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on the topic: “Activity planning. Mission of the enterprise "

Activity planning is one of the primary management functions, interacting with such functions as: organization, coordination, control, regulation, incentive and analysis. Planning in a firm - an economic method of management, is a process of designing the desired future, as well as effective ways to achieve it.

Planning tasks are to identify the prospects for changes in the external environment of the company, formulate goals and development strategies, identify priorities and actions to solve them. And also the determination of the necessary costs and results, the design of changes in the state of the enterprise, the coordination of the work of all its divisions, control over the implementation of planned tasks by all divisions of the company, analysis of the achieved planned results.

The firm as a participant in the market system is forced to obey the price mechanism, the law of supply and demand, etc. However, in the internal environment of each firm, enterprise, the price mechanism is superseded by conscious actions and autonomous decisions of managers and entrepreneurs. The manager deliberately determines the main directions of intra-company activities. Therefore, the intrinsic nature of the firm is based on a system of targets.

Planning is a natural part of management. From this perspective, planning answers three basic questions:

1. de is the firm currently located? The economic position of the company is determined, what are the results and conditions of its activities. Strengths and weaknesses in important areas such as finance, marketing, manufacturing, research, and human resources are assessed to determine what the firm can actually achieve.

2. ud do we want to move? By assessing competition, customers, laws, political facts, economic conditions, technology, procurement, etc., management determines what the organization's goals should be and what might hinder their achievement.

3. How, with the help of what resources is the firm going to achieve its goals? Are the roles and responsibilities of employees defined?

In answering these questions, the planning process has three main steps:

A beautiful phrase about customers and benefits - is this the mission of the company? Examples of missions from global giant brands will say a lot, and we will give them at the end of the article. But first, let's figure out what is included in the concept of a mission, what advantages it gives, who needs it and how to create it, so that we will never again say that the company's mission is just a pretentious slogan.

Company mission: definition

So what is the company's mission, if not a catchy motto? And why don't all businesses write honestly: our mission and work goal is to make money, increase profits and minimize costs? It is true that the purpose of a business enterprise, its owner and employees, is money. But how and for what they make money is closer to the space for discussing the company's mission.

And yes, the mission can really fit into one strong slogan. Or it can be written in 500 words. Because it is not the beauty of the wording, but the meaning of the phrases that determine the effectiveness of the mission for employees and customers.

Let's summarize our reasoning in defining the organization's mission. Examples of just such missions - capacious in meaning, and not in form, we have selected at the end of the article. Seriously, take a look at the Best Company Missions section: a mission that is usually concise in Apple's communications takes an entire paragraph.

So, the mission is a formulated and written statement that reflects the philosophy of the brand and talks about how the brand improves the world, how it benefits society. In a nutshell, what people work for and for what contribution to the general welfare they receive money.

If you recall the first formally formulated mission (and this is the "mission of an industrial enterprise" from the founder of Panasonic), then she spoke about the victory over poverty and the deliverance of all people from hardships. No more no less.

Benefits of the company mission

Usually the mission statement is more prosaic. But even a simple phrase that speaks of at least a relatively small, but important benefit to society (to make the picture of TVs as clear as possible, for example) favorably distinguishes a company or brand from others, because now we are not just making money, but are doing a socially important thing through generations.

As you know from the works of psychologist Viktor Frankl, those who have meaning in life are more tenacious. So it is with business. The mission of the organization answers the questions "Where are we going" and "What are we doing it for", not "How do we do it". Where does this team want to come with their leader? Be the first in the industry? Make the world a better place? Bring hometown to prosperity? Free society from one important problem?

The process of creating an effective business plan for a fitness center to multiply money

The high level of competition creates many difficulties in achieving a good result in the absence of a planned way of developing your business. The development of the project should be in order to determine the procedure for managing, regulating and monitoring the state of your fitness business. A well-developed business project of a sports club is able to attract additional financial flows from investors (or lenders).

Naturally, developing a business plan takes a lot of time. The drafting process takes a lot of effort and attention. For optimization and structuring, we offer a step-by-step strategy for forming a business plan for your business in the field of fitness services.

The structure of the fitness center business plan

The objective of a business project is to meet all financial, labor and material needs. Exclusively from the point of view of setting the main parameters, the structure as a whole is formed, the components of which are:

  • business project summary;
  • business mission;
  • main goal and objectives of business activities;
  • fitness center geolocation;
  • fitness services;
  • analysis of the fitness services market;
  • segmentation of the fitness services market;
  • the competitive advantage of your fitness center ;
  • strategy and projected sales of fitness services;
  • management and marketing of activities;
  • financial plan;
  • conclusion.

The first three components are especially important in order to attract additional financial flows at the expense of investors (borrowers). This is the main thing that is emphasized before getting acquainted with the financing project. A detailed consideration of the features of the formation of each section below.

Summary of a business project for the provision of fitness services

Brief information about the fitness center. It is necessary to designate the main objects of the project (geolocation, total area, administrative and production personnel, payback rate, net profit and investments) and the project investment scheme (own and borrowed funds; the planned moment of completion of construction, equipping, finishing and launching the club, as well as reaching the design capacity).


This section sets out the core values ​​that will guide your fitness business.

Main goal and objectives

The mission of the organization boils down to reflecting in one clear and concise phrase the meaning of the company's activities, its mission and values.

Creating a company mission is a process of enumerating options, ideas, thoughts of a whole group of people, and the future of the business depends on their choice of mission.

Without a correctly and competently designed mission, business loses its meaning, loses a clear goal and direction of development.

This article will consider the ways of forming a business mission, its advantages, as well as examples of slogans of global companies.

Company mission: definition

An organization's mission is a written statement that reflects the purpose of the business in the marketplace.

This is her meaning of "life" and existence.

It contains the philosophy of the company, shows why the organization makes money and for what it does it.

It is not identical with the goal, since the main goal of commercial organizations is to increase profits and optimize costs.

Its wording should be in the minds of every employee of the enterprise, so that the organization moves along a single intended path, contributes to the well-being of the world and society, and is a source of benefit for consumers.

Benefits of the company mission

The mission of the company is not just a sonorous slogan or beautiful words that do not make sense.

With the correct and competent formulation, it is able to bring the business to a new level and make the work coherent, purposeful.

The mission of the company for many companies is formed rather for show. The manager somewhere heard that it is necessary and generally does the majority, gave an order to the least busy employee, and that's all. As a result, the resulting text is not particularly needed by anyone, it is used to fill the corresponding section on the site or hangs in a frame somewhere in the office.

Does this mean that the formation of the company's mission is not necessary, because even in this situation, the business can be more or less successful? On the one hand, yes, not everyone needs such a procedure. On the other hand, if the owner's goal is not to cut money quickly, then the company's mission is necessary. Without it, you cannot develop a successful company that can become an industry leader for many years.

Defining the company's mission

When you want to gather like-minded people around you and open a business, you first of all explain to those around you the meaning of the future organization's existence, why you are creating it. And then suggest ways to achieve that goal. This movement forward is the company's mission.

In other words, the mission is the raison d'être of the company, its development, the basis for the well-coordinated work of the entire team.

In the process of progress, in the influx of urgent and urgent matters, the main idea will serve as a light for you at the end of the tunnel. She will not let you give up halfway and give up under the pressure of circumstances. Like-minded people, seeing your dedication and perseverance, will support and help you achieve the desired result. And then the clients will catch up. After all, everyone is impressed by the enthusiasm with which the manager is trying to solve his problem.

Mission is, of course, not a panacea for all diseases inherent in a nascent business. But with her, the business of the company will go uphill.

Before reading further, please answer the question: “Are you in business for a long time, or did you just decide to quickly make more money and retire?”

I would like to think that the answer will be - yes, for a long time.

Then your immediate task is to develop a business development strategy that will systematically move your team to success and will not allow it to rush from side to side, each time changing priorities. The company's mission is precisely one of the levers of strategic management.

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