What does a business consist of

Business plan structure - a written description of a project, the amount and timing of its implementation. Such a plan characterizes the expediency of its existence. The composition of a business plan largely depends on the area in which the project is located, as well as on what size it has. So, if it is planned to manufacture a new type of product, then you need to develop the most detailed business plan that will describe all the advantages of the new product, as well as the process of its manufacture. If we are talking about opening a trading facility, then the business plan can be simple and include only sections with a brief description and with the calculation of the payback period. The structure and content of a business plan plays an important role in the beginning of the activities of an organization.

So, you can consider such a thing as a detailed structure of sections of a business plan. It includes a number of elements, each of which has its own importance.

It reflects the name of the project, the name of the organization that will implement it, the location of the organization, phone number, date and time of the business plan. If a business plan is going to be presented to an investor or a credit institution, then it is necessary to indicate the need for the financial part and note how long the project will pay off.

This section provides copyright protection for the project developer, and if this memorandum is short enough, then it should be placed on the title page. The main purpose of the memorandum is to warn the persons who will get acquainted with it that the information is confidential and that the new person guarantees the non-dissemination of information without the consent of the author. There may also be a ban on copying all the information contained, or it may be a requirement to return the plan to the author if he is not of interest.

This section has an advertising character, and it also helps to identify the interest of the person to whom the business plan will be addressed. This section should be properly formatted, as it gives the first impression of investors about the business plan.

In this section, it is necessary to present the entire business plan in a concise form, while disclosing the essence of the project. The basis for writing is the information contained in all sections. In general, the structure of the resume can be as follows:

  • description ;
  • resource availability;
  • how it will be implemented;
  • what is the uniqueness of the project; <
  • investment amount;
  • profit forecast;
  • how loans will be returned to investors;
  • project efficiency.

This section describes the purpose of the project, as well as a description of the goods or services that will be provided to the market during the implementation of the project. The real benefit of customers from receiving this product or service is indicated. A description of the advantages of a new product, product or service, the uniqueness of the project is given. This section also describes the patents that exist, and also indicates the copyright.

This section contains the results of marketing research, as well as an analysis of the position of competitors in the industry. Such information will be really useful for investors.

It is important to correctly present the main idea of ​​the new project and emphasize its originality in the current state of affairs. It is also necessary to describe a deep understanding of the state of the organization. At this stage, you need to evaluate the latest innovations in the entire industry, as well as list the main competitors, indicating their advantages and disadvantages.

Natalya Garakhanova, Marketing Director at Black Engine digital agency and Coordinator of the Product Creation course at Netology, told what Osterwalder's business model is and how to fill it out correctly. The material consists of several parts, the content can be found below.

The Osterwalder Business Model, or Business Model Canvas, is a template of nine blocks — the key elements of a business.

Loop content:

Cost structure

In this block, we enter all the costs that will ensure the normal functioning of the business model.

I recommend starting with the most basic costs, which are:

  • the cost of creating, implementing and testing value propositions;
  • maintaining customer relationships;
  • making a profit.

If before that all the blocks are filled correctly, then it is not difficult to calculate the costs. This block is designed to structure the available information and give a clear financial picture of the business. However, some companies use the cost structure as a starting point.

Any model should strive to minimize costs, but reducing costs has different meanings. If we divide all business models into two types, then it will be clearly visible to which your company gravitates more. Most of the models are in the middle.

More focus on costs

Issues covered in the material:

  • What are the features of organizing a business in Russia and Europe
  • What are the types and forms of organizing a business
  • How to write a business plan
  • What structure to choose for the organization
  • Why do you need a business model
  • How to organize business processes correctly
  • Why do you need a business analysis

What do you need to start your own business? Initial capital, registration as an entrepreneur, a more or less clear idea of ​​the niche to be occupied in the market - and you can start, it's not difficult.

It is much more difficult to organize a business so that it develops steadily and does not become unprofitable. This is what raises the most questions among representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, which this article will help to sort out.

Peculiarities of business organization in Russia and Europe

Own business is a great opportunity to bring promising ideas to life and earn decent money by providing for yourself, and not for someone else's uncle.

What are the main characteristics of entrepreneurship?

Many entrepreneurs are not as interested in organizing and running a business in Russia as abroad: it is believed that there are more prospects abroad. The most attractive is the opening of a business in Europe, because there are good prerequisites for this:

  • the government interferes very little in the business sphere, the main thing for the state is to control that the treasury is replenished with taxes on time and no one violates existing laws;
  • any businessman can not only produce products, but also freely sell their goods or services;
  • only the market situation and current demand regulate the number of small and medium-sized businesses, there are no special selection criteria and no limit;
  • it is quite easy to establish business ties at an international level, especially when interaction with settlements in a single currency within the European Union is expected.

In European business, in contrast to the domestic one, laws that protect the rights of the business community are 100% effective.

For example, the development of small and medium-sized businesses and fair competition is greatly facilitated by the ban on opening supermarkets in settlements with a population of less than 40 thousand people. There are similar restrictions in the legislation of many European countries.

In addition, many EU cities create special boards of trustees, which include prominent businessmen with rich experience.

Tasks of such organizations:

Today we bring to your attention an article on the topic: "what does business consist of". We tried to fully disclose the topic and explain everything in an accessible language. You can ask all your questions in the comments to the article. Our expert will promptly answer them.

“Little things don't decide the main thing. They decide everything! " Harvey McKay. The book "How to survive among the sharks."

We all had to walk either through the grocery market, or in a shopping center with many of the same type of pavilions (shops, boutiques), or ... surf the Internet, looking for something we needed. It seems that prices are about the same for everyone, and the assortment is similar, but some complain about competition, taxes, high rents, "stupid customers" and quietly bend, while others thrive no matter what?

Moreover, both those and others are usually visible "with the naked eye"!

What do some people do differently from others?

Of course, the reasons for the ruin of some and the prosperity of others may be different. But I would venture to highlight one, in my opinion, the main feature of all prosperous businesses. From grocery trader in the marketplace to multinational super corporations.

“Little things don't decide the main thing. They decide everything! "

What are the right words! This slogan of old Harvey should sound in the head of everyone who runs any business. It is the little things, folding into a single whole, that create an image for the consumer, which makes the consumer choose who exactly to give his money to. It is the little things that are the "weak links in the chain" that break at the most inopportune moment!

I don't remember exactly which American airline conducted a survey among its passengers, but the results are indicative. The question sounded something like this: "Tell me, if you were served food on a dirty plate, how would you rate the service of our aircraft engines (underline the necessary) good, average, bad." So, more than 80% emphasized ... correctly "bad". Although, what does the dish and the maintenance of aircraft engines have to do with it? But in the mind of the consumer, the quality of service of his person forms in the brain the image of the work of the entire company, no matter how large it may be.

Therefore, even in the smallest things it is necessary to prioritize, but those that are to be dealt with at a given time should not be left "to the mercy of fate." Things left to their own devices tend to go from bad to worse.

Little things can be different too. Little things in marketing and advertising, production, transportation, sales, service, security and accounting, interaction with inspection authorities. And flowing, flowing, flowing ... You can't list all of them. Which ones should be dealt with in line, which later, which are not visible at all ...

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