Specific requirements for the organization of production in the business plan

The article describes the general requirements for developing a business plan. The features of the requirements of banks and the design of investment projects will also be given.

General requirements for the business plan

Taking into account the general requirements for the business plan allows you to correctly and competently describe the investment project. The importance of professional development is difficult to overestimate, since potential investors will study the attractiveness of investments in your business using this document. This does not mean that the project should contain advertising slogans or biased data that increase its visual appeal. It is important to ensure the correctness and objectivity of all conclusions and calculations, as well as the correct structure and design, which will significantly increase the chances of successful investment attraction.

General requirements for a business plan are formulated as follows:

  • in order to keep the attention of people studying the project, its volume should not be more than 50 pages;
  • the project is based on specific indicators, figures and facts, and all textual and additional information refers to their description;
  • a high-quality summary that characterizes the essence of the business plan in a convenient and understandable form and a small amount of presentation;
  • presentation of the content in an accessible and understandable business language, without the use of highly specialized terms, but also without vulgarisms and elements of simple colloquial speech;
  • the data and calculations used must be relevant, truthful and confirmed by existing sources of information. It is not necessary to include in the project data or figures that are not confirmed by sources or calculations;
  • the project must contain a description of all risks that may negatively affect the course of work and whether the implementation;
  • the company's development strategy should be correctly described and contain ambitious but achievable goals and effective tools for achieving them.

Compliance with the general requirements for the business plan will allow you to get a well-designed investment project that will attract the attention of potential investors. You can download such a project from our website. This is a full-fledged ready-made business plan, with a competent structure and calculations of important financial and economic indicators. You can also order an individual turnkey business plan, created taking into account the specifics of entrepreneurship in your field of activity.

Specific requirements for the business plan

In addition to general requirements for a business plan, there are specific ones that must also be taken into account in the development process:

  • Development deadline. It is important to define a clear time frame during which the project will be written and approved. If the terms of development are not met, then the relevance of the resulting project will not correspond to the changed realities of the market, and it will require revision. To prevent such situations, you must adhere to certain rules:
  • when delaying the preparation of analytical information and forms of documents that act as reference and additional material, you should parallel the development process and include these data into the project later - in the form of attachments;
  • Important investment projects require strict adherence to the deadlines, and in order not to violate the deadlines for the provision of the document to the investor, additional development time is provided in advance, taking into account possible delays and force majeure circumstances ...
  • Content and structure. Compliance with this requirement for a business plan is ensured by using standard content typical for most investment projects under development:
  • title page
  • table of contents;
  • summary;
  • privacy policy;
  • marketing research and market analysis;
  • production features of the business;
  • the main parameters of the financial model and investment attractiveness project;
  • description of the risk component;
  • application.

This list can be called the main components of the business plan, which can be expanded depending on the situation.

Other specific requirements for developing a business plan:

  • the prices used in the calculations must be objective and determined on the basis of a competitive market analysis
  • the project must provide for the amount of the tax burden that the entrepreneur will bear in depending on the legal form of activity;
  • if within the framework of the project settlements in foreign currencies are planned, it is important to lay down exchange rates and bands that will allow an objective assessment of the financial parameters of the project in the event of a sharp change in exchange rates.

Taking into account general and specific requirements for a business plan will allow you to optimize design processes, reduce their time frame to obtain a competent and professional investment project.

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