Business idea of ​​opening a mini-bakery

Bread is the most demanded food product today. Baking and selling bakery products is a stable and profitable business. The opening of a mini-bakery can interest any entrepreneur, although the idea itself is not new, and there is quite strong competition in this business.

If you want to use the business idea of ​​opening your own mini-bakery, then you will definitely need to prepare a business plan. You can read more about how to do it yourself in our article: do it yourself business plan.

How to open a mini-bakery

Let's look at how to open your own mini-bakery. It is logical to start your path as a baker-businessman with registering your business as an individual entrepreneur. An important point: when registering, you should indicate (register) the type of activity of OKVED. If the entrepreneur already has a business related to the sale of food products, then a new type of activity should be signed to those already indicated.

Then we choose the taxation system. The best option for small and medium-sized businesses will be the simplified taxation system of 15%.

In addition to registering when opening a mini-bakery, you should receive:

  • SES certificate - permission to produce bread. The certificate gives the right to produce bakery products in your own mini-bakery;
  • the second certificate from the SES - permission to sell the goods. Without this document, the bakery does not have the right to sell its baked goods in retail outlets of the settlement;
  • permission from the fire inspector;
  • an act from the SEE on the environmental impact assessment;
  • certificate of conformity issued by Rosstandart.

Mini-bakery room

The requirements for the premises where the bakery will be located:

  • It is prohibited to locate bakeries in the basement (semi-basement) floors of buildings (premises).
  • Walls (up to a height of at least 170 cm) and the floor must be tiled with a ceramic coating (painting is allowed), the ceiling must be whitewashed.
  • Prerequisite: availability of water supply and a properly working sewerage system, plus an air conditioner.
  • Availability of a separate room suitable for storing flour and industrial raw materials.
  • Separate changing room for bakery workers.

It is advisable to look for the premises in the city center, convenient access roads are welcome. There are no restrictions on the area. But it must be borne in mind that the equipment will occupy most of the room. There are bakery plants that cover almost 120 square meters.

Mini-bakery equipment

To open your own mini-bakery, you should purchase a mandatory minimum of equipment:

Making delicious baked goods is one of the fastest-growing and most profitable activities. Despite the high competition, he is practically not afraid of the financial crisis, because in this segment there is a very high demand for the goods sold. But in order to bring such a business idea to life, you need to draw up the right go-to-market strategy. So, in this article we will talk about how to open your small mini bakery from scratch step by step, draw up a business plan, what is needed for the bakery to be profitable, where to start this difficult business and come to success.

How to open a bakery: bakery business plan

It would seem that opening a production of confectionery and bakery products is simple: rent a suitable premises, hire bakers and technologists, think over how to sell your quality product (wholesale or retail), buy a production line and - go ahead! However, baking is a costly enterprise producing perishable food. How to understand if it is profitable and open a bakery, minimizing all risks? It is necessary to draw up a detailed description of the project with calculations. It should include the following sections:

  • Stages of project implementation.
  • Marketing plan.
  • Object characteristics.
  • Economic and technical data of equipment.
  • Financial plan.
  • Economic and financial justification of investments.
  • Risk assessment.

It may contain information about the work schedule of the future enterprise, personnel requirements and a detailed description of all technological processes. At the end, the period for which it is planned to make a profit is necessarily calculated.

Registering a bakery: documents for opening

Almost every entrepreneur who wants to open his own bakery does not know where to start the process of starting a business in this area. But everything is quite simple and fast. You need to officially register your activity. In this case, two forms of doing business are suitable:

  • individual entrepreneurship;
  • limited liability company.

Are you going to start production at home or open one small bakery? Better to issue an IP. To do this, you will need a package of documents:

  • Application (form Р21001).
  • Personal TIN.
  • Passport.
  • A document confirming the payment of the state fee.

Business plan for opening a new bakery from scratch

How to write a bakery business plan: cost and profitability calculations. Step by step instructions for opening. We create a profitable business.

Opening your own mini-bakery is a promising business idea, since the food industry in large and small cities and in any season is always in demand. However, as in any business, it is necessary to take into account a lot of nuances. In this article, we will reveal the factors of success and give a ready-made example of a bakery business plan.

Step-by-step instructions for opening a bakery

Before starting a business, you need to do important work - to determine the target audience, prepare a marketing plan, make scheduling, choose taxation, calculate the approximate amount for start-up capital, conduct risk management, and so on. The better you do the preliminary work, the more successfully and predictably the new business will develop. Here's what a step-by-step guide to starting a bakery from scratch looks like.

Step Selecting the target audience for the bakery

Before proceeding with specific actions, you must first decide on the format and scale of the future institution. To do this, answer the following questions:

  • Do you have your own suitable premises, or will you have to look for an object for rent / purchase?
  • Will it be a mini-bakery at home or a full cycle enterprise? How will the products be manufactured: from semi-finished products or from scratch?
  • How do your future competitors work? Where do they sell their products?
  • In what ways will you sell ready-made baked goods?
  • Do you have an experienced specialist who can help you open a bakery?

The target audience of this business is very wide, since almost everyone loves delicious baked goods. However, here you need to carefully consider the choice of location. If there is a bakery nearby with its own points of sale, it is hardly worth opening a bakery on this territory. Your best bet is to take a closer look at busy areas where there are no competitors. It is good if there are educational institutions, a railway station, public transport stops, and business centers nearby. This will be your target audience.

Step Bakery Assortment

The list of products is an important factor, a lot depends on it: the cost of opening a bakery, what type of premises is required, the number of personnel, the list of required equipment, etc. The assortment of a mini-bakery may include only bakery products. If you are planning a large enterprise, then it can produce everything from cakes to buns. But remember that the more diverse the product range, the more funds will be required, the lower the profitability and the higher the risk of loss. It is best to find a narrow niche, but become number one in it. For example, offering the most delicious donuts in town or making very high quality bread.

Opening your business project at this time is not so difficult, it is important to find a business to your liking. For example, if you love baking, why not dedicate an idea to it? So, a mini-bakery as a business: how to start from scratch and where to start?

Getting to know the project

Bakery has two main formats: a full-cycle workshop and an equipped kitchen-cooking. It is worth choosing here based on financial capabilities and the desired assortment for sale:

  • The first format will require quite large areas. They manufacture a large number of different products under their own brand, and the productivity of the full cycle is much better. They are more willing to work with such industries, and buyers love them for a wide range of products.
  • The project of creating an incomplete culinary cycle involves working with semi-finished products, which already speaks of the quality of products and the size of the range. But here, too, there are advantages, for example, the cleanliness and environmental friendliness of such a production is ten times higher. In addition, an incomplete cycle does not require large sites and capacities, but the level of productivity will also be lower. It should be noted that for small-scale cooking, it will be necessary to purchase just semi-finished products, and not raw materials, which is why the equipment will be simpler and less costly.


  • A businessman can use his own kitchen.
  • In many cases, the work goes without intermediaries, which allows you to get more profit and create lucrative offers for customers.
  • A personal bakery implies the possibility of direct contact with suppliers of raw materials.
  • No seasonality.
  • The organization of the assortment for sale also rests on your shoulders, so you are free to create what will bring success.

Once again, carefully consider how much you are interested in such a project, whether its features are suitable, and whether it is raised for your wallet, before starting to work on planning.

Download a free sample mini-bakery business plan.


First of all, the company itself is always registered. The advice of many businessmen in this market is the recommendation to register as an individual entrepreneur.

The continuation of the documentation will be the choice of the taxation system. The owner of a new business has two options for UTII and STS. A simplified system should be taken only if the first is not available.

After visiting the tax office, you will have to visit two more services: the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station and the Fire Department. In both, you will have to get permission to produce something in the premises of your choice.

Finding a suitable room

  • 1 How much money is needed to open a mini-bakery
  • 2 How to choose a premise for a mini-bakery
  • 3 What kind of staff to choose for work in a bakery
  • 4 How much can you earn on this business
  • 5 How to start a bakery business
  • 6 Which OKVED should be indicated
  • 7 What documents are needed to open a mini-bakery
  • 8 Which taxation system to choose for a mini-bakery
  • 9 Do I need a permit for this field of activity

Despite high competition in the bakery industry, the demand for tasty and high-quality bakery products remains consistently high and profitable.

So the idea of ​​a mini-bakery business is quite profitable.

How much money does it take to open a mini-bakery

At the opening of your own mini-bakery, you can organize a promising business that will bring a stable income.

According to experts, it will take about 2.6 million rubles to open such an enterprise in a rented premises.

A significant part of the funds (about 1 million rubles) will be spent on the purchase of production equipment.

How to choose a room for a mini-bakery

To accommodate a mini-bakery, an entrepreneur must rent an area of ​​at least 50 square meters.

It is desirable that it is in good condition. This will save money on capital repairs.

In the rented space, it will be necessary to organize such functional areas as a baking and molding workshop, a warehouse for raw materials, a rest room for staff, a utility room.

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