The structure of the business plan of the Republic of Belarus

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Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus

"Vitebsk State Technological University"

Abridged lecture notes

for students of economic specialties

Business planning: abbreviated lecture notes for students of economic specialties by correspondence.

Vitebsk: Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus, UO "VSTU", 2021.

Compiled by: d. ., Assoc. Yasheva G.

Business plan structure rb

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To begin with, it is important to understand what a business plan is and what goals and objectives it carries. Any business plan includes the most detailed information about all aspects of planning the activities of an organization. It is being developed not only in order to substantiate a certain investment project, but also in order to most effectively manage the company in the present time, while thinking over a financial strategy.

Such a document will be relevant not only for those who provide services, but also for those who work in production. Of course, depending on the goals and functionality, the structure and content of the business plan may be slightly modified. However, in any case, the business plan is a kind of calculated forecast for the next periods of time.

For whom the business plan is drawn up

In any case, properly drafted it can bring only positive effects to the organization.

It is important to understand that a business plan is a rather voluminous document that reflects many aspects of an idea. Each object of consideration is connected with all the others; in the aggregate, they become a kind of strategy, long-term guidance for the compiler.

There are several options for the structure and sections of the business plan. They depend on the field of activity for which the project is being developed. The details of the business plan are also chosen by the developer. For the service industry, this can be a simple project that does not contain some sections. But for large manufacturing enterprises, this should be a detailed and detailed business plan. The choice of methods for calculating certain indicators may also depend on the tasks.

Business plan structure

Title page

Any business plan begins with a title page, which indicates the name of the project itself, the name of the organization for which it was developed, its location (country, city), phones, details of the owner and who the document is compiled and developed, date of creation. Financial indicators can also be placed on the title page if it is planned to show the business plan to potential creditors or investors. Most often, in this case, the payback period, profitability, the need to get borrowed funds and their amount are indicated.

In addition, the title page may contain information about the privacy policy. As a rule, it indicates the fact that the developed business plan should not be disclosed to third parties.


How to write a business plan from scratch? First, conduct a small analysis of your project, identify its strengths and weaknesses, and set specific goals. Based on this, you will draw up a development strategy.

We include such sections in the list of preliminary studies.

Research of the selected market niche, be it industry, trade, service sector.

Thoroughly study the production process, the demand for products, the specifics of pricing.

Competitor analysis. Who else works in your field, produces the same goods, is located near your establishment? Research carefully what they offer and at what price. Your task is to offer consumers better conditions and prices than your competitors.

Research of customer requests and needs. Think about what is most important for them when choosing a product or service (price, quality, service, discounts, wholesale purchase opportunities, etc.)

For yourself, you can develop a table with an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your company, or the so-called SWOT analysis. This will help build your strengths and deal with weaknesses. In the Strengths line, write down your strengths, Weakness - vulnerable, Opportunities - opportunities and prospects (for example, the ability to significantly reduce the cost of products, create an entire network of enterprises, etc.), Threats - threats (which threatens a corporation). The last point will help you find ways to solve possible problems in the future, plus these obstacles will not come as a surprise to you.

Business plan structure

Let's draw up a sample of a clear structure that will allow us to step by step describe the scheme of opening a company. The main components of a business plan:

  • Project summary;
  • Activity description;
  • Marketing plan;
  • Production;
  • Organizational;
  • Financial calculation;
  • Risk assessment;
  • Appendix.


A business plan is a document containing an economic justification for the development of an enterprise, the release of new products or the implementation of other commercial ideas. Development of a business plan allows you to predict various options for business development and identify problems that an enterprise may face.

An enterprise business plan is a program of effective enterprise management aimed at ensuring the competitiveness of the enterprise and the stable financial position of the enterprise.

An investment project business plan is a feasibility study for the implementation of innovations. It involves a comparative analysis of the effectiveness of the proposed activities, an assessment of the investments necessary for their implementation and the solution of problems associated with the implementation of the project.

The purpose of the business plan is to forecast the economic activity of the enterprise initiating the project for a certain period of time in accordance with the needs of the market and the possibilities of obtaining the necessary financial resources, including in the form of a foreign loan. In this regard, the business plan helps to solve the following main tasks:

• to define specific directions of the enterprise's activity, its target markets; • formulate long-term and short-term goals of the company, strategy and tactics for their achievement; • choose the composition and determine the characteristics of the goods and services produced, analyze production and trading costs; • determine the list of marketing activities of the company; • assess the material, personnel and financial capabilities of the enterprise, their compliance with the set goals.

The business plan solves the following tasks:

• determination of specific quantitative indicators and timing of achieving the goals of the enterprise; • development of interconnected plans for production, marketing, finance; • determination of the necessary resources and search for their sources; • identification of problems that may have to be faced; • organization of a system for monitoring the implementation of the plan; • preparation of a solid justification in order to attract investors. The first five directions are necessary for the enterprise for its development, even in those cases when there is no need to attract third-party investments.

The general business plan consists of the following sections:

• resume; • characteristics of the organization and strategy for its development; • description of the type of activity, products, their characteristics; • analysis of sales markets. Marketing strategy; • production plan; • organizational plan; • investment and innovation plan; • forecasting financial and economic activities; • performance indicators of the enterprise.

Regulatory framework: Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus dated 27. 6. 000, No. 1146 "On business plans of organizations producing industrial products", "Recommendations for the development of business plans for investment projects" , approved by the order of the Ministry of Economy from 31. 3. 999, No. 25.

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  • Business plan document containing the economic justification for the development of the enterprise, the release of new products or the implementation of other commercial ideas. Development of a business plan allows you to predict various options for business development and identify problems that an enterprise may face.

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