Business idea or how to choose your own business

As a rule, this question baffles most of the aspiring entrepreneurs. And usually the wrong answer to it leads to very serious consequences - from endless search and inaction to large debts and deep disappointments.

The first thing you need when choosing an idea is COMMON SENSE. You shouldn't build castles in the clouds and aim at amusement parks, expensive restaurants, showrooms, etc. etc. Until you have experience in business, you need an idea that is pleasant, uncomplicated, does not require serious financial investments and, at the same time, is quite profitable. Such an idea will protect you from financial risks and from wasting time and energy on the implementation of unrealizable projects.

Failure to comply with these criteria and / or invent new ones leads to errors.

Here are some examples:

Perhaps the most common mistake of a beginner entrepreneur, requiring serious capital investments and carrying high risks.

The new businessman's reasoning looks something like this:

“I will be engaged in the production of product X. This is a very good / useful / relevant product, and it will certainly be in great demand, and there will be no problems with sales. In addition, it is much more profitable to produce goods than to resell, since you do not need to spend time and money on purchasing and transportation. The only thing that will be required is to invest in production. But even here there is a solution: you can take a loan from a bank or attract a private investor. And in half a year or a year, at the rate of production planned by me, all investments will pay off, I will settle accounts with the investor and start making big profits ”.

At first glance, everything is in order. Quite a sensible approach. Then why 9 out of 10 start-up manufacturers not only do not make a profit, but often remain in debt for a long time?

Because ... Business is primarily about sales.

Manufacturing a product by itself does not make a profit, but only spends money. In fact, the production of goods is justified only when there is a distribution network, to reduce costs (expenses) and thus increase profits.

Therefore, before starting production, set up sales of an already finished product. It may not be so “cool”, but it is much more efficient, profitable and less risky. And you will always have time to engage in production, if you want to do it at all, having achieved success in trade.

More often than not, it simply leads to a waste of time. Unreasonable waste of time.

What business can you start now

In modern society, there are some methods and principles of generating (creating) new ideas for business. In order to determine them, you need to get answers to some questions:

  • How do ideas for a new business appear?
  • What are the main criteria for ideas for a business?
  • How to determine the level of demand for ideas for business?

    How do new business ideas come about?

    The well-known company Creative Consultancy has invented a tool for generating new ideas for business, which is a working generator of invention of ideas. His job is to generate new ideas on the basis of certain combinations of random words. You can use the generator to develop creativity and reflect on it. He doesn't come up with ready-made ideas.

    How to choose a business idea from scratch?

    The generator application has its advantages, but it is not quite suitable for domestic businessmen, since successful business ideas are simply read from the original. In this case, you can be sure of the success of the idea, since there is information about how it works. You need to add your thoughts, a look at some things, style, etc. to the current idea. / P>

    Most often, new ideas are old, long-forgotten ideas. Therefore, before choosing an idea, you need to look at it from a different angle or transform or modify the current one. Coming up with something new does not ensure the success of the business. About 90% of brand new business projects start unsuccessfully.

    Many people, when they hear about the success of a business, believe that if they launch a new business idea, they will be overwhelmed. But in reality it happens differently, most often by organizing a business in accordance with the current idea, for example by opening a hairdresser or an online store of cosmetics and perfumery, you can experience success in the future. In the case when a new business idea with the sale of, for example, invisible swimwear or tights, will be implemented, on the contrary, failure can be expected. After all, these goods will not have buyers. No one can guarantee the required number of buyers if there is no similar business and analysis of the buyers' demand.

    Then you can look at this issue from a different angle, from a creative and creative point of view. Creative ideas and creativity are like a good mood, if it is, then everything is fine, and if it is not, then it is a disaster.

    Creative ideas need to be constantly developed, improved, so that they bring success. All of the above are prerequisites for the emergence of a business idea.

    What kind of business you can start now. Ideas for starting a small business Today, almost every person in our country strives to improve the quality of life and one of the most common

    This will allow you to run your business stress-free and make you more money

    This is the final version of the product and no future updates are planned. The product was created some time ago, received its share of attention and is currently offered as is - in the final version.

    This step-by-step guide will be useful for those who want to start their own business, but have not yet decided what kind of business it will be

    * Hereinafter, under the word "niche" I mean a business niche, that is, the idea, product or service that you can choose for yourself to start a business.

    With the help of this instruction, you can choose the best idea (niche) for you for your future business.

    Most importantly, this idea (niche) will fit your personality. This will allow you to run your business stress-free and make you more money. Since it is doing what you love that energizes, and does not suck it out.

    If you have already practically decided what kind of business you would like to be engaged in, then with the help of this instruction you can check again whether you have chosen the right niche.

    Choosing a niche is an important step in the beginning and can completely determine your future business success. Choosing a niche incorrectly may not be successful, although you might be doing well in another niche.

    Practice shows that different people in the same niche can achieve completely different results. One person can build a successful business, while another will soon close. The point is that different niches suit different people.

    Choosing a niche is an important point. You need to choose a niche responsibly, almost like a wife or husband. And this instruction was created in order to once and for all solve the problem of choosing a wrong niche.

    + Special table for niche comparison

    Buy step-by-step instructions for choosing a niche!

    The instruction will be sent to you in electronic form by e-mail, which you specify when paying. For any questions, you can always contact me on Vkontakte, via Skype or e-mail (my contacts are at the bottom of this page or on any other page of my site).

    Which business should you start with? How to start your own business? What business is profitable:

    The idea of ​​developing their own business has slipped through the minds of most people more than once. Someone is tired of working for hire, someone is not satisfied with their income, and someone has a positive example of opening and further promoting this or that business. How to start your own business? Which niche should you choose? Why? You can find answers to these and other equally interesting questions while reading the article.

    First Steps

    How to start your own business? Before asking such a crucial question, it is imperative to decide in which field of activity to promote your business most optimally at this stage of social life. It is important to note that it is she who has a dramatic effect on further opportunities in the development of their own business. So, having studied examples of business through certain sources (as a rule, society most often chooses the Internet), it is necessary to choose a specific area of ​​activity. You need to know that the final choice one way or another must correspond to the professional skills of the future careerist in order for him to have the opportunity to feel like a fish in water in this topic. It's so nice to know all the subtleties of the case, even at the initial stages of its development!

    Which business should you start with? One way or another, the choice of a field of activity should correlate with hobbies. What for? Everything is extremely simple: it is then that the business will be able to bring the owner not only income, but also moral satisfaction, which plays an important role today. It is strange to argue with the fact that someone works all day, while someone is happy to do what they love.

    After studying business examples and choosing your own path, you should self-study in accordance with a specific field of activity. It's great that today the Internet is full of all kinds of theoretical materials and training videos! Therefore, this step is unlikely to be a problem.

    Forming a business idea

    Which business should you start with? Before making this decision, one way or another, you need to form a business idea in your head. By the way, it often arises by itself. If this still does not happen, it is necessary to conduct a market research and thereby determine what the population of the relevant area lacks. What business is profitable and popular for newbies today? In the chapters that follow, you can find some very interesting ideas in this regard.

    Food Truck

    Nevertheless, you should know that this business has not yet received regulation at the legislative level in Russia. This circumstance undoubtedly creates some difficulties, but it is possible that soon everything will change: the number of food trucks in Russia is increasing every year.

    Onsite car wash

    What business is profitable in Russia? Today more and more Russians are beginning to value their time dearly. On average, a person spends two hours tidying up a car, if, of course, taking into account the road, as well as waiting in line. But there are many ways to spend this time on more enjoyable and rewarding activities. That is why more and more people are interested in the field service. In order to open your own off-site car wash, you must take into account the following nuances:

    Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "How to choose a business idea". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

    How to choose a business idea

    One of the most fundamental decisions when starting a business is choosing a business idea. But coming up with a good idea is only the first step. It is very important to take the time to thoughtfully study an idea that may become part of your future life. All business owners, after all, understand that, first of all, the success of a company does not depend on the person at the head of the business, not on marketing or employees, but on the quality and profitability of the idea behind it.

    When starting a business, you need to look at an idea or opportunity from a different angle. Most people choose the wrong business idea for one of two reasons:

    • This is the business they already know. A hairdresser opens a beauty salon, a lawyer opens a legal practice, and so on. This is a big mistake. They think about work, not business. Just because a person is a good chef does not mean that he knows how to run a restaurant. More importantly, this does not mean that the restaurant will be successful in the market.
    • This is a product or service that they fell in love with. five, just because you love something doesn't mean it will make a profitable business. This is especially true for those starting a business for the first time. Learning to build a business is already difficult enough. You don't have to make it hard for yourself by doing what you love instead of doing what customers pay well for.

    How do you make sure your business idea is good enough to be profitable? Here are three important considerations:

    If you start a business today, which one will you choose? I would start with one initial condition and some popular industry. The premise is that you need to make money not by washing gold, but by selling pallets to wash it. Get in the way of the shopping frenzy and you will succeed. Once you understand this, it remains to answer the question of which industry is currently in the "gold rush".

    One last thing: when thinking about an idea, start at the end. Look for a business idea that at some point may become national or even global. Perhaps your task now is to start a small business here and now, but over time you will want more.

    How to choose the most suitable niche?

    How to make the right choice if you cannot decide which business to start? Let's turn to psychology. Everyone knows that a person is an individual person, and there are no people in the world that are 100% alike. Everyone has a different psychotype, respectively, everyone must choose only what he considers the best, what he likes. Nobody will make this choice for you, and if they do, it may turn out to be wrong.

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