The structure of the sections of the business plan

The article describes the main sections of the business plan, their characteristics and the sequence of presentation. The article also contains the features of filling each section.

Main sections of the business plan

A business plan is a structured document describing the actions, stages and stages of designing the work of a new company and used to attract the attention of potential investors or to implement new directions for the strategic development of an existing business. The method is used for firms in any area of ​​activity, both trade and production.

In the process of forming the main sections of the business plan, strategic goals are set, tasks and tools for their solution are described. The main consumers of the developed project will be potential investors who will consider it from the point of view of financial attractiveness and the possibility of profitable investment of funds.

The structure of the sections that make up the business plan may vary slightly, depending on the nature of the company's activities, the scale of its business and industry specifics. However, if we consider this design method as a whole, then the content of the project will contain several large blocks that are the same for all investment projects, the main purpose of which is to attract external investment:

  • The first section of the business plan:
  • sheet with title information;
  • privacy policy for the use of project data;
  • short summary;
  • Analytical component of the project:
  • market analysis;
  • description of the competitive environment in the market;
  • product description;
  • marketing strategy.
  • Financial section of the business plan:
  • investment budget;
  • operating expenses;
  • amount and structure of revenue.
  • The final part of the investment project;
  • assessment of investment attractiveness;
  • existing risks and ways to reduce them;
  • applications.

For investors, a business plan is often developed according to the UNIDO methodology, which is used all over the world.

First section of the business plan

The first section of preparing a business plan is devoted to its description and contains the following elements: title page, summary and privacy policy. Let's describe in more detail the content of each element.

  • Title page. This is the first sheet of the project, which contains its name, executor, contact details of the company, implementation period and some investment parameters, in case the project involves attracting external investment.
  • Privacy Policy. Since the developer of the project is a potential copyright holder of all the information contained in it, which may be of commercial value and an object of hunting for competitors, the description of the terms of use of the project data is part of a large number of investment plans. The conditions prescribed in this section of the business plan describe the rules for non-disclosure of information for all persons who will get acquainted with it and use it in their work.
  • Summary. The volume of this section of the business plan is usually 3-4 sheets and is a brief summary of the essence of the entire project. Despite the fact that the summary is at the beginning of the document, it should be formed at the end of work on the main sections of the business plan. This part of the investment project contains:
  • goals and strategic objectives;
  • information about the company, including founders, addresses and contacts;
  • information about the products or services of the new company, including its competitive features and advantages;
  • important financial parameters of the project;
  • the volume of external financing and the main items of investment costs;
  • investment indicators of attractiveness, in the form of forecast indicators of sales, costs, profits, profitability ratios and the timing of the project's self-sufficiency and return on the invested credit or investment resources.

In general, the first section of the business plan allows you to get acquainted with its essence and summary, get a general idea of ​​the contractor and investment attractiveness. To get an example of a professional investment project, download a full-fledged ready-made business plan from our website, with a well-developed structure and calculations of the main financial and economic indicators. You can also order an individual turnkey business plan, developed taking into account the specifics of your field of business.

Analytical section of the business plan

The analytical section of a business plan refers to the main and extremely important for systematization and building a logical structure of the entire document. It includes all actions aimed at conducting market analysis and building a systematic marketing and distribution strategy that will allow you to surpass competitors and become number 1 in the market.

The main sections of the business plan and what they include

Business plan structure - main sections and content. To begin with, it is important to understand what a business plan is and what goals and objectives it carries. Any business plan includes the most detailed information about all aspects of planning the activities of an organization. It is being developed not only in order to substantiate a certain investment project, but also in order to most effectively manage the company in the present time, while thinking over a financial strategy.

Business plan structure - main sections and content

Such a document will be relevant not only for those who provide services, but also for those who work in production. Of course, depending on the goals and functionality, the structure and content of the business plan may be slightly modified. However, in any case, the business plan is a kind of calculated forecast for the next periods of time.

In any case, properly drafted it can bring only positive effects to the organization.

It is important to understand that a business plan is a rather voluminous document that reflects many aspects of an idea. Each object of consideration is connected with all the others; in the aggregate, they become a kind of strategy, long-term guidance for the compiler.

There are several options for the structure and sections of the business plan. They depend on the field of activity for which the project is being developed. The details of the business plan are also chosen by the developer. For the service industry, this can be a simple project that does not contain some sections. But for large manufacturing enterprises, this should be a detailed and detailed business plan. The choice of methods for calculating certain indicators may also depend on the tasks.

Business plan structure - main sections and content

Any business plan begins with a title page, which indicates the name of the project itself, the name of the organization for which it was developed, its location (country, city), phones, details of the owner and who the document is compiled and developed, date of creation. Financial indicators can also be placed on the title page if it is planned to show the business plan to potential creditors or investors. Most often, in this case, the payback period, profitability, the need to get borrowed funds and their amount are indicated.

In addition, the title page may contain information about the privacy policy. As a rule, it indicates the fact that the developed business plan should not be disclosed to third parties.

After the title page, the first section of the business plan is drawn up - a resume. It contains generalized information. The purpose of this part of the document is to attract the attention of readers, or rather, potential investors or lenders. It is the resume that creates the first impression, on which the fate of the project often depends.

This section is a succinct business plan, it reveals the essence and objectives. To compile a summary, use the information from all subsequent sections. That is, to write this section, you must first draw up the entire business plan, and only then proceed to its summary. Usually the resume displays:

The main sections of the business plan and what they include The article describes the main sections of the business plan, their characteristics and the sequence of presentation. The article also provides features

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Extensive experience of foreign and domestic enterprises proves that business planning is extremely important, ignoring or incompetent implementation of it leads to huge economic losses and, ultimately, to bankruptcy. In market conditions, it is unrealistic to achieve stable business success if you do not effectively plan its development, do not constantly collect information about your own prospects and opportunities, the state of target markets, the position of competitors, etc.

It is known that the best way to increase your chances of success is to plan your actions and adhere to the set targets. A plan can save you from a doomed business. A carefully crafted plan can be quickly processed into a financial application that will satisfy most lenders.

Many entrepreneurs tend to underestimate the role of internal planning in general and preparation of a sound business plan in particular. In doing so, they rely on their own intuition and experience, established informal connections in the business community, seemingly good market prospects and other circumstances. And many of them find it difficult to articulate their business vision clearly and consistently. Preparation and drawing up of a detailed business plan turns for them into a difficult duty that still needs to be performed, and not somehow, but at a high professional level.

Therefore, mastering the technique of business planning is an urgent task for entrepreneurs. Starting their activities, they must clearly understand the need for financial, material, labor and intellectual resources, the sources of their receipt, and also be able to clearly calculate the effectiveness of their use in the process of the firm's work. Undoubtedly, a business plan is the foundation of a business.

Any big journey starts with one small step. In business and manufacturing operations, this first step is business planning.

The business plan of a company or enterprise is an essential necessity to ensure a successful business, to achieve stability in a competitive market, as well as a tool for attracting investments and financial resources from outside, which is often the key to a successful start and development of a company or enterprises. Therefore, it is important for young specialists in the field of economics and beginning businessmen to realize the relevance of this topic and understand the value of business planning.

The purpose of the work is to study basic materials on business planning and acquire practical skills on a chosen topic, assess the role of a business plan in the activities of an enterprise, company or organization, study ways to improve its effectiveness.

A business plan is a document that describes all the main aspects of the future of the company or new activity, contains an analysis of all the problems that it may face, as well as ways to solve these problems. A correctly drawn up business plan answers the question: is it worth investing money in the business at all and will the project bring income that will pay off all the costs of effort and money?

It is very important to do this on paper in accordance with certain requirements and to carry out special calculations - this helps to see future problems and understand whether they are surmountable and where it is necessary to "spread the straw" in advance.

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The structure of building a business plan and characteristics of its sections

2. Business plan structure

9. Sources and amount of funds required

10. Financial plan and risk assessment

11. Detailed financial plan (budget)

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Sections of the business plan

A business plan is a comprehensive document that contains all the main aspects of planning an enterprise's activities and is developed both to justify specific investment projects and to manage current and strategic financial activities. A business plan can and should be developed both for enterprises that manufacture products and for those who specialize in providing services, trading activities, etc. This will determine both its structure and the forecast of the main parameters of its activity.

Within the framework of the business plan, goals, ways and means of achieving them are determined. As a result, the developed document will be read by potential creditors and investors, which will ensure the flow of funds to the enterprise. It is this circumstance that should be taken into account when developing the financial section of a business plan.

A business plan is a voluminous document that comprehensively reflects the company's development strategy, its sections are interrelated and are basic for financial projections.

In foreign and domestic literature, you can find various options for the structure of a business plan, as well as the names of its sections. To a large extent, this depends on what area of ​​activity a particular enterprise belongs to.

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