The concept of a business plan, its objectives and structure

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The concept of a business plan, its objectives and structure

1. Business planning as an element of the economic policy of the enterprise

business planning organization

A business plan is a program for carrying out business operations, the actions of a company, containing information about the company, a product, its production, sales markets, marketing, organization of operations and their effectiveness. In other words, a business plan is a document that includes a description of a company or project, potential, an assessment of the external and internal environment, and specific data on business development.

The business plan allows you to objectively assess the results of the company's market activity and make design and investment decisions in accordance with the needs of the market. It characterizes the main aspects of a commercial enterprise, analyzes the problems it faces and determines the ways and methods of their solution, therefore the business plan acts simultaneously as a search, research and design work. We can say that a business plan is the basis for managing not only a commercial project, but also an enterprise as a whole. Thanks to this document, the manager has the opportunity to look at the enterprise as if from above [5].

1. Planning as a science, activity and art

Planning, being the norm of any business activity, is necessary to anticipate the future situation and to effectively achieve the goal. Business planning or the development of strategies and tactics for the production and economic activities of a company (enterprise, organization, firm) is the most important task for any business. The planning process is about analysis and decision making and takes time and mental effort. Time is a special irreplaceable resource. Planning is perhaps one of the activities with a large consumption of mental effort.

Planning is both a science, an activity and an art [3].

Planning has a variety of modifications, uses a scientific approach, improves and applies new methods and improvements, so planning is a science.

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business marketing competitiveness plan

1. Concept and types of business plan

1. The essence and significance of business planning

2. Development of a business plan on the example of LLC "Hairdresser" Ladies and Gentlemen "

2. History of the business organization (industry structure)

List of used literature

A business plan is a working tool that describes the process of functioning of a company (henceforth, a firm will mean any organization or any enterprise), how its leaders are going to solve problems: increasing the profitability of work; determination of specific directions and areas of the firm's activities, target markets and the place of the firm in these markets; selection of the composition and determination of quality indicators of goods and services; assessment of production and trade costs for the creation and sale of goods; assessment of the compliance of the company's personnel and the conditions for motivating their work with the requirements for achieving the intended goals; determination of the composition of marketing activities for market research, pricing, sales promotion, advertising and distribution channels; assessment of the financial and material position of the company and the correspondence of material and financial resources to the achievement of the intended goals. In our country, the business plan has gone through a kind of evolution. At the beginning and almost until the end of the 90s, it was considered only as a document, in the presence of which it is possible to receive funds from any state source or from a foreign investor.

The relevance of the course work topic is due to the fact that business planning is one of the main tools of enterprise management that determine the effectiveness of its activities is a business plan. Mastering the technique of business planning is becoming an urgent task. Enterprises should clearly understand the need for the future in financial, material, labor and intellectual resources, sources of their receipt, and also be able to clearly calculate the efficiency of using resources in the process of work.

Now more and more often, and it should be, a business plan is considered a product of internal management activities, which is necessary to solve many issues of the functioning of a company, not related to attracting external investment. These are questions of starting a new business and determining the profile of the company and the main directions of its commercial activities; re-profiling of an existing company, as well as the choice of new types and methods of commercial operations.

Even when the business is not complicated and everything seems to be known and calculated in advance, it may well be that some trouble falls on the company, it is necessary to make a decision, and on what basis to take it? It is the business plan that allows, without taking specific real steps, to calculate all possible options for the final result and choose the best one. Thus, the business plan does not command, but decisions are made on the basis of its analysis, while the routine is usual, work without a plan actually deprives of such a choice.

Nesterov A. Business plan // Encyclopedia of the Nesterovs

The application of business plans in the practice of operating enterprises is one of the key elements of competent management.

What is a business plan

In general, a business plan is a detailed justification of the concept intended for the implementation of a project in business. It allows you to foresee all the necessary activities, develop a scheme for their financing, determine the possible income and the level of profitability. At the same time, business planning in an organization is an ongoing process.

Consider several approaches to defining the concept of a business plan.

What is a business plan

A business plan is a short, accurate, accessible and understandable description of the intended business process, containing a promising desired result and proof of its financial and economic efficiency

This approach is fairly applicable to a business plan as a management tool.

However, this definition does not characterize the content of a business plan.

A business plan is a software product containing the definition of goals and ways to achieve them, through any planned and developed action programs, taking into account the current circumstances

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1 The essence of business planning and its purpose

1. The concept of a business plan, goals and objectives of business planning

1. Background information for business planning

2. Business planning as a tool for effective enterprise management

2. The role of business planning in modern entrepreneurship

2. Business planning problems and ways to solve them

List of sources used

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CHAPTER 1 Theoretical foundations of business planning in enterprises

1. The role of planning the financial and economic activities of enterprises

1. Business plan as a method of implementing the financial and economic activities of an enterprise

Chapter 2 Development of a business plan "Organization of a public catering enterprise"

2. Premises and equipment

2. ... Market penetration structure

2. ... Income and expense plan

2. ... Determining the break-even limit

In foreign countries with developed market economies, business plans have long taken their rightful place. Russia is only gaining experience in the development of these plans, which is so necessary both for obtaining funding, and for formulating its own ideas in terms of business, and for assessing the viability of its proposed facility.

The heads of organizations and enterprises of all forms of ownership, entrepreneurs, banking and insurance structures are showing increasing interest in the specifics of developing business plans. The business plan has entered the practice of Russian entrepreneurship as a strategic planning tool and a necessary document for conducting business negotiations with investors, creditors, as well as information for government governing bodies (ministries, committees, administrative governing bodies, etc.).

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