7 easy steps to start your business from scratch and open an online store

Good evening, dear readers! This article focuses on the topic of starting a business. So how to start your own business or where to start your own business? Below we will sort it all out in order.

Low wages, unstable economy, unemployment require a person to look for different ways of how to financially support his life. The desire to live well and be independent from others, especially from employers, contributes to the fact that many active, enterprising young people begin to think about the question: how to start a business? Where to start?

If you consider yourself as young, active and you clearly realize that you want to work for yourself, open your own business, then read on!

How to start a business? steps towards success

To start your own business, you need to follow 6 steps sequentially to help you achieve success.


To begin with, no matter how trite it sounds, decide what you want to do, what kind of activity. Think and write down activities that are interesting to you, what you are good at doing and what activities you enjoy. It is necessary to choose one direction from the list, because you are unlikely to succeed in dealing with several directions.

To do this, cross out those activities that you think are least promising. Also consider that you will need to invest your money and think over the options for selling products. After that, most likely, you will be left with only one option.


Show the benefits of your product relative to others. If you have chosen a direction of activity, then - that's not all. You need to think about how your services or products differ from those already on the market. This is quality, and price, and convenience, etc. If you manage to find at least 3 or even 4 advantages, then your idea is worthy to be realized in life.


Before starting any (your) business, you should familiarize yourself with the laws of your country on business and entrepreneurship. Find out what benefits the state gives and whether you can count on any support from it. Calculate the amount of taxes that will need to be paid. All this requires attention and time, because here you can save a lot, or you can lose a lot.

The question of how to start your own business is very exciting, especially if the future entrepreneur does not have a lot of start-up capital.

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In addition to capital, the desire to work and professionalism play an important role. The entrepreneurial intelligence can be a worthy substitute for big capital and contribute to the development and expansion of business opportunities.

Taking on the creation of his own business, a person acquires:

  • Independence and complete freedom, the ability to independently manage your own time, the main thing is to do it wisely.
  • An excellent opportunity to realize yourself. Entrepreneurs with big ambitions tend to be very successful.
  • Unlimited income.

The main thing is to understand in advance that at first the business is unlikely to generate income, but rather to be unprofitable, but these are difficulties that almost everyone faces. And efforts, skills and diligence will allow you to overcome this difficult period and achieve your goal.

Where to start?

If the fear of ruin and debt is great, then you should familiarize yourself with the following 10 rules:

  • If you are not an experienced entrepreneur, do not take out loans to start a new business.
  • Before proceeding, try to find the answer to the question "What is the risk of failure?"
  • The entrepreneur must be prepared for both positive and negative scenarios.
  • Money intended for other purposes (payment of a loan, education of children, medical treatment, etc.) should not be used as start-up capital.
  • It is necessary to analyze the market of the chosen field of activity and compare it with the capabilities of the entrepreneur.
  • Do not get involved in dubious, instantly recoup projects without investment.
  • People with experience in business development should be consulted.
  • The case should be opened in a field that is understandable and familiar to the entrepreneur.
  • The planning process should be transferred to paper, clearly describing the essence of the actions leading to the goal.
  • You should be optimistic and not back down at the first difficulties.

Select a field of activity

Choosing the area in which the business will be created is one of the main and most crucial moments:

  • It is better if this is an area in which the entrepreneur already knows a lot.
  • It is desirable that a minimum of people be engaged in this business in the nearest territory. It is much easier to work and develop your business, knowing that the competition is minimal.
  • The cost of setting up and developing a business is also an important factor, an entrepreneur should be realistic about his financial capabilities. Better to start small but profitable business.

How to find an idea for starting your own business?

People who, after reading the books of Robert Kiyosaki, have literally "blown down the tower" began to contact me more and more often.

They quit their jobs and try to start their own business. They go to trade on the stock exchange and Forex, while absolutely not understanding trading. They look everywhere for "small" and "big deal" cards.

On emotions they make a lot of mistakes and, ultimately, are left completely without money and are forced to look for a job again.

Therefore, I decided to immediately answer in bulk to the frequently asked question - how to start a business?

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Due to your numerous requests, I made a video recording of the mini-training

"It's just one step from idea to business. Or how to start your own business?"

The training turned out to be very tough, so if you are not ready to hear the truth, are not ready to do a lot to open your business and take it to the big voyage, then my good advice to you is to refrain from purchasing this course.

What's in store for you in this video?

How to start your business

Business Ideas, Investments, Own Business

Where to start your business? Look, there are people-drivers and people-passengers. It is the same in business: if you are not satisfied with the performers, and you have no more patience to work “for your uncle”; if your brain explodes with a lot of creative ideas; if self-realization is more important to you than a stable (albeit high) salary; if you are born a leader capable of making decisions not only for yourself, but also for other people, while taking full responsibility for yourself, drop all doubts and open YOUR BUSINESS!

If you are used to being “like everyone else” and you go into business only because it is fashionable now, or just for the sake of money, then it is better not to start.

Let's finish with the long introductions! How do we start our business:

1) Selling or producing? These are two, as they say, big differences. Better to start with trade, moreover, with wholesale. Now, in the era of a very saturated market, it is not difficult to find suppliers on favorable terms. This is a plus for you if you open up to a ready consumer. But the same factor plays against you when you do not have a regular customer and enter the market in a regime of tough competition with you with similar intermediaries. With “our” client, the question “what do we trade?” doesn't make sense. Naturally - what the client needs.

In case of “free floating”, we monitor the market. We found a gap between supply and demand, we boldly and quickly take this place, otherwise others will stand there. Today there are very few such gaps, but they are and always will be. It all depends on your access to local market information.

2) Do not own the insider, then there is only one way out: we create a new market. Otherwise, you will continue to run after the “successful” ones. In my opinion, it is easier to create new markets in the service sector. There's an unparalleled field of options. The main thing is to be able to present an idea to the layman, to interest people, to make them believe that they will be the coolest and most VIP “peppers” if they turn to you. This is where you can unleash that fountain of ideas that blew your head off when you were a simple clerk.

3) Have you decided on the choice of direction? Now we are solving the issue with the location. If cross-country ability is not important to you (you trade in wholesale), the choice of office location depends only on the loyalty of one or another regional tax office to you. We take the one where friends work. No connections in any of them? We choose the one where the employees work better (more efficiently). Any accountant with experience will inform you about the methods and style of work of the district IFTS.

If you open the point for passers-by - passability is important. The city center is not rubbery, and therefore the rental prices there can be unaffordable for you during the period when your business is on its feet. But in addition to the center itself, each city has a so-called "red line" with good traffic to begin with. We find there a suitable room for you, take (for an advance payment) a letter from the owner, guaranteeing the conclusion of a lease agreement with your future company.

4) I advise LLC the organizational and legal form. This way you do not risk your personal property. I strongly advise you to entrust the further registration and registration of the company to specially trained boys and girls from law firms. I have always done this myself, but with the help of my personal higher legal education. So I know what I'm saying!

This, in principle, can be stopped. The last piece of advice: decide - do it, no doubts, fears and hesitation. At the decision-making stage, listen only to positive advice and recommendations on how to do better. And ignore the skeptical losers, because you are determined to leave their ranks! Good luck!

If you have decided to organize your business, but have no idea where to start, we suggest you go through 7 steps on the way to implementing this idea.

If you have decided to organize your business, but have no idea where to start, we suggest you go through 7 steps on the way to implementing this idea. For clarity, we will consider this technology using the example of a fictional entrepreneur named Kostya. This is the protagonist of the story, who set out to start his own business from scratch. Following Kostya's example, you can step by step overcome this thorny path on your own. Let's get started!

Step Defining Your Value

Everyone will agree that a business is actually an exchange of money for one or another value that you are ready to offer clients. This is a way to solve their problem for financial reward. Say you are a confident motorist or creative designer, or perhaps even have a talent for making things with your own hands - each of the cases represents a certain value that people can pay for. We propose to go straight to business and get down to doing a practical task that will give an impetus to creating a business from scratch.

Exercise: On a piece of paper, list 10 of your skills that you think you are the best at. Then think about which of the above is the most enjoyable to run. Maybe this is your hobby at the moment. The point is that it is not typical for a person to do something that he does not like for a long time, and business is a kind of creative process that requires versatile development, will, strength and dedication.

For example, after the assignment you came to the conclusion that you have an inclination and interest in teaching, communicating with people, working with information, and most importantly, that it is good at it. The manifestation of these abilities in combination will allow you to become a tutor, consultant or manager in network marketing.

Kostya compiled a list of his favorite activities and compared it with what he does best. He decided that he would sell products online and primarily wants to order an online store for his business. Moreover, he has a good example - a friend from Kiev has had his own online store for a long time and is actively selling clothes and shoes of various brands from Europe and the USA, and his turnover is more than 1 million UAH per month.

Assessing his strengths, Kostya decided that he would also create his own online store and would develop it in Ukraine. Moreover, he knows where to buy good and high-quality goods in bulk. Kostya caught fire with this idea and sat at home every day until late at night, thinking over all the details of the future business in order to start correctly.

Even then, he realized that he would be engaged in entrepreneurial activity, buying goods cheaply, and selling them would be more expensive. Moreover, he himself is well versed in the range.

Kostya also realized that if he would independently receive calls, fill the online store with goods, send orders, monitor the contractor and, of course, not rent an office, but work from home, this can be a great savings money. His initial investment in the business will be minimal.

So the idea for our hero to start a business came to mind. It's good that he lived in a big city where he had many potential customers. These were the first steps of Kostya on the way to the goal.

Step Market analysis and choosing a niche for your project

To understand how successful your business will be, you need to select keywords for the site through the available online service Google AdWords. Kostya decided not to rush and began to thoroughly prepare for that stage, which is called "free swimming in the world of business."

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