Tourist base business plan

Every commercial project needs a plan - this is the foundation of any business. In this article, we will analyze the business plan of the tourist base: the preferred OKVED code, a favorable taxation system, as well as production and marketing plans.

General information about the business project

So, the tourist base is a full-fledged complex, which includes several buildings. If we take the main tasks for which the base is intended, then in their role we can note: rest and leisure, holding business meetings or training seminars, etc.

The principle of work is seasonal and round the clock. This is necessary to reach a diverse audience.

The base includes three buildings: the first is the main one, which includes administrative, utility and other premises, as well as bars, medical centers and canteens; the second and third are residential, which are designed for a certain number of people, and the rooms are equipped with a basic set of furniture.

The ability to initially correctly form the potential of the business, as well as adhere to the fixed costs, represents a wide opportunity for strategic steps in future activities.

How to start a business

So, now regarding the aspects with which you need to start a business. They represent the basis of any business activity - we will analyze them in detail:

Competent study of these issues at the initial stages will allow you to avoid high costs, as well as prevent controversial legal issues: lawsuits, inconsistencies in documentation, etc.

Market and Competitor Analysis

Before opening a tourist base on the territory of a particular entity, it is necessary to analyze the offers that are already on the market.

Pay attention to the following elements:

The construction of a recreation center is an interesting business, although it will require a large start-up capital, but with the correct development of a business plan for a tourist complex and a creative approach, the company will quickly recoup its costs and bring impressive profits.

The demand for out-of-town tourist centers is growing every day. It is not surprising, because it is relatively cheaper, the vacationer spends practically no time on moving and, in addition, such bases allow you to relax there during the weekend. A city dweller is increasingly beginning to appreciate nature and is trying with all his might to be closer to it, so the business of organizing tourist bases is quite promising.

And if it is important for you to get a loan or attract an investor to launch a project for the development of a tourist resort, then a business plan with a financial model will be the ideal assistant for you.

Planning the construction of a tourist base

Tourist recreation centers are quite diverse in their format, focus, scale, etc. This is primarily influenced by the natural conditions of accommodation (forest zone, mountains, terrain near rivers and lakes), the market segment to which the base is oriented (students, couples with children, VIP clients, etc.).

Suburban recreation centers with extended functionality and universal format are especially popular now.

Regardless of the chosen focus, level of service and additional services, an entrepreneur must understand that the construction of a tourist complex requires a serious approach, detailed planning of each stage of activity, therefore, a competent development of a business plan for a recreation center will be the key to your future success ...

An example of a business plan for the construction of a tourist recreation center - a floor complex


Table of Contents


The main types of work of the tourist recreation center

Absolutely everyone loves to have a rest. Some people prefer overseas resorts. And some people like the nature of Russia more.

Recently, residents of large cities are increasingly choosing recreation centers for their holidays, which are located not very far from cities.

There you can take a break from the noise of the metropolis, enjoy the picturesque nature, be alone with your family or friends, etc. Plus it costs less than going on vacation abroad. Many entrepreneurs are thinking about opening their own recreation center. Of course, this business requires a lot of start-up capital. But the demand for recreation services is constantly growing. So, if you correctly draw up a business plan for the recreation center, calculate all the nuances, you can open a business that will generate income.

Phased plan for opening a tourist recreation center

Collection and preparation of all necessary documentation for opening a camp site

The legal form for a holiday home can be both in the role of an individual entrepreneur (individual entrepreneur) and in the role of an LLC (limited liability company).

If it was decided to register the recreation center as an individual entrepreneur, then it will be necessary to collect and submit the following documents to the tax office:

  • a paid receipt of the state duty for registration of an individual entrepreneur (RUB 800);
  • an application in form R21001 for state registration of an individual as an individual entrepreneur. It must be certified by a notary;
  • if the accounting will be conducted according to the simplified taxation system, then you must write a statement in the form No. 26. -1;
  • a copy of all pages of the applicant's internal passport.

Consideration of a set of documents for opening an individual entrepreneur takes five working days.

In case of a positive decision to open an individual entrepreneur, the entrepreneur is issued:

  • OGRNIP (certificate of registration as an individual entrepreneur of an individual);
  • extract from USRIP (single register of individual entrepreneurs);
  • notification on registration with the tax authority of an individual;
  • notification of registration in the territorial PFC of an individual (Pension Fund);
  • from Rosstat a certificate of issuance of statistics codes.

After passing the registration of the individual entrepreneur, it is necessary to make a seal (from 500 rubles) and open a current account in the bank (from 2 thousand rubles).

Rest for a Russian person is an irreplaceable occupation. Starting from foreign trips and ending with active tourism and bus tours in Russian cities - there is a demand for everything. And, despite the economic situation in the country, the tourism industry continues to develop. Therefore, the opening of a recreation center promises to be a profitable business if you approach wisely to the correct organization of all processes.

Registration of a legal entity

The first thing for every novice businessman is registration of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur. Registration costs will not exceed 20 thousand rubles. However, this takes a fairly large amount of time, during which you will visit government agencies more than once, where you will need to obtain permission to conduct business.

Therefore, it is simpler and easier to outsource the maintenance of accounting reporting to a specialized firm. However, the tariffs of such firms differ, and it is better to include an item of expenses in the business plan in advance.

Place for recreation center

A place to start your business in the field of tourism must be selected carefully. The best place for a future base is considered to be the land where different natural areas intersect - forests, water bodies and possibly hills or mountains. Such a variety will attract more customers, correctly present the holiday destination and ensure a good reputation for further development.

Distance from settlements also plays an important role. It is better to choose a place not very close to the city limits, but not three hundred kilometers away. The optimal distance is 80 to 150 kilometers.

On the one hand, the further from the city landscape the base is located, the more lovers of quality recreation in nature will become your clients and the cheaper it will be to rent or buy land.

On the other hand, distance has a significant impact on logistics-type costs, because you will need to get customers to their destination by renting vehicles and covering fuel costs. There will also be an increase in the cost of transportation of permanent materials and goods that you will use on the existing base.


In addition to the actual idyllic living in your corner of paradise, guests and guests can be offered additional services, from which you can also make a profit. It's about all kinds of outdoor activities:

  • Hunting. Quite a specific service. On the one hand, it will be popular with wealthy citizens who wish to become your clients. On the other hand, together with the organization of the hunt, it will be necessary to solve many additional issues, ranging from licensing to professional supervision and security.
  • Fishing. If natural conditions permit. Fishing can be positioned as a service suitable for most visitors. Especially if you approach the organization of the process qualitatively. That is, it is not easy to provide those who wish with all the necessary equipment, but support and constant amenities. You will also have to resolve the issue with government agencies to obtain permission, if, for example, the zone is located in a territory where restrictions apply.
  • Boating and water skiing. In the summer, it is an ideal service for all guests. The only thing you need to be sure that the reservoir, which is at your disposal, or simply located nearby for safety, allows you to organize this type of recreation.
  • Tennis court. Excellent sports and fitness service, especially when placed at the disposal of a professional instructor or coach.
  • Pool. It can be indoor and uncovered. But it is better to organize both options if possible. And in the future - and a children's pool.
  • Winter activities (skiing, sledging, ice skating). Necessary services if your base is designed not only for the summer season. Guests, of course, can just enjoy nature, but this way you will not acquire regular customers, and this is what a developing business needs.

For all this, you will need to purchase specialized equipment and arrange a lease, either free of charge, or partially free of charge, or included in the basic cost of a ticket to your base. However, inventory replenishment will be a monthly or at least a quarterly expense.

A ready-made business plan for a recreation center, camp sites - a sample with calculations and a financial model

Before you start drawing up a business plan for a holiday camp, you need to understand what you are dealing with. Believe me, there are both advantages and difficulties with which you will have to cope in any case.

Organizing such a business certainly looks attractive. As practice shows, even large investments pay off within a reasonable time frame. Why is that? Let's try to figure it out:

  • People always need rest. Working life naturally leads to fatigue. It is impossible to work without a break. It is necessary to give the body, albeit slight, but the opportunity to relax. As practice shows, a change of scenery is a rather effective method for those who regularly experience overload;
  • The camp is usually located in the countryside, but anyone can get to it. This is the main advantage of such a vacation: you can safely come on weekends or holidays and at the same time quickly return to the city, if absolutely necessary. The costs, of course, will also be lower;
  • Keeping the resort in the right condition is not the most difficult task. It is enough to install automated equipment and hire competent personnel. In the future, the profit will cover such investments, and you yourself will learn to save money without compromising the quality of the services provided;
  • Low competition is another positive factor. The organization of a recreation center requires special knowledge of legislation and the solution of other significant problems. Therefore, many do not dare to invest their forces and funds even in attractive projects.

Selecting the location of the new object

Business plans of the recreation center can be of two types. Some involve the purchase of a ready-made complex, which already has everything you need. The price will be quite high, but on the other hand, you will begin work, almost in a few days. If the area is good and the main audience is not lost, then the payback will occur within a few years. You can build a base yourself. Everything here is much more complicated and the costs are almost the same, but there is a significant plus: you yourself can choose the desired segment, design the design, choose the architecture of buildings, and so on.

When it comes to location, we also need to talk about natural resources. It's just that a complex with several sectors and gazebos is unlikely to be able to gather a large audience of clients. It's another matter when there are all the necessary natural or artificial objects:

  • A body of water ;
  • Access to the river;
  • Swimming pool;
  • Greenhouse;
  • Exit to the forest and so on.

If you decided to build an object from scratch, then pay attention to the landscape. To carry out construction work, you will have to issue a whole complex of permits, which, in one way or another, will require a study of the area for the presence of negative factors that may interfere with the construction.

If you download different types of business plans for the recreation center, it will become clear that another important criterion is the short distance of the facility from the city. Why is it important? Not everyone wants to spend a precious weekend or holiday on a tiring trip.

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