The process of drawing up a business plan for a construction company

But where to stop, how to choose a business idea so that it meets both your interests and your wallet? If you are going to engage in such activities, then our recommendations are for you.

How to choose your niche?

As the analysis of the construction market has shown, the most popular services are:

  • Tile laying;
  • Assembly of stretch ceilings;
  • Construction of small country houses and economy class cottages;
  • Works on the construction of terraces, verandas in summer cottages and other buildings.

Where can you start?

All the nuances of this area in the 21st century - in the following video:

Basics of a business plan on the example of a repair company

In order for the business to develop purposefully, you need to create a business plan for the development of the enterprise. This document is needed both for the owner and for potential investors; its preparation must be approached with the utmost seriousness. If you want to set priorities for yourself, then all future income and expenses should be reflected in it, ways to achieve the greatest profit for the company should be indicated, the entire technological process should be described. And if you are going to use credit funds, then it must contain profit indicators and make the necessary calculations.

Document structure

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Brief Investment Memorandum

Small construction business, as well as large, is a profitable business in terms of payback and growth prospects. Such a small business includes the construction of country cottages. Given the increased popularity of private houses, the company can quickly recoup the money invested. The payback period is 6 months.

Starting a company will require qualified employees. The staff will be 29 people. It is also necessary to rent an office space. The minimum office area is 100 m2.

The average cost of building 1 m2 of a cottage is 15,000 rubles. Taking into account the seasonality of the business, which falls on the summer period, the company will be able to conclude, on average, 12 contracts for the construction of cottages. The average size of a house is 250 m2. Thus, the company will build 30,000 m2 in a year. Given the high demand, this indicator can be increased by hiring additional staff.

The amount of initial investment - 2,482,000 rubles.

Average monthly profit - 2,045,000 rubles.

The break-even point reaches the third month

Payback period - 6 months

Description of business, product or service

Currently, due to overpopulation in the city and the desire of people to live in the countryside, more and more people are thinking about building their own country house. This is evidenced by the downward trend in the number of purchased apartments in multi-storey buildings. In this regard, the need for construction companies of suburban real estate is constantly increasing. The market volume is growing, which opens up new opportunities for new companies.

The main factor influencing the success of companies in this business is the provision of turnkey services to the client, including design, construction, renovation, and finishing of premises. It is also necessary to add additional services: designer and technical supervision, land acquisition. The main activity is the construction of cottages made of bricks, wood and other materials. When opening a company, you need to pay attention to the development of software for fast communications with the client and suppliers. It is important to comply with reporting to the client, to complete all stages of work on time and without increasing estimates.

In addition, when opening a construction company, you need to pay attention to the legislation in this industry. The manager should carefully read the following documents regulating the activities of low-rise construction in Russia.

Example of a business plan for a construction company: Download a sample for free

The construction industry in any economic conditions is a profitable line of business. This business pays off quickly and brings good income. Before opening a construction company, you need to carefully analyze the market and draw up an action plan.

We bring to your attention a ready-made business plan with calculations on our website.

It consists of the following sections:

To properly organize the work of a construction company, it is enough to download an example of a business plan and modify it in accordance with the specifics of the market in your region. This issue must be taken seriously and responsibly, otherwise even the slightest mistake in paperwork can ruin your whole business. Remember that the success of your business largely depends on competent planning.

The profitability of a wedding salon largely depends on advertising, the season and other important points. If you can understand in detail all these issues, the enterprise will quickly pay off and will bring a high stable income.

Construction company business plan: finance, equipment

Construction of buildings and structures is still one of the most demanded services. This market segment is distinguished by dynamic development, the emergence of new technologies and methods of construction work. At the same time, the construction industry is characterized by increased competition and development of the entire segment.


Those wishing to do business in the field of construction are recommended to correctly prioritize business and find out all the accompanying nuances. All identified priorities, accompanied by calculations of the economic indicators of the project (income and expenses) should be included in the business plan.

The construction industry is one of the largest and most profitable sectors of the modern economy. The positive dynamics of recent years in this area is another reason to start your own business. Therefore, in this article we will consider some of the issues related to drawing up a business plan for a repair and construction company.

The demand for construction services has always been at a fairly stable level. After all, residential buildings, administrative buildings and shopping centers are constantly being erected or reconstructed. But, as with any undertaking, there are always subtleties and problematic points associated with starting a new business. In order to avoid many mistakes, it is necessary to plan all aspects of the activity.

Scheduling the activities of a repair and construction company

The service sector may seem attractive at first glance, since it does not require large investments in fixed assets, launching serious production facilities. In addition, construction services are always in demand, since it is almost impossible to build a building independently (alone), and the safety of people's lives directly depends on the qualifications of workers. But not everything is so simple. And in order to take into account all the subtleties of such an undertaking, you must first start developing a business plan for your construction company.

Project planning will allow you to assess the possible results of creating an enterprise, and will also help to develop a business development strategy. The importance of this process lies not only in the need for a business plan as a basis for strategic management, but also in the fact that the presence of such a document will help in attracting financial resources, without which it is difficult to imagine the launch of such a large project.

An example of a business plan for a repair and construction company (construction services company)


Table of Contents


Construction services company activity

The list of activities of the construction company is quite wide. Construction involves a lot of work. Therefore, it is possible, for example, to engage in turnkey construction - that is, to carry out the entire list of works that are necessary in the construction of buildings, houses, verandas, baths, garages, etc. In the business plan of a repair construction company, it is also important to consider issues related to the search qualified specialists who are able to carry out high-quality work on the construction of foundations, walls, roofs, carry out all communications, etc.

Give me a sample or diagram of an enterprise structure

The structure of an enterprise is the composition and combination of departments within it. These are workshops, sections, departments and other divisions, depending on the direction of work. The aspects that influence the formation of that very structure are: the type of products manufactured or services provided, the scale of the organization, the level of specialization, cooperation. The structure of the enterprise is a sample, the diagram will be presented below.


The overall organizational structure is a combination of departments that are responsible for production and service. It is characterized by links between these two important departments.

This is how production structures are:

  • Workshop.
  • Laboratory.
  • Parcel.
  • Various types of energy for production purposes.

Service departments include:

  • Catering departments - canteens / buffets.
  • Institutions for employees' children.
  • Pensions, rest houses.
  • Medical unit.
  • Sports Association.
  • Institutions for training and advanced training.

That is, these are all structures that are capable of providing decent working capacity, rest, food, cultural education of workers. This helps to increase their motivation to work.

Structure Components

The key components of the structure of any organization are called: workplace, site, workshop.


This is the first and key element in organizing your workspace. This is an indivisible link in the production process. It can be serviced by one or more employees. The main purpose is the ability to perform a specific production task serving operations. In order for an employee to perform his job duties, his workplace has all the necessary equipment. Workplace example:

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