the easiest way to stumble.

Let's say you decide to renovate an apartment. The customer chooses from the offered options: redecoration, economy option or "turnkey" suite. The first two involve the use of simple technologies and inexpensive materials, the latter - painstaking work with the involvement of high-class specialists. Perhaps, in addition to workers, your team will include architects, designers, estimators. It is better to register as an individual entrepreneur - it is cheaper and faster, while the type of taxation is the simplified taxation system (6%).

A significant part of your success depends on the "human factor", that is, the correct selection of personnel and customer assessment.

The profitability of a small construction and repair company is 5-10 thousand dollars a month.

  • Development of an earnings scheme (for those who want it as simple as possible)
  • Business model. step-by-step diagram:
  • what exactly and how do you offer the client
  • how the infrastructure of your business should be built (and already exists in its infancy)
  • how the production ( service) component,
  • on what you can and already make money
  • what is the acceptable price
  • what is the first approximation of the economy of your project, and so on.
  • Let's make your USP really unique and creative
  • Find the target audience
  • Test and fix bugs

Simply put, t. in the end you will know: what to do? where to get? To whom and what to say? and how to organize it all correctly?)

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In this issue, we will tell you about five creative business ideas from around the world that have made their creators famous and brought them big profits. Each of these ideas is unique and admirable. You can see with your own eyes how a non-standard approach to standard things brings fortune.

What does creative business ideas mean

By the word creative we mean those ideas that stand out from the crowd, that is, something that goes beyond the standard framework of understanding of doing business. After you read at least a couple of them, you will understand what is at stake. Let's take a closer look at each of these 5 miracle ideas. For residents of small towns, we have also prepared a good one.

Dish-breaking business

This creative business idea is in high demand in the USA. As it turns out, smashing dishes is a good way to relieve stress. The value of a round depends on the type of tableware chosen, for example, the client can choose any item that he would like to break - 4 vases will cost the client $ 15, and 20 plates will cost $ 50. The owner also took care of the safety of the clients, and before starting the process of destroying the dishes, the client must wear special clothes so as not to injure himself with shrapnel.

This business generates a good income, and over time it only becomes more visited. Its owner is a man named Sarah’s Smash Shack and its establishment is located in San Diego, so if you are in this city, you should definitely visit this wonderful establishment and see for yourself.

Do you think it's crazy who would buy a book without a word? You are wrong. A living example of this is a Briton named Sheridan Simov, who brought this insanely creative idea to life. He published a 200-page book entitled "What Men Think Other Than Sex" in which there was not one printed book, moreover, it does not even have pictures, it has only 200 blank pages.

The book quickly became a bestseller in the UK and brought its owner fame and money. It is bought mainly by students to record lectures and use it as a notebook for study. By the way, anyone can buy this book on Amazon for only $ 8.

Anyone is periodically stressed, and office workers are exposed to it even more often. But the Japanese company Solid alliance offers a solution - they came up with an anti-stress button that needs to be connected to the computer as USB. This button has 3 modes of operation.

  • working mode
  • combat mode
  • explosion mode

After pressing the button, different actions take place in each mode. For example, if you click the first option (work mode), an Excel document appears in which you can safely work, but if you feel stress, you can switch to (fighting mode), in which case a doll will appear on the screen, which you can muddle properly.

This is how employees get rid of stress. These are practical and creative ideas for business that come to us from distant Japan.

Analyzing prospects

In small towns, such a business is just beginning to develop, which means that the chance of success is much higher. Of course, you can take risks in a large city, but then you have to come up with something completely unusual in order to attract customers.

In any case, market analysis will be very useful. It is necessary to consider the approximate number of corporate parties, weddings, birthdays, parties and children's parties, take into account what income most residents of the region have and how much they can spend.

If there are competitive firms nearby, their activities should also be analyzed. Based on the figures obtained, it will be possible to imagine how profitable the event business will be in a particular city. Positive data will give confidence even to a budding entrepreneur.

Company registration

Any business activity must be officially registered, otherwise you will have to face serious fines and, in some cases, administrative liability. Therefore, you should start a business by registering a legal entity.

Of course, you can choose the form of individual entrepreneurship, but then you will have to forget about most corporate clients. Organizations prefer to work with LLCs. If you plan to concentrate on weddings and children's parties, it doesn't matter to you, but if you want to hold corporate events too, open a limited liability company.

Potential clients of such a company will be not only companies, but also kindergartens, rest homes, which also do not always want to cooperate with individual entrepreneurs. As a legal entity, you can organize seminars, conferences and theme nights. So an LLC is still a much more convenient organizational and legal form for those who open an event agency.

Office space

When drawing up a business plan for an event agency, you should definitely take into account the cost of renting premises. For comfortable work, an area of ​​forty square meters is required. Interior decoration should be original and cozy.

Don't skimp on creative business ideas, let your creativity be visible even in the office style. Even if you don't want to spend an impressive amount on decoration, you can pick up bright and cheerful shades and choose cute furniture. Look for good quality used items, such as desks and office chairs that may not be new.

Leave a place on the walls to post photos from the events. All this will help create the right mood. Only then will the clients immediately feel confident that your agency will cope with the task and will be able to organize the necessary atmosphere at the ordered event.

Travel expenses

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