The concept of a business plan in the system of enterprise plans

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1. The essence and significance of business planning

2. Development of a business plan for an enterprise

3. Basic requirements for the development of business plans

4. Business Planning Process

List of used literature

Any new business needs important preliminary decisions about its development. A business plan is a very good tool for making sense of them. In the conditions of the emerging Kazakh business, already operating enterprises and people who have recently been far from economic activity are looking for new possible uses of their forces in the economy.

Entrepreneurship is more about creativity. However, the first steps in the entrepreneurial field require careful calculation and the ability to correctly anticipate your future.

1. The essence and significance of business planning

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plan of production and distribution costs;

· logistics plan.

v In the production and structural aspect, plans are:

· independent economic units;

· program - determines the development of one of the important aspects of the life of an economic organization. For example, programs to improve technology, quality control, etc. Includes the main provisions and goals of the activity. The program can contain several projects;

· projects - the whole process of establishing any activity, starting with the conceptual study of organizational issues, and ending with the schedule of specific activities that will ensure the implementation of the idea. Unlike a program, they have a set cost, schedule, technical and financial parameters, i.e. are distinguished by a high level of specific elaboration. Usually projects are associated with the creation and marketing of new products and services.

The ultimate goals of the program and project are the creation and development in production of new equipment and technologies that contribute to the release of domestic products to the world level.

Investment projects are capital investment plans aimed at creating new production facilities. They are of a long-term nature, often coinciding in terms with the life cycle of the project.

Business plan - translated from English. - substantiation of entrepreneurial intentions. A comprehensive plan for the development of a business unit, creating a new company, entering the market, ensuring the profitability of economic activities. A business plan is a document that combines strategic and tactical planning.

Budgets - estimates of cash income and expenses for a certain period of time (receipts and expenditures are given). For example, time budget, financial budget.

Fig. 2. The system of planning enterprise activities in market conditions

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In a market economy, a business plan is a working tool used in all areas of entrepreneurship. The business plan describes the process of the company's functioning, shows how its leaders are going to achieve their goals and objectives, primarily increasing the profitability of the work. A well-developed business plan helps a company grow, gain new positions in the market in which it operates, draw up long-term plans for its development, concepts for the production of new goods and services, and choose rational ways to implement them.

A business plan is a permanent document; it is systematically updated, changes are made to it related both to changes occurring within the organization and to changes in the market in which the company operates, as well as in the economy as a whole. The business plan links in-house analysis and macroeconomic analysis by specialized scientific organizations. As a rule, it is done by each company, although the possibilities for preparing such documents may vary: a small firm can attract specialist consultants to develop a business plan.

Thus, a business plan is not only an internal document of the firm, but can also be used to attract investors and lenders. Before risking capital, investors must be confident in the solvency of the project and be aware of its effectiveness. To achieve the greatest success in the market of goods and services, including internationally, it is necessary to competently, rationally plan your activities through business planning, first of all, taking into account the peculiarities of the Russian economy, which most clearly determines the relevance of the topic under consideration.

Essence, functions, tasks and meaning of the concept "business plan"

A business plan is a short, accurate, accessible and understandable description of the future business, an essential tool when considering a large number of different situations, allowing you to choose the most promising desired result and determine the means to achieve it. A business plan is a document that allows you to manage a business, so it can be presented as an integral element of strategic planning and as a guide for execution and control. It is important to view the business plan as the planning process itself and as an internal management tool.

Business plan is a software product developed in the process of business planning.

A business plan is a document containing the rationale for the actions that must be taken to implement a commercial project or create a new business.

A business plan, a program for carrying out business operations, company actions, containing information about the company, product, its production, sales markets, marketing, organization of operations and their effectiveness.

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