The structure of a business plan using the kpmg methodology

Business planning is a complex, serious process that requires a certain approach. It should be drawn up taking into account the accepted standards for each specific case. This step is closely related to the tasks that the entrepreneur sets for himself.

When you need a KPMG business plan

If the goal is to get a loan from a bank, then you need to know which business plan standard is used by the bank. For Sberbank, Rosselkhoz Bank, this will be one standard, but for another bank it will be necessary to use a completely different universal standard in calculations.

For those entrepreneurs who plan to conduct their business with foreign partners, where the use of foreign capital and foreign exchange settlements is expected, it would be optimal to draw up a business plan according to the KPMG standard.

This form was developed by a large consulting company that is successfully operating in many countries. In Russia, this standard is not officially used, since the commercial structure is foreign.

However, such a planning template is very popular in world practice, and its effectiveness has been confirmed in practice. Therefore, a KPMG business plan can be an excellent, effective choice.

Choosing the right standard is the key to success

The success of a business activity depends on many factors, details and trifles. Therefore, when drawing up a business plan, it is important to take into account all the subtleties, features; only specialists can carry out the correct calculations.

Long-term practice, as well as extensive experience of our company, allow us to successfully prepare planning according to the KPMG standard.

We are able to quickly and efficiently carry out the work of collecting data, drawing up special diagrams, calculations, graphs and diagrams that can clearly show all stages of a business project's development.

Features of the KPMG standard

Our company has carried out a thorough analysis to study the standards. The research objects were Russian and international banks. The difference in the standards they use lies in the order of the sections of the KPMG business plan. Moreover, the content remains practically unchanged.



Commercial goals are fundamental to any business. The success of a business is determined by the ability of the company's management to seek and effectively direct financial and other resources to achieve goals. This ability, in turn, depends on subjective and objective factors.

To achieve success in business development, the head of a commercial enterprise, company, organization must clearly organize the financial and economic activities of the controlled structure. The actual availability and quality of the analytics is also of great importance. Analysis of information on the dynamics of the market sector in which the business structure operates, allows you to assess the behavior of competitors, to obtain objective indicators of demand for relevant services and / or goods. Analytics data is used in strategic, tactical planning. The result is a business plan.

In modern Russia, the competitive environment in any sector, transport is no exception, encourages market participants to seek opportunities to improve the competitiveness of services. A prerequisite for this is the creation of a unified transport field.

Practice shows that today many enterprises are organizing the transportation of goods on their own. Solving problems on our own inevitably affects the cost of production. As a result, performance is reduced.

The use of a unified transport system as one of the key sectors of the economy will optimize the processes of cargo transportation. Ultimately, such optimization will increase the competitiveness of goods produced by enterprises, which today, on their own, organize their transportation from supplier to consumer.

In the meantime, the processes of globalization in the economic sector are only gaining momentum. The economy's needs for an efficient solution to transport issues are increasing. But it is too early to talk about the existence of objective conditions for the creation of a unified transport field. Accordingly, in order to increase the competitiveness of goods, the profitability of the business as a whole, enterprises need to competently use their own resources.

Effective business planning is a must when implementing projects and bringing ideas to life. A business plan as a tool is widely used in entrepreneurship. Without such a document, practically no profit-oriented project is implemented.

Chapter Business plan as the foundation of a new venture

Research of Russian and foreign sources on business planning

The peculiarity of working in a market economic system is that it is quite difficult to achieve success and stable growth of a company without constantly analyzing the current situation and preliminary planning of the company's development. It is necessary to determine as accurately as possible your own needs and opportunities that will arise in the near future, not only material, but also labor, intellectual and other resources. Planning is especially important when starting a new project within an existing enterprise or creating a new organization. For this, a business plan is being developed, which is a document describing and giving a complete analysis of the business or its ideas for today, as well as reasoned options for development in the future. The ultimate goal of a business plan is a thriving and successful business.

Entrepreneurs disagree on the need to write a business plan in advance, even before opening a business. Some people think that this kind of planning sets strict limits and deadlines, without considering external factors. The business plan is a constraining and inhibiting factor. The main disadvantage is action and development not according to the situation here and now, but according to the instructions. Others, on the contrary, define the business plan as fundamental to the success of the project in the future. When drawing up a business plan, numerous options for possible development are considered, tasks are set upon the achievement of which a specific result is expected, potential risks and ways to eliminate them, the state of the market and the position of competitors are described. Any business plan must provide convincing answers for the entrepreneur himself and his potential partners, at least five basic questions:

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