10 ideas for your small business without investment

After that, books and sites begin to teach us creativity, instead of simply and clearly telling us: - You have no money, you have no job, but you want to earn, no matter what? Well, we will help you. Here's a thousand real ideas that don't require the slightest investment!

But this article does not aim to criticize authors of this kind? Moreover, they fulfilled their task - they found a business that did not require investments - without doing anything worthwhile in life, they began to teach us to do business and entrepreneurship. We will simply offer you a few ideas that will allow you not only to start getting a small but stable law, not only to understand what a business is, but also to collect start-up capital, which will eventually allow you to move to a higher level. But it will be later, but for now:


To bring this home business to life, all you need is: a clean apartment without drafts, at least the initial experience of communicating with children, etc. All. Toys and even food, if you say that mothers should not only bring their children to you, but also bring food for them, since you do not take on such responsibility, your clients will bring you. All that remains for you is to watch over other people's children from eight in the morning to six in the evening, feed them on time, wash them, teach them to entertain and put them to sleep after dinner.

Three or four children are the ideal number of pupils for such a kindergarten. As for those who wish, if you follow all the conditions described above, there will be many who want to take their children not to a public kindergarten, but to you. And then you will be able to name any amount of payment for your services.

Here are three more ideas to help you express your teaching ability:

  • Preparing your child for school.
  • Help other people's children with homework.
  • I will take your child to kindergarten.


Do you have an apartment but no money? Then this type of business is just for you. All you need to do is to clean the apartment and advertise, and the next evening you will be visited by those who want to spend time in a homely atmosphere, but do not have their own home for this. ena - negotiable. But there is a circumstance that we cannot fail to mention. The fact is that when renting out your apartment as a place for someone else's fun, you need to remember that not only botany students can come to you, and not only managers who decided to take a break from their wives, but hooligans and other inadequate elements. Therefore, think very carefully before giving your consent to a particular company. And certainly take, in addition to the prepayment, a certain amount that you will return in case your apartment remains intact after the party and the neighbors do not call the police.

But there are quieter ways to rent your apartment by the hour. This:

  • Dating apartment.
  • Siesta Hotel - you can host people who decide to retire during their lunch breaks.
  • Or provide such a service as "Shower on a Hot Day" - it will be used by those, for example, who have to attend several negotiations during the day, but cannot go home to put themselves in order.

Approximately a couple of years ago, I'm surprised myself, but that's how much I blog about small business (I've already moved to new domains a couple of times), on the forum, as part of one long and rather tedious dispute about real opportunities to start making money at home, one rather simple and at the same time original idea was expressed. I will immediately make a remark during the discussion, ideas related to the Internet industry were not accepted at all, that is, de facto, it was just about business options offline. Moreover, they spoke only from the perspective of the lack of start-up capital, that is, a business without investments and, accordingly, without experience on the part of the owner. True, then many business ideas for private business were discussed, more on that later.

I think the discussion itself will not be interesting to readers, but I would like to tell you about the idea and actually describe what happened in practice with a business idea without investment. And so, as you yourself understand, we will talk about the simplest home business, by the way, here is another do-it-yourself home business.

Stage one - business idea without investment - making aquariums

As they said, the idea was suggested on the forum and it boiled down to one thing, having hands and the desire to make an aquarium at home will not be difficult, in fact, this is not a question, but a statement of fact. If you don’t believe it, then just try, of course, the first attempt may not work, but I think that with the right approach, the second or third instance will easily hold water. So, having heard about this option, although to be honest, there is an aquarium of 140 liters near the house for 15 years already, I tried it in practice. I’ll say right away that I didn’t make aquariums on my own, there’s no time, and I’m not such a “jack of all trades”; I assigned the task of making aquariums to a friend sitting at home.

Features of making aquariums as a business without investment

- secondly, at the initial stages, you should not consider options for purchasing glass on your own, as in cutting. Of course, this option looks more acceptable and economically justified, but here it is worth paying attention to a number of features.

And so we take a standard 80 liter aquarium with dimensions 72 * 45, * 29

Front side - 72 cm * 45 cm = 0.324 sq. ... * 2 (two sides) = 0.648 sq.

Ends - 45 * 29 = 0.131 * 2 = 0.261 sq. meters

Bottom - 72 * 29 = 0.209 sq. meters

If we take into account that on average glass costs 600 rubles per square (plus or minus by region), we need glass for 1.2 * 600 = 720 rubles to make an aquarium.

profitable home business ideas

Ideas for business without investment

Today absolutely everyone who has a desire to do so can create their own business. And for this it is absolutely not necessary to have a large amount of money, and indeed you can do without it. All you need is a good idea and a desire to bring it to life.

Most likely you think that creating your own business is a rather laborious process, even without investment. You are absolutely right, because for this you need to know the basic basics of business and understand how everything works. But let's talk about everything in order.

Benefits of starting a business without investment

Speaking about the fact that you can create your own business without any investment, many will ask themselves the question: is it profitable?

The answer is, of course, yes. Such a business will be beneficial in almost everything. Judge for yourself, when you open a business without any financial investment, you absolutely do not risk anything, or rather, you do not risk losing your own money.

Among other things, creating a business without investment is much easier and faster. When you have no fear (in this case, loss of money), you will be very enthusiastic about building a successful business.

First Steps

Although starting your own business is not as difficult as it seems at first glance, you shouldn't be in a hurry. For a successful business, you need to think things through and, more importantly, have a clear plan of action.

Business does not accept any rash actions and actions. Otherwise, if you act this way, your business is unlikely to be successful. So where should you start starting your own business?

The first thing you should pay attention to before setting up your business is the analysis of the services market.

The demand for the consumer niche and the service sector amid the financial crisis is one of the main reasons for the desire to open their own business. The idea of ​​a profitable business that will help you become a financially independent person is one of the most common. However, most start-up entrepreneurs face such a problem as the need to invest in the development of their own enterprise. Unfortunately, due to the high level of risk, the invested capital can be lost. It is the high risks of losing funds that explains the fact that many people are looking for various areas where there is no need for initial investments. Let's take a look at how to start your business from scratch with no money.

You can start your own business either without money or without experience in entrepreneurial activity

Is there a business without investment

To begin with, it should be said that there is no business area that does not require start-up capital. In order to successfully implement your own business ideas, you will need:

  • necessary knowledge and skills;
  • free time;
  • enthusiasm and desire to achieve the set goals.

According to analysts, many ideas that imply a lack of investment are not related to business, but to various types of handicrafts. But it should be understood that in the absence of an initial investment, there are no other options. In a situation where a novice entrepreneur cannot afford to recruit an experienced team, all the necessary work will have to be done independently. Only when you get the first profit and payback on production costs, you can think about expanding the sphere of influence. After the enterprise reaches a certain scale, you will need to find a person who will be appointed manager. And the entrepreneur himself will only have to receive income.

Dreams that just a couple of years is enough to build an entire empire are naive, since you will have to devote a lot of time to developing your own enterprise.

The situation described above is specific to small businesses, which are more of a way of life. Below we have compiled various ideas that can help aspiring entrepreneurs find their niche with minimal risk of losing money. Each of the following ideas does not require high investments in the development of the enterprise.

Most promising ideas

There are many different areas of business. They can be divided into several groups, each of which has its own specifics and characteristics. Knowledge of the various subtleties and nuances of the chosen field will allow you to build a more successful enterprise. Let's look at the most promising areas that do not require large capital:

  • Service industry. This area brings together various services in different areas. The presence of certain skills and knowledge allows you to use them as a tool for deriving benefits.
  • Internet browsing. The most relevant and demanded niche. The development of Internet technologies is changing the usual life. Thanks to the Internet, you can run advertising campaigns, conduct training seminars or sell various products.
  • Manufacturing enterprises. This area requires initial capital, which will be invested in the acquisition of various tools and equipment for production purposes. In the case of some areas, it may be necessary to search for employees or attract the same enthusiasts.
  • Trade. One of the most ancient spheres of relevance at any time. One of the features of this business niche is the need for start-up capital.
  • Trading on the exchange. This area requires deep knowledge in the field of economics and an understanding of the exchange trading process. People who know how to understand this direction have the opportunity to earn large sums by investing the minimum amount of funds. However, this direction is very risky and there is a high risk of losing existing capital.

In 90% of cases, a business without money can be started only on services

For many who decided to open their own business, the stumbling block is precisely the financial side of the issue. Some are simply afraid to risk large sums of money, others do not have the necessary funds to implement their business ideas, and still others specially select business ideas without investments, although they have a good financial position.

But is there really such a business? If we talk about money, then yes, there are many ideas with which you can successfully realize yourself. If the essence of the question is the cost of other resources, for example, time or human resources, then most likely such a business does not exist.

From a financial point of view, a business without investments (ideas of which will be discussed a little later) has several advantages:

  • such a business is very rarely subject to inspections by the tax, fire and other services, since its scale is very small;
  • business ideas without financial investments are a kind of insurance against significant monetary losses. In this case, all possible losses are energy and time costs.

Idea Computer Service

Ideas for business without investment are overwhelmingly some kind of services. One of them (quite popular and in demand in the modern world) is a computer service. It is available to those people who are very well versed in computer technology and accessories. So, such work consists of the following: setting up or installing operating systems, treating computers from viruses, connecting to Wi-Fi or the Internet, installing programs, games, setting up a printer, drivers and much more.

Idea Filling content with unique texts

Idea Website Development - Mediation

You can make good money by becoming an intermediary for a website development studio. It is better to start cooperation with a studio that has a good portfolio and a sufficient number of clients. It is important to be able to agree on mutually beneficial terms: for example, site developers set their own price - $ 150 per site, and the reseller sells for 200. Thus, you can earn $ 500 per month if you manage to sell 10 sites.

But the main thing that old and new business ideas require without investment is the successful promotion of services. For example, place an advertisement about your services, while it is important to describe them beautifully, or you can create (order) an advertisement for the services provided.

There are small business ideas without investment, for which knowledge of computer technology is not required at all.

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