We draw up a business plan for a cafe; restaurant; a ready-made example of a video how to open your own catering establishment

Drawing up a business plan for a cafe or restaurant is quite simple at first glance. But here, as in any business, there are pitfalls. The recommendations in this article will help you write a business plan competently and convince future investors that this particular project will be economically successful.

Structure of the cafe business plan: sections and subsections

Like any document, a business plan has its own sections and subsections. There are 5 of them, namely:

  • Introduction- Summary
  • Marketing
  • Organizational and production part
  • Finance
  • Project risks

Let's look at each section in detail.

Starting your own business: own cafe-restaurant

Introduction - Summary

The summary should briefly but informatively describe the main provisions of the business plan. This is a very important part of the document, because after reading it, the future investor will already be able to make a decision - whether to invest in a cafe.

Therefore, you should definitely indicate the funds at your disposal, how much more money will be required and, of course, when they will be returned.

To describe all this as convincingly as possible, it is also worth mentioning:

  • The name of the future cafe-restaurant;
  • What is the name of the organization that applies for a loan;
  • Description of the future establishment (from the date of opening and until the moment of prosperity);
  • What is special about the staff;
  • What is special about the services of this cafe in general;
  • What are the goals of the future owners;
  • Are there all the necessary permits, certificates, etc.;
  • What are the economic indicators of success;
  • How will future owners insure themselves against possible risks;
  • Usually, within Russia, it is enough to write one version - in Russian. For foreign partners, the English version should also be prepared.

    The restaurant business, like a century ago, remains a highly profitable investment if you take this business seriously. This is evidenced by the global and all-Russian tendency to an average increase of 3% in the number of such institutions. And even the crisis, which affected all areas of the economy, only partially reduced the demand for such services. Restaurants with a good reputation have not been left without their visitors. The decrease in the value of the average check occurred only for a short time, returning to the pre-crisis values ​​of 2021 within six months. On the other hand, restaurants that were not very “afloat” even before the economic situation in 2021-16 closed completely at this time due to lack of profit.

    Such data suggests that great importance in all organizational activities should be given to the business plan before opening a restaurant. Only a competent project, including consideration of the production, financial component, calculation of payback will give an idea of ​​the prospects for such an idea, and determine the steps necessary to achieve the goal.

    It is difficult to create a ready-made business plan for a restaurant with calculations, which would be suitable for any type of establishment. This can be done either by the owner himself or by a consultant who understands this issue in cooperation with the future owner. Here, a general example of a business plan for a restaurant will be analyzed, highlighting the most significant points and calculating the payback.

    • Define the concept of the restaurant and its target audience;
    • Conduct a marketing analysis of the market: main competitors, market capacity (what is the maximum number of customers you can count on), availability of premises in the city or area suitable for your restaurant;
    • Draw up a detailed business plan for the restaurant, including the calculation of initial and future costs, expected revenue by months, defining the period when the company will start to make a profit and the payback time of the restaurant business project ;
    • Based on the concept, decide what will be included in the list of offered dishes and what additional services can be provided (especially for entertainment);
    • Develop a pricing policy, the level of income of the restaurant ( lower, middle or high);
    • Rent or build a building for a restaurant;
    • Decide in what style the guest room will be decorated;
    • Carry out renovation work;
    • Complete all required documents;
    • Recruit staff and organize their training:
    • Agree with suppliers on regular purchases of ingredients for dishes;
    • Launch an advertising campaign.

    Each of the points includes many subtleties and nuances, which should be reflected in the individual business plan of the restaurant.


    Let's start with the most basic - the concept, all subsequent steps will depend on its choice. Usually this point is referred to the marketing plan of the restaurant, an example of which we will consider.

    All catering establishments are divided into elite, middle-class and budget-friendly. Inside they have their own categories, for example, high-class establishments (fine-dinning), casual dinning, etc. Once you decide what type your restaurant will be, it will be easier to pick a variety. It is also fashionable to open thematic establishments specializing in a certain cuisine, for example, Japanese, Italian or one type of dishes, the most common of which are pizzerias. This is done to stand out from numerous competitors and find your audience. But such formats work well only in big cities; a varied menu is suitable for small ones, for example, European cuisine. We will focus on this option in our example of a restaurant business plan.

    Target audience - people of average and slightly above average income. These can be professionals who are employed or entrepreneurs of small and medium businesses.

    Place for a restaurant

    When choosing a room, make sure that it is in an area with a large flow of people, ideally - a crowded street or a shopping center, where there are no restaurants of a similar plan yet.

    The premises for the restaurant can be rented or built on your own. The second option is more expensive, but more profitable if there are sufficient own investments or there are no suitable areas in a particular city. We will rent the premises for our calculations. To calculate a suitable area, you need to estimate the number of places and multiply by 5 m2. (in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation).

    Opening a cafe is a great way to start a business.

    Such projects usually pay off quickly and bring big profits in the long term.

    That is why all kinds of coffee shops, pizzerias, coworking centers, cafes appear at every step.

    Let's figure out what steps you need to take to open a cafe in order for it to become popular. How to open a cafe? We will draw up an approximate business plan, but first, let's figure out the specifics of this area.

    Why Cafe

    Interesting cafe concept

    In Russia, the catering segment is considered quite free, despite the demand for such a business.

    This is due to the fact that half of the establishments are closed during the year.

    The situation can be explained by a lot of competition, an unsuccessful concept of establishments or poor quality services.

    This is why it is so important to draw up a business plan for a cafe. Those who have approached this responsibly manage to function successfully in the market.

    Each new cafe has its own characteristics, which invariably attracts visitors, some of whom become regular customers.

    I bring to your attention a detailed business plan of the cafe. An example with calculations will help determine the data on the opening of a cafe.

    Capital investments: 2,800,000 rubles. It is planned to attract credit funds in the amount of 3 million rubles for a period of 5 years at 20% per annum.

    Average monthly revenue: 2 160 000 rubles

    Net profit: 360,000 rubles

    Payback: 8 months


    The essence of the project: the organization of a cafe - catering establishments with a pleasant and cozy atmosphere, places for everyday rest, breakfasts and lunch breaks during the working day, dinners, holding festive banquets, celebrations, and significant dates, designed for the class a consumer with an average and low income, offering its visitors dishes of European and Russian national cuisine and a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, located in the administrative and business district of the city. Customer service is self-service.

    Model: room up to 150 m², divided into 3 zones, equipped with a bar counter, designed for 15 tables with 5 tables in each zone; kitchen; toilets.

    Form of incorporation: limited liability company (required for the possibility of trading in alcoholic beverages).

    Type of taxation: UTII

    Working hours: from 09:00 to 21:00 - weekdays, from 11:00 to 24:00 - on weekends. When holding mass events, the working time is negotiated with the customers.

    Features of the provision of services in the field of Internet access and PC use will be studied on the example of an Internet cafe business plan. To answer the question of how to open such an institution, it should be noted that Internet access services are required by various categories of citizens for entertainment and work, and not always, especially when traveling to other cities, people have access to a fast and stable Internet channel through a modern fully functional device.

    It is for such a category of clients that the institution is designed, which, along with access to the World Wide Web, offers visitors a small assortment of drinks and snacks. The implementation of the project will require a room suitable for the area of ​​resources, a park of PCs, and an appropriate business plan to ensure funding.

    In a situation where the investor requires a justification of the investment attractiveness of the project, a ready-made business plan for an Internet cafe with calculations of all the necessary indicators will help.

    Internet cafe business plan as the main planning method

    Designing the activities of a new company is a laborious process, during which it is necessary to correctly assess the surrounding market environment, draw the correct conclusions about existing prospects and opportunities, correctly determine the goals and tools of the marketing strategy, and also correctly calculate the parameters of financial and economic project indicators. To do this, it will be best to use a proven method - a business plan for opening an Internet cafe.

    Using the investment project form will greatly facilitate planning processes, optimize time and resources and reduce the likelihood of errors. And potential investors will be able to appreciate the parameters of the attractiveness of the business and invest their money in it.

    An example of a business plan for how to open an Internet cafe


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