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Overseas Business Planning Model: USA, Japan

In recent years in the United States, a theory related to the orientation towards maximizing the value of a firm has become widespread, based on the premise that neither profit, nor profitability, nor the volume of production can be considered as a criterion for the efficiency of an enterprise, its financial management. It is based on concepts based on the substantiation of the relationship between economic and social factors of social development, the significance of which becomes obvious in conditions of developed market relations.

The development of business plans for US companies is carried out, as a rule, with the involvement of specialists, experts and consultants. And this is welcomed by investors. However, the managers of the company itself (including the management) take an active part in drawing up the business plan. Many American investment and financial companies, banks generally refuse to consider investment applications if they become aware that a business plan has been prepared by outside experts, and the head of the company has just signed it. From the point of view of investors and creditors, the personal involvement of top-level managers of the enterprise means their readiness to be responsible for the successful implementation of the project, to fulfill their obligations. 20

The business planning of American companies is based on the following core principles:

- modeling the flows of products, resources and funds.

- bringing future income and expenses to the present value.

- evaluating the effectiveness of a project by comparing potential results and costs with a focus on achieving the required rate of return.

- consideration of uncertainty and risks associated with the implementation of the project.

Analysis of a significant number of developed business plans of American companies allows us to present a typical structure for them, containing the following sections:

National business models in the context of globalization

The first task in a relationship is respect and knowledge of the specifics of foreign (and not only) business partners.

Models can be divided into 4 areas:

  • American
  • European
  • East Asian
  • Middle Eastern

American Business Model

Based on a system of moral values, in which a person is an end in itself for the development of business and society. The principles of democracy ensure the protection of individual interests and opportunities. The main goal is profit, and the driving force is competition.

"What is beneficial to Ford is beneficial to America." Henry Ford

"Everyone can wake up rich and famous"

European Business Model

Based on Protestant ethics and corporate principles that serve the interests of a wide range of people and achieve consensus.

A distinctive feature is the social responsibility of business.

Starting a business in any city is not such an easy thing - much more difficult when it comes to a foreign region. Next, we'll talk about how to open a business in the United States, what an entrepreneur needs to take into account, what services will be in demand, and other equally important factors.

The structure of American entrepreneurship

It should be noted that the concept of small business in the Russian Federation and small business in the United States is somewhat different. Moreover, there is a more ramified structure in America:

  • Smallest - employs 1 to 24 employees.
  • Small businesses - from 25 to 99 employees.
  • Intermediate - from 100 to 500 employees.

The distinguishing factors of small business in the United States are:

  • A small number of owners - usually one employee or two partners.
  • Property worth less than $ 5 million.
  • No more than 500 employees work.
  • They bring no more than 2 million dollars a year.

Therefore, before starting a business in the United States, you need to determine its scale by regional standards. It should also be understood that the above distinctive characteristics, as well as groups, are not adopted conditionally, but at the level of American legislation.

With regard to start-up investments, rural and provincial areas will need at least $ 300,000. But for the development of entrepreneurship in a big city, it is necessary to include in the business plan at least 1 million start-up investments.

It is also equally important to determine the market segment. If we take into account the statistics, then:

  • About 35% are occupied by companies that provide various types of services.
  • Construction accounts for about 12%.
  • Approximately 10% is allocated to companies that operate in the healthcare sector.

How to start commercial migration

It goes without saying that the documentation of the business will be a particularly important factor, and for this you need to get the legislative position in the country yourself.

When planning to open a business in the United States, first of all, you need to decide on the following factors:

Food Truck Financial Model

How to make money from food on wheels

Brief Investment Memorandum

Food trucks in Russia are a young and actively developing line of business.

A few years ago, a food truck could only be seen in an American film. Now these unusual, colorful cars can be seen in parks, stadiums and other public places. A small food truck can offer customers delicious and popular dishes. Moreover, it remains mobile and can easily change its location.

The main clients of this type of business are walking couples, married couples with children, employees of nearby institutions and, of course, teenagers.

A food truck provides an excellent opportunity to have a snack while walking and allows you not to waste time going to a cafe.

The owners of such a business do not have to spend a lot of money on renting premises and hiring staff. Due to its mobility, the food truck is not tied to the season and to a specific location. If demand decreases in winter, the food truck can be relocated, for example, from the stadium to another passable place. Often, a summer park or stadium turns into an ice town or outdoor skating rink in winter. In such places, delicious hot food is as popular as in summer.

  • Side dishes: French fries, potato wedges
  • Zavertones with crab meat, with fish, with chicken
  • Burrito, quesadilla
  • Wok noodles with chicken / pork / beef
  • Sandwiches with ham, chicken, egg and bacon, fish
  • Cheesecake, waffles with syrup, soft ice cream
  • Tea, coffee, juice, water, milkshakes

Competitors may be stationary kiosks offering quick bite options. A distinctive feature of a food truck will be its appearance, an interesting design of the car and a bright design.

Catering services, for example, corporate trips, picnics in nature, can also be an excellent opportunity to earn money. What could be better than going out into the countryside with an organization and ordering a bus on departure, which will continuously provide fresh, tasty food and drinks all day long.

Moving to America is the dream of a considerable number of foreigners. The ways to achieve it are different. But the easiest one for today is to invest in an enterprise in the United States. Of course, the ways to open your business in the spheres of US life are not cheap. However, those who have sufficient start-up capital on hand can freely get the coveted permanent residence one day.

The structure of American entrepreneurship

Large investors hardly need extra advice, but small businesses need to know that this form of US activity includes enterprises:

  • with a small number of owners;
  • with a team of no more than 500 employees;
  • backed by property of up to $ 5 million;
  • generating up to $ 2 million in profit per year.

In general, before starting a business in America, you need to set the scale of the venture by American standards. The country divides all business entities into the smallest, small, intermediate type, large, and largest. In this case:

  • companies with 1-24 employees have the smallest status;
  • small objects are provided with 25-99 workers;
  • intermediaries have the opportunity employ 100 to 500 employees.

These three forms are considered small business law by US law.

In financial terms, opening a business in this country must be accompanied by investments of at least 500 thousand dollars. Such a start will allow opening a business in rural areas and provincial cities. For development on the basis of economically strong, large regions, amounts of 1 million and more will be required. Accordingly, the larger the investment, the kinder the United States is to the foreigner who made it.

Regarding the share of certain areas of commerce, by 2021 more than 35% of it is occupied by services, about 12% - construction, about 10% is related to healthcare. Next come manufacturing, retail, real estate. The least developed areas are mining, forestry, information services.

How to start commercial migration

Business people from Russia wishing to open their own business in the United States, first of all, should determine their priorities:

  • It is planned to buy a ready-made project or the business will open in America from scratch.
  • Desired (accessible) form of ownership of the company.
  • Willingness to regularly cover taxes in the United States (size, types depend on the type of ownership).
  • Location of the enterprise: different regions provide different opportunities, as well as tax incentives for investors.

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