5 ideas for small businesses in Kazakhstan

Nowadays many people dream of starting their own business. Your business allows you to improve the material well-being of the family, helps a person to express themselves and achieve success. But things do not always go well in the established company, since the founders make mistakes at the start-up stage. For example, they cannot decide on a niche and choose the first one they come across or do not want to waste time on formalizing official documents. How to open a profitable business in Kazakhstan? Find out from this article.

Peculiarities of doing business in Kazakhstan

The country's economy is developing steadily, which allows citizens and foreigners to register their companies and count on a good income. When choosing a niche for your business, one should not forget that Kazakhstan is a rather conservative state, where family values ​​and the wisdom of ancestors are respected. It is very important to provide a good service, then there will be no end to those wishing to use the services of the new organization. Word of mouth works well in Kazakhstan, so if you serve one person well, he will soon bring the whole family with him.

Business ideas that are associated with a culture alien to local residents are most likely doomed to failure. You should not go against public opinion, it will not bring success. Before starting a business, it will be useful to study the basic laws of Kazakhstan. For many offenses of an entrepreneur, a fine awaits here. Lawyers recommend that a beginner first register as an individual entrepreneur, and after a while, if successful, establish a company.

Official design

How to start a business in Kazakhstan from scratch? First you need to officially register. If this is not done, then problems with the tax service will soon appear. To become an entrepreneur, you need to prepare the following documents:

  • passport ;
  • taxpayer registration number;
  • receipt of payment of registration fee;
  • lease agreement or property documents;
  • application for registration as an entrepreneur or legal entity;
  • photographs.

All data must be provided in both Russian and Kazakh. A complete list of documents can be found on the website of the Union of Entrepreneurs. If the future businessman is a citizen of another country, then he must first obtain a residence permit. If a person was born in Kazakhstan or his close relatives, for example, parents or brothers, have lived here for a long time, then he can register under a simplified scheme. If the business is supposed to be seasonal, then a one-time voucher can be issued.


Some business ideas do not require start-up capital or require a small amount of funds. For example, for a snow removal service, you only need to purchase high-quality shovels, and you can start a rabbit farm with 5-10 individuals. But some types of businesses may require serious investments. If a beginner entrepreneur does not have start-up capital, he can borrow it from a bank. How to start a business in Kazakhstan from scratch if your own funds are not enough? Take a loan.

Experienced businessmen do not recommend buying a large amount of equipment right away. If some positions can be abandoned at first, then it is better not to acquire them yet. Sometimes it is much more profitable to purchase serviceable, used equipment.

If a beginner entrepreneur does not have enough money, then he should not immediately buy his own premises, especially an expensive one. Initially, you can rent the building you want, and then decide how suitable it is for doing business. After all, it may turn out that the place is not suitable for a pawnshop or an office of an agricultural machinery company.

How to start a business: the best tips for Kazakhstanis

Many people are interested in how to create their own business? Intending to start his own business, any businessman counts only on success. Because everyone has different examples of classmates, relatives and friends who started their own business and were able to become quite wealthy in a few years.

However, there are other examples of aspiring entrepreneurs who, after a few months of seemingly successful start-ups, failed. And despite the fact that each of them has its own reasons for defeat, they arise, as a rule, due to typical mistakes.

How to properly open your business from scratch?

The phrase that an artist should paint pictures and a shoemaker should sew boots is true. When there is no experience or proper education, before starting to search for a suitable idea for a business and investing huge amounts of money in it, it is advisable to gain experience. To do this, you need to get a job in a company that provides such services or simply hire a professional.

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The only exception will be if the future business is a completely new field of activity that no one else has been involved in. And you will know how to create this business, since all the mistakes and trials have already passed.

Don't give your idea to potential competitors

When you have a great idea of ​​how to create a promising business that will bring good profits, try to implement it yourself, without seeking advice from experienced entrepreneurs. Even if its implementation requires huge investments, which you do not have.

Therefore, it is worth looking for an investor, but you just don’t need to offer him cooperation. Of course, it is better to develop and sell a business plan and concept. At the same time, play the role of a manager who can implement this project. But it is necessary to offer a joint project to a potential partner with whom the material capabilities are approximately the same.

Profit should be spent wisely

Before starting a business, carefully check and study the situation in your market sector: who else offers similar services or produces a similar product. For example, is it necessary to purchase expensive printing machines if a competitor is nearby doing the same, but with a low cost of goods.

The Republic of Kazakhstan is a country with a large territory and a small population. At the moment, the country's economy is actively developing, conditions are being created for the emergence and development of small and medium-sized businesses in Kazakhstan. First of all, the focus is on the agricultural segment. For example, in 2021, one of the most popular destinations in the country was beekeeping and the cultivation of herbal tea for subsequent export to neighboring countries. However, the hotel business in Kazakhstan, which was previously in crisis, is now (according to the statistics of 2021-2021) experiencing an upsurge and is actively encouraged by the state.

Peculiarities of doing business in Kazakhstan

Despite being a part of the Russian Empire, and later the USSR, the population of the country has retained its cultural characteristics, which may affect the further development of the company. The main thing is that your business does not contradict the moral norms and foundations that have developed in this country. First of all, this rule applies to enterprises for the production and sale of clothing, advertising agencies, entertainment and tourism.

To start in this country, it is recommended to start with the most popular destinations that have been proven over the years. Despite the potential for large competition, the entry threshold is lower here, and it is also easier to obtain funding from the state and banks. If you want to implement some new approach to doing business in areas popular in Kazakhstan, then it is also possible to receive funding and support from the state. However, opening up new markets and potentially profitable firms will require high costs, and the state finances risky business projects without enthusiasm.

The most intensively developing business areas in Kazakhstan are:

  • Beekeeping. It is especially developed in the south of the Republic, however, on a national scale, this business is only gaining momentum, so it will be easier for novice businessmen to occupy a niche due to the lack of strong competition and active assistance from the state. Business profitability also strongly depends on the climate of the region in which you plan to start and on the time of year.

  • Growing cotton and tea. It is a traditional occupation in Kazakhstan, there is high competition, but it is also easier to start, because. there are already ready-made business ideas.

  • Secondary consumption. The sphere is still developing. It is most beneficial to start in large cities, where an efficient collection point for recyclable materials can be set up for recycling or delivery.

The recycling process in Kazakhstan

  • Sale and / or tailoring of clothing. Most often, cheap clothes are purchased from neighboring China and sold at a premium. Sewing clothes in Kazakhstan will be cheaper because the cost of purchasing materials is lower. Subsequently, finished products can be sold to neighboring Russia with a surcharge.

  • Advertising agency. Private entrepreneurship is actively developing in the country, and therefore the demand for high-quality advertising content is increasing. Competition in this market is low and development prospects are high.
  • Computer help. The population of the country is actively buying computers, laptops, smartphones, etc., but not everyone is able not to break them. At the moment, the area is very promising, there is no serious competition.

Video about which niches are chosen for starting a business in Kazakhstan

How to open your business in Kazakhstan

Business in Kazakhstan will be profitable if it is open taking into account the peculiarities of the area, the preferences of residents and public policy. The government provides for franchises if the entrepreneur's activities are carried out in the production of children's goods and services, generators for extracting water from the environment. Opening your business in Kazakhstan from scratch will be more difficult than working under an already well-known trademark. In this case, the principle of work, the price policy, and the list of supplier companies are explained to the person. When citizens wish to pursue a new direction on their own, they gain experience and are independent from other legal entities.


Small business in a market economy, as an entrepreneurial organization, performs the following functions:

  • resource ;
  • organizational ;
  • innovative ;
  • general economic ;
  • social ;
  • political.

The growing role of small business and the need to support entrepreneurs is manifested in the following:

  • the emergence of new technologies;
  • a shift in the development of infrastructure industries;
  • the emergence of new means of production;
  • formation of levers in organizational and legal aspects;
  • striving for making economic decisions;
  • increasing the degree of training of specialists in various fields of life;
  • raising the level of education of people; <
  • incentives for small firms.

Analysis of legislation and work of the state confirms interest in the development of small business in Kazakhstan.


An entrepreneur can expect to receive a loan, which differs in:

  • amount ;
  • interest rate;
  • lending period.

Overdraft is a quick loan issued to a borrower secured by a valid bank account. The loan term is 3-30 days. The amount is taken from the calculation of turnovers on the account of average indicators. Statistics show that the overdraft amount is twenty to thirty percent of the organization's turnover. It is confirmed by transactions carried out on the account. Loans without collateral are rarely issued. If you count on a loan without collateral, then the amount will be insignificant, and the term is minimal. Such loans have the advantage of quick processing of the application and making a decision. A secured loan is the main form of a small business loan.

  • vehicle;
  • equipment;
  • real estate;
  • balance of goods.

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Every day people in different countries come up with some new ideas for business and decide to finally start their life's work, namely a business that will bring them money.

Many of the residents of Kazakhstan are also thinking about the question: What exactly will bring success and good income in a country like Kazakhstan?

Where exactly should you start your journey and how not to make a mistake?

Starting a business from scratch is very difficult and this applies not only to Kazakhstan, but also to business, but in general.

Even when there is already a certain idea, a business plan has been developed, or even a store has opened, there are always many negative factors that can prevent you from creating a successful path.

Various problems, competitors and others can lead to despair. It is also difficult for people to build their own business due to the fact that they simply do not have enough knowledge in a particular field of activity.

For example, documentation becomes a huge pitfall. How to pay all taxes and loans correctly, no matter what you get at a loss. You also need to carefully consider the candidacy of your business partner.

After all, you must be absolutely sure that the person will not let you down at the most difficult and crucial moment. Well, you can't do without cooperation with all kinds of regulatory authorities.

In order to start your own business, you need to focus, weigh and calculate everything. Each of the fines poses a threat to your case.

And an incorrectly drawn up contract may further lead to the collapse of the whole case, or worse, all property will pass into the hands of another owner.

Of course, not everything is so scary in business. But if you take the matter lightly, then it clearly will not bring success.

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